Racist abuse of Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka widely condemned

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Gareth Southgate, the FA, UEFA, Prince William, Boris Johnson, Facebook & Twitter are amongst those to condemn the online racist abuse suffered by Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka after England's defeat to Italy.

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100+ komentarze:

Despite being brazilian, I cheered whole heartened for england in this euro, but it hurts me so much to see how they are treating their youngsters, it feels like we all are unwanted in that place
Football 4life
Football 4life:
I'm so gutted for the lads, every single one of them gave their all, no hate should be given to any of them
Jim Matthews
Jim Matthews:
I’m so proud of all the lads. As a white English man, I feel ashamed of the minority which are bigots. I hope the whole team realises that decent people love you all. Well played, I know you’ll give your all next year. Big love!
I Like Burritos
I Like Burritos:
Honestly, i'm not that sad that we lost considering how some fans act towards their players. Alot of the fans don't deserve to see England lift a trophy. I think sterling didn't take a pen becuase of the racist abuse he could get. Saka was arguably our best player in the quarter and semi finals.
Average Person
Average Person:
I’d love to see England lift a trophy and I’ve loved watching this team, but it’s hard to feel like this nation deserves it. So many of the “fans” are embarrassing, from vandalising our own capital city, to racially abusing our players. It’s not hard to see why so many people outside of England hate us.
Paul ????
Paul ????:
Lets be honest. We all knew this would happen when they missed.
fish n chips
fish n chips:
This just never ends does it
As an England fan, this is disgusting. Being in the spotlight always drags out the worst of this country but after getting us to a final!?

What the actual f!?

These guys are HEROES! They lifted this country up at a time we needed lifting and these 'fans' react like this!?

We should be praising them!

You guys did us proud, the minority does not speak for us.
Louis Dzialo
Louis Dzialo:
Seeing Saka cry after he took that pen broke my spirit. I hope he has support of the people he loves and is keeping away from socials rn
Kate Haynes
Kate Haynes:
Much love to Rashford..Sanchez and Saka for taking penalties...you are all inspirational and never ever apologize for who you are..."love always wins over hate"
If it wasn’t for saka’s assist in the semi final, we wouldn’t of even been in the final! Chin up boys
proud of you Rashford, Sancho, Saka! 🙌🏾 Even one of the greatest player like messi failed several times in the finals.
Jay bones
Jay bones:
I'm sorry about some of our fans be proud all of you .... you gave me and my 9 year old boy a amazing journey. ...thank you from a real England fan
FZM Studio
FZM Studio:
Genuinely felt the love and warmth and unity of the nation uniting together during the euros, all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities were in it together and it was wonderful..all for it to spoilt by vile acts of thuggery and racism. These players are our own, in the football world they bring us together like a family and it's really sad to see this happen here and online. It's such a shame especially when these boys took our nation so far.
My pride in being an England supporter, and pride in our players, has quickly been overshadowed by the absolutely appalling way the so called "Fans" have chosen to mark what should go down in history as our national team's most inspiring tournament performance for over half a century. To those responsible for the violence and racism, you are the lowest of the low...pure scum, and a disgrace to the replica shirts you wear. Thanks to you, we may never host another tournament, because who in their right mind would want to come to a country where we abuse our heroes, and grown men attack young fans outside our national stadium! Football will never "Come Home"...not as long as we continue to drag our reputation into the gutter. And for the rest of us...the sane England fans, who feel nothing but pride in our players...only 497 days to the world cup! COME ON ENGLAND!...we still love you...
Zen †
Zen †:
did he really just say most of the abuse have been from abroad?it's literally only brits i haven't seen a single non brit abuse saka or anyone
LC 500
LC 500:
Congratulations To Italy! 👏🏾👏🏾 Well Deserved, We Will Come Back Strong And Better Than Ever...❤
Nick Prince
Nick Prince:
Best tournament I have ever seen. You brought joy to me and all my family you were all amazing smashed it boys, can't wait for the world Cup
John-Paul Federico
John-Paul Federico:
Many players including the Italians in many past penalty kick losses have missed shots. Racism should never be tolerated. The English players who missed such as Saka are still major global soccer heroes, who should be commended for their courage.
Jeyena sumi
Jeyena sumi:
I’m from India but I was supporting England because obviously they played really good, so they ended up in the finals.
Lots of love to Marcus, Jadon and Saka stay strong❤️
A. Ñeko
A. Ñeko:
The men's team did brilliantly to reach a stage that countless greats before them couldn't reach. But Italy were just the better team with more seasoned and experienced players. They went unbeaten 33 games for goodness sake! No defeat since 2018. It just wasn't meant to be this time. But that's no excuse for racism. It's wrong and must stop.
Bilal Ahmed Shariff
Bilal Ahmed Shariff:
This HAS to stop ...and u should always be loyal while supporting - Its a traitor act to turn your back on your heroes after just one mistake ...and further, what makes this more ridiculous is that it is said by those, who can't kick the ball 5 yards
Josephine Clark
Josephine Clark:
I am so proud of the England squad. They are still brilliant role models.
E McNally
E McNally:
Saka, Rashford, Sancho - what extraordinary spirit. Heartfelt thanks for your courage, your passion, your commitment, your integrity, your unstoppable determination. Our unending love and solidarity in the face of squalid, disgusting racism. It's all our responsibility to bring change in this country. We all have to step up and bring a time where racism is a shameful thing of the past... something to feel the deepest shame for. And our government must be held to account for their divisive rhetoric. We're all sick and tired of it.
Annabel Perkins
Annabel Perkins:
Breaks your heart to think these young men gave their all, and the thanks they get, is to be abused ! Find the culprits and lock them up ! Preferably throw away the key !!
I condemn the racism, but the penalties were shocking
Saka did great that game and his a great player he shouldn’t have even taken the penalty not because he isn’t good but because he is 19 and grealish should have shorten and stepped up as an older player
Disgraceful absolutely disgusting. hope they get em. Encouragement is the only thing we should be dishing out to our players.
Karen Imran
Karen Imran:
We as English people are all gutted we didn’t win. We didn’t lift the trophy. But, the guys lifted the nation. We came so far. Well done to the English team. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Mini Grande
Mini Grande:
Ridiculous im an English guy a proud English man im very embarrassed from the way some England so called fans have acted.Attacking Italians ,lasers in eyes,whats wrong with people.
Why Southgate did you put up 19 year old kids to take such important moments so much pressure i cannot begin to imagine .I give them kudos for trying
Imnot Ahacker
Imnot Ahacker:
I'm not English, but I was rooting for yall. Never again. I hope that nation never gets to see their team lift a trophy. As long as it acts like this it dosen't deserve it.
Xandy Kkaudy
Xandy Kkaudy:
I hate that he added "most of the abused comes from abroad" why is he lying? He added that so people won't think England doesn't have many racist people
They are all heroes in my eyes. Some bright futures that won’t be extinguished via hate.
Harry Wright
Harry Wright:
These social media companies have to take action against this and require more details about people wanting to make accounts and therefore reach those who solely go online to abuse players and other people
Walter Francis
Walter Francis:
If Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Buyako Saka didn’t take the penalty, none of it would have never happen but unfortunately it did.
English fans were too impudent towards their players and opponents fans it’s disgusting they should learn how to give respect and take respect
Shug !
Shug !:
Yet again, the ignorant minority impose their shortcomings on the decent majority. As an Italian fan, my heart goes out to the England team, to all of England for hosting this final, with special consideration for those poor players that had to deal with the heartbreaking loss AND then abuse!?!?! Find them...charge them.
even grytten
even grytten:
Being the a father of a boy from Madagascar this saddens me. Having looked at the social media I think it is true that much of this abuse come outside the UK.
Voula Thomacos-Lagonas
Voula Thomacos-Lagonas:
Instead of being grateful to the team that they made it to the final they've become vicious, sore losers..... SHAME...what a SHAME.....
Sancho, Rashford and Saka done amazing, anyone can miss/mess up a penalty. The England “fans” are not fans they should be proud of every single player of the England team, they got to the final and tried their best. Absolutely disgraceful
King Zande
King Zande:
For the first time in my life I actually wanted England to win a tournament. Never again.
This is all just so unfair and annoying, I thought we madr progress with racism but I guess we weren't. If a white person wouldve missed the penalty they would be abused as much and hated. Also Saka has a lot of pressure on him, he is under 20 and has not experienced anything like this and I cannot imagine the stress these people have.
Thank you to all those who have fantastically justified why players are taking the knee
Zelda Awakening
Zelda Awakening:
Out of all the honest comments about this abuse there's always someone doing it just to be heard and attack the person in the job you want 😒
ThinkOfIt ThisWay
ThinkOfIt ThisWay:
I was with some people watching the game on Sunday. A real sense of history in the making with England having the opportunity to bridge a trophyless 55-year gap. Teams came out, teams stood to attention...... and then the fans took over - booing the Italian national anthem. Why? Why? Why? Any goodwill England had with the neutrals immediately evaporated.
Real England fans and indeed fans of the sport would never behave like this.
You ALL brought the nation together ❤
Been absolutely brilliant made us all incredibly proud xx
arpit baid
arpit baid:
Racist abuse is not right, but players like rashford and also southgate deserve intense scrutiny about their attitude and tactics.
Had england not been so defensive, they would have won

As for rashford, not only yesterday, the whole of last season at united, he was strolling around like he gives a damn....no interest in winning whatsoever
bro chen
bro chen:
Big mistake from the manager, why so timid by not changing better players in. The game had to be won in normal. You wasted the big big Golden chance.
I’m absolutely disgusted in the way as nation we have responded to this there is no room for racist in our country the boys have done us proud we love you all
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn:
I've seen so much condemnation about the abuse these legends have had. I guess the good thing is I haven't actually seen the abuse, just everyone I associate myself with sharing posts condemning it. Surround yourself with people who are positive and leave the negative people in their own little world to shout into empty space where nobody is listening.
Is a final not good enough for some people. We lost I know but we did well to even get that far. This is spoilt football fans who only want one thing rather than supporting their team through thick and thin
vAriNDer sINgh
vAriNDer sINgh:
This is part and parcel of every sport.. When you lost big games then this often happens.but the way english people treated bulwayo saka and other black players is totally condemnable
This is the saddest thing abt English fan's. The manner they display in this tournament is another proof. This isn't about being passion, its just total arrogance and disrespect. I wish all the very best to this young and so talented players but this nation dont deserve neither the players nor the trophy.
Il Legittimista
Il Legittimista:
The English players were the first not to show sportiness and respect, taking off the medals of the second place (First historical English medal for the Europeans) and not attending the awarding of the Italian winners. Lack of sportsmanship and racism go hand in hand ...
Rachel Mushumbusi
Rachel Mushumbusi:
Thanks so much Gareth to stand up for your players.
Get a grip England, Southgate and the boys had a great tournament.We got
to the final for the first time in 55 years...hipping the blame and
racially abusing these boys is disgusting.Bear in mind that Saka became
an adult only last year and we gave him the huge responsibility to take
that decisive peno. England lost because of tactical reasons, I would
pin it on the technical team.
Terence Ban Yahudah
Terence Ban Yahudah:
I am truly surprised and saddened by this. As an American soldier, I’ve always looked at England as gentlemen and ladies of higher standards in society. To learn that racism like this is alive is just…it saddens me. We suffer racism in America but I hoped England was different. I am even more saddened because my grandmother’s heritage hails from Yorkshire. What is happening to our world when some dislike you due to melanin? In all ways that matter, we are really all related. We are all descendants of Noah and his 3 sons. That’s makes us all, no matter what color, distant cousins. We need to stop this hatred for each other. This is not what God wanted.
Disgusting behaviour.
Daniel Ferreira
Daniel Ferreira:
I feel bad then especially saka cuz it wasn’t his fault at ALL he took a perfect 👌 shot but the goalie saved it it was the goalie not him
Narinder Pal Singh
Narinder Pal Singh:
They will comeback stronger well played both teams congratulations Italy sportsmanship triumphs ultimately ⚽️🌈✌️❤️🌹🔥🤾‍♂️👑
Stephen Jerome
Stephen Jerome:
None of these players deserve the hate they are subjected to on social media. All this racial abuse is disgusting and it has no place in football and in our society. It absolutely sickens me that fellow fans are allowed to behave in this way. Every single player in our team are heroes in my opinion and we should be proud of what they have achieved in this tournament. Hold your heads high lads and don't let these vile people get you down. They are not worth being given the time of day. You all deserve the pride of our nation, not abuse. Disgusting!
aj 1000
aj 1000:
Classic example of people abusing the power of Anonymity on social media platforms and saying stuff that they would not dare to in public.
Hamzah Zuhayr
Hamzah Zuhayr:
U have to be kidding me a bloody 19 year old steps to take a pen with the entire nations weight on his shoulders. That enough should make u stand up and applaud him. As far as Rashford and Sancho go they didn't even have a kick of the ball hell they nearly didn't even get on the pitch. Accepting the role to take the pen with barely a kick should be enough to applaud them. They have got us to a final after so long. Stop this racist abuse it makes me sad as an English fan. They deserve nothing but applause
Ade Adekanle
Ade Adekanle:
I was so disappointed when England lost yesterday.. But after hearing of this abuses, I'm now feeling good they actually lost. England doesn't deserve to win anything if this is how they treat the players that gave their all for England.
Reazon uk
Reazon uk:
I think it's great the clubs and authorities have decided to act, but a shame theyve historically turned a blind eye to other abuse. To this day, what Beckham went through for OVER a year was disgusting and I think I recall even the media helped push that hatred as well .
Samina Bukhari
Samina Bukhari:
Heroes- you did us proud lads ♡

Haters be haters... you guy's are incredible team ♡
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson:
Every player deserves to be criticised but racial abuse is a Step Too Far

Forget the haters
James Palmer
James Palmer:
Can we quantify how much of this abuse the players received, I think that is of absolute importance to provide some context. Does anyone know a number?
Daniel Hutchinson
Daniel Hutchinson:
Great game we was unlucky!
Respect too all the team!!!!
Mauro Cardoso
Mauro Cardoso:
You guys are great dont let people tell you otherwise thats why you in a better position. No team needs these sad excuses as fans ,defeat has got to be accepted
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber:
Unbelievable. They'd probably still get that stick even if they'd scored their pens. All young lads as well.
Xuân Sơn Nguyễn Luyện
Xuân Sơn Nguyễn Luyện:
The moment i saw Saka, Rashy and Sancho missed the pen, I knew the next day this was gonna happen! And that's the saddest thing!
Pradeep Acharya
Pradeep Acharya:
If people dont have courage to accept the loss of the team they have no right to celebrate the win😊
Coach should have never put those young players in that kind of position. I’m an Italian American and was rooting for Italy,but those players don’t deserve that abuse!!
Junior Mynos
Junior Mynos:
Quite ironic that the England team throughout the tournament have been consistently taking the knee before matches as a message against racism only to become victim itself at the end.
Priscilla Barnes
Priscilla Barnes:
😔😔😔😔. So sad!!! Just remember God already ordained the outcome of the game before any of you were born!! So hold your heads and eyes up and continue to go forward…. Proud of you!!🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️ from USA…
In a country like England, you just knew it would happen.
dunji saint
dunji saint:
Always condemned but no action, condemned without action this racially abusive either...
Kitgum Aye Gang 256
Kitgum Aye Gang 256:
This is yet another failure... You're into the finals and all you repay your players is by hurling racist abuse
Kane Essey
Kane Essey:
I go for Italy as my number one team, but this could have happened in Italy to. The racist abuse that Balotelli copped during his life was shameful. So to say that this is simple an English thing is so wrong.
Viktor Szabad
Viktor Szabad:
"most of it comes from abroad." yeah keep thinking that mate lol
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
Bruh why racism abuse to them 😡😡 they miss a penalty “I get it” but this HAS to stop
I feel sorry for sakka all that pressure on him
This is so on fair how Italy got away with this and they took the trophy with them something needs to be in certificated and the trophy should be taken away from Italy and go back to England this is really on fair I am so disappointed in Italy I did not expect this from them I am so proud of England bless them
Mr J
Mr J:
Saka you are my hero ❤
Dan Butler
Dan Butler:
We are one ✌🏿✌🏽 don’t let the silly few ruin this for our country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Mattia Accoto
Mattia Accoto:
As an italian, I can say that these players are the real future of england, and they should be respected.
Ethan fury
Ethan fury:
Saka and sancho should of gone left or in the middle but racism is just wrong just because we lost it ain’t the end of the world we will bounce back
vaughn Connor
vaughn Connor:
Sad that some idiots can take the beauty out of the beautiful game..... Funny thing is, you put those idiots on the field with these lads and the won't even touch the ball..... Head up lads you have done us all proud!!!
The Emperor
The Emperor:
Stop the Racism! Lampard & Gerrard missed penalties against the Portugal in 2006WC whether they are experienced or not England players missing a decisive penalty is written in the stars
barry manulow
barry manulow:
When I was a small child in the 1960"s I was taught by my parents "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me" It stuck in my mind and I never worried about it like the younger generations seem to.
If you make a fuss it increases but if you ignore it then it goes away.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith:
So so!!!!!! proud of u boys!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic Team and tournament made me enjoy football again ignore the morons not worth 1 minute of ur thoughts!!!!!
Mo Wa
Mo Wa:
England had a great tournament. Nothing to be ashamed of after that game and nobody from that team should be abused for any reason.
Sonny K
Sonny K:
condemned, but NEVER punished. our country is an embarrassment
This should be condemned with the strongest possible terms!!😥😥🤥🤥
Gab Gotti
Gab Gotti:
What the hell does “CONDEMNING” do? Utter trash. Reaching the final was good for the world because now we’ve seen England’s true colors.
Ayla's World
Ayla's World:
We try saying NO ROOM FOR RACISM.....but it still never ends..ppl should understand we are all the same... It's not okay at all
That is why footballer taking the knee is so important because racism is still widespreed and is a shame. Respect to sancho rashford and saka from an italian ❤🇮🇹 taking this penalty is never easy
⚽️ Footy Fan ⚽️
⚽️ Footy Fan ⚽️:
Bro the people that are being mean should try and score the penalty
Rendi Mbodi
Rendi Mbodi:
We are tired of it being condemned. ACTION needs to be taken on these platforms