This week on WNTT we have another midweek special, as Joe reacts to the confirmed 26 man England squad for Euro 2020. Trent Alexander-Arnold despite weeks of speculation is ON THE PLANE. He joins 3 other right-backs in Reece James, Kyle Walker & Kieran Trippier - but Gareth Southgate has alluded before that Trent can play as a midfielder - so will we see that in the friendlies leading up to the tournament? We might find out tomorrow as The Three Lions play Austria.

Starting in that match will be Jesse Lingard, who also misses out - but there was a focus on youth in the wing position, with Bukayo Saka making the cut! The Arsenal wonderkid has carried his team on his back at points last season, so the tournament will be valuable experience for the teenager. Mason Greenwood however unfortunately misses out with an underlying injury, as well as the likes of James Ward-Prowse, Ben Godfrey, Ben White, Aaron Ramsdale and Ollie Watkins.

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Van Auger
Van Auger:
I’m actually starting to really like WNTT and all the content Joe has been bringing on this segment. Keep up the good work!
Mark Young
Mark Young:
This is why England don’t win tournaments - “let’s play RB as CDM”, “this kid has potential, let’s throw him in the deep end”. Whereas Germany, Spain, Portugal, etc go - “this is the best player for this position, for this formation we’ve built around.”
I don’t agree with certain things he’s done but it is so typical for England fans to moan before a ball is kicked. We need to support the players and manager, it’s that simple. If we fail, then we can complain.
really like joe's positivity. When everybody is rambling and being a world class manager its good that someone is being positive
Ibrahim Hashim
Ibrahim Hashim:
The england twitter made it seem like they were revealing the winners of X-Factor not the squad for the euros 😭😭
PHR 29
PHR 29:
Honestly this segment is brilliant. Joe does a great job and I’d love to see this continue. 👍🏼👍🏼
J. Baker
J. Baker:
Worried about taking Maguire and Henderson when they've been injured especially Hendo who hasn't played since February
Nobody in England seems to recognise the fact that England's hope rely mostly on Kane's 5 or 6 goals
78's 79
78's 79:
Gareth picked Sterling because Reece James forgot to take him out of his pocket
mach junior
mach junior:
Imagine taking Mount, Kane , Grealish , Foden , Rashford, Sancho and Sterling to just go and play a defensive team 💔
Simon Watson
Simon Watson:
As an Arsenal fan I'm glad to see Saka there however he has played a serious amount minutes carrying a poor team all season. He could burn out. Thinking objectively I think Lingard should probably have gone instead.
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly:
Joe: "Hit the like button for England to win the Euros"
Me: "Gonna have to dislike the video then"
Oisin Flaherty
Oisin Flaherty:
How mings and coady got in over dunk and tomori amazes me
Arsenal Fury
Arsenal Fury:
Saka got in da ting
Aslam Bakar
Aslam Bakar:
as a Chelsea fan happy that 3 of our English players got picked for the Euros
Will S
Will S:
LOL Havertz's face, the face of a champion
Ross Smith
Ross Smith:
Been waiting for this since the squad came out😂
As a Liverpool fan im actually kinda eager to see a system where Trent plays midfield, just to see how it works out for the team and himself.
Nick Muratori
Nick Muratori:
Thank you Joe for being a rival and respecting Saka
Kai was drunk lol😂
Dylan Gray
Dylan Gray:
Joe: England will win the Euros
Me:*Laughs in Scotland*
joeri de wit
joeri de wit:
I liked it and than he needed to say like the video for england to win it, sorry Joe love the vids but i cant like when you say that. Netherlands All the way🟠
atleast we know james is a nailed on starter
Quite refreshing to hear a Man U supporter talk so highly about are scouse Trent
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam:
Watching WNTT at 11:45 pm IST ☺
I really love watching Tier List and WNTT
Stat wars was my favourite show, now this is my favourite on FD
Rayon Williams sports tv
Rayon Williams sports tv:
♥️🇯🇲✅ blessings
I am no native english speaker but i love this guy and his videos, especially the recend ones about the Super League and the England squad!
2:38 Moments that precede to unfortunate events.
Love the positive outlook of Joe. I just have to say that England just have way to many defensive minded players and potentially having a difficult time getting multiple goals in a game if Kane isn’t firing. Sterling has not been good at all this season either.
Hahahah I’m watching this after Trent got injured last night😂😂unlucky mate
Bawa Eric Skylar
Bawa Eric Skylar:
Reece james & walker are just perfect, why add tripper n especially arnold when u leave out prowse n lingard. Does gareth need a psychiatrist
T SLAox80
T SLAox80:
Havertz is coming out his shell now and will be great next year I’m sure , hopefully Werner will stop missing aswell with more assists from havertz
Silvanus Akofio
Silvanus Akofio:
Good video surprised lingard was cut off from the england squad
Shrishanth Devadiga
Shrishanth Devadiga:
WNTT is the best segment.. keep on the good work Joe❤️🔥🔥🔥
Jude Bellingham is one of our own!
A more correct title to this show would be: "You need to listen".
Ward Prowse has been robbed
The defence going to kill all of Englands hopes of winning the Euros
Danish NurFirdaus Bin Azminor
Danish NurFirdaus Bin Azminor:
Laughing lots now for dropping ward prowse, Englands gonna leave Euro early and i hope you laugh the same way ✌🏻
The odd life of Rómanthicá
The odd life of Rómanthicá:
Reece James can play CB.
Young Stars
Young Stars:
You can disagree with the selections all you want, but here's an idea: 
try getting behind the team and manager (like you did three years ago) and save any potential criticism for AFTER the tournament!
Ramses wyatt
Ramses wyatt:
Just know we’re playing 5 back 2 dms and 3 false 9’s trust Southgate I don’t
the nimble tester
the nimble tester:
Joe loves Tyrone mings doesn’t he haha
da real g
da real g:
Someone needs to do an XI or Top 10 on players missing the euros like 2016
Damn I already liked the video but I don't want England to win the Euros 🤭
Big Boy Boxing
Big Boy Boxing:
That Euro 2000 top 😍
YerMa’s Favourite Playmaker
YerMa’s Favourite Playmaker:
6:13 just for me to look back on when England embarrassed and the full English Nation hates him 🤣
Jordan Henderson has also looked way off the pace. But of yeah, he plays for liverpool
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle:
Trent in midfield could be proper naughty 🔥
Claus Røbel
Claus Røbel:
Would be Nice to hear your views on the other national teams
Michael Rumble
Michael Rumble:
The thought of Trent playing CM🤩🔥
Techno Logical
Techno Logical:
Would like to see this positivity when englands clown manager gets them kicked out of in group stage
Kip Smithers
Kip Smithers:
Lol I dare Southgate to play Trent midfield, disaster waiting to happen.
Heita EEK
Heita EEK:
how do you cut out ward-prowse and keep philips?
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar:
Love it joe
Aidan Osei
Aidan Osei:
taking grealish, foden & mount is excessive.
Simmy T
Simmy T:
This is a really great squad. With the exception of Sterling doesn’t deserve to be there. Think he’s been a ghost this season
Alex Orpin
Alex Orpin:
WNTT has become my favourite FD show
Ewan Hargreaves
Ewan Hargreaves:
I think Walker will be used as a centre back
Алексей Федоров
Алексей Федоров:
So glad for Saka
Wildo 48
Wildo 48:
Tomori really should have gone instead of Mings. I'm also not sure on dropping Lingard. Saka, Phillips and Rashford have all been worse.
Odds on everyone getting hyped for TAA getting picked just for Southgate to probably end up barely playing lmao
Devraj Sood
Devraj Sood:
no way trent plays in midfield in the euros
swiss cheesefeet
swiss cheesefeet:
AWB for me over Trippier. I don’t see the difference between trippier and Trent
Kyle Elias
Kyle Elias:
if Joe Gomez is fit, who DOES NOT make it as a CB into the England Squad?
Robert Smith
Robert Smith:
Isn't Maguire extremely accident prone?
Luiz Matte
Luiz Matte:
Kai 'idgaf' Havertz
Diding Hangzo
Diding Hangzo:
Where is Wan-bissaka....his performance is awesome this season.. I'm surprised that he didn't get selected
England out in the quarters. 5 at the back with all the midfield and attacking talent England have is a recipe for an early exit for three lions and Southgate.
Quite a weak England team this time unfortunately
Tafadzwa Mupita
Tafadzwa Mupita:
Trent was good for the last 6 games of the season not the best for the second half of the season
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly:
Don't know why you'd be gutted greenwood isn't going as a united fan it's brilliant he has the summer to rest and be firing for us come the start of the season
James McCreery
James McCreery:
Good video. I hope Saka gets a goal at the Euros.
Dan Amba
Dan Amba:
Much prefer your positive reaction to Goldbridge's "Southgate has been exposed" 🤦🏽‍♂️
Timmy H
Timmy H:
I do really like football daily but i think that the positivity Gareth Southgate gets is undeserved. I really think if he was making similar choices for a Crystal palace or West brom he’d be getting kicked
James Burns
James Burns:
i like the squad but only issues i have rlly are maybe lingard for saka and im scared hes gonna play back 3
Gravity Performance
Gravity Performance:
tafadzwa Boka
tafadzwa Boka:
Taking 4 right backs and 5 midfielders was the right thing? 2 of those right backs wont kick a ball during the tournament unless it's a back 3. Coward move to avoid media pressure JWP and Lingard are more useful than a right back on the bench
After this stupid decision to pick Mings and Coady over Ben Godfrey then pickin 4 got damn rb’s I pray Godfrey changes his national team to Nigeria! 🇳🇬
come home son 🦅 ⚽️
Stephen Malekana
Stephen Malekana:
Light in midfield . They will regret this . 😂😂
joel couto
joel couto:
Haverts Will probably be regreting that moment for the rest of his life before sleeping.
Lombar Talom
Lombar Talom:
Nah i liked the video before even seeing the content but after he said like the video of u think England will win the euro i took back my like cause i dont wanna give him false hope,no it's not coming home.
Hazzem Belkaab
Hazzem Belkaab:
I'm not even English but if England fails to win the Euros it's definitely going to be because of Southgate and his messed up tactics.
If TAA plays as a midfielder England is screwed. His best attributes are runs along the wing and crossing. He doesn’t have great interplay or linkup. He also doesn’t have any worthwhile experience there. He is not a starter in this England side.
Eli Munro
Eli Munro:
I would like to see England to take the Euros but I can’t lie France look dominant. And I’m calling it, if France and Portugal meet, France is going to destroy them and get their revenge. Could be wrong but just my opinion, great content man.
Richard Cory
Richard Cory:
It looks like Southgate is going to have to send for another right back following the Austria game, as he is down to just three now.
Ryan Bareham
Ryan Bareham:
Why take 2 injured players, Southgate chucking the euros in the bin.
Max T
Max T:
I don’t get how a team that’s gonna play defensive, would include AWB, the right hand side is practically locked in once he’s on the field (except for aerial duels)
Harrison turpitt
Harrison turpitt:
Four right backs :O
Frederick Isavian
Frederick Isavian:
Alexander-Arnold is a great defender however, he is a slight liability whit his attitude and I see him carded a lot.
Billy Hancock
Billy Hancock:
for me this 26 that southgate has picked is actually very near to englands best squad. the only questionable shout is mings (but he is our only decent left footed centre back)
Chris Rotella
Chris Rotella:
Go on Trent
Alfie Fell
Alfie Fell:
Half of England's first 11 would have missed the end of season through injury. Typical England selection unfortunately 👎
Logan Franklin
Logan Franklin:
Having Henderson in the squad and not just as part of the staff seems risky since he hasn’t played in awhile. Nervous for Rashford with all the injuries he’s got. 4 RB seems bold but I’m not the expert. That said still seems like a good squad and should make for a fun Euros
Peter Larsen
Peter Larsen:
Aside from Pope in for Johnstone (injury) and Konsa/Tomori in for Mings/Coady (idiocy), this is pretty much the ideal England squad.
Jake Qazi
Jake Qazi:
Where’d you get the fresh shirt joe?
Dilip ghising
Dilip ghising:
South Gate is living in 2031 with no Major trophy for England
Nicky Grant
Nicky Grant:
IKR.. what the hell is KAI celebrating moment..😁😁😄😄😂😂
Mark Burden
Mark Burden:
Henderson instead of JWP or Lingard? Henderson is finished,injury prone always got a mistaking him ,can see England struggling in the group, And won't get past the quarter-finals. New Engand manager appointed in July!