Realme 6 Pro Review | Premium tech, budget price

Review of the Realme 6 Pro, which has finally launched in the UK, offering impressive tech for a budget price. I[ve been testing the Realme 6 Pro for a week, using it as my full-time smartphone, and it really is one of the best cheap mobiles of 2020.

First up, you get a solid quad-lens camera around back. This includes a telephoto lens as well as the standard ultra-wide, which is rare to see at this price point. There's even a dual lens selfie camera, with ultra-wide action.

I love the Realme 6 Pro's 90Hz display as well. This super-smooth screen is bright and beautiful, while the dual pinhole cutout thankfully doesn't intrude too much on movies and games. Speaking of games, that Snapdragon 720G platform means smooth performance for PubG Mobile - a true test of any budget blower.

Battery life is also a winner, with the 4300mAh cell keeping you powered even through a long, intense day. And the 30W fast charge means you get back up to full in no time.

So that's my review of the Realme 6 Pro, check out my unboxing of the standard model for a closer look at a cheaper alternative.

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Mr. Simsimi
Mr. Simsimi:
Just confirmed it. This guy is not human, he don't need air. Doesn't breathe. hahaha
Lol Imagine paying a thousand dollars for an iPhone.
Allen Nerona
Allen Nerona:
What I like about realme is they have a monthly system updates which fix some bugs or make the phone more optimized
Grant Cai
Grant Cai:
Imagine paying 1500 dollars for an iPhone
This post was made by Realme
Josh Ian Resano
Josh Ian Resano:
damn that anime makes me sad.
Вальтер Васаби
Вальтер Васаби:
Wait, what. Gorgeous people without greetings?!
7:26 short clip from my nightmares
They announced the 6 and 6 pro one month after I bought the 5 pro, if they announced it much earlier I would've wait for it.
John Tharwat
John Tharwat:
akame ga kill <3
Ashish Ray
Ashish Ray:
Great smartphone on this budget..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Go for it..
Isaya Paul Mkongwi
Isaya Paul Mkongwi:
It's hard to get it in Tanzania but I am in love with realme 6 pro
Krys Ajiel Parinal
Krys Ajiel Parinal:
Is no one gonna talk about the akame ga kill wallpaper?ahaha
Jan hazel Patual
Jan hazel Patual:
I really love this phone. ❤❤❤
Akagi Asuzagawa
Akagi Asuzagawa:
Tech Spurt: *Uploads a Video*
Me: Nice! Wonder what Anime wallpaper will he use...
*Sees Myne*
Me: *cries* myne
Havin a hard time finding one at msrp. Sell me yours lol
Tech spurt, you sir are my favorite YouTuber. Love your reviews. Keep up the great work!
Marilou Mabuyog
Marilou Mabuyog:
Wow thank u for uploading it, at least I can have idea what to buy next time thank u handsome ☺ 😘
Great vid, do you know when the global version will come out, so that we can buy it in the US. Thanks man
ahmed gamal
ahmed gamal:
Could you tell me about the quality Audio ? Speaker and Dolby and hifi audio
Aik Khuan Tan
Aik Khuan Tan:
Ok, I wont buy when I heard that Bluetooth problem. Had enough of that on my nexus 6P
Paid off my contract early and got my hands on this since I got the cash spare. Can't wait to get my hands on it, as it'll be such an improvement over my huawei mate 20 lite.
Theo S
Theo S:
My stacks are as thin as my hairline, thanks for reminding me about that.
This is literally my dream phone lmao, prob gon buy it next week or during xmas
Got one few days ago. Its awesome device for cheap. The bluetooth problem still stands when you add new device. Once it has been connected it doesn`t bug anymore
Spot on review which sold the 6 pro to me for them. Good possibly great phone incredible value for money. Your other reviews saved me from a few expensive mistakes. Thanks
kimo el dawly
kimo el dawly:
Man u make me LLLLLove this mobile 😍
Mr Heru
Mr Heru:
I see... you're man of culture aswell....
kebin p
kebin p:
nice review man.. just got subscribed! keep it up!
Haris R
Haris R:
where do you get your backgrounds from?
Me Cole
Me Cole:
purchased mine last dec 4 2020 together with my realme buds q, I love them and hove no regrets they work really goooood!
THANKS TECH SPURT.. great review
Poppe Stäbler
Poppe Stäbler:
@Tech Spurt Do you have good websites to order Realme phones?
Tarek Abualela
Tarek Abualela:
Subscribed to your channel when I saw Akame ga Kill wallpaper
Keith Clyne
Keith Clyne:
Does the realme 6 have wi fi calling?
where did you order tech Spurt? (canada me)
ezekiel valente
ezekiel valente:
What a nice review of realme 6pro
Allen Nerona
Allen Nerona:
What I like about realme is they have a monthly system updates which fix some bugs or make the phone more optimized
Great review. Does the realme pro 6 support google pay?
Would love to get this when I get paid at the end of April on the Realme UK site they don't have it listed for release or coming soon. I do hope it is going to be released.
M A:
Have you had any issues with connectivity? Specifically bluetooth?
Nathan Liang
Nathan Liang:
What does the phone come with? does it include a case?
Sam Owers
Sam Owers:
Where can I order one from please???
I buy already realms 6 pro so nice 🥰
Has the Bluetooth issue been resolved in recent updates?
John Leonard Sison
John Leonard Sison:
redmi k30 (poco x2) or this?
Omar Magdy
Omar Magdy:
Does it work in the US ?
Graeme Heinrich
Graeme Heinrich:
Do UK Barclays Banking Apps (and all others) work on this phone? Have had issues with Huawei
This phone has similiar price tag with Nova 5T in my country.
Maybe you can compare it, because i can't choose which one to buy. 😁
Ir En
Ir En:
Ips full HD hahaha
James Poulson
James Poulson:
Subscribed because the background guitar is cool :)
I love the Akame ga kill wallpaper :D
X Y:
What price in germany?
Evangel Nacario
Evangel Nacario:
after watching the video sample of realme 6 pro.. felt disappointed bro. 😩
Muhammad Rifqi
Muhammad Rifqi:
What launcher are you using?
And what icon pack are you using?
Please bro answer me please:(
lee a dorney
lee a dorney:
This seems a great phone and its not often i say that..tho they now have another 6 out since this...haha
Veron Williams
Veron Williams:
How can I find realme 6 pro in the UK. Need help
Flight 808
Flight 808:
do you have an online folder for all your anime wallpapers
jhun apostol
jhun apostol:
that sony imx camera plus an update on camera software now it has front cam night mode ... wow ... thats good for a budget phone can even par on midrange phines that are even high price
arjun rayee
arjun rayee:
akame ga kill❤
Hassam Butt
Hassam Butt:
Realme 6 review?
your senpai
your senpai:
Its serious competition for oneplus this year , btw Dont show us akame ga kill ,its brings unhappy memories
Jer ylle
Jer ylle:
Are you a fan of a anime called "akame ga kill"?
J Rods
J Rods:
Anyone know what lte bands this thing works on?
Pasha Boss
Pasha Boss:
This or the regular 6 ???i can't decid man
David & Kai
David & Kai:
I do like this one what would you go for looking at this one and the Samsung Galaxy a71
Brian Griffith
Brian Griffith:
Hi where did you get the Pro??? Thanks.
josh superman
josh superman:
me: see akame
also me: click subscribe
אלי יעקובוביץ'
אלי יעקובוביץ':
​Great video, Thanks. Do you know if there is a way to dismiss the Lock screen completely? and to prevent screen off when charging (useful when driving?) Thanks a lot.​
Shanneka Gray
Shanneka Gray:
Its funny cause a balaclava is actuality a place where i live.... p.s can we get a coparison against the p40 pro
borat smagadijev
borat smagadijev:
This phone or xiaomi mi 9t?
Eyyyy Periphery!
Which one is the best, Realme 6 pro or Redmi note 9 pro?
i want tonsee the result of you screenshooting the lock screen :(
Rony Varghese
Rony Varghese:
A glitch spotted in realme 6pro sometimes.. what will be the reason?
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas:
Allo, boozy blowers bloke.
Love an update on this one - regular Realme updates are a good thing, but some heating problems reported (gsm arena) since last one. Also, did they fix that bluetooth b*llock-ache yet? Cheers!
Ajith Jayan
Ajith Jayan:
How is its brightness level under sunlight?
P S:
Does anyone out there know how to turn off the flashlight when the phone rings? And a link to free instructions would help me too (just bought one).
wilma david
wilma david:
hello sir im planninq to buy a new phone and i still cant choose wich one the huawie nova 7i or realme 6 pro.. i love takinq pictures and recordinq video in ur opinion which one u prefer sir? or any suqqestions to the other brand i hope it was also a budjet 😊✌ i hope u will help me qodbless and more power to ur channel
R C:
Happier than reviewing an
Soobin Choi
Soobin Choi:
Can you compare realme 6 and realme 6 pro??
Where r u oneplus?
evol niw
evol niw:
Should I switch to Rm6pro? Rm5pro user here
Tom Stevenson
Tom Stevenson:
Does this work with UK networks?
Thomas Lamington
Thomas Lamington:
Worth the upgrade huawei 8x to the realme 6? Let me know
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaty
Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaty:
Hello, I really like your review . But i want to ask, redmi not 9 pro max or realme 6 pro?
Mohamadhizam Pangcatan
Mohamadhizam Pangcatan:
Watching this with my newly bought realme 6 pro, I could really say it's worth the money. Especially if you're a hardcore user like me who uses his phone almost 24/7.
pedro henrique
pedro henrique:
I probably just will change my phone on middle 2021 to early 2022 but I still love see budget tec get Soo close to the high end brothers
Htet Naing Oo
Htet Naing Oo:
What icon pack did you use? It's very beautiful.
Respect for the Akame ga kill
Siva Vel
Siva Vel:
Tell me Under 20000 Best smart phone now bro
corsair expanse
corsair expanse:
This man has oxygen tank installed up his backside.
Just seen this on Amazon at £289, is it worth it?
Perry Schaeffer
Perry Schaeffer:
how is brighness of this screen?
You have almost as many Akama ga Kill wallpapers as I do lol
Cream&Coffee TM
Cream&Coffee TM:
Shocked when saw akame ga kill
Gianne Matthew Mendoza
Gianne Matthew Mendoza:
Just bought this and im new to 90hz refresh rates. Can anyone tell me where to find nice wallpapers like what he used for the phone in the videoooo.
piss baby
piss baby:
Its 40 fps
Jan Zeus
Jan Zeus:
How much did you bought it?
Zarook Jamaldeen
Zarook Jamaldeen:
Where do you get your wallpaper from please
Send me this wallpaper