Rainbow Six Extraction - Part 1 - The Beginning

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My first time checking it out, had a ton of fun. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you to Ubisoft for early access and sponsoring!

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Thanks for watching!

Rainbow Six Extraction is rated ESRB: M

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It’s been a few months since I watched you Trev
And I see the camera is updated a little
Great quality and great gameplay brother 🙌💪
tmartin I love your content keep uptake good work
Pony Boy Killer
Pony Boy Killer:
I bought the Deluxe Edition I can’t wait to play it this weekend. Thank you. The gameplay is very solid 😎
Whitefella Dolla
Whitefella Dolla:
Great game!! Didn’t think it should be for sell.
BDG 9600
BDG 9600:
This game is pretty fun and easy to jump in and out of. No screen transitions that last a whole minute.
Parker Williams
Parker Williams:
Hey at Tmartn great videos keep up the work this looks like a great game
Hi Trevor you and chels are the best and I love the dogs to bits (and Bella) ❤️
Moufin Man
Moufin Man:
“It’s only 40 bucks”
-someone who isn’t broke
Isaac Jones
Isaac Jones:
i think its a great learning experience for people who actually wanna play r6
Nathan Berg
Nathan Berg:
Great content Trev 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Shirt Ae6
Shirt Ae6:
Imagine if they made this game into a movie
Honestly this game doesn’t look as terrible as people say. I feel like the hate comes from the game not being a DLC more than anything. Looks like a decent chill game to play with friends.
Looking forward to this game ! Hope you’re doing well Trevor !
need part 2 soon
it has some the Division feeling to it, looking forward!
Thise looks amazing ❤️
-Pikachu no!-
-Pikachu no!-:
Downloaded the game the second it came out in Canada and I'm in love dude
Longing into this game now.
Victor 1234
Victor 1234:
"Only 40 bucks"
This could have been a Rainbow Six Siege event gamemode...
Danny Hammond
Danny Hammond:
I actually appreciate this game a lot, it’s defo scratching the PVE itch I’ve had since Div2… I actually love it, f all the haters… If u ain’t able to use the vocal chords u were born with and COMMUNICATE with ur team mates, u will not get far, and it serves u right if u are one of them guys, what can I say….. it’s not COD!!! GREED IS NOT THE WAY FORWARD!!! GREAT VID!!!
Definitely enjoying this already keep it coming :)
I know this game is going to be a really cool game
I'm not surprised they made this. Best event they did in siege imo.
Trevor playing R6? He’s gotta be getting paid for this by Ubisoft
I played it and so far (6 hours in) it's pretty fun. I think playing with friends will be better but even with randoms it's not too bad
Cameron Lane
Cameron Lane:
YAY! A new series!
"Should be easy right?"

*10 seconds earlier*

"Its not an easy game"
SnowWy Gaming
SnowWy Gaming:
Awesome video can’t wait to make content on it
Devin stallworth
Devin stallworth:
this and siege should be one full game back in early 2000s this wouldve all been on game with two game MODES
Game is a lot of fun!
As soon as I see how it works in single player I’ll consider it. Multiplayer is a no go. Except for co-op with a friend.
Blaster Anonymous ⏳
Blaster Anonymous ⏳:
That was GG, guys!!
Randy Ortiz
Randy Ortiz:
This was literally a free event in rainbow six lol. Who thought it was a good idea to make this into a full game
I like it how it says the game store on the xbox it says the game launches at 7 PM tonight but yet up top of the store page it says launch on 1/20/2022 at midnight
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen:
Looks like a decent DLC!
Trevor, your gameplay walkthroughs are fantastic, wish you should do Quantum of Solace, Blood Stone, Goldeneye Reloaded and 007 Legends walkthroughs before you’re going to get Project 007 for the future Mr. Trevor sir, because you a one YouTube gamer I ever seen since you have the Nissan GT-R (R35) in your life.
Yo Trev the face cam quality looking crisp ❗️
Tyler Lloyd
Tyler Lloyd:
Being on the game pass is such a W
Chance Barber
Chance Barber:
Ah yes, the R6 video that comes every 2 months because the Ubisoft check comes in
never thought i’d see the day you’d return
dope video my guy!!
This game get a solid 5.......(out of 10)
Definitely, genuinely surprised by R6 : Extraction. Gameplay is fun, gunplay feels good, visuals are nice and atmosphere is great.
Akshat Gupta
Akshat Gupta:
So. for £40 or equivalent, you get a game you have previously bought, which had a game mode called containment, which you could have played for free, you get that game mode and get bored after one game with your friends! We are Ubisoft; thank you for blindly buying our unnecessary game!
Drew Feemster
Drew Feemster:
Yessir Trev!! Let's gooooo
Awesome video
Wish there was a Rainbow Six Extraction post-apocalypse DLC story, were you fight the Sangvis Ferri robots from Girls’ Frontline, instead of fighting aliens, were you must save the human population and save the world from total destruction in this future DLC story.
I’m early to my favourite YouTuber who brings joy whenever he uploads
Glad I get to play day one with game pass
This is what Extinction in COD Ghosts should of been
Peter Niewold
Peter Niewold:
5:50 just wait till they encounter a smasher
Chris Evans
Chris Evans:
Maldives huh? Can’t get enough of the bungalows!
Mr. Big
Mr. Big:
I’m happy about the game but I’m see a thing or two I wish their was more of
Walter Martin
Walter Martin:
Great video
Gentlemenz Club
Gentlemenz Club:
Been playing since the 19th yesterday as I changed my xboxes location to Australia haha but I have 14 hours already and only 57 percent done lol
Julian Villarreal
Julian Villarreal:
Amazing 🤩 😻 🥲 Video!
Excaliber 87
Excaliber 87:
I been waiting a lot of time for this
This is one of the best games I know this is rainbow six siege just zombies mode in my opinion it’s like a zombie game
Fade Penguin
Fade Penguin:
Hello will it stay on gamepass or just for the release?
Can’t wait for legends arceus!
captain saveahoe
captain saveahoe:
Honestly ....

It's a good game.

Straight up.

I just don't see anybody talking about this after a month or two. Not a bad game, I just wonder why it exists.
I play siege because of tmartn
Dragon Master
Dragon Master:
For a game that has the word “rainbow“ it seems pretty dark.
Tell Bella I said get well soon and for a super cooper Sunday a fruit race to see who can eat fruit the fastest with coop koda you Chelsea and maybe Bella
Alluring as it can be
Alluring as it can be:
+Tmartn2 Ayo, you should play "Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition". It's the 10 year Anniversary and it's a fantastic game that's so underrated. It's probably one of those games you never played that you should. It would be sweet if you could start a gameplay of it as a 10 year commemoration
Casey A
Casey A:
This game hard as hell
Waiting to play it rn. It says it’s out tonight at 7:00pm so I’m playing it in bit
Mysterious monsters, nests, workers and grunts
Highly sensitive senses that detect aliens
A 3 man group
What is this Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant arc?
Combat Wombat
Combat Wombat:
Gonna pick it up on gamepass
Dylan Wolff
Dylan Wolff:
looks like trev might have gotten a new facecam? looks very high def
Please try a game called sleeping dogs. It's literally like GTA 5 but in Hong Kong. Also the fighting is so good so is the story!
Jessica Couch
Jessica Couch:
Yea I got the game for free and it's really fun
Dragons Gaming Unite
Dragons Gaming Unite:
10 mins long make it longer please
Kyle French
Kyle French:
End of the day, it’s still just you and two friends against the a.i, it’s going to get about as stale as back4blood did.
matt T
matt T:
This dlc looks easy
Thomas Morg
Thomas Morg:
Can this be played solo also?
Trevor Neiberger
Trevor Neiberger:
I wish people could actually give the game a chance, we live in a world where if one person shows their hate of something just that one person ruins the game because then everyone starts hating the games for that reason like I wish people would actually play the game instead of just saying bad things based off someone else's opinion, People say the game is way to easy NO IT IS NOT
F.R.O.G / Federal Republic Of Germany
F.R.O.G / Federal Republic Of Germany:
Imagine paying for Rainbow 6 🤡🤡🤡
John Collins
John Collins:
free on gamepass gotta love it
I’m buying! Xbox gamers drop tags!
brad Purcell
brad Purcell:
There is a megaladon Easter egg on the liberty island map if you shoot the guy on the boat
Let's gooo! are you going to start on the far cry 6 dlc?
CaptainKidd 13
CaptainKidd 13:
Definitely should not have to pay money for this. I bet Tom is rolling in his grave rn
West West
West West:
If you paid for this game 😅 I'll take a shot 🥃 for you .. thankfully for game pass
The best part is this game is free on game pass
Jeon JungKook
Jeon JungKook:
They lost the essence of Rainbow 6 , Great Job ubisoft for destroying another Great Title
Iain Bronson
Iain Bronson:
Does anyone know if this game is cross-play?
W upload from the man Trev
Demon gamer
Demon gamer:
bro i got the xbox gamepass on my series s and that game is lookin cool so ill play it today
"The Beginning" my favorite titles he uses
Played it for 15 hours I don’t see all the hate it gets I like it better than regular rainbow 😂
Komal Patel
Komal Patel:
Rainbow Six siege came with another game mode... Oh wait what?
I don't understand why they made a new release with this game. This game looks just an DLC to Siege to me.
Gideon Dias
Gideon Dias:
'The Beginning'
Trev you need to play ranch simulator again it has new stuff
Nick R
Nick R:
Why tf do they have so much recoil?
Sweet James Jones II
Sweet James Jones II:
Free on gamepass… we stay winning
♥ Chris Winters ♥
♥ Chris Winters ♥:
I'm not a big fan of Rainbow Six extraction going to give it another try thought you can play with bots
Gabe Delgado
Gabe Delgado:
I'm still undecided on this game.. thanks for the video
carson Hill
carson Hill:
I miss you playing siege with hollow!!