Reaction from St James Park | Newcastle 2-4 West Ham | Rice was a giant

Geo reports from West Ham's victory in the Premier League opener against Newcastle.

Goals from Cresswell, Benrahma, Soucek and Antonio sealed 3 points for David Moyes men.

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Benrahma is a magic man. He’s about to have a wonder season🇩🇿🐐
Oscar Dean
Oscar Dean:
The difference with Benrahma from last season is a huge amount of confidence gained in the off-season ,step overs the lot he looks class like a grown-up version of what he was last season ,fantastic bring on the Barclays we are fucking massive, just need a couple of signings and we’ll smash Europe to. come on you irons”
😳👍⚒Worth a mention Bowen and rice also killed it Good goal and nice cross from Antonio .come on,🥺👍
Usual Suspect
Usual Suspect:
The euphoria is hard to beat when you win away, safe journey geo ⚒⚽️
Stevie B
Stevie B:
2nd half was v impressive! Benrhama, Coucek, Rice bossed the second 45! Antonio's strike was clinical!
Brad Beale
Brad Beale:
Glad to see we picked the bogey of last season
Great start to the season. Soon as Wilson scored I thought here we go again. Much better in the second half and we controlled the game COYI ⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒⚒
No No
No No:
Apparently the tactic of not buying players in the last two years is paying off 🤣
Al Merian
Al Merian:
Keeping my powder dry for now. Good result…..poor start but our stamina got us past them in the end. Which is really pleasing. We would have folded in recent seasons past. Rice just needs to drive more at goal and shoot. Still think he’s putting himself in the shop window personally. Anyhow. Injuries will judge us with our squad. Some nice stuff out there today. Need a result on Monday to keep it going…COYI
Mark Weir
Mark Weir:
Must be great to win at Newcastle for you so not so far to travel home. All brilliant in that 2nd half and yes special shout out to benrahma and declan both up there game. Also thought Antonio and bowen worked there socks off. Technically are players we're head and shoulders above them.
Derek Hammond
Derek Hammond:
Well done Geo. Great moments for you. Safe journey home. Jesse who?⚒
Joseph P
Joseph P:
Gives you a good feel factor, wonderful start, overjoyed in fact
From The Anvil: West Ham United
From The Anvil: West Ham United:
The big thing for me is that Moyes has given West Ham’s current playing standard an identity. He has done so with the counter attack system, prioritising the best form of defence as attack. Everyone seems structured and well-organized in that team, and the front four have good interchangeable play and interdependency.
Daniel Watts
Daniel Watts:
Just found you on YouTube geo, was actually next to you during this game! the celebrations on the 3rd and 4th were insane !! Just subscribed
Goes to show.
This side has balls.
But and a big but.
It needs Lingard and a striker
Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse:
Have faith in Moysie. He is a proper manager ⚒⚒⚒
Arture Nobel
Arture Nobel:
Second half Benrahma one Goal and one assist, great hope he will continue like this and more
We need to bring in some players cos a couple will be going to the African nations cup
Well worth the long trip down from Aberdeen (and trip up for the London fans) for your first game for a wee while, fantastic result!
Yesssssss mate
Martyn Ayers
Martyn Ayers:
Fantastic 2nd half performance, safe journey mate,
Benrahma MVP
andy sheldon
andy sheldon:
I was on the porcelain pony for the second half .
Superstition kept me on it for the whole of the 2nd half .
Well played but ….. let’s not get too carried away .
One or two injuries and …
Geo needs to listen to the watch along while watching in stadiums.
Bowen i thought was great.
Danny Ward
Danny Ward:
Good man Geo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Ethan Bast
Ethan Bast:
Obviously woulda been better to have been in front the whole time and not go behind at all, but I loved seeing the work rate while we were behind and the fight to get back in and go ahead. Continuing that on from last season is class to see
Reece Speight
Reece Speight:
Saint Max was a handful! Shelvey had a good game and yeah Newcastle ain’t the best team in the league but they’re deffo not the worse. We deserved today but still room for improvement which is good
Robert Gates
Robert Gates:
Great match analysis, Geo.

Andy Walsh
Andy Walsh:
Top marks Geo 👏👏👏👏
Nice to get the first win of the season and its away at Newcastle , trying not to be to pessimistic . Though not a big fan of Antonio as a striker , think his goal was the best strike from him I have seen .
The Tower
The Tower:
Newcastle just have 2 good players
Looking forward to 23rd against Leicester,first home game after such a long time to finally sing Bubbles in the london stadium⚒COYI
adam lees
adam lees:
Read a few comments from Newcastle fans saying they'd beat us comfortably on the back of last season's games.just makes the win that much sweeter.
antony jones
antony jones:
Geo.....glad you have enjoyed yourself and you saw the team win well. COYI
Martin Duggan
Martin Duggan:
go go geo
come on u irons
happy hammer tday
Steve theWeave
Steve theWeave:
3 points in the bag!
steven spraggs
steven spraggs:
must have been a home game for you geo lol
Bowen was great, super block and good work rate. Fornals was great, Benrahma was superb, Antonio worked hard, Rice motm for me. He dominated the game towards the end. Soucek and Coufal started slow but they really stepped up second half, Cresswell was good with his crosses and all.. Ogbonna seemed a little... hmm... off today, Dawson was awful, hes too slow to play in the prem, Fabianski didnt command the area and wasnt really good today, i think fabianski was not ready to play in front of the fans. Great game wonderful result!
Peter Whitelock
Peter Whitelock:
Geo, don't be so quick to put Newcastle player's down rather than recognise that we have a really very good first 11 that will give anyone a game this season and will most likely beat them COYI'S ⚒👍❤
GAVE away 2 poor gls ....
Hammer Horrible
Hammer Horrible:
Giant Rice.. you only need one grain on your plate.
will x
will x:
"Newcastle are shit" lol, but true :)
Bobby 66
Bobby 66:
Jon Kernow
Jon Kernow:
A very happy Hammer
Flavio Silva
Flavio Silva:
We win Newcastle. City mirassol- Brasil.
robs projectorwall
robs projectorwall:
Don't give it the sky sports view that Newcastle were shit today, Because we beat them Hands down today, i thought Newcastle played well today and we beat them fair and square .. we out played them full stop.
John Doe
John Doe:
Premiership player over paid and not as good as players from 15 to 20 years ago. Shameful footballers won’t watch my football now until the kneeling stops simple
Stuart Nufc
Stuart Nufc:
Underserved win