Reactions to the loss of John Lewis

Tributes pour in after the death of the civil rights icon and long-serving congressman.

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Big Travis
Big Travis:
Lewis Looks like Elijah Cummings twin brother
How this dude die twice!! JK
Mike Sacco
Mike Sacco:
Can’t say I agreed 100% with him.
But many years ago I met him and 1 thing I remember him saying.
If we ALL can live happy and enjoy life we could never be knocked down.

May his family find peace in this difficult time.
Evelia Valencia
Evelia Valencia:
Iam so much pain my God keeps hes family members 💔 strong RIP John Lewis iam going to miss you thank you for doing everything right for me and the planet u did ur Best great work 💯💯💯🌿🌹🌿😇😇😇😇😇
Pete Clemenza
Pete Clemenza:
John Lewis: "we don't want our freedom gradually, we want it now " rest in power ✊🏾
At least it wasn't covid19. But in this day and age, we should have conquered cancer already. I lost my father to cancer.
Phillip Riggins
Phillip Riggins:
Well done good and faithful servant. He was a great man and he will be missed!
Rest In Peace John Lewis !
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak:
💀 ✌
S L Jones
S L Jones:
Did he Run the shopping chain?
Diego Cordero
Diego Cordero:
I’m black and a little Ignorant Somebody can please tell me one bill Was proposed to avoid killing black babies,drugs addiction,killing between blacks-pushing reparations for blacks, police reform? ...... thank you 🙏
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley:
A Righteous Man... "O Lord, glorify his station, shelter him under the pavilion of Thy supreme mercy, cause him to enter Thy glorious paradise, and perpetuate his existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that he may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries." ~ Baha'i Prayer
Human finisher
Human finisher:
I just came to know about him today
American Born Patriot.
American Born Patriot.:
Margaret Rogers
Margaret Rogers:
Thank you i see it now
David Smith
David Smith:
You can expect his memorial service to turn into a Biden campaign rally, and his memory reduced to "We have to stop Trump!"
Jeff Dunnell
Jeff Dunnell:
The comments
Alexis Gainey
Alexis Gainey:
Raymond Fields
Raymond Fields:
RIP John Lewis 🙏

#ADOS are a group with a specific justice claim. The #ADOS movement demands a specific agenda with policy prescriptions that address the losses stemming from the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration and immigration.
Without specific measures being instituted, #ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country.

Let's honor Rep. Lewis' by advocating for reparations!

#ADOS #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #DataMatters
david dios
david dios:
He went from relevant 60s activist, to the hollow step and fetch it. of the democratic lefty's. MLK TO CBLM. sad sad sad how easily someone gets seduced and bought, by the enemy within. RIP sir. The red game is just getting started. To bad you died just when you groomed the field of battle so well. Stupid.
Edd Stack
Edd Stack:
He got Re-Imagined
Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green:
Ronald Stormy
Ronald Stormy:
Никитин Денис
Никитин Денис:
Что здесь происходит?
Cerese Singletary
Cerese Singletary:
We have lost a great man. We are really going to miss him. I have followed him for almost 60 yrs. His job was done. God called him home. He fought a goid fight, and he won. I am so proud of this man, he did everything right. My sympathy goes out to his family, colleagues, friends. God bless you all. I don" t have to say RIP, because I know he is at peace.
Jersey Bro
Jersey Bro:
Reaction is get some new blood who will causally do something for the district ..
leeondro jaramillo
leeondro jaramillo:
Easy E Brauberbeister
Easy E Brauberbeister:
Only the grim reaper could take him out of office. That is true for all politicians. The thirst for power, money, and influence takes a hold on them and they hold a death grip on the office until the grim reaper arrives.
JB Tantyhero
JB Tantyhero:
This is super sad
Remember, the Violence Inflicted on John Lewis, Was the Result of Democrat Governance
They didn't label him as COVID19? hmm
Jim Ward
Jim Ward:
He does'nt comes close to Martin Luther king
Kathydid55 I
Kathydid55 I:
AMEN !!!
manuel v
manuel v:
As long as you keep that post video doink sound that is very unsettling, I'm going to give you a thumbs down.
Eddie Valiant
Eddie Valiant:
I just learned that he represented Atlanta. Is this something to be proud of? If his legacy in the promotion of positive initiatives in his district is considered a success than I’d hate to see a failure.
So here we are. The wasteland called Washington, DC. The place where many of our elected officials avoid because of COVID concerns. Can't run the government, except by proxy. Too dangerous... Those of us who lost loved ones couldn't be with their spouse, brother, parent whatever at the time of death. Loved ones couldn't have a funeral service to mourn the loss. We have all lost so much catering to the advice being set forth from our government. But..... What do we have here! The death of a prominent Democrat..... My goodness. Poor man. Politicians won't travel to that den of COVID, will they? Really now. That would be much too dangerous. Wouldn't it? We will see..... We will see how dangerous this virus really is very soon. We will see if this game of lockdown will continue, or will there be a miraculous change to what Americans can and can't do. I mean, they won't have a service for Rep. Lewis and still keep the citizens of America locked down... Would they????
Luciano Figueiredo
Luciano Figueiredo:
Muito triste
Wait . Didn't he pass 6 months ago ??
Me Mine
Me Mine:
Another good one
Abdullahi Hussein
Abdullahi Hussein:
Don X
Don X:
Thanks fo' da recall, satan.
Chris Martino
Chris Martino:
look at Lewis 's face when Obama gives him the metal.... I know what his expression is saying there... Barry never been in a fist fight .... it's totally a class thing folks not a race thing.... i grew up I listening to 80's Hardcore .... which got it right... i know it's loud ...but the lyrics man
Jamie Jay
Jamie Jay:
He never had a smile on his bitter face.
Kiaira Thot
Kiaira Thot:
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EF *
EF *:
So A
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd:
Is this the same Lewis that rejected Kings ideas of equality. For welfare and lower education?
Bias ABC and bias comments.
sunshine Whiskey
sunshine Whiskey:
couldn't have left sooner
John Jourdan
John Jourdan:
I thought Elijah Cummings died last year?
God is possibly up to something.
Michael Dominick
Michael Dominick:
He was taken along with some new Jordan’s and Chanel handbags by his constituents.
Kurt Adams
Kurt Adams:
RIP my Brother. Thank you and love you for everything that you have done for us
c. Mor
c. Mor:
"When you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
From equal rights advocate to anti white old coot.
Randy Watson
Randy Watson:
Mandela Effect. I remember his death reported about 4 months ago vividly.
Eugenia S
Eugenia S:
Not true - as I said, it is My Opinion! Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Thinning out....slowly but surely
Chris Brown
Chris Brown:
Can't tell him from Elijah Cummings,look,sound just like each other,both kept asking what Trump meant when he said the Russia investigation was a "witch hunt", thats what u learn about in 1st grade history class
Alex Afton Ù-Ú
Alex Afton Ù-Ú:
I have news!
We all know the 5 children that gone missing in Chuck cheese right?
People been talking about that on Ingram...but till I knew what they were talking about
They were talking about fanf how the 5 children gone missing then suffed into the furry's we all know their names
Chica Bonnie Freddy and Foxy little till I knew that the same story was with Chuck cheese but with other children
So should Purple guy has been in chuck cheese and killed innocent souls then suff them into the furry's...
Violy Velarde
Violy Velarde:
A Titan? If he is so, why do you still shout "Racist!". He's not that effective. Like Obama, not effective.
Morgan Wells
Morgan Wells:
We have to watch out those new deaf drivers sweet 16 years old
Paul S.
Paul S.:
Will BLM take a day off rioting to honor him?
Maggie Gibbons
Maggie Gibbons:
It is a loss for the country. BUT what was a 80 year old man with cancer doing running for another term in Congress.
Carlton Womble
Carlton Womble:
No comment from the White House?😔
BF Skinner
BF Skinner:
Rip jhon Lewis.
terry walker
terry walker:
Wow he voted for the murder of innocent babies. You people who think that’s going to secure your place in heaven are seriously detrranged. He knows now! 🤔
Mark Evrard
Mark Evrard:
Definitely...we need term limits
Lewis was a #racehustler.
At just 23 years of age, as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, John Robert Lewis helped plan the 1963 March on Washington and was a keynote speaker before Dr King's "I Have A Dream" speech. We are very thankful that the faith that Rev. Martin Luther King and John Robert Lewis had in God and in His written words, the Bible, allowed them to be successful through peaceful means in having all people, regardless of their race or color of their skins, to share the same neighborhoods, the same schools, the same seats when we use public transportation, the same tables to eat when we go to have a meal in a restaurant and the same bathrooms. Oh God, we thank you that through peaceful means which do not dishonor the teachings of our Lord Jesus, the USA was able to have the greatest transformation in inter racial relationships without being a threat to any American institution. O dear God we ask your forgiveness that as a nation (59 years ago after John Robert Lewis was released from Parchman Farm Penitentiary after being arrested in Jackson, MS for using a so-called "white" restroom during the Freedom Rides of 1961) today we are using racist slogans such as "black lives matter" instead of "all lives matter." God we ask your forgiveness because we have forgotten your teachings through our lord Jesus Christ and instead of peaceful protests what we have now is blacks and whites joining together to throw rocks and bottles to the police, robbing, looting, putting on fire buildings, businesses, churches, toppling down public and historic monuments while requesting defunding the police so our streets end up being run by a mob. O God, we thank you for your great wisdom because we are sure that it is the fear of COVID-19 which is going to prevent the November presidential election to become a violent street fight between anti-Trump and pro-Trump supporters. God give us your Spirit so we could do better than that. Give us your Spirit so in the same way we teach our kids to honor their father and their mother we could teach them to be respectful attitude to the police hired with own tax paid money to protect the community.
O God help us to keep in our hearts the teachings of love of Jesus Christ so if we disagree with the police or with people in government, we could we use the same peaceful means of protest that is not a dishonor to your name or to your teachings through our Lord Jesus Christ. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ your only begotten Son we ask all those things. Amen and Amen.
Kathydid55 I
Kathydid55 I:
Hail Mary Recordings -
Hail Mary Recordings -:
Fez Paladin
Fez Paladin:
There are many poisons available to those who have the right knowledge, the most inconspicuous are of course the least known to the common man.
J F:
Hmm, so 'shocked' it's crickets from trump. I'll take a line from "Apocalypse Now", relating to when trump dies: "I mean what are they gonna to say man when he's gone huh... what are they gonna say about him, what... He was a kind man, hew was a wise man, he had plans, he had wisdom... Bull**** man". My God I feel embarrassed for those that have to attend.
Askar Niko02
Askar Niko02:
When fake king n mr frank j grass fighting for black protest n out comment . Only me fighting in yutup online
Why they got this for them .n want this for them .
.is not 1 time over n over again cheating n lie on me 7 years over n over again .
We russia did not ads any millty war with any country for our meetion .
Arc Anon Drum
Arc Anon Drum:
If you watch C-SPAN (and every American should watch some C-SPAN) you got to see John Lewis fighting for the Working Class people, no matter what their skin color. John Lewis: A Good Man who worked Hard for us all.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger:
Joe Biden = "John Lewis and I stood shoulder to shoulder at the Alamo....we fought off the British er Germans all day and night in 1912....then we ate tacos".....
Jim Crow South = democrat controlled South.
Daniel C
Daniel C:
Gaman Worldwide Music Videos
Gaman Worldwide Music Videos:
Rest in Peace John Lewis...'
More Comfterblur
More Comfterblur:
The conscience of racism.
Liberal in Oklahoma
Liberal in Oklahoma:
Dean Ossiander
Dean Ossiander:
condolences from The Orange Clown ??????
Nota Troll
Nota Troll:
Cancer is the secret to immortality. Your body is trying to figure out how to live forever. On one hand, if cells keep dividing, it all turns to cancer and you die. On the other hand, your cells correctly determine when to stop dividing, eventually die completely due to telomerase being turned off in the cell, and you die of aging complications. We don't want to get rid of cancer, we want to CONTROL cancer. Cancer is "uncontrollable" cell division. Cells just keep dividing, when they should stop. In some sense, that is good, we want them to divide forever, or we die. But we have to CONTROL the division. Cancer is key.
Serge Ménard
Serge Ménard:
Every single time that mcconnell gives praise to anyone or anything must beware! As for trump...he’s so stupid he’s no doubt going to say something totally insane!
Leviathan 1349
Leviathan 1349:
Nah nah nah nah..... Nah nah nah nah... Hey hey hey....GOODBYE.... Dummy.
Ronald Stormy
Ronald Stormy:
Lewis has a puffy carb face. Too many draft beers.
Steve W
Steve W:
Joe Biden wants your vote!!! Remember, you're not really colored if you're not for Joe!!!
You won't be missed.
So what did this guy do legislatively exactly? At least Maxine Waters was involved in legislation to name a post office
Marc Duchamp
Marc Duchamp:
Everybody is constantly fighting something or someone. Fight is for the divided. Nobody is looking for a peaceful co-existent solution any more?
Huawei is not safe. China's Huawei uses software from Google Inc. (Is Google software safe?). 华为不安全,中国华为公司使用的是美国谷歌公司软件(谷歌公司软件安全吗??)。
M. l
M. l:
Heart felt loss.
The man stood .
Waves came .
Still he stood.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez:
Passing on from the WORLD at a time like this
I thought he was already dead. I had him confused with someone else.
Jai Norman
Jai Norman:
Rest in peace 🙏🏿
Carol Poellnitz
Carol Poellnitz:
Thank you Mr. Lewis for all that you have done, and endured for our well being today. A job well done.💪 You rest now with Mr. King. Blessings and condolences to your family. God bless. 🙏💪👊❤
Michelle Landreth
Michelle Landreth:
An inspirational, value driven life that showed the world that one person's voice can move mountains. Today we honor and celebrate your exemplary life. Love from Tennessee.
Ryan-Marc Weise
Ryan-Marc Weise:
Wow guess nobody heard of don't speak Ill of the dead
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber:
Lol = my reaction