Real Story of Kurt Cobain's Death

On April 8th, 1994, Nirvana’s front-man Kurt Cobain was found dead in his house in Seattle. Three days earlier, a 27-year old Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a rifle. While Kurt Cobain's death note provides some information about the reasons why Kurt Cobain committed suicide, for all Nirvana fans and music enthusiasts, the question remains - how did Kurt Cobain die? In this episode, we're going to show the Kurt Cobain death video (animated visualization) and explain the reasons why Kurt Cobain killed himself, as well as answer the questions such as when did Kurt Kobain die? Why did Kurt commit suicide? Who killed Kurt Cobain on April 5th, 1994?

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---Contents of this Video---
00:00​ - About Kurt Cobain
00:35​ - Kurt Cobain's Childhood
00:47 - The Divorce of Kurt Cobain's Parents
00:56​ - Kurt Cobain's Becoming a Quite and Indifferent Child
01:15​ - Kurt Cobain Believes His Parents Betrayed Him
01:25​ - Kurt Cobain's Adolescence and Drug Problems
01:38​ - Kurt Cobain's Uncles Commit Suicide
01:51​ - Kurt Cobain's Thinking About Suicide
02:05​ - The Story of Nirvana
02:26​ - Nirvana Becomes the Hottest Band on Earth
02:44 - Kurt Cobain's Drug Problems Are Becoming Worse
02:53 - Kurt Cobain Marries Courtney Love
03:08 - Birth of Frances Bean Cobain
03:36 - Nirvana Is Becoming a Dysfunctional Band
04:10 - Kurt Cobain's Relationship with Courtney Love Is Falling Apart
04:43 - Kurt Runs Away from the Rehab Center
05:00 - Kurt Cobain's Death Story
05:38 - Kurt Commits Suicide
05:51 - Conspiracy Theories around Kurt Cobain's Death

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I love how informative/insightful, high quality, and respectful these videos are. Thank you for making videos like this. I hope Youtubes algorithm puts you into peoples feeds because this channel deserves millions of views and subscribers.
We'll just skip over the fact she was hiring a divorce attorney and her own lawyer found a sheet of paper that Courtney used for hand writing practice with letters that matched the suicide note. Yep.. Let's not go there
Jean-Roger Orsini
Jean-Roger Orsini:
This is great work
Rinor 777 Peep
Rinor 777 Peep:
Kurt it's a person you don't want to be but a person you can learn from.
Happy Dude
Happy Dude:
Kurt wasn’t a saint, heck no one really is a saint, he was just someone who couldn’t find himself out of the dark. He will always be an idol and remembered by the music he made. I hope he has finally rested wherever he is now. All anyone can say is thank you for making music that people can escape to and that we miss you Kurt.
Roland Katsuragi
Roland Katsuragi:
Sometimes rehab just doesn't work for people, but that doesn't mean they should give up on seeking help.
Vint O
Vint O:
This should be called "the official story of Kurt Cobain's death" not the true story. The truth is far stranger.
3 days later?! No one could find Kurt Freaking Cobain in HIS OWN house for 3 days? thats sounds very sus
Kurt: I feel good today I'm looking forward to the next tour.

Media: Look at how his eyes move when he talks. He wants to die.
The Shift
The Shift:
Woke up thinking about Kurt at 2am. Being raised on nirvana... I feel a connection to him.
Can we get a ‘How it was’ for Layne Staley ? That’s another very sad story and he also died the same day as Kurt 8 years apart
Anthony Tolentino Strike
Anthony Tolentino Strike:
Love how he said Kurt died at the peak of his career and then a few minutes later mentions that the band was losing their popularity. Love the vid tho don’t get me wrong
Charlie Dallachie
Charlie Dallachie:
It is kinda strange how he decided to shoot himself when a heroine overdose by itself would do the job. Let alone a more peaceful and less gruesome way out.
Goose Yorston
Goose Yorston:
Nirvana and kurt gave me something I felt like I could relate to in the times I felt utterly alone, I’ve always been a very sensitive person and grunge has helped me through the darkest of the dark times In my life, love for all those feeling alone.
it's Kashton
it's Kashton:
His uncle's did not commit suicide! One of them dropped a gun in a bar and it went off and the other I don't remember but that was courtney's lies
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez:
Nirvana will always be a legendary rock band.
Don Master
Don Master:
Kurt was full of so much rage and anger that he never learnt how to get out. I believe his anger and rage caused his stomach problems as well, it’s obvious that if your walking around internalising all emotions and pushing that anger down it’s gonna make you sick .Playing live helped him to a point but can only do so much. Heroin helps you forget it and dulls it but brings other problems. Courtney would of made his anger worse and his jealousy was part of pulling the trigger. He needed to get out of the music business for a couple of years, spilt from Courtney , get some kind of help, do something? Like Dylan when he had that motorcycle crash he went and sorted himself out, Bowie Berlin to a extent,Lennon the house husband. But his life was so chaotic it seems like he never even had time to think and imagine Courtney around making everything so much worse, then having a baby which was not exactly good timing, I don’t feel like Krist or Dave behaved good either basically judging him badly even getting upset bout Kurt wanting more songwriting royalties which is ridiculous as Nirvana was completely all Kurts baby down to the videos and artwork and you can see the guilt in them to this day. It’s barbaric how people treat people with addiction issues like there bad people 😂. It’s all so sad really coz he was a musical genius and new his rock n roll like Gandhi knows bare feet. He also seemed a good person and very very human and wanted things to be better . RIP Kurt ✌️
Lemon Checks
Lemon Checks:
you get A LOT of facts wrong in your "this is how it was" videos! one of the 2 who "committed suicide" wasn't an Uncle, but a Grandfather, a cop, who mistakingly dropped his pistol in a bar which misfired & killed him - he didn't kill himself!!
S K:
Kurt killed at 27 and FBI released files 27 years after his death. What a coincidence!
James B
James B:
I remember only learn about his music after he died. It's a very sad thing. This goes to show the nuclear family is vital for the mental health of a child.
D R:
Nothing has convinced me of Kurt being murdered more than this video.
This video is one of the great examples i've seen of something painted in biased inaccuracy.
Cris M
Cris M:
RIP to one of the most vulnerable, genius, one of a kind artists that’s ever lived. I consider myself Lucky and honored to have walked the earth at the same time as Kurt.
Hopefully hes free of all of his problems on the other side.
We miss you, Kurt
Kevin Muzer
Kevin Muzer:
He had real bad stomach ulcers. The Heroin was the only drug that seemed to subdue that pain. Ultimately fame and the rest of his story was a recipe for disaster! Side note: he was very pro female. That's why Nirvana chose all female vocalists to sing his songs at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction. Peace/Kurt Cobain 1967-1994. Artist 😎
Paul Joseph
Paul Joseph:
“There’s not much more to add.” BS. Courtney publicly was jealous of Kurts success. They were about to get divorced and the prenup would’ve been void. The amount of heroine he had in his body would have made it impossible to write the note or even handle the gun. He bought flowers on his credit card AFTER he died. In essence, there’s plenty more to add and the conspiracy theories aren’t far fetched at all.
Jonah Capin cringe
Jonah Capin cringe:
i like how you just pu the negative sides of kurt when theres so much positive sides of him
andrew barbarash
andrew barbarash:
This is actually really inaccurate about his family suicide history.
This is so highly inaccurate, take away “conspiracy” theories. So much of it is missing, or misleading
loli moka
loli moka:
3 times the lethal amount of heroin in his body, courtney being friends with the coroner, his hair splayed out in a position which appears as though he was dragged out, yea lets skip over all that
David Chastity
David Chastity:
The real Story of Kurt Cobain's Death - sponsored by Courtney Love
He didn't drink a can of his favorite beer. He drank a can of Barq's root beer.
I wish he could rest in peace instead of all these videos about his death.
R.I.P. Kurt!!❤️
Jin Mike Vlogs
Jin Mike Vlogs:
A sad day that was. RIP Kurt
I really miss those days when rock, punk, grunge and metal was in mainstream:(
We don't know what Demons Kurt was dealing with because depression is hard to overcome.
leif Mattern
leif Mattern:
When kurt was a kid he would have been the best sith lord
Tony Armstrong
Tony Armstrong:
“His favorite beer” was Barqs root beer
Jim Park
Jim Park:
How could he have shots himself after taking that massive dose of Heroine,it’s definitely not now it happened .
Please don’t stop making these vids, it might be hard getting views now but it will pay off
Kevin Muzer
Kevin Muzer:
Self destruction is hard to watch, especially in the public spotlight..
Thank you for everything, Kurt.
I just discovered your channel. I love these videos so much! These videos are well edited, well voiced and extremely respectful of the topics. You truly deserve millions of subs and views.
Cadomo Sting
Cadomo Sting:
Always interesting to hear about this tale from the viewpoint of people who've only skimmed the surface of the entire story. *no sarcasm intended
Neil Wiger
Neil Wiger:
This is a well made production... Unfortunately it is loaded with inaccuracies. Kurt Cobain was murdered.
the errors, omissions, unsourced opinions and misinformation is tragic. HIs dignity is obliterated with videos such as this. The ignorance and down right lies are infuriating to those who know the facts, not to mention the truth. Really very unfortunate.
Ayo _
Ayo _:
The FBI punching the air every time he posts a new video
Can you do Prince. His death still doesn't make sense to me. 💜
Moon Dusk83
Moon Dusk83:
He was murdered
Also its a lie about his uncles, and Heavier than Heaven is LIES all told by Courtney.
Sad story he was a legend
Densetsu San
Densetsu San:
I was searching for the song " how it was " by future when I stumbled upon your channel. It was a happy accident.
Christine Harding
Christine Harding:
There is a ton of information missing. Tons more to add.
Wildstar Productions
Wildstar Productions:
"Drank his favorite beer?" It is well known that a can of Barq's Root Beer was found in the greenhouse and it contained valium. Valium was found in Kurt's system. This Valium will multiply the three times lethal amount (also found in his system) into an even deadlier mixture, tolerance notwithstanding. Kurt would not have been able to roll down his sleeves and put the empty needles away. He would not have been able to open his mouth and then pull a trigger. Also: Love the graphics in your video-
Kim Yang
Kim Yang:
Many people need a vocal coach to sing certain techniques without hurting their vocal and throat. Kurt knows all the skills and techniques without a coach nor had he any formal musical training. Pure talent. Pity, he left us so early. :(
Swaroop G L [ACCA]
Swaroop G L [ACCA]:
The day Kurt died , a part of me died with him ....
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez:
Its crazy how fame didnt change him, even if he once was the biggest rockstar at some point, such an icon and an idol 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Brian Dipierro
Brian Dipierro:
5:44 I guess his favorite beer is Barq's root beer.
Bearly Tatum
Bearly Tatum:
Really great video man. I’m a huge Kurt fan and it’s always hard to find a YouTuber that doesn’t take a few things out of context and turns it into a conspiracy theory.
Jack Savory
Jack Savory:
This channel is criminally underrated
This channel deserves more subs.
Micaiah DeFreitas
Micaiah DeFreitas:
I watched all your videos from the first video. I have subscribed and I love the way you detail your stories. I'm starting to love your channel.
Tyler Malvido
Tyler Malvido:
i really resonate with kurt’s feeling of not wanting to leave anywhere without the assurance of drugs with him. it’s like wondering how you can even function long enough without losing your shit. feeling hopeless. sometimes i avoid going places all together due to that.
The algorithm has chosen this channel. You're going to have a boost in viewers soon :).
Dendaaa xdd
Dendaaa xdd:
I can't believe how these videos have such a low watch rate. This type of content people should watch instead of nonsense youtube algorithm videos. THIS IS MASTERPIECE
The art in this video is amazing, it looks so much like Kurt
This channel is a very good source of information. Hopefully to see Marylin Monroe story next
Jake Hawkins
Jake Hawkins:
Then she turned around and dated Elliot Smith and then he somehow stabbed himself in the chest and died. Lol who picks that as a way to go? who knows. Seems like the only rockstar she dated who DIDNT kill himself was Billy Corgan, and that was very very short lived. Probably why he survived lmao
nickeno Gaming
nickeno Gaming:
This is the best youtube channel I've ever seen! Keep up the great content!
Christopher Poucher
Christopher Poucher:
No heroin addict would shoot themself while still having heroin
Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson:
Yes I've read Heaver then heaven. Any one ever read Cobain Unseen also by the same author. I enjoyed that book more.
To me, the conspiracy theories fall down when you learn that the weapon was purchased just days before but Kurt's friend. He was in the car and provided the cash to purchase it. It is hard to reconcile that fact with somebody else being the shooter.
A J:
Kurt is a paradox, on the one hand he epitomizes a passionate angst but on the other a crippling nihilism
super brave to just know exactly what happened this is so diminishing that it makes me want to cry
Rozwell Jones
Rozwell Jones:
He will always be a legend, but it's a damn shame he felt so alone and sad.
Pinoy Ranger
Pinoy Ranger:
the most inaccurate story of kurt lol
Manuel Claro
Manuel Claro:
His rifle was recently displayed and it was said it's impossible he would've reached the trigger.
jeb stuart
jeb stuart:
the zoom view of his house is a really good idea, it s a beautifull place.
Erika Stoncius
Erika Stoncius:
Not true about his uncles, they were accidental deaths.
Thank you! I'm so tired of all the conspiracy theorists out there on the videos about Kurt Cobain. They don't want to hear these facts. They're so stubborn, as if people don't kill themselves... All the signs were there. One glaring thing missing from the video was the depressing lyrics on his last album with Nirvana. You could tell what was going through his mind.
your videos are so well made - u deserve so much more views and subs!
The last message Kurt left the world was :-
"If you are in a bad/abusive relationship, and are afraid of what your partner might do if you leave them? please, please, please try and seek some professional help, because what appears to be the easy way out at the time - is not always the best solution, for anyone"
C H:
I dont disagree with the message.

However, I'm not a fan of concrete ideas about Kurt. When I picture him, I think he had either made a very rash decision too quickly. Or had been depressed for a long long time and fame hit him hard
Love this channel. Your videos are literally all over my front page. Keep up the good work, earned a sub.
Hey you are pretty new but I think your videos are professionally made. So well animated and documented. You will gain much popularity soon keep up the good work.
Jaye R
Jaye R:
I just discovered this channel a few days ago, and I love it. But I have to disagree on this one. It was murder, not suicide.
Respect for you big brother and for your work , you will definetly reach heights of success . So homie its my humble request make video like this on = 2pac , juice wrld , xxxtentacion , lil peep . Plzzz make .
I'm glad that your video wasn't another conspiracy theroy about courtney love. Thank you. I feel like people were so shocked when he died than they were searching for a different answer.... Anyways Kurt Cobain will continue to live through his music and true our heart...🖤🤍
Damn I did not realize how quickly he did that! ....
i’m just now reading up on Nirvana and everything that they did even though I kind of knew about them... but man that’s still so sad dude he seemed like juice wrld typa a artist
K F:
I knew Kurt a bit. Many of his family and friends think his death was suspicious...
Rasmus Lundgren
Rasmus Lundgren:
This was the best video i can find about how kurt died Much appreciqted
5:15 You forgot to mention how he had Dylan Carlson buy the shotgun just before he went to rehab...
Daryl Lander
Daryl Lander:
I remember how David Grohl said everyone in Nirvana was using their money to get drugs and prostitutes. But Grohl instead got a grill.

“I can finally afford a grill! This is great!” -David Grohl
Dat Mario Bros
Dat Mario Bros:
the "suicidal tendencies of the cobain family" was some bs courtney made up both deaths were gun accidents resulting in their death not suicide
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Shalini's Tamil Viral Videos - தமிழ் வைரல் வீடியோ:
*Wow, this channel is a treasure. It would be nice if you could upload more videos.*
I just like watching your videos because the stories you make are so interesting
Kevin Spratt
Kevin Spratt:
what about the interviews in 1994 where he says he's been sober for a year since his stomach operation and that he doesn't need drugs anymore? or the fact that his "suicide note" was a letter to his fans about leaving Nirvana and starting a solo career? nobody talks about these things and that is why i believe the murder theories more than the media narrative
Tfranklin 202
Tfranklin 202:
1:40 I'm pretty sure both of his uncles didn't commit suicide, in "Soaked In Bleach" they debunked it.
Nero Inc
Nero Inc:
This is like a creepy church video aimed at misinforming impressionable youth.
the sodium lights
the sodium lights:
In Cross` book he describes how Kurt took what he needed to the greenhouse including some towels (for whoever to mob up the blood?). Pretty considerate. Not something a killer would contemplate. The guy wanted out, and instead of risking surviving yet another OD, he thought to do it `properly`.
I know you put a lot of work in to this....and it shows 👍🏻 but one important factor that you left out was the intervention he got at his house from Courtney and her band and from friends whom which were all on HERION themselves at the time....this was when he agreed to go to rehab, but from what I read this did not go over well with him, it was probably a rude awakening and possibly pushed him over the edge....just my opinion matter what “ always R.I.P the great Kurt Cobain “.....he lives on in his beautiful music forever....🙏🏻