Rampant Reds hit Everton for four | Manchester United 4-0 Everton | Highlights | Pre-Season 21/22

See all the highlights from Old Trafford as goals from Mason Greenwood, Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot saw the Reds finish pre-season in style as United beat Everton 4-0!

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PKING #Glazersout
PKING #Glazersout:
Bruno scoring in front of a packed Old Trafford just gives the chills.
So excited for the season ahead.
Faisal Dc
Faisal Dc:
Mata is so severely underrated. He could really do so much at another club. His age caught on with his pace but man look at those first touch ball control and passes
Haywood J'blome
Haywood J'blome:
Why is no one talking about the absolute quality of Dalot's goal
Ameer Hazeem
Ameer Hazeem:
Ole need to play Mata MORE... He's such a great playmaker and an underrated one
John T
John T:
Hope Bruno does more of these quality free kicks this season
this was my first ever match I attended in my life, Man U delivered so well and the atmosphere I experienced was unreal
Roaming Ram
Roaming Ram:
What I am proud of is how much it felt like a premier league game than just a friendly. Kudos to us and Everton for keeping it real.
Nick Sbordone
Nick Sbordone:
Hearing the “Bruno” chant right before that majestic free kick made my heart skip a beat! ♥️♥️
Mikhail Sindang
Mikhail Sindang:
That pass from Mata just makes him timeless.
Justin Chu
Justin Chu:
At least five times today I thought Martial was Ashley Young
Everton managed to make Matic and Mata look class, Maguire score a headrr, and Dalot as well. Throw in a gk error and you've got a complete performance from the Toffees
Jeremmy Joseph
Jeremmy Joseph:
Ordinary pre-season match with an extraordinary passion. I mean look at those celebrations. This is how United used to play under SAF
Rainizaz Mohd Razali
Rainizaz Mohd Razali:
Shout out to Lindelof, great reading of the game... Dalot, except for one lose pass, did everything perfectly... Mata for really showing quality... McTominay for looking like a level above everyone else even as CB... of course Matic showing how to run a midfield and Shaw for always giving at least an 8/10 performance every time.
Leo x
Leo x:
ready for another trophyless season boys ❤️
Jerry H
Jerry H:
I highly suspect Pickford is a twin. The better one plays for England team while this one plays for Everton.
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox:
Awesome stuff... It's early but this guy, Bruno Fernandes will be a legend, amazing as ever. However, we need to put in more effort defensively if we want silverware this season. This is the kind of football we want with breathtaking goals to get us off our seats. Glory glory Man United
3:34 El Mago lifted me from the seat. Loved to see Mata doing Mata things.
Basil Nadeem
Basil Nadeem:
My first ever Manchester United game and wow what an an atmosphere. What a game even though it was a friendly. Biggest club in the world for a reason 🤩
ankan bhattacharya
ankan bhattacharya:
The crowd Chanting "Bruno-Bruno"
Before he scores...This Is giving Cantona vibes....What a moment
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide:
Sometimes I wonder does Maguire have a ball-magnet on his head everytime they have corner kick.
Anamika Biswas
Anamika Biswas:
Hope Dalot gives a hard time to Bissaka for that RB position.
Minh Võ Trần
Minh Võ Trần:
Fred with an assist ~~ hopefully he can do more key passes like this in the new season!
Motolani Eko
Motolani Eko:
I love my boys🥰🥰🥰Maguire’s goal is 🔥🔥🔥sent the goal keeper balling. My Fernandez is fire😱🔥🔥🔥love that goal man💃🏽
Riddy Haz
Riddy Haz:
Mata rolling back the times with that exquisite pass 😍😍
Akshay Jumani
Akshay Jumani:
Harry "The Head" Maguire.

Seriously, that was one menacing header.
Gee B
Gee B:
What an atmosphere for a pre-season! Can't believe we haven't offloaded Matic and Preriera. Matic time has passed and I don't think Preriera has that spark to make it over others in his position.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
Fred with an assist ~~ hopefully he can do more key passes like this in the new season!
Pradibya Shrestha
Pradibya Shrestha:
We absolutely need to see a lot more headed goals from corners and set pieces this season! C'mon United!
MasonB 10
MasonB 10:
The fans make this game even more entertaining
Andrew A. Garshong
Andrew A. Garshong:
impressive. lovely goals, and that Mata dribble and lobbed through ball...great performance
Colin SW77
Colin SW77:
So nice seeing - what looked like a huge crowd. The things we took for granted pre-covid
Bruno echoing around the stadium before he smashes it top corner gives me goosebumps
Ciaran O'Dubhuir Knows Everything
Ciaran O'Dubhuir Knows Everything:
Quality display! Looking forward to this season! First time I’ve thought that in a while
Raunak b
Raunak b:
Bruno is on a completely different dimension when he plays for united
My Sikal Story
My Sikal Story:
finally we had a fine result in friendly in pre-season...
Kieran 7
Kieran 7:
When iwobi turns around bcos he thinks Pickford has it 😂
Hakimu Malunda
Hakimu Malunda:
Congratulations 👏Manchester United 💙for the tremendous win over Everton 👏in the preseason match 👏
Israel Ayeni
Israel Ayeni:
I'm actually particular about How Fred was able to pick out the head for Dalot for that goal 😭😭😭.

I just hope it wasn't fluke and that some of Neymar's talent rubbed off him 😂

Can he do more of those crosses for us going into this new season????
Obrian Neath
Obrian Neath:
We defeated Everton and now everyone’s saying we’re gonna win the league and when we lost to QPR ppl were saying we’re gonna lose the league, Calmly remember this is pre season guys the results doesn’t matter 🤦‍♂️
Hoa Ngữ
Hoa Ngữ:
0:55 On the second goal ! Shaw called for Maguire to answer.
Congratulations MU.
let's celebrate Manucian
2:40 Pogba faint !
ios _ Smoko
ios _ Smoko:
The difference between Pickford at England then at Everton is absolutely insane. Just shows wat adrenaline can do haha
Jim the_gämer
Jim the_gämer:
Bruno fernendes never disappoints always on form 🔴♥️🔥
Billy Shabir
Billy Shabir:
Donny played well! No surprise he plays well when he gets minutes
Sayak Chakraborti
Sayak Chakraborti:
Just goes to show the weakness in Pickford's goalkeeping. He just got lucky in the Euros.
Didier Dido
Didier Dido:
English keepers have a long history of making silly and such basic mistakes...David James was the most consistent of them..now Pickford..
Nerazuro Nerazuro
Nerazuro Nerazuro:
Congrats Man Utd for winning the Friendly Cup🏆
The conspiracy theorist
The conspiracy theorist:
Martial New haircut express him perfectly: The Complete Opposite of Cavani 😁
Daniyal Kaleem
Daniyal Kaleem:
A wave of Nostalgia as Mata executes that sublime pass.
호영 윤
호영 윤:
이번 시즌 기대되네요!! 화이팅~☆
Lets keep this momentum for this season💪🏼🔥🔥 GGMU
Fathi Balfas
Fathi Balfas:
Lord pickford showed again his quality as the next lev yashin
Brooks Kenne
Brooks Kenne:
Bruno finally found his favorite team to score banging goals 🥺🙌🏽
No chills 😄😂😂
Emmy Nice
Emmy Nice:
That Bruno chant was legendary...
Fans clearly takes the game to another level of competition...
What a brilliant 1st half we had! If we can have that tempo and rhythm in the Leeds game, I'm sure we can get the 3 points!
Raymond Ka
Raymond Ka:
Great to have the crowds back and the atmosphere it brings. It impacts the game massively
Adnan Dizdarevic
Adnan Dizdarevic:
Luke Shaw is absolutely amazing!
Sometimes I wonder does Maguire have a ball-magnet on his head everytime they have corner kick.
Matthew smith
Matthew smith:
Looks like every United player had their Weetabix this morning. Nearly all of them had their moments in this game. Some more than others. But its a really possitive performance. The passing and positioning was right on the money. Bring on Leeds.
Jamie Pinch
Jamie Pinch:
This was amazing ❤️👏🏾
Enomat Abbuh
Enomat Abbuh:
We're waiting for more of that this season lads
Hảo Trương lương
Hảo Trương lương:
Hope MU will have a great season. Look forward to the performances
Bernadette Obrien
Bernadette Obrien:
This is revenge from when Everton beat Man Utd 4-0 2 years ago.
Abarai Renji
Abarai Renji:
I love how Bruno celebrates a goal in a mere friendly as if he scored in an FA cup semi final... Thats the passion I want to see from all footballer, not just united players.
Izhar MA
Izhar MA:
Looks promising. I'm really excited for this season.
The fans make this game even more entertaining
Russell Lapua
Russell Lapua:
As an Everton fan, I look forward to another below average season, Pickford back to his old ways, our defence still a mess. I can't wait.
Rikhi Kang
Rikhi Kang:
So excited for the season ahead. Can't wait to see the lads play. GGMU 🙏👍
Ibul Azhar
Ibul Azhar:
When Shaw kicks the ball from corner..
Maguire : that's mine, bruh
Tebogo Mokgethi
Tebogo Mokgethi:
I really love how Mata plays...., so rich...
Sean Luedi
Sean Luedi:
I love it when Maguire scores.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
3:34 El Mago lifted me from the seat. Loved to see Mata doing Mata things.
Kgothatso Sentsho
Kgothatso Sentsho:
I was team BruNO but this may just earned him a spot in my FPL Squad
Mohammad Bakhtear
Mohammad Bakhtear:
I'm really happy for Dalot. This dude should get some chances.
Great result and I know Martials just come back from an injury off, either he gets an appetite for the playing again or they seriously need to look at offloading him! Couple of great performances for me.... fernandes superb again, matic played really well, I thought Dalot and Williams looked sharp when they come on. Not sure what season we're going to get from Pogba, looks to me like he's just going to bide his time and see id united win silverware this season before he commits. I don't blame him to be honest.
JP Joseph
JP Joseph:
3:20 that groan had me howling😭😭😭
Vahrus Nuril Albi
Vahrus Nuril Albi:
Every Balls by Luke Shaw was perfect!!
Savalis Adkins
Savalis Adkins:
Oh man that crowd, the songs, Man U. I would be in absolute tears for the whole 90 minutes!
Austin Stratton
Austin Stratton:
That's without Cavani, Rashy, Sancho AND Varane..
Mark Dhillon
Mark Dhillon:
To be competitive this year, OGS must get the most out of DVB, Dalot, Telles, and Greenwood. We all know the quality which a healthy Pogba, Sancho, Varane, Shaw, Maguire, Rashford, and Tony provide
Son Nguyen
Son Nguyen:
Man United waited patiently for Luke Shaw for 7 years, constantly giving Jesse Lingard opportunities again and again, so why not Dalot. This is the right season for coach Solskjaer to create conditions for Dalot to develop. Or just because he's not a native. Outdated thinking is hard to develop
Sebastian George
Sebastian George:
Hiring the setpiece coach was totally worth it
deff drake
deff drake:
I want to see more team goals this season
Shawberto Carlos in fine mid-season form.
V O:
Rafa has a lot of work to do, I would think he’s continually looking at the players & now realises, this needs a major clear out!
Arfa Barmcake
Arfa Barmcake:
The playing surface has got to be the best in the prem league, it is like an axminster carpet
that Fred assist to Dalot really makes me remember of Nani.. :(
Kirangwa David
Kirangwa David:
What a fantastic performance
This second half shows exactly why we need to sign a CDM this summer, there can be no excuses not to.
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia:
now this is the pickford we all remember
Sean Jagdeo
Sean Jagdeo:
What a difference the result makes when United start a near strong 11. This should give them confidence for the first 5 games to come.
Hal Ryder
Hal Ryder:
Hearing Bruno chants gives me shivers.
Qaid Latchman
Qaid Latchman:
If bruno can do this throughout the season, he's bound to go down in history as one of the greatest attacking mids of all time
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
Its actually great to have fans back in stadiums man we dont realise what we have until its gone same goes for players and fans
Rohid kenan
Rohid kenan:
Amazing Goals love to see it
Ikram Bashir
Ikram Bashir:
So happy but can’t wait for Leeds that’s when it really starts !
The full capacity at grounds will make a difference this season.
MooDSwinG Gaming
MooDSwinG Gaming:
That Mata moment, made me grin from ear to ear, i hope this year we can finally bring him some more trophies he deserves with us. get on son !
xk_ deboss
xk_ deboss:
Great assist from Fred to Dalot 😀
Imran Becks
Imran Becks:
Thought that was a reserve keeper in Everton's goal, then I realised it was Pickford who made that error for Greenwood to score.... England's number 1 🤦🏻‍♂️