Recap of all songs - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

This is a recap of all the 26 songs that were performed in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021
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100+ komentarze:

As a British German person who was watching with my Spanish friend this was funny asf lol.
Rachael Rachael
Rachael Rachael:
love portugal being on the phone, having some snacks. living the high life
Of course Cyprus and Greece give each other points, they've been doing that since 10.000 B.C
Zoë M
Zoë M:
i’ve always thought the jury shouldn’t know what country is singing each song
DazzleStar XXX
DazzleStar XXX:
I’m from the uk, I don’t even care about us losing but I feel so bad for James. He really did try his best, I hope he’s ok
Олександр Прусатій
Олександр Прусатій:
Dear Eurovision, most of your "professional" jury giving points to the countries and not to the songs. Thank you for such amaizing blsht system!
Can we just all appreciate Rotterdam for organizing such an amazing Eurovision despite corona
Alex Stefan
Alex Stefan:
4:45 Kateryna is me when I'm watching Eurovision with my family
🇩🇪: You can wigglе with that middle finger, it'll never wiggle back to you
🇫🇮: Put your middle fingers up, take a shot, we don’t wanna grow up
🇧🇬: Growing up is getting old
Emilia Clapp
Emilia Clapp:
All the other countries: **excited**

Portugal: Hold up a sec gotta phone someone

Iceland: **vibing in isolation**
Harun Ramic
Harun Ramic:
Kateryna when performing: 🕴
Her dancers and players: 💃🕺💃🕺

Kateryna off the stage in green room: 💃🕺💃🕺
Her dancers and players: 🕴
dave h
dave h:
They need to find a way to vote purely on the song.
A B:
"Eurovision is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get".
Kateryna Tokar
Kateryna Tokar:
🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦Just found out that Kateryna from Go_A, Ukraine, is basically singing that hard song with 1 lung!!!!! What an amazing singer and strong person!! Wow.....
Italy 🇮🇹
Ukraine 🇺🇦
Finland 🇫🇮

...welcome to our Spotify playlists ❤️
4:44 Kateryna going crazy while the rest of her green room is calm
Thomas M
Thomas M:
James Newman jumping with a bottle of wine in his hand is the most British thing I've ever seen at Eurovision
Natty Pauline
Natty Pauline:
No ones gonna talk about the jury’s point giving system? Giving points for the countries and not the actual songs.
Love how Norway was just dancing behind them at 5:44
The live stream just ended 50 minutes ago and I have already got post-Eurovision depression
Lithuania was so good this year, such as Iceland, France, Sweden and Switzerland. This years' ESC was so strong, there was not really a bad song.
was I the only one to notice the person on the left vibing with the pansexual flag at 3:04? they’re so iconic
Julia Ps
Julia Ps:
Spain was such a good song and in the recap they only show him singing "aaaaah"!?!
Han Walker
Han Walker:
This has been the best Eurovision for a long time in my opinion. My favourites were Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania and Sweden. 12 points to all of them!
Rot Käppchen
Rot Käppchen:
My Top 5:
1. Finland, 2. Italy, 3. Ukraine, 4. Iceland, 5. Germany
It is weird that all songs got a very good position - besides Germany. I also liked the Netherlands and Portugal.
I feel like we might have just witnessed the greatest battle for the win in Eurovision history between
Maneskin, Barbara Pravi, and Gjon's Tears. They were simply on another level!

I also feel this year was way better music in general than usual. Like most songs were quite original and different from the others. We will remember this edition for a long time to come.
Aki H.
Aki H.:
Strongest Eurovision EVER!!! Congrats to Italy from Germany 🇮🇹❤ You deserved that so much!!
Well deserved Italy ! 🇮🇹

Other top performances:
Ukraine 🇺🇦
Serbia 🇷🇸
Finland 🇫🇮

And everyone who got to final, thanks for amazing songs ! 🏆
China Tech
China Tech:
This Years Music: AMAZING
This Years Votes: DREADFULL!
The show this year was incredible! So many quality songs and a that thriller at the end 😳! A surprise winner atleast for me. I am so happy for Italy because they really deserved the win and for years they have been sending top songs and had great succes. Finally a win for Italy. Until 2022, love 💃🕺🎉🏆💓
Annoying life of Dana Bruh
Annoying life of Dana Bruh:
This is definetely the best esc ever
Liz Dragon
Liz Dragon:
Finland made me proud and I’m not even from Finland
Carrie Bundy
Carrie Bundy:
Cyprus 🇨🇾, Serbia 🇷🇸, Finland 🇫🇮, Azerbaijan 🇦🇿, Albania 🇦🇱, Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Greece 🇬🇷
UPDATE - Congratulations Italy on winning 🇮🇹
Bertholdt The Ghost
Bertholdt The Ghost:
Italy was good.
But my favourite of them all was Finland🇫🇮❤
I feel bad for UK, Norway and Sweden, very underrated, they deserved higher spots☹.
Congratulations Italy from Romania!❤🇮🇹🇷🇴
Switzerland 🇨🇭 Iceland 🇮🇸 Lithuania 🇱🇹 received the most votes from me this year but that ”Rock n Roll never dies” was EVERYTHING 🎶
2:50 - difficult to accept the fact that they're viking descendents
Max Wennström
Max Wennström:
Well, this year’s esc was one heck of a ride.
tommy lee
tommy lee:
I feel like Malta thought she had it in the bag. She looked so disappointed. But we have seen that type of thing before so I am so glad Italy came through. They are Phenomenal
Wim Van de Velde
Wim Van de Velde:
Kateryna when performing: 🕴
Her dancers and players: 💃🕺💃🕺
Frida Bo ••••
Frida Bo ••••:
I love how when Ukraine is performing it the singer who is mostly standing still but in the recap she’s is the only one dancing lmao
Elsa Kluuskeri
Elsa Kluuskeri:
Finland- Dark Side🇫🇮 Suomi- Pimeä puoli
Are best songs🇫🇮🇺🇦
I like Finnland very much! 🇫🇮🤟🏽
Daniel Kieslich
Daniel Kieslich:
This songs are my favorites
The Roop - Discoteque
Blind Channel - Dark Side
Maneskin - Zitti E Buoni
Efendi - Mata Hari
Go_A - Shum
Hurricane - Loco Loco
Евгения Белогурова
Евгения Белогурова:
I like Israel, Serbia, Greece, Switzerland, Iceland, Spain, Finland, France, Norway, Italy, Sweden, and of course Croatia!!!!! They are so different and 🆒! But I think, I guess, so my 5: Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, France and Italy! The main fight will be between Italy and France!! Both of them deserve to be a Winner 🏆!
sunny sea
sunny sea:
Mata Hari is 10th in the global viral charts on Spotify. The music speaks for itself! The ‘results’ doesn’t change the fact that Efendi’s performance was FIRE. Azerbaijan deserved so much better.
Finland best by far, this isn't even a contest!
Themis Spanopoulos
Themis Spanopoulos:
It's been too long without Eurovision, thank you Rotterdam for hosting this amazing contest! I like the new point system and my favorite song was Discoteque! Love from Greece <3
Darketernal 666
Darketernal 666:
to be honest the performances were so beautiful this year. I loved the clothes, the special effects, and the music as well.
The preformance of Ukraine:Kateryna not moving much and the others going crazy.
The recap:Kateryna jumping up and done and the others not doing anything🤣

Also I think France was better then italy and that she shoud of win but Also thanks for giving us 12 points💓(im from greece)
The Netherlands did an amazing job on the special effects and evrything!
Rafail Findanis
Rafail Findanis:
This would be my ranking based on the performance
1 Italy 🇮🇹
2 Switzerland 🇨🇭
3 Ukraine 🇺🇦
4 Finland 🇫🇮
5 France 🇫🇷
6 Greece 🇬🇷
7 Iceland 🇮🇸
8 Lithuania 🇱🇹
9 Portugal 🇵🇹
10 Russia 🇷🇺
11 Norway 🇳🇴
12 Malta 🇲🇹
13 Bulgaria 🇧🇬
14 Sweden 🇸🇪
15 Serbia 🇷🇸
16 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
17 Israel 🇮🇱
18 Cyprus 🇨🇾
19 Belgium 🇧🇪
20 San Marino 🇸🇲
21 Albania 🇦🇱
22 Germany 🇩🇪
23 Moldova 🇲🇩
24 UK 🇬🇧
25 Netherlands 🇳🇱
26 Spain 🇪🇸
I voted for Switzerland, Lithuania and Norway! Loved them and added them to my playlist. ♥️ Love from the Netherlands
Strongest final in years, all songs were so good!
Demi Candu
Demi Candu:
out of the last 4, Netherlands was done really dirty, that song was hella good and really well performed. idk the beef about Belgium, but i was stoked about Hooverphonic too.
Mia Turanjanin
Mia Turanjanin:
My favourites
ESC Can:
This is definitely the strongest Grand Final I ever saw, thank you so much 🇳🇱 Netherlands for such an amazing show!
Bel TrInG tRiNg
Bel TrInG tRiNg:
Laura Pozzebon
Laura Pozzebon:
Ukrainian Go_A have become my favourite group in five minutes.
Snežana Manojlović
Snežana Manojlović:
Iceland and Germany this year were true vibes. They should be given more credit. As United kingdom
Das Lila Alpaka
Das Lila Alpaka:
My favorites:
- Netherlands
- Italy
- Sweden
- Norway
- Russia
- Lithuania
- Ukraine
12 points from Ukraine to Serbia ❤
muammar ai
muammar ai:
No matter what the result, I keep Ukraine on my playlist as the uniquely song and France for the impact with simplicity and also the beautiful song and language..
The songs this year were really strong I'm considering to buy the CD
I feel for James of the United Kingdom . with history he didn't deserve with marks that will be in the record books forever in Eurovision history and uk history in the contest . I feel for France second in jury votes and public vote.
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev:
Happy that finally Italy won it.
France as the runner up also made me happy, just 25 points below Italy. Actually either of them won this made me happy.
Congrats, I have no critism. They won fair and square, espically with those jury points. This has nothing to do with population, this is about talent. Parabéns Italia! Would of loved for us to win but it is what it is! 🇵🇹🤝🇮🇹
Pascal 556
Pascal 556:
I love how Go_A cheers for her own song
Dbd Gamer
Dbd Gamer:
4:45 this woman at the edge and the singer changed roles 😂😂😂😂
Wan Razaq
Wan Razaq:
It's never been really objective. It really depends on your taste of music. For me, UK is one of the best among all of the contestant
pitchan CRM
pitchan CRM:
James! I literally felt gutted from the results and feel so sorry for him. He absolutely did not deserve that zero points.
Samyukta Saklani
Samyukta Saklani:
Tix singing along to Birth of a New Age in the background is so cuteee
Respect from the UK to the French, i felt the french culture in there song i loved it. ❤
Also Lithuania thankyou for the trip back to the 90's ... 🤪
Ukraine i want your song to play in the car whilst doing 90mph on the motorway ... mind blown. 🤯
Spain song was meh meh meh most of the way through but WOW near the end! Pity the song didn't showcase his voice more.
Sigma Delta
Sigma Delta:
Italy and finland rock, btw congrats to italy
Anyone but Nico
Anyone but Nico:
I'm SO PROUD of my boys Blind Channel, 6th place! OH MY GOD! And good job Italy! I loved the song, congratulations!
La Bonita
La Bonita:
Azerbejdžan, Ukrajina i Island je mnogo simpatičan. 👏👏
Attain Realise
Attain Realise:
Ukraine did so well. They were amazing.
Maks Kinasevich
Maks Kinasevich:
Aygün Qurbanova
Aygün Qurbanova:
again this year we have witnessed a classically biased voting, a typical Eurovision voting system
Arvid Eriksson
Arvid Eriksson:
I love Kateryna just going wild!🤪❤️❤️❤️
Bubble man07
Bubble man07:
The french "Voila" song could sound like a great movie song. Like when some had enough and stuff

Comment what you think!
Lily Jam
Lily Jam:
This Eurovision 2021 was incredible, lot a diversity and quality !
P G:
Well played Italy🇮🇹❤️well deserved. Ukraine, Switzerland, Lithuania were also hella good tho. I mean most of them were good, but these were the standouts for me... I didn't like France idk. Was surprised so many liked it.
David Brown
David Brown:
My favourite song was Mata Hari from Azerbaijan brilliant song, well done Portugal decent pontuation x
Martin Meyn
Martin Meyn:
What a show and great tv registration. Just wonderful and Nikkie de Jager was really awesome and the best host tonight. She looked so relaxed.👌👍😉👏👏
Cartoon Art Timelapses
Cartoon Art Timelapses:
Awh that's adorable they put Efendi and TIX one after the other 🥰🥰
Md. Ehasanul Hoque
Md. Ehasanul Hoque:
A highly competitive finale this year. My top 4 : Finland, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland
I have a question: were the Black Mamba actually talking on the phone or were they pretending to? They didn't seem to notice the camera showing them.
Momi B
Momi B:
I’m so happy for Måneskin, their song was literally the best. Lithuania, Finland, Israel, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Sweden wasn’t bad. I’m sorry for England, their song was cute.
What a great night!!! I loved almost everyone. I voted for at least 10 different countries, just couldn't pick my fave. All 26 of them are winners 🏆
Hopefully at some point in the near future there is a Scotland entry where the song is in Scots Gaelic.
La elotera del rancho :p
La elotera del rancho :p:
Annika Fuhr
Annika Fuhr:
I loved Switzerland 🇨🇭😍♥
Беата Гаринова
Беата Гаринова:
Достойное выступление Португалии❤️, Бельгии👍 - остались неоцененными по достоинству 🤷‍♀️
my favs are:
Jonathan The SAW Nerd
Jonathan The SAW Nerd:
Damm this was one strong Final!
Even if I wanted France or Cyprus to win, big congrats Italy!🇮🇹🎉
James newman knows how to party, great song, i don’t understand how it got 0 points.
Ekaterina Gorbunova
Ekaterina Gorbunova:
Switzerland, Lithuania and Ukraine are the best!
Thank you so much to the PUBLIC for voting Finland 4th ❤❤❤❤
OV Spotter Bram
OV Spotter Bram:
This was a amazing show!
Cat Black
Cat Black:
Italy, Cyprus, Finnland, Sweden, Ukrain, Russia, Lithuania are the best for me