Rashford, James & Fernandes score in Toon win | Manchester United 3-1 Newcastle | Premier League

Enjoy goals from Marcus Rashford, Daniel James and Bruno Fernandes as the Reds beat Newcastle United 3-1 at Old Trafford in the Premier League

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100+ komentarze:

FGD Football
FGD Football:
Daniel James ⚡⚡⚡ 🔴
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Bruno on fire👏
Shola Shoretire ⭐ Surprise Sub👍
Well hello there
Well hello there:
That attempt from Darlow to save Bruno's pen was questionable😂
Kluna Tik VT
Kluna Tik VT:
Jesse Lingardinho
Jesse Lingardinho:
Dan James has improved his decision making
Olamide Akinola
Olamide Akinola:
“What is it about Maguire headers and terrific saves?” 😂😂😂
Vidio Unik
Vidio Unik:
Wow.. Trending no.9 In Indonesia 🔥🔥
If Rashford hadn't scored that goal.... These same fans would have criticized him for being selfish
Tjak Ghoenz
Tjak Ghoenz:
Rashford solo run goal... he's back in bussiness again.
Coby Hardgrave
Coby Hardgrave:
Glad to see the youth getting a chance even tho it wasn’t long better then nothing
Nicholas Dinald
Nicholas Dinald:
When I think of the potential martial has but doesn't use , it jus makes me mad
Evangel Etukakapan
Evangel Etukakapan:
Dan James is really work hard, we need to give him time
Dre T
Dre T:
Newcastle Equalizes
MUFC- So you have chosen death
wedang hati
wedang hati:
1:25 those feint from fred is beautiful
Den nis
Den nis:
Darlow diving to save Bruno's penalty is priceless
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
Shoretire has been thriving in the U23s, was rewarded with a match-day experience in the EL against Sociedad, and now he makes his PL debut off the bench.
Rashford goal was brilliant.First he dribbled past a defender and then from a tight angle scored the goal.Brilliant!!
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
Why is Victor Lindelof still being paired with Harry McGuire and this partnership is not working? We conceded no goals with Baily and McGuire in central defence against Real Sociedad. Put them together.
Ahmad Alfarisi
Ahmad Alfarisi:
What a goal from Marcus rashford
Prince TaRiG
Prince TaRiG:
"What is it about Maguire and terrific saves"😂
Christian Ozorio
Christian Ozorio:
DJ had an great week, hope he can keeps the same way rest of this season
Aris Nurharyanto
Aris Nurharyanto:
Saint-maximin: "what a assist maguire"
tauhid irfani
tauhid irfani:
that Saint Maiximin goal is epic.
the man deserve to be in a better team than Newcastle.
ที่นี่สถานีหัวหิน At Hua Hin Station
ที่นี่สถานีหัวหิน At Hua Hin Station:
Matic, incredible.
you are sure though
you are sure though:
Put some respect on Dan James' name! 🔴🔴
Robert Mihai
Robert Mihai:
so happy for daniel james hope he keeps it up
Dylan Dicker Burgess
Dylan Dicker Burgess:
I’m loving to see Dan James gaining his confidence and reflecting it on the pitch 😍
Mayur Bannai
Mayur Bannai:
the moment you realize that maguire gets the assist for rashford's goal
Heroko X
Heroko X:
credit for Dan James 👍
Sourav Krishna
Sourav Krishna:
R M:
Briliant assist from Harry Maguire
Corinthian Productions
Corinthian Productions:
James is showing great signs of progress, keep going Dan!
Yessirr Hugo1st
Yessirr Hugo1st:
Look at all the young ones watching rashford when he scored that goal 😭😭he put on a show for them 😭❤️
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName:
Haters will be absolutely fuming that Bruno managed to get a goal and an assist in the manner that he did..
Jakob Gartner
Jakob Gartner:
Insane game from Fred, underrated player.
Rashford Back in business, Dan James with another goal, and fernandes does what he always does.
Great win and so glad to see Shola make his debut, hopefully he kicks on and only gets better from here, looking forward to seeing more of him in the future GGMU❤️
Kameel Mezqueldi
Kameel Mezqueldi:
Rashford signature move: Push ball thru their legs and use pace 👍🏼👍🏼
Rashford’s goal 🔥
Rashy's goal tho!💘💘💘💘
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan:
1:09. Dan James run to celebration has me in stitches.
LMS Macca
LMS Macca:
dan james is back to his best and him playing today reminded me when he first joined
i was so happy on my watchalong
Google d2
Google d2:
It's funny how Bruno made the keeper jump for his leg instead of the ball during the penalty 😂
henry kwidini
henry kwidini:
Dan James has improved a lot, i hope he continues on this form
kiboto jakhalu
kiboto jakhalu:
"What is it about Maguire's headers and terrific saves" 😂
yuri tumbelaka
yuri tumbelaka:
Matic played very very well in a slow tempo. Ole should consider starting him against teams that tend to "park the bus". Well done united!!!
Issack Ibrahim
Issack Ibrahim:
Commentator: "what is it about Maguire headers and terrific saves
Because of his slab head
Kaustav Saha
Kaustav Saha:
Someone praise Fred and James. They have been brilliant.
Risana Chauke
Risana Chauke:
Missed hearing that “JAMES!!”
Sahil S.
Sahil S.:
Let’s keep this winning run going
Rose N Tony's 4 angels
Rose N Tony's 4 angels:
1:55 what was the goalkeeper thinking of!!!!!!
Juquel Grégoire
Juquel Grégoire:
I didn't see the whole game but on the highlights i see a great Matic
lokesh kumar
lokesh kumar:
Imagine how Darlow would have been made fun last night for that dive for penalty
Jackson SliKz
Jackson SliKz:
1:23 that dribbling skill from Fred was impressive🔥🔥🔥
Aaryan Ahuja
Aaryan Ahuja:
I wish Rashford stays at United only, for most of his career, he will become United's all time highest goalscorer...
Ary Pratama
Ary Pratama:
Come on united 🔥 keep optimistic and always Fighting every game 🙏
Ma Devi
Ma Devi:
Fred,Matic and almost everyone on the pitch were really on 🔥🔥
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei
Nur Sharmil Aqamar Safeei:
Rashford looks clinical now 👏
Daniel James, a natural left winger, held width down the right superbly, proved to be a great outlet & scored *the* crucial goal.

He's been praised for his defensive output recently but his attacking game has significantly improved too & it's high time he gets praised for it.
i_ Rox
i_ Rox:
Lalduh Kima
Lalduh Kima:
First time I've seen goalkeeper throw itself towards a goal😂🤣
Muhammad Andra
Muhammad Andra:
Bruno Fernandes ❤❤
Hamz Ron
Hamz Ron:
That save attempt by darlow is dramatic to say the least 😂
Ahmad Kholwadia
Ahmad Kholwadia:
Where's the real sociodad highlights? 🤔
Nifio Hauzantaqi
Nifio Hauzantaqi:
Always GGMU ♥️
Dhari Alrashed
Dhari Alrashed:
What a goal from rashford he’s on fire 🔥
Don't Bother
Don't Bother:
I am here only to praise Dan James
omar fikret
omar fikret:
1:23 pure class
Ha Ja
Ha Ja:
Pen: bruno
aMillie’s Hub
aMillie’s Hub:
Bruno is on another Level 💯
Radyt Reza
Radyt Reza:
Bruno on fire!!!
Aku suka body goyang mamah muda
Aku suka body goyang mamah muda:
1:56 weee
Young Blackboy
Young Blackboy:
I'm a fan of this team and of the incredible players. how do they play fan number one of the team👍🏽
annag cocl
annag cocl:
dan james is back to his best and him playing today reminded me when he first joined i was so happy on my watchalong
Bruno ❤️ Thank you for choosing United❣️
What's with maguire headers and insane saves, I ask my self this almost every game
Hamz Ron
Hamz Ron:
Matic heavily involved in 2 of the 3 goals. Gotta start him ahead of Fred/Mctominay.
Sulthon Muhammad Chandrawijaya
Sulthon Muhammad Chandrawijaya:
Dan James On Fire 🔥🔥
Wahala TV
Wahala TV:
Now James is back on fire 🔥
That Maxi guy who scored and dance for NEWCASTLE.
Should we tell him he has ended his goal scoring carrer
luis de soto torres
luis de soto torres:
Daniel James with 2 consecutive starts and goals. Hoping Ole continuous make him play
Davin K
Davin K:
Darlow’s dive for the penalty lmao. Might as well be a dolphin
GGMU! 🔥🔥
Mari Membacakata
Mari Membacakata:
1:57 he keeper wha u doing ? kkkkk
Y s 7
Y s 7:
Lingard 1 goal 2 Cellebration 🔥
Useless Channel yt
Useless Channel yt:
I thought this was fifa in the start lol
Mohammad Teguh Rivaldi
Mohammad Teguh Rivaldi:
Yes!!! Three Point Guys, please keep spirit Manchester United, Calm Down
Those goals were not representative of the match that I watched, there is still so much work that needs to be done. United creativity was really lacking in that first half.
We need to keep winning winning and win some more! GGMU❤💪 weldone! Back to 2nd place...we can do better!😉
Bro Guys
Bro Guys:
Waiting amad play more time🔥
Madhav Singh
Madhav Singh:
Rashford is in another level ♥️♥️
ATHUMANI ddi 6767
ATHUMANI ddi 6767:
CHEW Desmond
CHEW Desmond:
Great assist from Maguire to set up the volley for newcastle's equalizer.
seiom jvony
seiom jvony:
Saint-maximin: "what a assist maguire"
Cool Name
Cool Name:
De gea's reaction has slowed down ALOT
ceunah ceunah gamer
ceunah ceunah gamer:
sensational goal from marcus rashford 🔥
113 Cảnh sát
113 Cảnh sát:
Jared Nyamboga
Jared Nyamboga:
Congratulations to our boys 💪
yuli maesarah
yuli maesarah:
Rushford for reminds me of Louis Nani😍