RB Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund REACTION! What went wrong for Edin Terzic’s side? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Janusz Michallik joins Mark Donaldson to react to RB Leipzig’s 3-0 win over Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

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Simon Soghomonian
Simon Soghomonian:
Leipzig went from 5 points in 5 games to only 4 points off Bayern and Dortmund. Maybe they still have a chance
Clinton Davis
Clinton Davis:
Gio set up a pass “on a plate” when he first came in - sent over the crossbar. That could’ve built belief. Bad outing by Dortmund.
한국인 벨링엄  (Korean Bellingham)
한국인 벨링엄 (Korean Bellingham):
The exact problems that came out
The better the team, the better the winger resources.
We don't have a player to solve on the winger
As a result, Modeste becomes more isolated
The overall Terzic tactical performance is still hard to expect.
This week is really tough...
Abul kalam
Abul kalam:
Bellingham already longing for the liverpool move!
Hasade O
Hasade O:
Sometimes it's fate sometimes it's decision making, but Dortmund just refuse to win the Bundesliga
Tara Devi West
Tara Devi West:
RB Leipzig is Alive!!! ❤️🤍🦬🦬❤️🤍
Thank you Rose 🌹
James Dykes
James Dykes:
Well. As a Bayern fan, I'm conflicted.
Meunier and Guerreiro are just horrible defenders. I dont get why they are still there. Meunier is a disgrace for every footballer out there.
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen:
Munich dropping points and still gonna win
Watson Crick
Watson Crick:
No Haaland, no party
'Schlottenberg' means Schlotterbeck actually
Anurag Dandekar
Anurag Dandekar:
Previously only England was mourning, now with EPL cancelled for this weekend, entire world is mourning
Ahmed Chaibi
Ahmed Chaibi:
When did maeco rus play for Rb Leipzig
lol, thats why bayern no need to panic as the rest of contenders will self destruct . soon will be union and freiburg
About time they sacked todesco
Olerato Mokoka
Olerato Mokoka:
Dortmund were so bad today. Modeste is not a striker. He is a cardboard cut out of a striker. Reus went missing.

Somebody better save Bellingham, and soon.