Rafael Nadal v Stefanos Tsitsipas | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Rafael Nadal v Stefanos Tsitsipas at Australian Open 2021.
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100+ komentarze:

Joseph Diola
Joseph Diola:
Pws ton petsokopses etsi re stefane ?
Reino de España
Reino de España:
Im spaniard and was rooting for nadal but greece is my favorite country, do it stefanos for hellas
Bojana Vesic
Bojana Vesic:
Tsitsipas really flew like a bird
Pavle B.
Pavle B.:
Tsitsipas you are an amazing warrior, respect from Serbia!!
Milan Kostić
Milan Kostić:
Tsitsipas had woken up from the third set and the rest is history. 🤣
The speaker couldn't be less enthusiastic.
Can't wait for another Tsitsipas vs Medvedev
john alonso
john alonso:
Greek warrior...Respect...
Tsitsipas seems to have improved a lot his mental toughness and his pysical condition....now he can dominate and win grand slams and major tournaments the question is if he can retain this toughness game after game... Also i belive that is very difficult to beat stefanos in a five set game ... Nadal always great and 21 grand slams is a matter of time
Andras Gustavo Sideri
Andras Gustavo Sideri:
Stefanos' Athletics were amazing during this 4 hours match. He ended up having the top hand over Rafa who's probably the fittest guy around with Nole. Simply excellent
Damn this dude Stefanos Tsitsipas is special.
In this match, it was not all about Nadal losing his focus after the third set tie-break. It's also that Tsitsipas could take advantage of it, by being consistent and hitting big strokes. A player of Nadal's class dropping in quality during the encounter doesn't automatically mean losing the match. The opponent has to play at a very high level, too, which Tsitsipas did today.
Ljubomir Mihailovic
Ljubomir Mihailovic:
All orthodox christian brothers in semifinals
Feel sorry for Rafa, such a fighter. But congrats to Stefanos, well played. Future tennis is in good hands
Emre Arslan
Emre Arslan:
What a match
Julian Barth
Julian Barth:
What’s more impressive than the win is that he can still improve so much. Within the next few years he surely can develop into a Top 3 player
The birds 🦅 loved this match
not yoshihiro takayama
not yoshihiro takayama:
guess i'm rooting for tsitsipas now.
The thing that impressed me most about Stefanos was his attitude, he didn't explode in angry or got frustrated as he did vs. Djokovic RG SF 2020. He kept his head cool and tried to find a solution for his problem, this incredible mature performance by him tells me big things will be coming towards him sooner or later!
Giorgi Tatarashvili
Giorgi Tatarashvili:
Just brilliant. Hats off for that courage Tsitsipas
Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele
Chikamso Ukuwa-Ekele:
A herculean effort from Tsitsipas.
Einar Juel
Einar Juel:
Impressive! Respect
Alison Smith
Alison Smith:
As a fan of Rafa would love now to see Tsitsipas win the tournament.
The 4th set was sublime. The sound off Stefs racquet when he hit the backhand was perfection. Such clean hitting from him. You can hear the different sounds from the shots so much clearer when there's no crowd.
Federer likes this.
What a comeback from my compatriot! Proud of him today,even though I'm a Federer fan,this day is special...Nadal played at his best all the game,but that was not enough! unbelievable performance!
Apostolos Makrides
Apostolos Makrides:
Great respect for Rafa, he's been 1 of my fav athletes, but Stefanos showed a heart of steel today. Go on my boy
Otipo das BETS -progonosticos
Otipo das BETS -progonosticos:
When tsisipas play this level , no chance for opponent
mr Ramm
mr Ramm:
Respect from Serbia for the Greek brother
Pietro Cosentino
Pietro Cosentino:
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Well played Tsitsipas.
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
This makes you realize how much of a joke Dull's 2017 and 2019 USOs are. If there were any players playing even half this good he wud've lost just as hard.
Aleph Null
Aleph Null:
This is gonna hurt for a long time
s account
s account:
Vamos tsitsipas!
George Kouklitis
George Kouklitis:
From Hades to Olympus. Tsitsipas the demigod.
In the end Stef was the better player, Rafa tried his best, can't ask for more then that.
Carp Crew TV
Carp Crew TV:
Πάμε τσιτσιπαραααααα 🇬🇷💪👍🏆🏆💪💪🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
sima pav
sima pav:
Yessss alot love from homeland Stefane.... Love ❤️❤️ you
Well done Tsitsipas, but why does Nadal (and Serena Wlliams) not get penalised for still loud grunting when the ball is in the opponent's court?
Bernd Dietel
Bernd Dietel:
A Match for history
Chaminas Fabien
Chaminas Fabien:
Great performance from Tsisipas
Athanasios Pagonis
Athanasios Pagonis:
Two great athletes fighting a fantastic battle. This time my Συμπατριώτης Tsitsipas won. And Nadal showed how a champion loses a match: in dignity and respect. Gracias!
Seiz M
Seiz M:
Oof, he took the bull by its horns and put it down. What a match.
Hutchi Ribas
Hutchi Ribas:
What an amazing recovery from Tsitsipas! 2020 was an year we saw the legends struggling against the "new generation" and this year no doubt we'll see more of that! Amazing game for both, ☺️🇵🇹
Stefanos has grown up :) Grown man attitude there!!! Well done.
Matt Vl
Matt Vl:
Συγχαρητηρια Στεφανε 🇬🇷
What a match from both, well done Stef
Mario Glory
Mario Glory:
Manos Kranidis
Manos Kranidis:
legendary performance against a legend, tsitsipas is coming, the next wave
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
I was very impressed with Tsitsipas performance. Everything was ok for Nadal until the third set. I believe one of the reasons for this defeat was his service. The second, in my view, was the belief. Nadal was not going for his shots in crucial moments. Very afraid to make mistakes. He was executing very high percentages shots. Not risking too much. It let Tsitsipas take the advantage of the rallies.
Martin Seiler
Martin Seiler:
Orthodoxe brothers in the semis!👏
Benji 13
Benji 13:
What a match !! 🥵 Good job Tsitsi 😁🤙🤝
Pavel Tarantinov
Pavel Tarantinov:
Стёпа— молодец!!!
Georgios Giovas
Georgios Giovas:
Tsitsipas didn't even celebrated at the end of the game cause he knew he was gonna win.
Very strong self belief for that kid!
Aris Lekat
Aris Lekat:
I mean they event went on a tie brake. That's the definition of never give up, fight til the end...
kostas fetfatsidis
kostas fetfatsidis:
THE KING OF THE HILL IS THE GREEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dimitris Theodoridis
Dimitris Theodoridis:
Pameeeee!!! ❤
What a great match! Incredible performance from both sides 👏
I love watching these videos thanks a lot for posting them here in youtube :)
Also big improvement that you guys don’t show the winner of the match on the thumbnail! This way I can watch the video with more excitement, since I don’t now yet who won :)
Mladen Gasic
Mladen Gasic:
Go Tsitsipas..
Lol 90% of the shots were Nadal points and then suddenly it’s “game, Tsitsipas”. Show some respect to the young stars, especially when they overcome the odds like today.
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Well done Tsitsipas! Hope you get some rest before the match against Medvedev.
khalid vlogs et videos
khalid vlogs et videos:
Congratulation Tsitsipas
Aigul Irmukhanova
Aigul Irmukhanova:
Wow what a fight 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️
Come Lednarg
Come Lednarg:
Tsitsipas ou la releve du maitre helvete .... performance stratospherique 🔥🔥 dommage que je n ai pas parie pour ce match d extraterestre 🤔😂😋😘
- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ -
- S̷Y̷N̷H̷E̷T̷ -:
Imagine with crowd going nuts !
F O:
Beating Nadal on a 2 sets lag is singular. Good luck Tsitsipas !
This was a great comeback, and the highlights etc. And the speaker so like a usual route.
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Strange things happen to Nadal at the Australian Open.
Samet S
Samet S:
Unbelievable! Must have been a pleasure 2 watch live.
Tsitsipas has it in him!
Try not to give away the first two sets again Malaga. ^^
Good luck.
waaou!! je ne pensais pas que tsitsipas reviendrait! excellente perf' du grec! bravo.
Always Full Retard
Always Full Retard:
Nadal played so well. Such finesse in his strokes. Tsitsipas won due to his effort. He outrunned Nadal, returned amazing shots from Nadal. Great game
David Andrews
David Andrews:
The Greek boy gonna be the next big star in world tennis I love Nick Kyrgios but he's too mad
Abstar Galaxy
Abstar Galaxy:
almost an identical score to Djokovic vs Tsitsipas 2020 FO semifinal until the last set.
Bar OfDaLouz
Bar OfDaLouz:
Tsitsipas was awesome what a win against one of the BIG THREE
mariocco village
mariocco village:
Amazing match. Well done tsitsipas. Congrats
Elite choke by Rafa - he has lost 9 of his past 10 tiebreaks against top players on hard courts. The guy needs a psychologist to fix his mental game outside of clay, look at those missed smashes in the breaker here. Amazing job by Tsitsipas for making basically no errors after set 3 and playing huge shots.
Muy bien Tsitsipas, qué partidazo, gracias a ambos
The difference between the two upcoming Tennis stars Tsitsipas and Zverev: Tsitspas is a mental giant!
Novak #18 #🐐
Hamid IRN
Hamid IRN:
Well played from a rafa fan
Γιώργος Κάππος
Γιώργος Κάππος:
Thank you!!!
Alex 0ut-Of-Magic
Alex 0ut-Of-Magic:
OMG this is killing me.. Did this really happen or is this a video edition joke?
Bio Clean Hellas
Bio Clean Hellas:
Μπράβο σου Στέφανε! Συνέχισε έτσι!
el Gringo Locoz
el Gringo Locoz:
what a match. and what a comeback! This is Tennis :)
Well done to both players.
Доктор Хаус
Доктор Хаус:
Evgeniy Moskovskiy
Evgeniy Moskovskiy:
gorgeous game
Peters Jean Paul
Peters Jean Paul:
2:37 I’m highly surprised I didn’t know they could get that information
Α Τ:
Μπράβο Στέφανε !!!! 👍👏💕
Tennis Betting Spreadsheets
Tennis Betting Spreadsheets:
Keep fighting and you never know what can happen.
Edu Cristóbal
Edu Cristóbal:
This deserves an extended higlihts
Δημητρης Ζιακος
Δημητρης Ζιακος:
Wow! 👏🏻
Thomas Brunkle
Thomas Brunkle:
Too much talent for the clay fraud
James Crisp
James Crisp:
now thats some high level tennis
One of the most impressive comebacks ever. Tsitsipas was absolutely horrible in the first 2 sets. Rafa didn’t even played something special.. and then 3 rock solid sets. Well deserved