Rebel Wilson on her 'year of health' during the pandemic - 100 Women, BBC World Service

Rebel Wilson made her name in Hollywood as a comedy actress, starring in female-led comedy hit Bridesmaids and the box-office success Pitch Perfect trilogy - the second in the franchise became the highest-grossing musical comedy of all time when it was released in 2015.

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Now a producer and director, Wilson fought her way to the top in an industry dominated by men and ruled by beauty ideals. In an exclusive 100 Women interview with the BBC’s Nomia Iqbal, she reflects on what it means to be the "funny, fat girl", why she went on a "year of health" during the pandemic, and decided to speak openly about her fertility struggles.

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Interview by Nomia Iqbal. Produced by Valeria Perasso and Rebecca Thorn. Filmed by Peter Murtaugh. Edited by Holly Stimson.

100 Women senior producers: Valeria Perasso and Georgina Pearce. Executive producer: Vara Szajkowski. Commissioning editors: Claire Williams and Emma De’Ath.


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BABob 2022
BABob 2022:
She's hit the nail on the head with her analysis of how people list your weight and looks as such a high achievement. I've started two successful businesses from nothing and my family and friends have never commented on what an achievement that is.. If I lose weight, or wear something nice, or do my makeup well they rave about how amazing it is - as women our worth is very rarely valued as our character, intelligence or hard work.
Ocean-Rose harris
Ocean-Rose harris:
Rebel is clearly amazing in this but can we take a moment to also appreciate the interviewer. She did such a great job of just letting Rebel tell her story her way. It was evident that she wanted to make sure Rebel was comfortable. Great example of women lifting up other women!
Bea TV
Bea TV:
She’s more than just her “weight loss” she’s a woman full of substance. She’s an inspiration. I admire her even more. ♥️♥️♥️
I relate to her so much, I went through something similar, at 47 I decided to do a total change in my life, professionally, physically and mentally. I lost 90 lbs and launch my own business shortly after. I was just tired of being sick and tired and I decided to do something about it !I completely change my life and I am so much happier today.
jag atx
jag atx:
I love her even more after watching this. Not only that, I totally respect her for finishing her law degree but following her dream of acting. I hope more people will take her lead and make acting a safer choice, especially for young women, and that we are all encouraged to be the healthiest version of ourselves.
Miss Kaleena
Miss Kaleena:
I’m a personal trainer and I loved her perspective because it helps me to have a better vocabulary for my clients. She has verbalized everything that I have felt for my clients so much better than I ever could have. I will share your perspective, Rebel. You are helping people. The outward appearance doesn’t always accurately depict the inner health of a person…and that can go both ways. Bringing balance to the inner and the outer self is the goal here, ladies…tough, but we can do this!
Kerry Needs
Kerry Needs:
I’m 37 and this woman gives me life. What a pure, honest and refreshing person!
An inspiration ✨
Dana Rasmussen
Dana Rasmussen:
This interview is fantastic! I wasn't aware of Rebel's background and her mentality about life, health, etc. I can't wait to see more of her and her work directing! She is a lady and a scholar. :)
It's so interesting to see Rebel as herself and not as a loud, comedic character. She's soft spoken, deliberate, and smart. She really is glowing. Hope to see her get her academy someday.
Kitty Nyce
Kitty Nyce:
As someone who is currently on a weigh loss journey I totally can relate when she says she was invisible and now people are starting to see her and congratulate her like she wasn't already amazing. Our worth is based on our gravitational pull on Earth and it blows my mind.
Hannah Hunter-Kelm
Hannah Hunter-Kelm:
Husband here accidentally watched this on my wife’s account. Brilliant interview and great to see such an inspirational person make real steps forward towards equality and respect in an unbalanced world.
Grace Brown
Grace Brown:
She is inspirational, smart, hard working, and hilarious! What a great interview. I'm glad to see she is putting herself and her health first. She's unstoppable! Lots of people will be inspired by her to do the same.
Michelle CD
Michelle CD:
I give extra kudos for Rebel's ability to make all of these changes while having PCOS because it's very challenging to lose weight when you have that diagnosis. I used to counsel a handful of women who had this diagnosis & it was very difficult for them to lose weight & many of them also ended up with diabetes as well from it.
Nubia Wonder Woman
Nubia Wonder Woman:
I'm an even bigger fan of Rebel's after this interview! She's such a genuine, intelligent, thoughtful woman; I truly admire her.
Danuta Raine
Danuta Raine:
Loved this interview. What an honest, open and intelligent woman. We need more women like Rebel creating stories and developing culture.
Adventure Kids. Outdoor education for toddlers
Adventure Kids. Outdoor education for toddlers:
I love how she addresses the health and emotional eating and also values herself in all stages. That’s sooo cool. 🙌🏼 amazing!
Cool how she had goals and went after them… whether acting, legal degree, weight loss, etc. You go girl!
Allison Fortier
Allison Fortier:
When she said "I'm trying not to have expectations set on an outcome. I'm just the healthiest I can be and what will happen will happen" I felt this ❤ Yes we have opened up about mental health and the gates are opening for the discussions on fertility. Thank you for lending your voice Rebel, I admire your authenticity!
W Darwiche
W Darwiche:
What an interview
Love how she was so honest about her experiences in the movie world!
I love her! This was a great interview.
Also fully agree with everything she said about weight loss. People treat you so differently when you're skinny/normal vs overweight. It's a shame, because it really confirms the fear that a lot of people have that if they don't look a certain way, they're not as "important". When I was at my skinniest, people were so kind to me. I got better customer service in stores for example. I don't judge people by their looks, and I think my experience gives me a great perspective and extra motivation to try to be kind to everyone I meet no matter who they are.
Her mum was one of my primary school teachers!! One of the most sweetest ladies ever, and I remember Rebel visiting us at school once 🙂
Jackie Clay
Jackie Clay:
I love her so much. Sooo humble and genuine. Her energy is sooo contagious!
Daisy Paradise
Daisy Paradise:
She has such a calm presence. her relationship with her body is beautiful. it's not about neglecting “toxic“ behavior, but acknowledging it and deciding to "change" when it feels right. Inspiring.
Carl Vlaeminck
Carl Vlaeminck:
I love her. She is so down to earth, she has such a lovely way of talking. I have a lot of admiration for her. There is nothing Rebel Wilson can't do. Having a law degree and being one of the best paid actresses in Hollywood. You rock Rebel. Please never change.
C. H
C. H:
Love that she talks about her fertility 🙌🏼 You go girl. It’s normal, it should never have become a shhh topic
Fleur Joesten
Fleur Joesten:
She is so inspiring and intelligent. And isn’t it sad that she brings about more headlines by the change in her physical appearance than for her career success. To be a woman sometimes. 😢
So inspiring Rebel! I also have PCOS and it’s such a struggle! To lose 80 lbs with PCOS is quite an accomplishment for your health! Amazing! Rock on Rebel 👏👏👏
Orafu Da
Orafu Da:
13:40 “Just try to be the healthiest version of you. And that can look different for different people.”
Many good things have been said in this interview. And this is one of the best.
Cordelia H
Cordelia H:
I love this interview. She captured so many aspects of weight loss and society. Adore her more now!!
Nicole L
Nicole L:
I've always had mad respect for Rebel. I'm happy for her quest for health and hope she's healthy no matter what size she is.
I've lost a substantial amount of weight in the past and it was very bittersweet. To realize that in our society, the degree of how differently we veiw people as more worthwhile if they are pleasing to look at is bizarre. Experiencing it firsthand is an eye opener and can really mess with a persona's psyche.
Bianca Rowena
Bianca Rowena:
Love this so much, thanks Rebel ❤️ Thanks for being a powerful woman with her career growing, at age 40, being healthy and taking control of your life - an amazing example to women everywhere, you’ve been my favourite actress from the very beginning of your career 🥰
miran *
miran *:
Rebels "year of health" is so inspiring. Body positivity all the way but be Honest about one's own health. She's all round inspiring
Lisa Grace
Lisa Grace:
I have so much respect for Rebel after this interview. She was open, candid, unpretentious about it all, humble and also confident. I really admire how she has processed her experiences professionally and personally and that she isn't hating on herself for the past, but also finding ways to move forward better. She is so smart too. Really admire her as a person, from what I can tell. Wish I could tell her haha.
Cathryn Honschar
Cathryn Honschar:
Rebel is such a great inspiration on so many levels, from loving yourself for exactly who you are, to working hard to finish law school even though she had an acting career, to being confident in her dreams and abilities even when others weren't. I'm so happy for all of her successes.
Aichi Toshiki
Aichi Toshiki:
I love Rebel even more after this. So gifted and hardworking. And genuinely a down to Earth person.
Some Betterment
Some Betterment:
I usually find it incredibly painful watching interviews but this is so authentic and natural to watch. I love it. xo
Anne O'Neill
Anne O'Neill:
I just love this woman! She is so smart, so funny, so talented and yet she's down to earth.
Jia Fit
Jia Fit:
Rebel is one of my favourite actresses.

I’ve also suffered from emotional eating. Growing up without my mum I found comfort in food. This went on for years and resulted in 30 kg weight gain.

I started weights training and going to the gym as an outlet and became strong and sexy in my skin.

I now help women process those emotions they’ve been eating and how to overcome them.

If anyone reading that Is struggling, you’re not alone. You are worthy.
Sakinah A.
Sakinah A.:
Rebel Wilson is one of my favorite actors and glad to hear her talk about her career & life experiences. May she continue to succeed in life.
Abby Martinez
Abby Martinez:
I’ve always loved Rebel in any shape or form. She’s always taught what is confidence and what it means to be vulnerable because being a woman is difficult. Love you girl!
Virginia Trigo
Virginia Trigo:
This interview was so refreshing. Loved it from start to finish. Prop’s to the interviewer she was so professional. It made me see the other side of Rebel’s personality and achievements. Big inspiration to many woman.
A P:
What a smart woman! I love how she speaks about her transformation not being about the looks, but health and how she embraces the bigger version of herself from the past, being proud. That should be an example to all women in the world.
Naomi Rebecca
Naomi Rebecca:
She is amazing. I loved this interview! So smart, strong, respectful and confident in herself :) A great role model.
Florencia E.
Florencia E.:
One of the things that happens when you take ownership of your health and get to the root of the reason why you developed bad, unhealthy habits, is it affects and reflects on every single aspect of your life. I believe a person thinks they look better than ever before (like Rebel said) because they feel better than ever before. She is on a journey of truly embracing what it means to love, like, and accept yourself; to feel grateful for who you are and not want to be someone else. It took me 33 years and I'm still working on it but it is liberating and fantastic to love yourself and even love and feel compassion for who you were before. One big discovery I've made in my life is that you don't learn to love yourself because you've lost weight, you start changing your health/weight BECAUSE you learn to love yourself. You even open the door also for other people to love you as you are because you give yourself total permission to be you. Because you like yourself. I'd even add that it's almost impossible to not want to share that with people because you see them hurting for not having figured out what you have.
A E Robinson
A E Robinson:
Wow she’s such an amazing person. Really inspiring definitely made me want to get up and lose the weight. I have PCOS and other medical problems and I know losing weight would drastically help. Thanks TRAVEL for giving me that extra motivation. I’ve saved this video in one of my favourites so I can always look at it and re-motivate myself if need be
Sure, she will lose those "funny fat girl" roles, but she can close that chapter and start an entire new one. The possibilities are endless, dramatic roles, producer, director, and she's doing all of that. What an inspiration and an example to us all. Such a smart and always beautiful lady! That's what drew us to her all along.
Okay, I am HERE for this interview. Rebel is a great interviewee and the interviewer is awesome. She’s kind, she’s at a good pace, personable, professional, showing interest for the job AND (as it seems) herself….the amount of times I’ve watched this now is a bit criminal but…the tone here brings me back👏
Charity S.
Charity S.:
What hit me so hard was were the same age, and I'm on my weight loss journey right now, I've lost 46 lbs and counting. So, I was like if she can do it, I can too!! The hardesr part is staying w it, pretty much for LIFE!
How we do things in Dawson
How we do things in Dawson:
What a open, courageous, forward thinking intelligent woman... so nice to see this side of her since I have only otherwise seen her comedy roles.
I haven't seen/heard such a good interview with so many strong messages. I am positively shocked as I could relate to so many things you have told. Thank you <3
She's so intelligent, so articulate, so charming, and so elegant, just a terrific woman, I hope young girls really listen to her.
Oriana F
Oriana F:
This interview was amazing.
Rebel is so smart. The fact that she's putting it forward as a film producer that she will be there. It might seem like very little but it's not. I'm dying to see her serious role in that movie. I feel like she'll be amazing in it.
This was a lovely conversation. I feel like I know a little bit more about Rebel. I resonate deeply about loving your body as is and still strive for health. Emotional eating is a hard habit to break for me so it is inspirational to know you made a sustainable change. Thank you for sharing Rebel 💗
Gemma P
Gemma P:
I've been a fan of her since her short film days. She's always been and is incredibly talented. She's amazing good on her for valuing her health and losing weight. She will smash whatever she does.
Sasa Z
Sasa Z:
I managed to lose 112 pounds this past year, and she was one of the celebrities I actually took as an example for doing my own "health year". The best thing that you can do for yourself is to try and be as healthy as you can possibly be, life changes in many ways.
Anita Roberts
Anita Roberts:
What an inspiring message about getting healthy. Kudos to Rebel, on her health journey and on her amazing career.
Amelia Madeline
Amelia Madeline:
Brilliant interview. I have so much respect and love for her. I really look up to her. What a fantastic role model
I love her and how she is so open and real. I love her confidence.
Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie:
I could have listened to her for hours! I love her regardless of size! Always loved her. Glad she was able to share some of her personal stories 🙏🏾💕
She's great. Smart, funny, thoughtful and confident. Se relays her thoughts so clearly as well. I love that she says flat out.. I wont be patient with that bs anymore. If all of us said that predators would think twice about acting on their sickness and some real, positive change might actually happen long term as far as chronic workplace harassment. Powerful woman, powerful interview.
She’s very smart and aware. I wish more celebrities would be this honest and raw. I like hearing her speak… I feel like this was almost a Ted talk.. She’s kind of inspiring! And funny! Wishing for her that ACADEMY AWARD 👏😘
Laura Woke
Laura Woke:
What a great interview. She's so open and honest without going into too personal information.
Westy W.
Westy W.:
I'm so glad she decided to take responsibility for her health. She has always been remarkably funny and talented. It's not about her weight at all, it's called being committed to your best self. Mind, body, spirit!
A wonderfully confident, quiet spoken and clear thinking person. a delight to listen to the interview. Hollywood will be so different going forward very soon with many being brought to justice for crimes again our little people. I sincerely hope Rebel will be a positive influence in the movie making industry. I wish her every success in her fertility quest to have a family of her own.
Keri Beirdneau
Keri Beirdneau:
Such a great interview. She’s such a beautiful person. I love how she’s being an ally now for vulnerable women in Hollywood. 💞
Andrea RM
Andrea RM:
I am proud of your move for health! I wish you many more professional and personal successes.
Thanks to this interview I got to see another side of you: articulate, powerful, confident, humble, and daring. You are a role model for people to dare to be themselves and trust their dreams and go for it. Thank you for sharing your perspectives and your journey!
Bayan Saduakhassova
Bayan Saduakhassova:
What a wonderful interview! So calm, no rush and no screaming questions.
Hannah Wilson
Hannah Wilson:
I definitely have SO much respect for Rebel, loving herself in every form in every stage of her life. That is an idol many women can look up to.
Finding a way
Finding a way:
Wow. What a great interview. I always loved her acting but never saw an interview with her. She is amazing. I love her message and how brilliant she is.
Timothy Chalamet
Timothy Chalamet:
Wow, love Rebel even more now, much respect, she has an incredible outlook on things, just lovely, her confidence is contagious
Jenn Meza
Jenn Meza:
I’ve lost 85 lbs this past year and everyone keeps saying “you look great and don’t need to lose anymore.” I’m trying to get into a healthy BMI. Not for beauty standards but for my health.
TJ Blaidd
TJ Blaidd:
I love this lady. Shes hilarious, inspiring, intelligent and beautiful. I'm honestly envious of whoever gets to spend their life with her!
Kml Art
Kml Art:
I love the fact that she saw a vision during a maleria dellusion and she went with it! I am glad because she is genuinely funny and making people laugh is so important. So many of us need humor nowadays.
Radically Chill
Radically Chill:
She is such an inspiring woman and I have so much respect for her. I look forward to seeing more of her films💖😌
Sophie Keeling
Sophie Keeling:
I had to do a double take when I first saw this interview! I haven’t seen or heard anything about Rebel in a long time. To see her now and how she’s matured ok her life and her career was incredible! She reminds me a lot of Adele. She wanted to be a healthier person and the best version of herself so she did the same thing! She took better care of herself and now everyone sees the results. Rebel has grown into a mature adult who is incredibly gorgeous, intelligent and being a wonderful example to young women and the rest of us too! I can’t wait to see her acting again.
Kathy Semrau
Kathy Semrau:
What can't Rebel do? I admire her so much for all the movies, a singer, dog trainer, lawyer, designer, and as well as her delightful ablity to tell dirty jokes. Go Rebel, go !!!!!
Jasmine Downey
Jasmine Downey:
it's amazing to me how many feel that a funny large woman can't be funny if they lose weight! I had some tell me that when Melissa McCarthy lost weight as well. I really admire Rebel for being so real and sharing her story publicly. I know women who became pregnant after living a ketogenic, ketovoire lifestyle💖
Della Hayban
Della Hayban:
Impressive, calm and inspiring. Love this interview and the interviewer was so respectful as well.
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez:
I’m so proud of Rebel and her work and health ethic…protecting young actors in her celebrity role and all the hats she wears now! It’s admirable and gutsy! I love that!🙏🏽🙋🏻‍♀️👍🏽
Rachel Pace
Rachel Pace:
I love her view of herself no matter her size. She speaks so positively of herself in any scenario and acknowledges all of her accomplishments and potential. Such a wonderful role model and hilarious!! I don't usually listen to these interviews, but her positivity shines. I'm excited to see the new roles she's planning now that she's got a bigger role in Hollywood. I also hope this wonderful woman is able to have her baby! She will make a great mom!
I always liked her. She’s so intelligent, grounded, so positive about life and hardworking.
Virginia blue
Virginia blue:
Ah yes, the invisible woman. I was her. Lost 60 lbs. It was shocking how people at work who used to look right through me everyday now felt the need to comment. One coworker actually CRIED. Honestly, it was an amazing feeling, like a rock star. It's sad how fake people can be.
CutThroat B
CutThroat B:
So in love with Rebel! Her drive, intelligence, and talent is outstanding!
Kelli Johnson
Kelli Johnson:
She's done an amazing job at staying grounded and losing weight for heath, and not fitting a particular number is spot on! Good for her.
Fantastic interview. I honestly didn’t know much about her because I haven’t seen her movies, but I’m very impressed with her as a person, especially how she handled disgusting sexual harassment and the responsibility she feels as a female film producer to protect the young women working on her film. She has a lot of integrity and character.
Kirsty Collins
Kirsty Collins:
I am totally in awe of Rebel's career in Hollywood. She must be so driven and clever to have done what she's done.
M M:
I always enjoy interviews with genuinely funny people when they’re not trying to perform to a crowd. The sense of humour shines through, it’s a pleasure to listen to.
Tracy Vicente
Tracy Vicente:
This is an awesome interview. Rebel is a fascinating and inspiring woman. I hope this resonates with women of all ages who feel social media pressure to look perfect - when really - being healthy and eating to nourish, knowing you are on a journey to self love, once that perspective is captured, changes everything. Your body transforms naturally. One step at a time…
Lauren L
Lauren L:
What a quality woman. Talented actress, lawyer, intelligent and wise. Great interview. 💜💜💜💜💜
Estefania D.
Estefania D.:
She is so calm and collected and mature in this video. I have gained a higher level of appreciation and admiration for her! Good for you Rebel! Excellent interview and her answers are on point.
Liza W.
Liza W.:
I still love her!! I can't wait to see some more amazing movies she could be a part of... She is hilarious, always will be.
Minerva Sophia
Minerva Sophia:
I love the mentality of protecting young women. I fee like there was a generation with a mindset of "if I had to go through this, you have to aswell" and now women are protecting each other, standing up for each other. And I love that!
Anna Katharina Pondelik
Anna Katharina Pondelik:
I love her much, she's a wonderful woman and example to us all!
Lucia Signorini
Lucia Signorini:
I have a lot of friends that have been through fertility treatments. I do feel for Rebel. I think the more people talk about it the better
Miss Cindy
Miss Cindy:
Thank you rebel for protecting the young talent on your sets. 🙏🏼 you’re an amazing remarkable and admirable woman.
Rosa Nagle
Rosa Nagle:
I love Rebel's thoughtfulness. I understand her well. I'm 54, and last year, I lost 88 lbs, with good, old fashioned diet and exercise. I was working in Healthcare, and, during COVID, I wanted to get healthy. I joined WW, online, and, joined a gym. I'm in the best shape of my adult life. I've also changed my life in other ways. Left the day job, and I'm working 100% on my writing, poetry, playwriting, and screenwriting. I do think the confidence I found after learning to deal with my emotional eating, and getting healthy, has helped me decide to follow my writing dreams. I understand, of course, that the world treats you differently when you lose a large amount of weight. And, often, that is the ONLY thing we, as women, are judged by.
It breaks my heart that Rebel Wilson has been through a number of awful experiences. To hear that she had to go through such a disgusting thing as what happened during a film production is horrifying. She’s such a wonderful creative spirit with an obviously generous character.
Larissa Fonseca
Larissa Fonseca:
She’s so amazing and brave. Thank you for sharing so much with us ❤️❤️
Beautiful inside and out and very inspiring and relatable in so many levels. I needed to hear a lot of the things this interview touches.
Wanheda 90
Wanheda 90:
Such a wonderful person. Rebel is a great woman, and a brilliant actress.