Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-3 ● All Goals and Full Highlights ● English Commentary ● 23-04-2017 HD

Real Madrid vs Barcelona All Goals and Full Highlights | 23-04-2017 HD


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Tawhid Mahmud
Tawhid Mahmud:
Who is the King of Football
1.Lionel Messi Like
2.C..Ronaldo comment
Messi The G.O.A.T 💖💖💖
Danilo Podrascanin
Danilo Podrascanin:
"Little man"?, he's the biggest guy there. What a goal. The GOAT.
Anuj Aryal
Anuj Aryal:
how you hurt Messi: 4:28
How Messi hurts you: 17:20
Richard L. Ndalu
Richard L. Ndalu:
i feel like Sergi Roberto isn't getting any credits for that run before Messi's goal
Messi taking his shirt off & showing his name in front of Madrid fans the ultimate Boss moment!
Agastya Singh
Agastya Singh:
When Ronaldo scores, we say WOW!

When Messi scores, we say, HOW?
Mahamed Aden
Mahamed Aden:
When he retires EA should give him a 100 rated icon card
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz:
No cap, Navas and Ter Stegen were playing like gods
spongy juniper
spongy juniper:
Anyone after rakitic left barca?such an underrated legend!
Harshdeep Bains
Harshdeep Bains:
We are going to miss,
Ramos' red cards,
Messi's dribbles,
Ronaldo's cards,
Barcelona making last minute comebacks,
Real Madrid trying to injure Messi,
Rakitic's Rockets,
World Class saves by Navas and Ter Stegen,
Benzema's headers,
Bale's pace,
Pepe fighting with literally anyone,
Iniesta's magic,
Di Maria and Marcelo's crosses,
Pique's goal line clearances,
And most importantly,
Referees taking no time to make decisions.
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman:
How many r watching this in quarantine......I can seriously watch MESSI the whole day.....he's the GOAT
Fun Unlimited
Fun Unlimited:
Scoring a Winning Goal in Dying Moments with Red Eyes, Black Teeth and pointing the shirt named Messigician to the Bernabeu gives Chills...
Ojas Sharma
Ojas Sharma:
Lionel Messi is a gift in football
Do you agree? If yes .. LIKE..
Mitesh Barve
Mitesh Barve:
It isn't an El Clasico if Messi hasn't scored, and Sergio Ramos gets sent off lol
Creed Bratton •
Creed Bratton •:
Anyone who has played a full 90mins on the large pitch knows how difficult the Roberto run was!
Aryan Bhosale
Aryan Bhosale:
Barca was magical in that period of time.
Bring us the old barca 😭😭
gamer z
gamer z:
Ronaldo : I am the best player in the world
Messi :are you serious
Cristiano Arrogantaldo
Cristiano Arrogantaldo:
Probably the best clasico I ever watched, even tho I am a Ronaldo fan but Messi has been outstanding during that game.
Focus Lane
Focus Lane:
“Cristiano Ronaldo is so fast, so strong, so incredible, but he has one problem; Leo Messi."
- Jürgen Klopp -
All In One
All In One:
That's why Real Madrid fans Hates Lionel Messi so much..
*Cause of the greatest comeback against PSG
*Cause of the greatest Clasico

#SergioRoberto always on time!
Vishnu R
Vishnu R:
Messi : Dear Real Madrid , hear my name again..Iam Messi 10..
Greatest moment of laliga history💓💓
Elton Babayev
Elton Babayev:
Me and my brother were watching this match. After third goal he went to sleep. He is Real fan and I am Barcelona fan
“The best there is, he’s the best there’s ever has been, possibly the best there ever will be.” Never gets old...the goat
Shamsad Tp
Shamsad Tp:
Casemiro is always fouling Messi
Yesterday (24-10-2020) also he repeated it ........

Messi the G. O. A. T ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪
Georgino Van Bergh
Georgino Van Bergh:
Rafa Porfirio
Rafa Porfirio:
Sérgio Ramos é maldoso demais, aquilo foi tentativa de homicídio
yash dubey
yash dubey:
nobody talking about rakitic one goal one assist?
bang that guy even out of form will perform aagnist Sevilla and real
Mirza kashir
Mirza kashir:
BARCA : scores

Cameraman : where is ronaldo
AHD Salman
AHD Salman:
The fights that happened next day in school lol
The Goat will always Win💪🏆
Leo Messi....
Rosie `
Rosie `:
I'm regularly watching this and remind myself who's the King.
Hiếu Phạm Trung
Hiếu Phạm Trung:
0:25 legendary moment !!
Ralph Muskinyaar
Ralph Muskinyaar:
“James Rodriguez writes his name in the history books” Messi deletes him from there lol.
Samran Zafar
Samran Zafar:
“Black eyes, missing teeth and the shirt that will go in the club museum forever”
Still goosebumps
Aviral Nimesh
Aviral Nimesh:
Whenever I feel depressed, I come back and watch this game.
Messi Take His Shirt And Tell All That REAL BOSS IS here...
Mera Sameer
Mera Sameer:
Messi is the Best and Greatest Of All Time👑🐐❤
Vimal Patel
Vimal Patel:
2:13 thank me later
Skillz Supreme
Skillz Supreme:
Me: did he say "if only barca could defend"
Derice Robert
Derice Robert:
Will never stop watching this last goal from the incredible Messi
Keywahang Rai
Keywahang Rai:
The GOAT Lionel Messi💖💖❤❤❣❣
Perfect El Clasico
- Messi scored
- Ramos sent off
Steeve Mwelwa
Steeve Mwelwa:
I still come back here when I need some of that raw pure happiness feeling 😌
Berwyn Wantah
Berwyn Wantah:
Imagine how expensive his jersey would be if it was auctioned... Messi's blood, the most memorable goal and is his 500th goal.. Incredible by messi and barcelona
Adhithyan S
Adhithyan S:
Any one watching this match after each hours. Ohh it's only me
Just Started
Just Started:
Everytime i came across this video i want to watch one more time. Love Messi
Regan Li
Regan Li:
When he retires EA should give him a 100 rated icon card
Yash Star
Yash Star:
I can see When messi gets angry is over for the opponent
José García Consuegra
José García Consuegra:
How many r watching this in quarantine......I can seriously watch MESSI the whole day.....he's the GOAT
Aakash Rawat
Aakash Rawat:
Last final ko
Messi and make every real Madrid fan crying 😎🔥
Didit Deelon
Didit Deelon:
2020 like here
MrKm k
MrKm k:
True statement
By the start of this video I already knew that BARCELONA would win the game thanks to messi aka the goat
ViperSRT10 _
ViperSRT10 _:
10:33 sterling moment
Vít Pham
Vít Pham:
We should give more credit to Roberto's solo run!
Leo mteena
Leo mteena:
ME: dad I love Messi more than you
MY DAD: well I love Messi more than you too
Vivek Mehta
Vivek Mehta:
I will never ever forget this game my favourite Barcelona nailed it specially the last goal of Messi was epic legend and Madrid vs Barca loved it se the faces of Madrid players lol 😂
Sour Customs
Sour Customs:
sergio rebarto : Bugatti

Marcelo : 70 cc bike
Johnnie Katshunga
Johnnie Katshunga:
Gomez, Jordi Alba, Lionel Messiiiii. Lionel Messi does in super human, and then the chapter and the incredible story of this little man
Azaan Khan
Azaan Khan:
Who else have watched this over a 50 times?

Edit: Thanks for the likes everyone😊
Madrid fan here...almost after three years, recovered enough to watch these highlights...and now i am not ok again.
Helen Smiths
Helen Smiths:
"Little man"?, he's the biggest guy there. What a goal. The GOAT.
Sirajum Munir Farhan
Sirajum Munir Farhan:
An Exact example of how to change the outcome of a game within 13 seconds before the end of it.... OMG!!! 😱😱... Just Incredible..
Non-stop curved shot by weak foot
Still it's shot on target. Amazing lol
Messi best freekick taker
Ronaldo best penalty taker
Ramos best red card taker
Emre Karataş
Emre Karataş:
6:32 Arkadaki Azerbaycan bayrağını bir ben mi gördüm? :)
(There is Azerbaijan flag in the tribune.)
Back when el clasico used to mean something...
Leeber Gruber
Leeber Gruber:
condolences for the people who had to go through 3 or even more series of adds while watching this !
2k subs before October?
2k subs before October?:
When I get kids imma make sure they know messi for sure💯
Marcos Rodas
Marcos Rodas:
Somebody see this because can’t go out for COVID-19 restriccions?
Sebastiano Elysee
Sebastiano Elysee:
16:53 that one teacher in a jeopardy challenge who is still waiting for his best student to perform😂😂
Hatem Alhrbi
Hatem Alhrbi:
Ramos when against team has the ball : imma about to end this man's legs
After the first goal. Messi: hold my bandage.
Rasheed Al-Nimr Al-Siberi Al-Latif
Rasheed Al-Nimr Al-Siberi Al-Latif:
I can never get tired watching this game, one of the best classico meetings in a long time.
Mahdi Rahman Inan
Mahdi Rahman Inan:
The commentary is GREAT 👏🔥💯👍
Sunil Raut
Sunil Raut:
This is the video that make me feel proud
Proud to be a cule
I have watched it more than 50times and always got goosebumps
Before the last few minutes of my death I would like to watch this match again
Guneet Singh
Guneet Singh:
Say “little man” one more time see what happens 🙄
Bsol Rai
Bsol Rai:
Well I feel so satisfied after seeing these 😂😂❤️❤️thank you
Gaming Ranger
Gaming Ranger:
77th Minute:
Sergio Ramos: "I'm gonna destroy this man's career."
92nd Minute:
Leo Messi: " Son! I'm still on the pitch where are you?"
Nurdin Jamaludin Abass
Nurdin Jamaludin Abass:
18:20 me that’s Bret the hitman Hart 💀😂
Skeleton Warrior - Viaan Thanki
Skeleton Warrior - Viaan Thanki:
*Messi is amazing, so he's the G.O.A.T*
Kanishk bharti
Kanishk bharti:
When elclassico used to be 🔥
Club Shay Shay
Club Shay Shay:
It was an iconic moment when he took his Jersey off
Zarkk T
Zarkk T:
18:17 Reality of football . The best ever Leo
But how much I wish this game was at Camp Nou
Fact:you're not watching this for the first time😂😂😂
If u still come back to watch this every time like me ur the goat!
Ian Pablo Martinez Alanis
Ian Pablo Martinez Alanis:
James: I just scored, but why do I hear Boss music?
Messi: *starts taking the game seriously*
Sams Reduan
Sams Reduan:
Leonel messi
The greatest 😍
Hien Phan
Hien Phan:
I still remember that day when Messi scored that goal. Past :((((
Abdul Wasi
Abdul Wasi:
The legend is back!
its me avam m
its me avam m:
One of the best football game,that game had everything , goalkeeping masterclasses
Messi destroyed Casemiro, Carvajal, Modric, kroos, Marcelo, Ramos and indirectly Ronaldo. He’s on a whole other level.
Waffle Does Stuff
Waffle Does Stuff:
So no one's going to talk about Sergio Roberto run, that was legendary
Messias Lopez
Messias Lopez:
18:19 tony kroos
One of the greatest match I had seen ♥️✌️
Taylor Heatley
Taylor Heatley:
I just come back to this video every so often just to witness magic