RB LEIPZIG vs LIVERPOOL LIVE - Champions League Reaction

Watch RB Leipzig vs Liverpool LIVE in Champions League Reaction with Thogden and Thogdad! Predict the SCORE for RB Leipzig Liverpool in the live chat to win today's giveaway...
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48 komentarze:

Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt:
Remember when Thogden and Thogdad predicted Liverpool would lose? Better luck next time
Thomas Lefranc
Thomas Lefranc:
I love how theo just speaks into a microphone and it gets him to bt sport 3
Liverpool YNWA
Liverpool YNWA:
There predictions went horribly wrong they predicted liverpool and psg loss
They're not kissing the ground they are doing sajdah (prostration to Allah)
Ben the Football Kid
Ben the Football Kid:
Amazing performance from Liverpool. The front three played well and the ref should of looked at Var for Bobby's goal. On their day Liverpool can beat any team in the world, they just need that momentum and confidence like last season and when they won the UCL.
Lewis that’s football #GETWELLSOONERIKSEN
Lewis that’s football #GETWELLSOONERIKSEN:
Messi 55:40 mbappe 1:00:00 mbappe 1:50:15 Keane 1:55:09 mbpape 2:10:47 Liverpool game 1:39:16 1:44:14
wendy kelly
wendy kelly:
works well when you've not got British Referees
When Thogden changes to the Barca game -Shrugs shoulders
Reuben Curran
Reuben Curran:
Thogden and Thogdad rocking the fresh trims
Tharun Raaj Nithiya Prakash
Tharun Raaj Nithiya Prakash:
Well i guess Messi wont be staying at Barca 4-1 more season
Liverpool YNWA
Liverpool YNWA:
We were robbed we should be 3-0 up mane kept the ball in ply
11:57 PM
~ It's not Zura, it's Katsura! ~ last
💪👍🤗😁 CONGRATS ... YOU WON. Now I want to know why THOGDEN'S LIPS ARE ALWAYSSSS BRIGHT RED, as though he's wearing RED lipstick, whilst he Dad's are always PALE??? 🤔 Maybe MOM has red lips?
Shauna Whitworth
Shauna Whitworth:
As a Liverpool fan, very happy with this, needed a win here and we got it.
aesthetic Giraffe
aesthetic Giraffe:
1:39:16 salah
Subhaan Dad
Subhaan Dad:
1:39:16 Salah 0-1 1:44:15 Mane 0-2
Mynx D
Mynx D:
They ent real are they😂👀
. Never change thogdad never change sir. Lol 😂
Bt sport 3 bt sport 2
Payman Sepehri
Payman Sepehri:
Guys you both look fantastic with hair cut .your wife has done a good job with your hairs
Connor McGregor Fan
Connor McGregor Fan:
Barca vs Liverpool(3:4)
Barca vs Bayern(2:8)
Barca vs PSG(1:4)
What is happening to Barca in ucl
Zach Moritz
Zach Moritz:

55:40 Messi⚽️
1:00:00 Mbappe ⚽️
1:50:15 Mbappe ⚽️
1:55:09 Keane ⚽️
2:10:47 Mbappe ⚽️


1:39:16 Salah⚽️
1:44:14 Mane⚽️
Fg D
Fg D:
Liv chance to defend epl title was dampened and hampered by string of injuries. But history nvr denys Liv from winning and defending cl title. Lol. Liv fan-zita carolina
A J A Y:
Can I just say you guys thought Liverpool would lose cuz of their form put some respect on Liverpool
Ellis Pointon-Doyle
Ellis Pointon-Doyle:
Love your vids
Dan Harrison
Dan Harrison:
Why did you not stream Barcelona vs PSG?!?!
Adrian Taitt
Adrian Taitt:
Mo Hart
Mo Hart:
56:28 biggest joke in history 🤣
Have to say thogden and thogdan both mugs honestly seen your previous video ucl predictions bruh said Leipzig gonna win 2-1 wtf are yous sniffing
A 21
A 21:
Beat the Virus😷💪🙌
viccan 26
viccan 26:

Missing: 16/2/2021 vs psg
Characteristics: Disappearing in big games+Diving+always ranting "give me penalty"
Possible Locations : Penalty Spot, Andorra, Lithuania, Udinese
Last seen-kimpepe Pocket
xxploded YT
xxploded YT:
Why didnt they watch barca vs psg? It was a bigger game lmao
Odhran Oreilly
Odhran Oreilly:
The first time in the first world championships was held
Typical Barca 😔. When will we ever get a glimpse of the champions trophy again?
john craig
john craig:
lol thogden was riding messi too much there wasnt he? nvm he got silenced by mbappe anyways
Beatrice Bueno
Beatrice Bueno:
MESSI will save FCB
Yes or no
Because they will 3 goals that FCB need to get the win
Dinoco Blue
Dinoco Blue:
Y’all should’ve put Barca vs. PSG In the thumbnail instead
NPC Music
NPC Music:
I would have believed if barca made a comeback against psg in 2nd leg only if we had class players like Xavi , Iniesta and Neymar unlike overated players like pedri , dembele 😔
NPC Music
NPC Music:
I would have believed if barca made a comeback against psg in 2nd leg only if we had class players like Xavi , Iniesta and Neymar unlike overated players like pedri , dembele 😔
who do u think will win the prem
Thomas Boyle
Thomas Boyle:
Barca are ...

Complete the sentence.
Abhishtha Abhi
Abhishtha Abhi:
always ronaldo
Pink love
Pink love:
Yusuf Chagtai
Yusuf Chagtai:
Thogden where’s Messi when he doesn’t play Eibar Levante or Alaves?
Ellis Pointon-Doyle
Ellis Pointon-Doyle:
jiman's kayak fishing
jiman's kayak fishing:
To fake liverpool fans..please backoff and sleep
zmjatt ever
zmjatt ever:
Say what 2 1 predict
Ben Dover
Ben Dover: