Real Madrid BEAUTIFUL Football under Ancelotti

Real Madrid BEAUTIFUL Football under Ancelotti
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The Ace07
The Ace07:
Who's here after Ancelotti is back to Madrid? Welcome back, Don Carlo!
Who’s here after Ancelotti’s official comeback?!❤️
Damn, I never realized that CR7 has so many assist and create chance in the past. What a beast
Robert Ruiz
Robert Ruiz:
Cr7 from 2013-14 was untouchable and was almost 100% effective
Alonso14 RM
Alonso14 RM:
Ronaldo, di Maria and Marcelo all playing on the left side was a cheat code in 13-14
Divock Origi
Divock Origi:
Zidane was successful but we all missed this football. Its been years since we had a terrifying attacking tactics and players. I hope Ancelotti can build a team again. It is a great day for us Madridistas, he's back! 🧡
Alex El Guate
Alex El Guate:
If we don't get key players, this will be just a nice memory
Trung Nguyễn Hữu
Trung Nguyễn Hữu:
I hope that Odegaard under Ancelotti will be as good as James
Leo Becerra
Leo Becerra:
Ese Madrid daba miedo, con ese tridente comandado por CR7, preocupaba al rival desde el calentamiento, hoy solo esperamos a ver si casemiro mete gol o ramos se sube de delantero. :(
A G:
CR7, Benzema, Bale and Di Maria created magic.
Rahul sreekumar
Rahul sreekumar:
Anyone here to relive those days as Ancelotti to Madrid rumours heat up ?!!🔥
Henry Henriquez
Henry Henriquez:
Joder qué gran Madrid era este. Intensidad, velocidad, pases al espacio, un juego frontal y con mucho desborde, siempre se pensaba en atacar y marcar. Quiero que regrese este Madrid y que acabe la pesadilla de Zidane en su segunda etapa.
Ahora que volvió al Madrid me recomendó jajajs
Alois Guido Jungbluth Locatelli 4to año A2 CMLP
Alois Guido Jungbluth Locatelli 4to año A2 CMLP:
El Rey Jiren
El Rey Jiren:
Cristiano Ronaldo was the boss in Real Madrid Counter Attacks
Lorenzo Bianchi
Lorenzo Bianchi:
Who's here after hearing Ancelotti is going back to real?
Nihanth yadav
Nihanth yadav:
6:10 this is what ronaldo misses at Juve
The selflessness of Benz
Imagine see one more time Cristiano, James, Bale, Benzema and Marcelo😍😍
Kevin Le
Kevin Le:
Lets goooo Don Carlo back at Real😍
Sagnik Ghosh
Sagnik Ghosh:
5:45 this is what I call picture perfect. Every touch was calculated and necessary
Tony brookfield
Tony brookfield:
When you've got players like that its easy to play football like that nothing to do with Ancelotti
Gabex Videos
Gabex Videos:
Amazing James. Im talking about his level not his nationality like others
juan_grecycachinbero fernandez
juan_grecycachinbero fernandez:
El juego tactico i ofensivo de ancelotti es espectacular que vuelva ese futbol al madrid lo necesitamos todos hala madrid
Rohit Vishwakarma
Rohit Vishwakarma:
notice how james flourished so much in ancelloti's era
Haiducu '
Haiducu ':
we knew how to exploit the spaces between lines under Ancelotti, something we lack under Zizou.
Isco best time 🤩 building all the plays, I hope he play again MAGISCO 🎩
Un técnico que no deber haberse hido ❤️ y regresó de nuevo ❤️
Taieb Badar
Taieb Badar:
1:45 Commentator talking about zidane as future real madrid coach. We all know how that turned out😍
Raoul Awe
Raoul Awe:
Wonderful moments. Our attacking was from another planet. Wow.
Style R
Style R:
Que buenisima plantilla todos eran buenisimos al mando el mejor de todos los tiempos cr7
Mafeng Joseph
Mafeng Joseph:
I fell in love with Di Maria, damn the squad was amazing
Álvaro Chávez
Álvaro Chávez:
¡Bienvenido Míster!
Grande Carletto!!! ❤️⚽🔥✨
Di Maria deserves more credit for his days at real. BEAST 🔥
Ronaldo involved in almost all play.
Complete Attacker!
Darshil Panchal
Darshil Panchal:
It's time for counter attack 🔥
Klejdi 17
Klejdi 17:
He is back at Real Madrid😍🔥
Phsycho 7777
Phsycho 7777:
Welcome back the best manager I’ve seen in madrid
Fellgrey HD
Fellgrey HD:
Art of COUNTER ATTACK ! welcome back Ancelotti
welcome back Don Carlo!! Super Squad!
Riqui Puig
Riqui Puig:
Come back today 💥🤞
Filip Petkovic
Filip Petkovic:
So simple and so beautiful! This team made us believe it's easy, like anyone of us could do those things
Football 220
Football 220:
Welcome back Don Carlos
Renato Fritz
Renato Fritz:
Welcome back Ancelotti ⚪
Pranav Kalidindi
Pranav Kalidindi:
Welcome Back Carlo🔥
Ahmed Rafe
Ahmed Rafe:
He returns Real Madrid today!❤️
Yadhu krishna
Yadhu krishna:
He is back 🔥
Timothy Myers
Timothy Myers:
James was used perfectly for us those days ❤️
Difa Fyantio
Difa Fyantio:
Welcome back Don Carlo!!
prakhar sachdeo
prakhar sachdeo:
The Madrid team under Ancelotti and its style of play was one of my favorites
Tonmoy Jyoti Borah
Tonmoy Jyoti Borah:
He is back again. This time it will be different without CR
I am here after I read Ancelotti is coming back to Real. Well, I won't lie, I am very excited.
Ricardo Reina
Ricardo Reina:
2015 madrid was fire even if they didn’t win anything they were really good, just unlucky
The George
The George:
Indeed, that was so beautiful football, I'm really excited to see what Ancelotti will do this season. Not to mention what players could bring, I would love to see Irving Lozano with Benzema and Mbappe.
MoaMal AK
MoaMal AK:
Welcome Back
(10th UCL)s MAN 🔥🔥🔥🔥
george davila
george davila:
The 13/14 Real Madrid team is one of my favorite teams of all time
Nico 12
Nico 12:
James was at an incredible level
Diego Leiva
Diego Leiva:
The BBC James and Isco on his prime 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Can't wait for your comeback Mister ❤️❤️❤️
Ayush Varma
Ayush Varma:
All I see is, Prime Isco, Bale, and James.
Gerardo Pereyra
Gerardo Pereyra:
When your team has such players like Real Madrid's squad, it's the least they must do.
Victor Manuel Segura
Victor Manuel Segura:
Carlo tenía muchos jugadores en que estaban en sus mejores años, el tema del Madrid no es un técnico, es renovarse
Some Stranger
Some Stranger:
Welcome back Don Carlo! We are excited!
mishal sherbaz
mishal sherbaz:
Benzzzeeemmmmaaaaa WHAT A PLAYAAHH🔝🔝🔥💯
Pritesh Poojari
Pritesh Poojari:
Just taking a moment to appreciate that back heel assist from Casemiro 🔥🔥
axel felix
axel felix:
Tsar Nicholas II
Tsar Nicholas II:
Real Madrid under Ancelotti played the most beautiful football ever
Foundation laid by MOURINHO
Anirban Talukdar
Anirban Talukdar:
It's 2021 roumers are hitting up...hope to see Carlo once again in Madrid
Bouguerba Maamar
Bouguerba Maamar:
Ancelotti's second season with Madrid was pure magic, not winning a title that year was just sad
- Heisenberg -
- Heisenberg -:
And his back to his home 👌, form a barca fan i wish for both Madrid and barca to return to there era 😢 ⚪🔴🔵
Archillies Mteketa
Archillies Mteketa:
Karim benzema was involved into every attacking move! The guy is awesome! BBC at their best! Bale is lost , cr7 is gone... Karim is there ! Life goes on! That was superior attacking forces
Shabbir Master
Shabbir Master:
3:36 literally gives me chills
Felicidades eres un profeta Xd
AK 47
AK 47:
Watching this again after the comunicado oficial 😎😎😎
Who's after Carlo's return rumors ❤️
Wyllyam Washington
Wyllyam Washington:
For me this was the best Real Madrid, among the 4 UCL titles.
Mohamed Bob
Mohamed Bob:
Back when zidane was the assistant manager
Samuel Tonade
Samuel Tonade:
That Kroos goal will always be a thing of beauty.
Steven Vargas
Steven Vargas:
Welcome Back 🔥
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed:
9:12 that pass from bale🙌🏻🔥
Santiago Sanabria
Santiago Sanabria:
8:48 🤣🤣
Gabitsu -ftw
Gabitsu -ftw:
3:08 absolutely world class counter attack
The intricate plethora of backheal passing and flicks.. Such a joy it is to watch that Madrid under ancelotti
Jose Manuel Muñoz Triguero
Jose Manuel Muñoz Triguero:
Di María and Bale that season🔥
Anekwe Cross Kenneth
Anekwe Cross Kenneth:
When isco still knew what he was doing on a football pitch. His dip in form has been amazing
Paolo Quinteros
Paolo Quinteros:
Que paso con mi Madrid 😞, que equipazo teníamos, La BBC, James, Isco, Di María en su mejor momento
Oskar Jarzyna
Oskar Jarzyna:
Njabulo Ndlovu
Njabulo Ndlovu:
The key to Ancelotti team was Luka Modric, that’s the time where I really saw a world class player in him, probably the same for other Madrid fans, before Carlo, Modric was just another Madrid player but since then he has become a legend of the club
SS Mishra
SS Mishra:
Don Carlo welcome back! 🔥
syed abdul mateen
syed abdul mateen:
He is back now 👊
I love it, passing even when in front of goal to maximize the chance of scoring
Also, at least one other player making forward runs to create an option for the attack, that has been missing with benzema, vinicius and asensio
Nizam Rizvi
Nizam Rizvi:
That was the Beginning of the Iconic BBC Era 💯🔥🔥
cool bidush Bhujel
cool bidush Bhujel:
1:44 when he says zidane is much like to be future realmadrid coach
We all know what happened after he became coach
Arpan Jana
Arpan Jana:
13/14 madrid was most terrifying side of ucl and 10/11 barca was most beautiful
Nino 7
Nino 7:
2013/2014 was so good .Attacking at the best
joe, como me da nostalgia to esto
Barça Is In 4th Division
Barça Is In 4th Division:
The Di Maria days... the days we discovered BBC... The fresh real madrid days... the good old days... 😪🤧
My Fav Manager after Fergie Carlo's a genius look how he transformed Everton . Real will always owe him for La Decima
Nadzir Jamal
Nadzir Jamal:
And now he’s at Everton. How the mighty have fallen
Lol watching this videos. And remembering how Diego simeone said Real Madrid doesn’t have any playing style. It just makes me laugh at his face