Real Story of Kurt Cobain's Death

On April 8th, 1994, Nirvana’s front-man Kurt Cobain was found dead in his house in Seattle. Three days earlier, a 27-year old Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a rifle. While Kurt Cobain's death note provides some information about the reasons why Kurt Cobain committed suicide, for all Nirvana fans and music enthusiasts, the question remains - how did Kurt Cobain die? In this episode, we're going to show the Kurt Cobain death video (animated visualization) and explain the reasons why Kurt Cobain killed himself, as well as answer the questions such as when did Kurt Kobain die? Why did Kurt commit suicide? Who killed Kurt Cobain on April 5th, 1994?

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---Contents of this Video---
00:00​ - About Kurt Cobain
00:35​ - Kurt Cobain's Childhood
00:47 - The Divorce of Kurt Cobain's Parents
00:56​ - Kurt Cobain's Becoming a Quite and Indifferent Child
01:15​ - Kurt Cobain Believes His Parents Betrayed Him
01:25​ - Kurt Cobain's Adolescence and Drug Problems
01:38​ - Kurt Cobain's Uncles Commit Suicide
01:51​ - Kurt Cobain's Thinking About Suicide
02:05​ - The Story of Nirvana
02:26​ - Nirvana Becomes the Hottest Band on Earth
02:44 - Kurt Cobain's Drug Problems Are Becoming Worse
02:53 - Kurt Cobain Marries Courtney Love
03:08 - Birth of Frances Bean Cobain
03:36 - Nirvana Is Becoming a Dysfunctional Band
04:10 - Kurt Cobain's Relationship with Courtney Love Is Falling Apart
04:43 - Kurt Runs Away from the Rehab Center
05:00 - Kurt Cobain's Death Story
05:38 - Kurt Commits Suicide
05:51 - Conspiracy Theories around Kurt Cobain's Death

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I love how informative/insightful, high quality, and respectful these videos are. Thank you for making videos like this. I hope Youtubes algorithm puts you into peoples feeds because this channel deserves millions of views and subscribers.
Rinor 777 Peep
Rinor 777 Peep:
Kurt it's a person you don't want to be but a person you can learn from.
Happy Dude
Happy Dude:
Kurt wasn’t a saint, heck no one really is a saint, he was just someone who couldn’t find himself out of the dark. He will always be an idol and remembered by the music he made. I hope he has finally rested wherever he is now. All anyone can say is thank you for making music that people can escape to and that we miss you Kurt.
We'll just skip over the fact she was hiring a divorce attorney and her own lawyer found a sheet of paper that Courtney used for hand writing practice with letters that matched the suicide note. Yep.. Let's not go there
Nearly everyone in Kurt & Courtney's circle knew that Kurt was very unhappy with their marriage and intended to divorce her. If he did that, she stood to inherit half of his possessions at best - with him dead, she got everything, including the rights to his music and name which kept her very well taken care of for decades. Kurt Cobain has recently become the highest grossing dead musician in history.
Goose Yorston
Goose Yorston:
Nirvana and kurt gave me something I felt like I could relate to in the times I felt utterly alone, I’ve always been a very sensitive person and grunge has helped me through the darkest of the dark times In my life, love for all those feeling alone.
James Bo Jones
James Bo Jones:
You've skipped over quite a few very important facts. I gather that must've been your intention. Kurt wasn't suicidal(Ask his REAL friends). There wasn't even a mention of him being so, until after he was already gone, and could no longer defend himself. Courtney spread it all over the press after he died. This is the same woman that he was ready to divorce, leaving her with no claim to his enormous wealth. Maybe do a little more research into this topic before you try to make some "definitive"; "That's how it is" video. I don't believe that he died by his own hand. I, as many others, loved the man, his art, his songs, his band and his music. Look into it. You might change your stance on your theory. What I do know for sure, is that It's just an overall horribly terrible situation . I just want the facts. I also want people held accountable for their actions. That is all. Have a good one, and be safe.
Don da mon
Don da mon:
Kurt was full of so much rage and anger that he never learnt how to get out. I believe his anger and rage caused his stomach problems as well, it’s obvious that if your walking around internalising all emotions and pushing that anger down it’s gonna make you sick .Playing live helped him to a point but can only do so much. Heroin helps you forget it and dulls it but brings other problems. Courtney would of made his anger worse and his jealousy was part of pulling the trigger. He needed to get out of the music business for a couple of years, spilt from Courtney , get some kind of help, do something? Like Dylan when he had that motorcycle crash he went and sorted himself out, Bowie Berlin to a extent,Lennon the house husband. But his life was so chaotic it seems like he never even had time to think and imagine Courtney around making everything so much worse, then having a baby which was not exactly good timing, I don’t feel like Krist or Dave behaved good either basically judging him badly even getting upset bout Kurt wanting more songwriting royalties which is ridiculous as Nirvana was completely all Kurts baby down to the videos and artwork and you can see the guilt in them to this day. It’s barbaric how people treat people with addiction issues like there bad people 😂. It’s all so sad really coz he was a musical genius and new his rock n roll like Gandhi knows bare feet. He also seemed a good person and very very human and wanted things to be better . RIP Kurt ✌️
We don't know what Demons Kurt was dealing with because depression is hard to overcome.
I'm glad you brought up one of the main conspiracies but I just don't like how you don't mention any of the other parts about his death. Kurt's "Suicide attempts" had only called that after he died because Courtney wanted to make it seem like he was this suicidal junkie who hated life and wanted to die, Courtney had a practice sheet in her backpack that matched the note the police found with Kurt, nothing in that room had any finger prints etc. there's so much more evidence that overpowers the possibility of suicide, but other than that this was a good video I enjoyed the animation and the other parts of the story. :)
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez:
Nirvana will always be a legendary rock band.
Kim Yang
Kim Yang:
Many people need a vocal coach to sing certain techniques without hurting their vocal and throat. Kurt knows all the skills and techniques without a coach nor had he any formal musical training. Pure talent. Pity, he left us so early. :(
Sad story he was a legend
Rozwell Jones
Rozwell Jones:
He will always be a legend, but it's a damn shame he felt so alone and sad.
Roland Katsuragi
Roland Katsuragi:
Sometimes rehab just doesn't work for people, but that doesn't mean they should give up on seeking help.
Oriel Collins
Oriel Collins:
You didn’t mention he bought three tickets. You can see them all in a row on his credit card statement in the police report files. Only one was used to flyback to Seattle.
What were the other two tickets for? CL knew about them and obsessed about where was he going, and who with? Kristen Pfaff?
Another person trying to get away from CL who dies shortly afterward with her packed moving truck ready to leave in the morning. Until a visit from Eric Erlandson and a gift from CL.
You forgot to mention he was divorcing her. Pretty common knowledge. No one would admit if the documents were filed or if the will they were always arguing about was changed.
Until you read the Silva vs Love court docs. Wendy and Brienne went to speak to CL at the Lake house because they had some questions about Rome and his death. They got there to find her burning Kurt’s divorce papers in the fireplace and said “it doesn’t matter now. Everything is mine.” When Wendy Kurt’s mom asked what she meant, CL told her to “shut up or Brienne was next.”
It also talks about the same patterns she’s always done. Uses someone else to kidnap Silva. His friends get texts from his cell phone saying he’s suicidal and can’t go on. Also how she’s not above getting her own daughter Frances addicted to drugs to better control her and mostly access to the estate she no longer has access to herself. There’s a whole text cheat sheet in it what symbols for what drugs. Oh you want that Xanax? I can get it for you, have you had a chance to talk to the lawyers about signing for the $$ CL wants from the estate yet? Lmk and I’ll see what I can do.
Francis was so sprung she OD’d in front of Silva and had a seizure. He had no idea she was on all those pills, and to make it up to him, she went and got Kurt’s Gibson and gave it to him.
Wendy probably also had questions as to why CL pretended to be her when she called the Associated Press “KC is missing. He fled rehab and bought a shotgun. He’s suicidal.”

CL says she has “no idea” where Kurt is when he flew openly first class into SeaTac and signed autographs. When he got home he popped his head into Cali DeWitts room to say hi to him and Jessica Hopper (all on record btw). Dewitt told him to call CL, he did but she had all incoming calls blocked to her room.
But beginning from the day Kurt landed phone records show more than 20 phone calls back and forth from DeWitts private line and the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel to talk to her. He was hanging out in Seattle people saw, talked to and hung out with him= not missing, not even hiding.
Ps: Cali and DeWitt were CLs friends since they were teenagers and CL in her 20s. Hopper got a career as a music journalist and DeWitt is hired at Geffen with a $55k a year job doing what idk he had no experience.
So yes. She knew where he was, but she was so worried she tell anyone, and didn’t go to Seattle. Odd.
Instead did she hired a PI and continued to pretend she had no idea. Please find her “missing husband” and keeps up the press about suicide and something bad is going to happen.
If you still can’t believe that think about Rosemary Carrol.
What does Rosemary Carrol have to gain by telling Grant she agreed with him, that she heard CL tell Dylan to “make sure you check the greenhouse”? Why did Rosemary tell Grant she found CL backpack and give it to him when she found CL handwritten “to do” list with “get arrested” on it. Plus that practice handwriting sheet practicing Kurt’s writing over and over: as seen on the bottom of the “suicide note.” Not a very good job. Anyone can see the last 4 lines don’t look the same as the rest of the note, the only lines suggesting it’s a suicide note at all.

What does Rosemary Carroll have to gain? Nothing. She had everything to lose. She risked her entire career, any future relationship with Goldberg, opened herself to being sued to nothing, and being disbarred from ever working again. Weird she would do that. That’s an enormous violation of attorney client privilege. It must have been something worth risking an entire career and life for.
That’s why she hung up real quick when she found Grant was recording, and ran from every attempt to be interviewed afterward. She would have lost everything if CL sued her for breach of attorney client privilege.

But the notoriously litigious CL didn’t sue. Didn’t forget it though. During a fight with the Nirvana over the release of the box set CL brings up Rosemary says “she knows what she did, but I forgive her though.”

The release of the box set was highly favorable to Krist and Dave as long as they signed those non-disclosure agreements. Krist completely changes his tune and both of them only speak official verdict if at all moving forward.

But let’s get back to her telling Dylan and Grant makes sure you “check the greenhouse.” The next day she thought Grant and Dylan were going to search Lake, she did exactly what she wrote in her little note “to do” list and has herself arrested by calling the police on herself saying she was overdosing. They haul her into jail, but only a day.
Because they didn’t check the greenhouse. Dylan said why would he. They never even go in there.
So CL springs herself out of jail and tells the press it was just Hindu Good Luck ashes. Not according to the police report which says otherwise.
As soon as she’s out she calls Vecca electric and orders security lights installed specifically where else, the greenhouse. That’s twice she’s sent people exactly where his body was found.
Even the electricians first comments was the body looked arranged, couldn’t really see any blood, even his hair looked combed.

Remember kids, no internet, no cell phones, digital cameras or social media. We were only able to obtain information from TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. If there were, Kurt could have spoken for himself. We would have heard from him instead of the media that printed whatever CL said. Well known she had and used many contacts with the AP. While Kurt wanted nothing to do with them.

When the media shows up before the police because the dumbass electrician called the radio station before SPD, and coroner Hartshorne, a friend of CL from the LA music scene in college, walks right back out and announces a cut and dry suicide verdict to the waiting media without an investigation or even an autopsy, something is fuct up rotten in Seattle.
Trial by media, NO investigation.

Dude, can’t even get the drink right, and any use of Cross’s book is material that CL paid for and had full control over everything in it.
3 days later?! No one could find Kurt Freaking Cobain in HIS OWN house for 3 days? thats sounds very sus
Really great video man. I’m a huge Kurt fan and it’s always hard to find a YouTuber that doesn’t take a few things out of context and turns it into a conspiracy theory.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez:
Its crazy how fame didnt change him, even if he once was the biggest rockstar at some point, such an icon and an idol 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Cris M
Cris M:
RIP to one of the most vulnerable, genius, one of a kind artists that’s ever lived. I consider myself Lucky and honored to have walked the earth at the same time as Kurt.
Hopefully hes free of all of his problems on the other side.
We miss you, Kurt
N B:
I always felt in my heart after doing years of my own research and reading every type of book and article on both sides, that Kurt Cobain was murdered. I know Courtney has people/her fans that go into comments like mine and try to debate and criticize my person feelings but I'm not here for any of that nonsense. It's my personal opinion, you can feel how you feel and it doesn't matter to me. The point is, the investigation was thoroughly done and they went into with the notion that it was suicide from the start. Instead of looking into absolutely everything including majority of the "facts" that don't add up. Kurt Cobain is no longer here and I do believe it's because of Courtney Love. The sad thing is she still profits off of him and nobody stands up to her including the media because she has leverage of her stake of Nirvana's cataloge.

Kurt was going to leave her and Nirvana not kill himself. Hopefully someday Courtney can come to justice
Jin Mike Ride Your BIKES
Jin Mike Ride Your BIKES:
A sad day that was. RIP Kurt
Aaron Meyer
Aaron Meyer:
Yes Curt was depressed at times. But look at the whole picture. Cobain was shot up with so much heroin he would of been immobilized unable to use a gun on him self. A guy who claimed he was offered money to kill Kurt ended up dead. The suicide note writing was tampered with. A possible divorce and band break up were both on the rocks. Suicide versus murder could of went either way. I wouldn’t rule out a possible murder and it needs to be looked into.
Mark G
Mark G:
He was a great talent and his music will live forever...!!
Kiling Kiling - Tiny Bell
Kiling Kiling - Tiny Bell:
No matter how healthy, we're going to die eventually. The world will still go on even without any or all of us. It's his life, his decision. His death gabe us a lifetime of Kurt Cobbain to talk about.
Samael Azazel
Samael Azazel:
I was a teenage Nirvana fan when Nevermind dropped and it changed everything.
I've read every biography, seen every movie, and have tried to figure out what happened.
Courtney is a Dark Triad Psychopath.
I'm also curious about her connections to Epstein/Maxwell/Prince Andrew Child Sex Trafficking.
She's got A LOT of Underworld connections.
She had the classic motive for all of this (they signed a pre-nup)
She was not alone in whatever transpired.

My theory is Courtney played a psychological role into guilting, gaslighting and manipulating him and telling certain people things to get it all rolling along Sgt. Cameron and corrupt officials in SPD.
David Geffen plays a part in this for sure.
He's a psychopath and one could say the Kingpin of the Velvet Mafia in Hollywood.
Was also present when Lennon was killed and boasted about it boosting his new album sales when it didn't perform as well as he thought it should have. He could be behind some facet of John Lennon being murdered as well.
He would have the power to have anything or anyone for attaining his ends.
I think Geffen figured he'd be a total liability, better dead and making tons of money than alive.

Cali Dewitt was present during the whole episode, so perhaps he was with Kurt either in the main house or greenhouse, banging heroin with him. Could have roofied him the the Rohypnol that was still at the house and given instructions to just get him knocked out. They could've moved him to the greenhouse (or he may have been there already). Cali splits. Forget Allen Wrench. If he had any involvement he probably recommended someone else for the job. I doubt that whole side story.

BUT I also see how Kurt could've done it himself. He was backed into a corner with his funds cut off. Everyone looking for him. Plus he was known to have abused benzos along with heroin. He may have been going through benzo withdrawal which can make ANYONE psychotic and suicidal.

I recently found another plot hole in this whole narrative.
In Mark Lanegan's Sing Backwards and Weep( GREAT BOOK!! get the audio version with him narrating it...DARK stuff..excellent writing.) he claims to have been with Dylan and Tom Grant when the searched the house and had some sort of premonition outside of the greenhouse. I emailed Tom Grant about this and he categorically denies it happened. He says Lanegan was only present when they were scouting the shitty motels looking for him. Also some other curious things in Mark's memoir is the fact that the week Kurt died he had desperately been trying to get ahold of him to hang out...and also Mark ignored a phone call which was right before Kurt died. Yet earlier he says earlier there was an incident before Kurt going to rehab where he had called Mark super fucked out of his tree...he and Dylan rushed over there and saw Kurt face down appearing dead in a room. Claims they made a bunch of noise for 2 hours (?) until Kurt was able to crawl to the window and let them in...where they revived him and kept watch over him the rest of the night into the next day.

Just seems odd Lanegan would ignore Kurt if he was desperately trying to get ahold of him near the death date. Maybe Lanegan (who was one of his main dealers along with Dylan when home) got loaded with Kurt rather than his story of ignoring the call and Kurt Od'd...couldn't bring him back. Lanegan maybe flips and calls Courtney and they stage the suicide as to not implicate themselves in his death and Courtney gets what she wants. Mark was a very tortured person but I doubt him or Dylan would've been able to shoot him. Lanegan was apparently seeing Courtney quite a bit after Kurt's death. He claims he was a shoulder to cry on but soon got sick of it and avoided her and she ends up saving his ass in the end...(and also took care of Dylan's habits and bills after Kurt's death)... when he goes to rehab to get clean.

Courtney was not responsible for getting Kurt into heroin ...he was already chipping when he lived with Tracey.
Courtney and Kurt were in a fucked up co-dependent relationship so Kurt's use definitely went up.
She seemed to be able to handle her drugs better than him though...he was totally reckless and had what Freud would call a "Death Drive". He had OD'd many times. Often following a blowout with Courtney.
No Doubt she ridiculed him for not having a handle on it....and staging the intervention while she was still using. Painting him as the bad guy while being a complete hypocrite. I don't buy the Rome was a suicide attempt. No doubt they had a fight because she was fucking Billy Corgan on the side....probably Cali too...Eric from Hole was also an ex...she seemed to always keep satellite ex boyfriends around. She most likely roofied him and expected him to be dead when she finally called for help.

Tom Grant was only hired to make it look like she was actively trying to do something about the situation. She put in the call for the electrician to find the body, knowing he had been laying there for days dead. You can rule out the heroin levels in his blood. Black Tar is not pure heroin and Kurt had a monstrous tolerance. I've known many users like this and his tolerance would not have dropped in the few days he was at Exodus. Absolutely NO WAY. That can take weeks or even months to get back to a baseline for a heavy user.

Even told Dylan to look in the greenhouse (overheard by Rosemary Caroll who also found the practice sheets to forge Kurt's writing) which he totally avoided and neglected to tell Grant about this ( I think Dylan knew he was dead up there). The suicide note is definitely seems like an older journal entry. I'm split on it being a forgery though because it had Kurt's style and syntax. If he did kill himself perhaps he looked for that particular note, figured it was good enough. Got loaded and wrote the bottom part in. That still doesn't sit right with me though nor does the phony sounding note left by Cali and all the machinations she was up to in those final days. The fake arrest and OD...etc.. So many holes in her story it's shredded worse than Swiss cheese.

I should let you all know that Tom Grant is a grifter and is milking this to his deathbed. I had a few back and forth emails with him about Mark's account which doesn't line up with his. He just stated Mark made it up. Grant has NO INTEREST in solving the case. He's even starting some new web series which he linked me to. He's sitting on hours and hours and hours of tapes of which you only heard a tiny bit in Soaked in Bleach. I told him he should make everything 100% public instead of trying to squeeze people outta money like he's been doing since Kurt died.

Edit: I forgot about Kristen. I think she was whacked or given a hot shot. Courtney always suspected she and Kurt were fucking and she was quitting the band (also suspected the 2 plane tickets Kurt purchased before his death were intended for the both of them to split). So her plans were to move back home and leave it all behind. Eric was present either while she was shooting up or right after. Lanegan figures into this story as well.

Feel free to comment or correct me if I'm wrong or let me hear your theories.
SF Drone & Piano Guy
SF Drone & Piano Guy:
So much misinformation--- he uncles did NOT commit suicide. One shot himself on accident in a bar when his gun fell out of a holster, and another fell down stairs while drunk.
Thank you for everything, Kurt.
Tyler Malvido
Tyler Malvido:
i really resonate with kurt’s feeling of not wanting to leave anywhere without the assurance of drugs with him. it’s like wondering how you can even function long enough without losing your shit. feeling hopeless. sometimes i avoid going places all together due to that.
The last message Kurt left the world was :-
"If you are in a bad/abusive relationship, and are afraid of what your partner might do if you leave them? please, please, please try and seek some professional help, because what appears to be the easy way out at the time - is not always the best solution, for anyone"
He hated Fame, Disliked light-minded people, most people in fact. Wanted to be left alone, disliked notoriety. His music speaks volumes, on who and what he was about. Great musician, just had his Demons in mental health. Rest easy Kurt
matthew thompson
matthew thompson:
We all know what happened to Kurt

The Shift
The Shift:
Woke up thinking about Kurt at 2am. Being raised on nirvana... I feel a connection to him.
Jonah Capin cringe
Jonah Capin cringe:
i like how you just pu the negative sides of kurt when theres so much positive sides of him
Jaye R
Jaye R:
I just discovered this channel a few days ago, and I love it. But I have to disagree on this one. It was murder, not suicide.
Dawn M Hopkins
Dawn M Hopkins:
I was only 8 when Kurt passed away. As a little girl I adored him and Nirvana's music. I did like the boybands that my friends loved too but grunge and rock music was my favourite. I was seen as a bit of a weirdo but I didn't mind. I'm now a mother to a 13 year old who loves rock music & embraces being different. 💙 Always be yourself, don't make an effort to fit in, it's exhausting.
Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun:
This man's telling us how it really happened! He deserves millions of subs* come on guys! Go hit that damn Button!!!
Craig Elliott
Craig Elliott:
Very sad. We also lost painting legend Bob Ross in 1998. Two absolute legends of their craft. RIP to both.
S B:
I used to love Nirvana when I was 13 and having listened to Sappy 30 times today I can say that I still love them 32 years later
Yasamin Heydari
Yasamin Heydari:
kurt has helped me through the darkest time and did a 180 in my life,he is my biggest inspiration and I miss him everday even tho Ive never met him in person...I wish he knew what an influential person he was for someone like me,rest in peace my legend😪🖤I'll always admire u
Paula Harris Baca
Paula Harris Baca:
This is the classic story about how broken homes break young people, and that the rise of feminism was quite influential on this trend. I know of the 4 kids in my family, I was definitely the most damaged by the breakup, as I was the youngest. I was almost a test case because I was born immediately before my parents' marriage fell apart. In those days, I was literally the only kid in my classes who had divorced parents. My mom was ostracized. My mom was sure we were somehow being experimented upon (but she was of that frame of mind my whole childhood after they suddenly called up our dad for the Navy Reserves during the tensest part of the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, despite him having 4 children). To make a long story short, a broken home ruins children completely unless they have strong support. My mom returned to work, and I was taken care of by many people who I was afraid of. My point is that when kids who are creative come from broken homes, it sometimes inspires them (John Lennon, Cobain, etc) it also can devastate them emotionally. They are doing this in HUGE numbers now, the number of homeless druggies living on the streets, the downward spiral of the black communities because of what the Great Society did to's monstrous.
I know you put a lot of work in to this....and it shows 👍🏻 but one important factor that you left out was the intervention he got at his house from Courtney and her band and from friends whom which were all on HERION themselves at the time....this was when he agreed to go to rehab, but from what I read this did not go over well with him, it was probably a rude awakening and possibly pushed him over the edge....just my opinion matter what “ always R.I.P the great Kurt Cobain “.....he lives on in his beautiful music forever....🙏🏻
Thank you! I'm so tired of all the conspiracy theorists out there on the videos about Kurt Cobain. They don't want to hear these facts. They're so stubborn, as if people don't kill themselves... All the signs were there. One glaring thing missing from the video was the depressing lyrics on his last album with Nirvana. You could tell what was going through his mind.
I wish he could rest in peace instead of all these videos about his death.
R.I.P. Kurt!!❤️
your videos are so well made - u deserve so much more views and subs!
Lemon Checks
Lemon Checks:
you get A LOT of facts wrong in your "this is how it was" videos! one of the 2 who "committed suicide" wasn't an Uncle, but a Grandfather, a cop, who mistakingly dropped his pistol in a bar which misfired & killed him - he didn't kill himself!!
I love how no one can accept a heroin addict w/ depression would kill himself. People need narratives to rationalize a loss.
J K:
I think there were 3 main reasons why Cobain commited suicide

1) he relapses on heroin and didn't see a way out
2) his marriage to Courtney Love was failing
3) he lost interest in Nirvana and fame

There were a lot of other reasons as listed in this great video, but those are 3 main ones
Dehydrated Oddish
Dehydrated Oddish:
Rip a legend 💙
Scrub Master
Scrub Master:
I would be great if you could eventually do a video on Elliott Smith. His death is probably more obscure than Kurt’s, since the case is still technically open, but I would definitely want to see a video like that.
This is so sad 😭 I cannot even imagine what these artists 👨‍🎨 go through on a daily basis specially when they are so famous
Kevin Muzer
Kevin Muzer:
He had real bad stomach ulcers. The Heroin was the only drug that seemed to subdue that pain. Ultimately fame and the rest of his story was a recipe for disaster! Side note: he was very pro female. That's why Nirvana chose all female vocalists to sing his songs at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction. Peace/Kurt Cobain 1967-1994. Artist 😎
I love kurt cobain I'm sad he died 😭
Michael Corrido
Michael Corrido:
I really miss those days when rock, punk, grunge and metal was in mainstream:(
Love this channel. Your videos are literally all over my front page. Keep up the good work, earned a sub.
Jim Macdonald
Jim Macdonald:
He was the quintessential tragic rock star. Kurt will always be loved as the King of Generation X.
Kurt is a paradox, on the one hand he epitomizes a passionate angst but on the other a crippling nihilism
deadman jones
deadman jones:
Detectives even said the way his wrist contorted holding the shotgun was impossible naturally and the shell was on the other side of where the ejector was and the dose of heroin he did would make it impossible for him to even have the remote ability to pull the trigger himself. Let's not talk about courtney loves father finding Courtney's poems about marrying rich men then killing them for their money, or the musician who said courtney tried paying him to kill kurt then after saying all that to a news outlet was pushed in front of a train. Also another sus thing is the amount of heroin he did would've incapacitated him in seconds so he wouldn't have been able to put his syringe back in the box close it untie the tourniquet then roll his sleeve down then grab the shotgun to commit very sus let me mind you that an average dosage effectiveness through intravenous injection starts in 7 seconds that's a lot of shit to do in 7 seconds
Surya-The Sun
Surya-The Sun:
The misery, the talent, and the death all inseparable.
Miss Melissa
Miss Melissa:
He killed himself. The mixture of severe depression, anxiety, and drugs can make a person do things that they would normally NEVER do. Kurt felt the same agony and pain that I felt so many years ago. I understand the hurt the pain and those never ending thoughts of suicide 💔
Graeme Downunder
Graeme Downunder:
I think Suicide was probably always on the back of his mind for many years, and adding pressure drugs failed life with his wife he just couldn't handle the pressure and took control the only way he new how. You are not always weak because you suicide you just believe there is no escape ever and it's that simple. If you are ever feeling this way, just remember we all have bad times but things will get better. Number one rule never do drugs as they will fuck you in the end in most cases.
the errors, omissions, unsourced opinions and misinformation is tragic. HIs dignity is obliterated with videos such as this. The ignorance and down right lies are infuriating to those who know the facts, not to mention the truth. Really very unfortunate.
Can we get a ‘How it was’ for Layne Staley ? That’s another very sad story and he also died the same day as Kurt 8 years apart
To me, the conspiracy theories fall down when you learn that the weapon was purchased just days before but Kurt's friend. He was in the car and provided the cash to purchase it. It is hard to reconcile that fact with somebody else being the shooter.
Santiago Hernandez
Santiago Hernandez:
Forgive me to tell this so straight away, but Kurt's life looks tragic! RIP.
Shahrukh Syed
Shahrukh Syed:
One of the best YouTube channel.
Thanks man for such informative and quality videos.
Rip Kurt. He was a cool dude 🙏🤚✌
This was suicide. It all adds up. A history of depression, suicide with the combo of heavy drug use and a toxic marriage? Why is it so hard to believe that it was in fact suicide? RIP kurt. We love you!
Ronix Studio
Ronix Studio:
You're an underrated youtuber , this is very well explained.
Montagu Studios
Montagu Studios:
The focal point where Kurt could've been saved was in his childhood. Someone should've sent him to a proper child psychiatrist right after his parents divorced. That would've been a huge help to help clear his head and set him at the right path. I guess that option was not available at the time or the parents couldn't afford it (or didn't care).
The art in this video is amazing, it looks so much like Kurt
idealism_ #saveukraine🇺🇦
idealism_ #saveukraine🇺🇦:
My goodness i love this channel so much. It teaches more and more than the internet does meaning google and wiki. Ive known he commided suicide but i always did wonder why? You're probably wondering how i know Kurt Cobain at a sort of young age, my dad actually listens to him and teaches me old people during his time (80's and 90's). Thats how i also learned about Michael Jackson. This channel has gave me more imformation than school which is surprising because school is supposed to tell you how people died like the Michael Jackson video How it was did, I didnt know it was a respiratory arrest. Everybody told me it was cardiac. I always knew it was Conrad though. Im grateful for this channel though. Teaching even older people what happened to all these awesome people.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
really accurate, I loved it
Nick K
Nick K:
He never lived under a bridge. It was a chill spot. This video paints an inaccurate portrait…Kurt was not gloom and doom. He was a joker.
Charlie Dallachie
Charlie Dallachie:
It is kinda strange how he decided to shoot himself when a heroine overdose by itself would do the job. Let alone a more peaceful and less gruesome way out.
Joshua Vildor
Joshua Vildor:
Tragic. I knew he committed suicide but I never knew he dealt with so much in his life.
Vince C.
Vince C.:
He was a talented musician and songwriter, but he was deeply depressed and in an abusive and disordered relationship and was another casualty of a broken home, a broken drug treatment protocol, a broken mental healthcare system, and finally the cruelty of people he trusted. Frankly, I think Courtney helped him...even pulled the trigger, but that's another documentary for another day. He's another example of how deeply people can hurt and how important, powerful, and serious the way you treat the people can be. Especially people that trust you with their heart. You never know if the wrong or the right word or action...or lack thereof...will be the catalyst for someone to decide its time to get busy living or get busy dying. The mental health system in America is a sickening, disgraceful, and diabolical abuse of vulnerable human beings with no other goal than PROFIT. It's failed so many people and ruined so many families and relationships and hopes and dreams that it's truly impossible to grasp the magnitude of the greed, indifference, and true evil. There's lots of "medical professionals" that should be in prison instead of treating people with mental health problems. Next to the family court system and child welfare, it makes up the core of a lot of people's lifelong agony and despair.
Kevin Muzer
Kevin Muzer:
Self destruction is hard to watch, especially in the public spotlight..
D R:
Nothing has convinced me of Kurt being murdered more than this video.
Cadomo Sting
Cadomo Sting:
Always interesting to hear about this tale from the viewpoint of people who've only skimmed the surface of the entire story. *no sarcasm intended
Kevin Spratt
Kevin Spratt:
what about the interviews in 1994 where he says he's been sober for a year since his stomach operation and that he doesn't need drugs anymore? or the fact that his "suicide note" was a letter to his fans about leaving Nirvana and starting a solo career? nobody talks about these things and that is why i believe the murder theories more than the media narrative
I’m so happy I subscribed. This channel is amazing
waters228 91
waters228 91:
It's a shame that none of us will ever know the real truth to his death.
Erika Stoncius
Erika Stoncius:
Not true about his uncles, they were accidental deaths.
Vikas Meena
Vikas Meena:
Your videos are very informative and accurate. I hope you will gain a lot of subscribers very soon😊
Dawson Bullard
Dawson Bullard:
Great video! You should definitely tackle Mac Miller!
He Was In A Loop In His Life When He Made His kid road same he has.
Cyrcle suicide situation, The Drug Was The Trigger To Remained Him The Past.
He Was A Good musical With A Weak Soul🆘🎸
[email protected]:
Kurt Cobain loved those rock stars who had a tragic life and death like Sid Vicious and Darby Crash, he wanted to be like them, die young and be immortal.
the sodium lights
the sodium lights:
In Cross` book he describes how Kurt took what he needed to the greenhouse including some towels (for whoever to mob up the blood?). Pretty considerate. Not something a killer would contemplate. The guy wanted out, and instead of risking surviving yet another OD, he thought to do it `properly`.
super brave to just know exactly what happened this is so diminishing that it makes me want to cry
ive watched so many videos and documentaries on his death where i truly believe it was staged
I just discovered your channel. I love these videos so much! These videos are well edited, well voiced and extremely respectful of the topics. You truly deserve millions of subs and views.
Edu Fernández
Edu Fernández:
In the 80s in my country, Spain, there was a heroin epidemic. Many families lost someone to an overdose, and it is very well known the agony, the terrible pain that an overdose of "caballo" causes to the body. Worst that any torture you can imagine. I read in his bio that Kurt had 12 od before committing suicide, being the last one in Rome I recall, when he literally said "fuck you" to the doctors that revive him. I don't even want to imagine the physical and mental suffering he had to experience. Good video and great animations. Miss this guy and his music.
Good stuff man. You kinda made Courtney Love out to be way more of an angel than she was, but besides that this was good! as a former heroin addict, i think that conspiracy theories surrounding musicians who died of overdoses are funny. heroin addicts die, it's the one thing we're exceptional at. i don't understand why people can't see that and have to come up with all kinds of bullshit. so i appreciate you not spending too much time on it, but it's a big part of his death so it definitely deserves mention. i literally just realized i'm wearing my nirvana shirt right now too haha
Brad Andy
Brad Andy:
Wish they would get Courtney for what we know she really did to Kurt in the end!
Damn I did not realize how quickly he did that! ....
i’m just now reading up on Nirvana and everything that they did even though I kind of knew about them... but man that’s still so sad dude he seemed like juice wrld typa a artist
lego man
lego man:
When kurt was a kid he would have been the best sith lord
ŃBÅ Bâñdït
ŃBÅ Bâñdït:
This is So Sad fr he died on my Birthday and My Pops use to do heroin he passed away now R.I.P to him. plz if you know someone with addiction help them ASAP life is to short R.I.P Kurt Cobain 💯🙌🏾
Kurt's uncle's never committed suicide..
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MarioExists 🇺🇦:
I just like watching your videos because the stories you make are so interesting