REACTING TO OUR CHAMPIONSHIP PREDICTIONS *GONE WRONG* - We had a shocker... Including: Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, Wigan Athletic, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby County, Brentford, West Brom, Fulham, Swansea, Cardiff, Millwall, Luton Town, Bristol City, Blackburn, QPR, Reading, Stoke city, Middlesbrough, Hull city, Huddersfield town, Birmingham city, Barnsley, Charlton and more!

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Anyone notice the new profile picture? 😅
Only watching this because I’m not crying like last year 😂
I love you two
Matt Sutton
Matt Sutton:
It feels like your dad is looking into my soul. Doesn’t take his eyes off the camera
Paige Smith
Paige Smith:
They retired Jude Bellingham's shirt because the transfer of his saved them from bankruptcy.
LUFC Alfie
LUFC Alfie:
who else is watching this and supports Leeds
Zac B
Zac B:
Jude Bellingham’s number 22 being retired is a joke.
African Jesus
African Jesus:
Your dads eye contact really wanna make confess a crime I didn't even did
Jimbo Simpson
Jimbo Simpson:
If thogden has a kid. Then they could have thogdad. Thogden and thogkid making videos just the 3 of them. ✔️
Leeds and Brentford have the same goal difference actually😅😉
Hope Brentford don’t go up the manager is a knob
James Hare
James Hare:
No one :
Still no one:
Thogdad: Smiles
M Franta
M Franta:
Wigan should have stayed up, they dont deserve to go down. Still hope that the appeal will be succesfull
Abdullah Zafar
Abdullah Zafar:
"Not even Carole Baskins can save these Tigers"
-Some rabdom guy on Twitter that i saw on FNG
Brawl Razorplayz
Brawl Razorplayz:
things guaranteed in life:

thogdad smiling
Luke Saunders
Luke Saunders:
Why is this guy saying that Brentford have a better goal difference than leeds when they don’t
Youtube Toxic
Youtube Toxic:
I'm a liverpool fan I would like to see a swansea return to the prem
Raphael Tammam
Raphael Tammam:
Brentford didn't have better goal difference than Leeds
Jason Hart
Jason Hart:
“5k like goal” - 8k likes one 15 hours😂😂
Kimbo Kills
Kimbo Kills:
The fact that Birmingham retired 22 and Real Madrid didn’t even retire no. 7
Thogdad gets even more respect after he says cardiff are gonna be promoted 🙌🙌🙌
KineMaster !
KineMaster !:
When you react to Premier League predictions you should also look at the clubs position before lockdown to see if there was an increase or decrease in form 👍
Joseph Banks
Joseph Banks:
Haven’t noticed those derby fans yet 😂
2:34 Leeds have the same goal difference. Try again
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
West Bromwich Albion will smash it in the premier league fantastic achievement too be in top two deserved It
From premier league mid table to bottom and relegated to league 1 in like 5-6 years cracking team @Hullcity
GK Highlights
GK Highlights:
My grandads a Leeds fan and I support West Ham, can’t wait for the games ( good vid as well)
Abbzterdulle FK
Abbzterdulle FK:
Well i put Barnsley 24

Stoke 12

Leeds 4

Brentford 6

Fulham 1

So you can say i was wrong
Oliver Klein
Oliver Klein:
As a Forest fan, I still can’t believe we missed the playoff. I’m honestly heart broken
Domino Bros
Domino Bros:
2:36 joint best with Leeds m8
I’m a cardiff fan and I rate the fact that you put us 1st keep up the hood content
Drew Steininger
Drew Steininger:
All Welsh play-off final!!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Cardiff will win 3-2 in ET!!
Cmon Cymru
Morgan Kennedy
Morgan Kennedy:
311k subscribes well done great content guy's

Nathan Kindon
Nathan Kindon:
Leeds and Brentford have the same goal difference
Kenny Laing
Kenny Laing:
its just forests luck ever since they were relegated day after day they had bad luck on the last day. its the club curse. (im a forest fan btw)
Without Thogden and Thogdad, YouTube would not be the same
EAF Gaming
EAF Gaming:
Got to go with thogdad on that one Cardiff all the way live from wales
Danny Camp
Danny Camp:
2:40 Brentford have same goal difference as Leeds btw
Aizarr XB
Aizarr XB:
When thogden's more important than homework
Lbr_15 _
Lbr_15 _:
And as Thogden said Huddersfield scored 3 goals in the last 6 games or something well the three goals were against us Birmingham in one game 😂
“welsh play off final” 😂🤣😭😂
Harvey Edney
Harvey Edney:
Can’t wait for the prem prediction reactions
Charlie Harrison
Charlie Harrison:
Lee Johnson was sacked weeks ago 😂😂
Carl Bailey
Carl Bailey:
There is great beauty to the nature of this relationship. I look forward to seeing 3 generations of this love of the beautiful game owning the mistakes we all inevitably make.

Happily subscribed.
Andy Woody
Andy Woody:
Brentford goal difference wasnt the best in the league, was joint best with leeds
Jim Rickets
Jim Rickets:
I would like to see Cardiff go up the premier league because it’s my home town and where I’m living Evan tho I’m a die hard Liverpool fan I still want to see them doing well
Aarnav V
Aarnav V:
I think Fulham will go up

And come back down again next year 😂😂
B I:
Hey guys, love what you’re doing, keep up the fantastic work! just wanted to ask, what editing platform do you use? :)
Cmn brentford🇩🇰💪

From a danish dude love youre vids😇
Sheffield Wednesday Fan
Sheffield Wednesday Fan:
Wednesday what da hell we was 3rd and we blew it and came 16th
HRK 545
HRK 545:
I’m never first I’m never last but when thogden uploads I click fast
Storm Playz
Storm Playz:
Who remembers when Hull were good
John Shores
John Shores:
Apart from last season can you tell me another time when Leeds have been in a position to go up and bottled it ?
Mandem i think you’d make a great commentator💯💯
I'm honestly heart broken to see hull At the bottom
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown:
These were my predictions
C) Leeds Reality: Leeds
P) Fulham Reality: West Brom
3) West Brom Reality: Brentford
4) Cardiff Reality: Fulham
5) Middlesbrough Reality: Cardiff
6) Derby County Reality: Swansea City
7) Swansea Reality: Nottingham Forest
8) Bristol City Reality: Millwall
9) Brentford Reality: Preston
10) Nottingham Forest Reality: Derby County
11) Preston Reality: Blackburn
12) Sheffield Wednesday Reality: Bristol City
13) Huddersfield Reality: QPR
14) Blackburn Reality: Reading
15) Stoke City Reality: Stoke City
16) QPR Reality: Sheffield Wednesday
17) Hull City Reality: Middlesbrough
18) Millwall Reality: Huddersfield
19) Birmingham Reality: Luton Town
20) Reading Reality: Birmingham
21) Luton Town Reality: Barnsley
R) Charlton Reality: Charlton
R) Wigan Reality: Wigan
R) Barnsley Reality: Hull City
4 correct predictions, 4 I was 1 place off not bad.
Marc Webster
Marc Webster:
Wednesday go down if a point deduction 👀
Club fc
Club fc:
I love you so much, because you are a good and fun analyst in the games⁦♥️⁩
Edward Buckton
Edward Buckton:
I remember when hull city where in the fa cup final 😂
Jack Barrowclough
Jack Barrowclough:
Brentford have the Jansson virus. Look at Leeds over the last 3 years 😂
jack hill
jack hill:
Leeds and Brentford have the same GD
Jack Smack
Jack Smack:
This West Brom fan is more than happy with finishing second!!! I'd like to see Brentford join Leeds and WBA in the Premier League.
Danny Bulley
Danny Bulley:
Love it thogdad and thogdan up the millwall hope to see Bolton back where they belong in the coming years respect you lads very much ❤️❤️
Yuval Gueron
Yuval Gueron:
I want Fulham to win the playoffs just to see Chelsea beating them 5-0
I’m a Beast
I’m a Beast:
Ngl ur predictions where shocking 😂😂😂😂
Tate marelic
Tate marelic:
I’m from Minnesota in the States and this was on my recommendation page crazy to watch
Lucas-jack Eaton
Lucas-jack Eaton:
Been waiting for this never under estimate the Barnsley 🔴⚪🔴⚪ love the new profile btw
Jadon Baker
Jadon Baker:
Boro were shocking this season and we might lose Djed Spence so I feel like we’re not gonna do well next season
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson:
Me, my dad and my papa do this for the premier league
George Bowman
George Bowman:
Thogden did you do the same for league 1 if so could you react to it
Thogdad starring into my soul be like😂
Birmingham are a meme 😂 Joke of a club, never getting promoted
James Goolge
James Goolge:
Retiring 22 is pathetic. He’s played 40 games ahahaha it’s embarrassing
I love how Thogdad is always smiling
Harry Lev
Harry Lev:
You’re both spot on about Middlesbrough, glad an older man in Thogdad recognises a team like us. UTB
Magnus Sankaran
Magnus Sankaran:
I can't watch a thogden and thogdad video without feeling like I'm being interrogated
Aidan 66
Aidan 66:
Charlton Last season: Que sera we’re going to Wembley
Next season: Que sera away to Shrewsbury

thomas kelly
thomas kelly:
I'm happy for my hometown clubs Leeds United finally back in primer league
Cookie QUACKY:
I am q guy who said Stoke would win the league and Hull would make play offs
Jayden FC
Jayden FC:
In My Opinion:Hull Are Gonna THRASH League 1

Edit:And Brentford To Wjn The Playoffs Winning 1-0 Vs Cardiff At Wembley
Conor. B
Conor. B:
Get in the thogdad is always right!!
Conall Homer
Conall Homer:
Brentford will win the playoffs. As an Albion I’ve been shitting myself watching Brentford catching up to us but I think they’ll do it.
Martin Wiekens
Martin Wiekens:
I am so happy Leeds smashed it this season, and I hope Brentford will make it at the final playoffs, they deserve promotion ❤
Jack Harvey
Jack Harvey:
5:29 Two of their goals was against Albion
Dylan Chittock
Dylan Chittock:
Leeds and brentford goal difference was the same at 42
Nigerian Gooner
Nigerian Gooner:
He’s only 17 with one year of first team football they took it over the top
Hehehhshsshhshahahdhdh Ahah
Hehehhshsshhshahahdhdh Ahah:
Brentford’s goal difference is level with Leeds, they scored more but conceded more
Riyad Ali
Riyad Ali:
when these thog legends stop youtube...
prasad vindla
prasad vindla:
Leeds actually have same GD (42) as Brentford MOT
Harry Dobson
Harry Dobson:
You should do reacting to every clubs goal of the season
Thomas Reichelt
Thomas Reichelt:
I’m a forest fan and I’m crying
Tomos Evans
Tomos Evans:
Swansea clutched up for the playoffs and forest were just 💩
life of tik toks my tik tok channel
life of tik toks my tik tok channel:
Leeds will contest for top four, we always do when promoted.
Leeds have the best Coach in the world, only Liverpool and Man City will get near us
Ellen Withers
Ellen Withers:
I actually think Fulham will win the playoffs, from a Liverpool fan 🔴
Fun Fact~ Aston Villa's Neil Taylor has the same amount of assists at St Andrews as Jude Bellingham. proper club legend eh.
Kizza Hunt
Kizza Hunt:
1 like = 1 RIP for forest
CosmicJoon / Scoobydooplays
CosmicJoon / Scoobydooplays:
I had the same emotions as the teacher..
Les Pilapil
Les Pilapil:
Love your vids i watched your stream i love liverpool
4:55 shoutout to keithy
James Sadler
James Sadler:
Brentford had same goal difference as Leeds in the end.