To celebrate the Mexican striker signing a new contract until 2024, enjoy his top ten goals for Wolves including strikes against Tottenham Hotspur, Man United and Liverpool. Agree with our selection?

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Ahmed Ramzi
Ahmed Ramzi:
The most underrated striker in the prem league alongside with vardy
Cheerings from argelia🇩🇿❤❤🇲🇽
yo mero
yo mero:
Total Loyalty... Total respect to Raul for not choosing the easy option and jumping ship to get instant Champions League football... He believes in Wolves and Nuno... And I hope we can repay him with Champions League football soon!.
Bob Nowhere
Bob Nowhere:
Some say the Torino defense is still backing off to this day...
Saul Perez
Saul Perez:
Raul dosen't just score goals, he scores spectacular goals. Only Elite strikers can score like this. Not your average striker, he is pure class. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kobe Gaming92
Kobe Gaming92:
who’s here after his clash with davis luiz
Catgod 10
Catgod 10:
I think this is the best signing wolves has ever done
Mark Riley
Mark Riley:
We loved him anyway. But the news that he has signed a new 4 year contract makes us love him even more. He will go down as a true Wolves legend.
Jaime Hernández
Jaime Hernández:
Grande Raúl próximo maximo goleador en la historia de los wolves🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽💪
Raul is the best striker we've ever had.. He is a Wolves man through and through and an honourable Yam Yam..We are truly blessed by his presence
Jowairyah Elbadrawy
Jowairyah Elbadrawy:
This man is an absolute legend, I wish he never leaves Wolves tbh.
Respect for both Wolves and Raul.
Homero Rosas
Homero Rosas:
His volleys are just crazy beautiful. Hope he scores a bicycle kick soon.
Aztekk Track
Aztekk Track:
Hojala que Raúl Jiménez anoté contra Holanda este miércoles!
Erick Rivera
Erick Rivera:
As a Mexican I would like to say Thank you to Wolves for giving Raul Jimenez a chance! Many teams gave up on him, he was really good at America (a team in the mexican league) then he went to Atletico Madrid only allowing him to be a bench player, then to Benfica later becoming another bench player. Thanks to Wolves he had a new opportunity, a new challenge. But honestly Thank you Wolves for giving Raul Jimenez a chance. I am now a loyal wolves fan! VIVA WOLVES
I hope he pulls a jamie vardy so he stays good for when he is old
Manuel Paniagua
Manuel Paniagua:
Raúl Jiménez el mejor de todos 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Robertino Gabinari
Robertino Gabinari:
The best mexican in this time
Ryan Lucas
Ryan Lucas:
Mexican sensation 😍🇲🇽🇲🇽
suba Ac
suba Ac:
que chingon que se aya quedado con los wolves, si eres feliz donde estas, no necesitas nada mas¡ felicidades y exito, saludos desde acapulco,mexico
eli blast
eli blast:
Best signing of the summer 🇲🇽🐺🔥
Jahva Audain
Jahva Audain:
The commentator tho🔥
Flavi Sane
Flavi Sane:
Just love his finishings ... Very calm ✌️
James McGirr
James McGirr:
Si senor!!!!! He has signed til 2024! Great news
Damn he just gave all his good years to wolves, thats hella love for the Wolves
Balanced Lion 7
Balanced Lion 7:
The best news of the day rauls hear to stay team it's time too shine enjoy our next game you got this let's go wolves. brilliant 10 gaols raul wolverhamton 🎵🐺🎶☀️🌟🧘🏾‍♂️
I just fond out that the wolves just extended Raul contract until 2024 YES!! WOLVES YOU WILL CONTINUE BEEN ENGLAND MOST LOVED TEAM AT MEXICO!! VIVA WOLVES!!!
David Blakemore
David Blakemore:
His technique for some of the goals is superb.
Stevie Tse
Stevie Tse:
I'm a Liverpool fan but I think he's better than Firmino. But we alr got Jota so I doubt we'd get him as well
Zehan Abbas
Zehan Abbas:
You just can't hate this guy❤
Liverpool Fan🔴
Tsuki tony
Tsuki tony:
Raul Jimenez, The most underrated striker in the premier league. I'm surprised no bigger clubs have picked him up. Congrats on the new contract though, he's gonna have a fantastic career at Wolves.
Diego Soto
Diego Soto:
Solo les falta comprar a Jesús corona ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
I am so happy for him. He can easily became a Wolves Legend. 💙💙
Viking Rollo
Viking Rollo:
Good for wolves.. and refreshing to see some players still have some loyalty. Not chasing just a bigger paycheck
D C:
Such an amazing killer, he's a top level player! Absolutely stunning goals
Osva Rodríguez
Osva Rodríguez:
Bleeding Gums
Bleeding Gums:
From Club América to Wolves. It's awesome to see how Wolves fans love him. Enjoy the Mexican sensation!!
David Bassini
David Bassini:
The Mexican Sensation - Que chingon que te reconozcan asi. Crack!!
He's the future of the Mexican team, we had been waiting for a striker like him.!! Greetings from México.
Arriba el América <3
Mexa_ Por excelencia
Mexa_ Por excelencia:
I hope wolves and Raul the best. I hope he scores a ton of goals and becomes a legend for wolves. 🐺 🐺
David Blancas
David Blancas:
I love how they pronounce his name
Tom Evans
Tom Evans:
My Hero, my striker..... I wouldnt swap the man for any other number 9 out there, call it crazy idk. Raul is a Wolf!
noah hernandez
noah hernandez:
Future looks bright! Vamos raul from Los Angeles!!! 🐺💪🏽💪🏽
Aldo GC
Aldo GC:
Me encanta que le vaya excelente en su club, me llena de orgullo, pero deseo y espero que en la selección Mexicana rinda lo mismo que en su equipo.
Saludos desde Ciudad de Puebla, México.
my favorite was number 5 🔥🇲🇽
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina:
I'm so happy he decided to stay at Wolves. Viva Mexico, thank you for setting the example Jimenez!!!!!
Matthew Brookes
Matthew Brookes:
Mikey Burrows deserves a contract extension
ight ight
ight ight:
When a Mexican believes in something and I mean full on believes in it they will be the most loyal of people.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson:
Cmon wolves 🐺❤️
Some goals are scored without even looking at the goalkeeper.
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz:
¡Viva México! 🇲🇽⚽
Sweat Turi
Sweat Turi:
Imagine Tecatito Corona and Jimenez in wolves ❤️🇲🇽😻
Rocky #55
Rocky #55:
The goal against Spurs is my favourite of all time (alongside Neves banger Vs Derby)
Sebastián Lomelí
Sebastián Lomelí:
2:49 I think this was the best one so far
alberto iglesias
alberto iglesias:
Ricardo Félix
Ricardo Félix:
si señor!
Red Fox
Red Fox:
Great player!!
Sog Is calling you
Sog Is calling you:
We love to see it ( and his dogs )
6ix0ero 2oony
6ix0ero 2oony:
That commentator is in love with his name

Jimeneeeeeezzz Raaauul Jimenez
mario mtz
mario mtz:
trump: "tremendous" striker👌👌
Ayush rai
Ayush rai:
Jimenez scores a simple header

Commentator: ohhhhhhhhhh mexican sensaaaaationnnn
Irving Vazquez
Irving Vazquez:
2:31 a person falls
León Polar
León Polar:
"El Pandemonium en el Molineux"

. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Armin mendizcure vavas
Armin mendizcure vavas:
*3ero me gusta aparte que inicia la jugada .... La celebración con Traore'....como diciendo,-asi se hace cabron"..!😎*
TheOctoling Society
TheOctoling Society:
This hits different now
Max Vatán
Max Vatán:
Stewe do
Stewe do:
Our Mexican Sensation 🇲🇽
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez:
I like to see the wolves winning and Raul Jimenez scoring, greetings from Mexico!
Antonio Solórzano
Antonio Solórzano:
I'm happy for Raul's choose to stay in wolves more time. The people there love him and for him is like home or I get this feeling every time that I see him playing for this team.
I love the goal vs Liverpool 😎
Arturo Notario
Arturo Notario:
Increible Raul Jimenez!!1!
Shenron Cali
Shenron Cali:
every goal

Julio Guillen
Julio Guillen:
Lmao. Coming up with the sin cara mask celebration was awesome!!!!
Diana Plata
Diana Plata:
The commentary at 5:25 had me dying 🤣🤣
It do be like that though 🇲🇽❤️
James Foxall
James Foxall:
Wishing him a speedy recovery and hope he will be okay
alberto iglesias
alberto iglesias:
Saludos Raúl Giménez desde México!!🇲🇽
Valentina Smith
Valentina Smith:
It's great my dear freand Raul Jimenez,CONGRARULATIONS ¡VIVA MEXICO!👍😁❤
Cali Hase
Cali Hase:
Ever Since Club America I Knew He Was Talented & Now In Wolves He's A Killer!!! Keep up the Great Work!!! 👍
6iron Alex
6iron Alex:
Wolves needs to sign tecatito 🔥
Kiking 19
Kiking 19:
Viva Wolves! Y Raúl Jimenez ⬆️ espero y algún día ir a ver un partido de los Wolves, gritar goles desde la hinchada y ser un aficionado más ❤️
#Duend Glez
#Duend Glez:
Denis Alexxx
Denis Alexxx:
Even on ultimate team is an amazing striker!👌🏼
Dembele Fekir
Dembele Fekir:
Imagine the damage vela, chicharito, dos santos could of made if they stayed in the prem
Caesar Leroy
Caesar Leroy:
Watching this videos about Jiménez makes me feel so proud and happy to see that a mexican can triumph in such competitive and important league as the English one. Long live the mexican wolve!
As a Club America fan, I feel like a proud father. I hope this guy continues to win in life!
5:22 Love him 😂
ItsMoi Moí
ItsMoi Moí:
Happy to see that they love him
Alan Morales
Alan Morales:
The best choice, the wolves !!! ❤
C B:
Get well soon Raul🙏🏻❤️
Vamos Raúl Jiménez 🇲🇽🔥
Joe 33
Joe 33:
there’s something that the wolves want you to knooooowww...🎶🎶
Yshehd Hhdhdd
Yshehd Hhdhdd:
Por qué no juegas así en la selección Raúl😭
Oscar Shaw
Oscar Shaw:
Get well soon raul ❤❤
Hopefully he scores a couple tomorrow ( Liverpool fan praying for points on FPL)
It’s always good seeing a Mexican succeed in big teams
Miguel Blanco
Miguel Blanco:
Prayers for Jimenez!! And hopefully he comes back even better for wolves ❤️
Juan M. Vargas
Juan M. Vargas:
Love that celebration with Traore 4:06.. Get well soon!!
Mr. Skywalker
Mr. Skywalker:
Jimenez! Viva Mexico ca brones! Y Viva Wolverhampton 🇲🇽🐺
Juan Diego GE
Juan Diego GE:
Sign mexican player to Wolves, we are supporting this team from MX
Santiago Hernandez
Santiago Hernandez:
Hard work is what we’re truly known for. 🇲🇽