Ramos Quits Madrid? Pogba Return! Man Utd News

Man Utd could seal a shock Sergio Ramos transfer and Paul Pogba's return from injury could be sooner than expected. Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here http://bit.ly/1CmczHm

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Krist Bheecarry
Krist Bheecarry:
Without Pogba, think we should try Bruno or Vdb alonside Mctominay and the other playing behind strikers. You would expect him to try Vdb considering theres no Pogba which shows how much he trusts him!
paul michael jarvis
paul michael jarvis:
“Ole trusts the player who trust him” okay
But the players who trust him aren’t good enough
The players who question him are the players he needs to trust
Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba:
We need to prioritise the league and FA cup before Ole embarrasses himself in the Europa, ultimately Maguire is going to cost us long term as the club will be too proud to take a loss on a sale even if we could get someone to make an offer
How Ole can’t see how much better our defence is when Bailly plays with Maguire is beyond me. He’s done so much good, but he continues to make perplexing decisions.
benedict ngele
benedict ngele:
he should stop playing rashford on the right
kisbey drones and cars .
kisbey drones and cars .:
I guarantee if we lose our next couple of games and play terrible we will beat city from absolutely nowhere because ole always pulls off a masterclass when his jobs in question.
john alessi
john alessi:
every player on Man. City's team is creative, we have the old fashion hard working English type who work hard but no creativity, need creative players
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
Mark, i feel at United we have been comfortable supporting an average United. And we will never hold ole accountable for his picks.
Ramos can interchange with Mcguire and teach him to be a beast. Harry needs some mentoring. Infact all our cbs need a bit of Ramos
Leon Lovelock
Leon Lovelock:
The only reason we want Ramos is because he is free.
david Stirton
david Stirton:
it’s because these teams are sitting back so much our defenders are having to drive forward to try pull opposition players out of position
Zak Shaw
Zak Shaw:
Ole was the man to settle ship to set up to get a proper manager. He’s not good enough simple. He’s a vibes manager
Craig Warby
Craig Warby:
Sven Botman, tall, quick, left footed. He’s awesome player
JamesG78 United
JamesG78 United:
The title killed me 😂😂
dade doric
dade doric:
Stop protecting OGS !
Paul fernandes
Paul fernandes:
21:13 getting me in the emmerdale cup mood💪🏾🥲
John Hyde
John Hyde:
Mark I don't know why Ole doesn't ask SAF for guidance behind the scenes, he is still part of the board and spends time at the club, there's no better person to ask in my eyes.
Craig Nield
Craig Nield:
When is this man going to get 1million subs! Keep up great work mark
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam:
Ole and @carras16 are ridiculously insane because they trying over and over and over again to bring something good out of Victoria lindsaylof and Maggie
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam:
Ole and @carras16 are ridiculously insane because they trying over and over and over again to bring something good out of Victoria lindsaylof and Maggie
Mahmud Salam
Mahmud Salam:
Ole and @carras16 are ridiculously insane because they trying over and over and over again to bring something good out of Victoria lindsaylof and Maggie
Ragnor Thormass
Ragnor Thormass:
Mark get a wheel with Ole, the Board, Ed Woodward, Lack of Director of Football and Players. Then at start of each episode you can spin it to see who your gonna blame on the blame carousel. Predicatable as rain in the UK
Ryan Carroll
Ryan Carroll:
I personally think we will get dragged into a top 4 fight. The fact city are starting to run away with it has probably had an effect on the team knowing they won't catch them. Once the players realise they are a few defeats away from being possibly 5th will only then spur them on to start performing
gareth coney
gareth coney:
I thinks it to do with complacency, fergie always said it was a rot in any team, these guys win a few games and think they are world beaters, then complacency sets in, so it is partly oles fault, and partly players fault, that was fergies greatest quality, he could stop that happening, look at Liverpool for example
Ryan whelan
Ryan whelan:
Can you imagine Ramos stood there next to Maguire trying to dictate the defence. He'd laugh!
Prakash Indranath
Prakash Indranath:
i had been writing man u must sign DAYOT since 2yrs and now I'm adding kounde and wout werghorst for summer transfer window
David David
David David:
Idk if they have, but would be interesting to see Lindelof and Bailly as a pair just once
Phil Foster
Phil Foster:
If we lose top 4, Ole will struggle to keep his job.
iRed 29
iRed 29:
Not enough strong characters in that squad, it seems like every time the going gets tough they crumble
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
If ole stays in May we will have the same kind of inconsistent system of playing under ole.
If it happens (if) Ramos would be an awesome signing he’s full of fight,passion and wants to win he’d be a player that would lift our squad similar to what Bruno does just being on the pitch.
Your weakened team for Europa league has a better cb pairing than ole's first team 😂, for me our best two performances from CB's since ole came have been from Tuanzebe against PSG that ole dropped him after and Bailly in many games.
zulficar hussain
zulficar hussain:
Back Ole!!!
ferrer chee
ferrer chee:
Ole is being nice to the opposition by not rectify the team main backbone problems,nil!
Harry H
Harry H:
There is no way United should start a second team on Thursday, Sociedad are a good side + Europa League should be prioritized over FA Cup
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter:
West brom are a team that lost 5-0 the week before and have only won once at home. But the match day strategy and selection made by solksjaer made them look half decent.
Olly Jones
Olly Jones:
Some would say you’ve just put out best CB pairing put for the Europa league
Richard Obiekwe
Richard Obiekwe:
I thought there were United coaches that didn't rate Lindelof, yet he still plays.
Movar 321
Movar 321:
Ramos would be like a bruno to us lift us off our feet and help us challenge against the likes of city and Liverpool
Saragon Mackeneny
Saragon Mackeneny:
Forget Ramos - Jose Maria Gimenez -massive player and upgrades the defence
Milan Heezius
Milan Heezius:
We have to get some better bsckups and first teamers but things wont change if we play the same way. we need a tactical chsnge cause i think we have been found out
pierrane suh
pierrane suh:
Imagine our defence with Ramos and Bailey as our Central Defenders, We will win so many titles
Amir Izzuddin
Amir Izzuddin:
and then, suddenly ramos plays cdm at united
Roger Benjamin
Roger Benjamin:
Ole : let's get Ramos.

Club: signs Tab Ramos
Ramos Kounde Sancho 🔥 + RB & CDM?
Devil red 7
Devil red 7:
Hang on a couple week ago you saying top four is guaranteed 😂😂
Jay Risheh
Jay Risheh:
Ramus is great, yet older & slower. I thought we wanted a young fast CB!
Sean Mullin
Sean Mullin:
Swear ole was talking after Sheffield Utd that one thing the boys showed us they always bounce back. We’ve crumbled instead
Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson:
Ole Gunnar freestyle out.
Daniel Krivtsov
Daniel Krivtsov:
Having a wierd felling Alexander Isak Will destroy us...hes in so good form atm...He can sink uniteds way to the final.. trust me/tro mina ord United kommer få det svårt!
Ultimate TNTGamer
Ultimate TNTGamer:
What would you say if ramos and kunde were signed this summer imagine that i think that would be the best 😂😂
Yani Mary
Yani Mary:
With the way we are playing, we will be knocked out in no time. Even top 4 is gonna be a struggle
Shannon Crotz
Shannon Crotz:
Poor performance... Amazing listening to the commentator last night say since Ole has joined we have lost more points to the bottom six teams than to the top 6 teams
D K:
I back ole but them two at the back top me.🤯😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
eyob tekle
eyob tekle:
Sergio Ramos coming to Manchester United while Ole is managing lol will be unbelievable
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
We lack a system of playing under ole.
Mark, you said u wanted a Roy Keane type leader and I just think Ramos will revitalise the defence!
Mfundo Mlumbi
Mfundo Mlumbi:
Why are people so obsessed with who wears the captain arm band?? If Harry Maguire is ever to become a good captain he will need leaders around him. Leaders we dont have enough of in that team right now
Don’t Hesitate
Don’t Hesitate:
We’ve got the perfect midfielder for that pogba position.Donny is perfect for that but ole seems to play him as a second striker for some reason...
If Ramos leaves we should definitely get him and another younger CB for the future. Ramos will give us leadership and experience at the back.
shark in de park
shark in de park:
Look firstly I'll state that I love Rashford but I spent the whole WB match swearing mainly when Marcus ran into a brick wall. I think the rise in his social status and the fact he is undropable hasn't helped him, he is knackered, give him a rest and play him on the left.
YAMIN Rahman
YAMIN Rahman:
I never get notifications 😭
Lindokuhle Fortune
Lindokuhle Fortune:
Maguire being captain should be clear indication where we headed.
Exactly what I think as well hes just a more athletic harry Maguire
If I was 1
If I was 1:
Ramos and Bailly at the back could be a great pairing.
Maguire and Lindelof on the bench learning.
Unfortunately that won’t happen because Ole won’t drop Maguire because he spent £80M on him.
Edson Miguel
Edson Miguel:
A certain twitter account has made me hate that Ramos picture
Laydon Martin
Laydon Martin:
I think it's time we be real with ourselves and admit nomatter what please don't give Ole a new contract
k8ng Mcr
k8ng Mcr:
If we won against Sheffield , Everton and West Brom we would have closed the gap on city a bit and the players would be up for the derby
Intergalactic Lyrical Kingdom
Intergalactic Lyrical Kingdom:
Spirit Fish
Spirit Fish:
I think the best deal for us is to do a swap between Lindelof and Ramos, we are literally just trading a better version for a worse
Leo Murphy
Leo Murphy:
Top four is as far as this squad can go ole would win the league if he had city’s squad it’s down to the board to get us the title now
Naresh kumar
Naresh kumar:
Well If Kounde leaves Sevilla for Utd and maybe Ramos can go back home to Sevilla, having said that I doubt Sevilla and their fans will accept him though they felt betrayed when he left them for REALMADRID......
Darryl Flemming
Darryl Flemming:
Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹
Coffee Boy
Coffee Boy:
Get ready for Ramos - Welcome to United compilations shooting up on YouTube
Hasan Saddieq
Hasan Saddieq:
What's worrying is if ramos did come then would the board really go in for another decent cb and get rid of some of the ones we have
We can't just buy a center back with a name...Ramos is good but we need a fast center back to cover Harry slow shoes.
Sorin Rezmuves
Sorin Rezmuves:
The board doesn't bottle it on the pitch,dont make bad tactical decisions and doesn't get outdone by most coaches in the league, ultimately Ole thinks Lindebluff,mcfred are superstars , doesn't drop Martial....so let's keep it realistic
White Eyes
White Eyes:
Don't get Ramos, they will only play him a couple of times because of his age, just look at Cavani, the way he was rested, and he is world class
cedric DCunha
cedric DCunha:
Forget Ramos , we need a fast CB and we need to concentrate on top 4 in PL !!!
Mark Wilkinson
Mark Wilkinson:
I just thought I wonder does ole deliberately play magalof at the back to show the board how much we need a centre back. If he plays bailey and play well the board will think we dont need a defender
Attila Barta
Attila Barta:
Ramos+Kounde/koulibaly wooow gonna be excellent
If we had Ramos yesterday we would of won that game
Leon Hassan
Leon Hassan:
You were saying 4-0 win?!? 🤣
Oliver Doyle
Oliver Doyle:
Mark says ole working miracles!!! No this team is more than capable of top 4 ffs.. ole is useless he will never win us anything!!!
DBL Playss
DBL Playss:
You can’t blame out inconsistency on our board mark our squad is good enough to compete with the title this season, it’s oles tactics which let us down in certain games which makes us inconsistent
destiny killer
destiny killer:
We have more chance of Steven gerrard being Man Utd manager than Ramos signing
W W:
Thought you already signed Ramos every year for the last 5 years??
Matthew Dawe
Matthew Dawe:
Literally the only reason why I’m pissed at ole and leaning ole out is solely the Donny problem
Richard Shaw
Richard Shaw:
Ole out
Jake Norman
Jake Norman:
The definition of insanity is doing the same action again and again and expecting a different result. Ole with United CB partnership.
David Blandin
David Blandin:
Ole needs to give Bruno half of his salary,cause without him Ole would be back teaching P.E.
Darren Hayes778
Darren Hayes778:
If we get ramos it will only bring leadership to our back line and he could communicate with David better aswell ......no brainer if thus is true ...Salah better watch himself 🤣🤣 salah will put in a transfer request if this happens
the result against wb was a good result they beat u very often
Jon Williams
Jon Williams:
Bruno needs to be made captain next season, or we will lose him
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley:
If Ramos leaves, bet he goes to PSG
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter:
We should be looking at getting Christoph Baumgartner as a replacement for when Pogba leaves in the summer bcos Baumgartner will brig a different dimension to the squad in attacking midfield.
Daniel James
Daniel James:
Mark, we only played 4 games in the PL since Sheffield United, BIG difference.. By the way Mark, we DIDN`T lose yesterday... Were you drunk this morning?
Captain Birdseye
Captain Birdseye:
The Board and Ole said they wanted “Young hungry players” , players for the future. In the summer we signed Cavani, an now talk of Ramos. This club has become a club of lies.
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat
Vivian Nicholas Mojulat:
Ramos need to come here. Teach them how to be aggressive and get wining mentality
Agree with the comment about Tuanzebe; had great game against PSG an was dropped shortly after just like Bailly . Ole has his favourites Vic an Harry have not been great and have not been dropped.