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In this documentary Lynsey opened up to us about diabulimia and her road to recovery. Diabulimia a serious eating disorder that people with Type 1 diabetes can develop. We're here to support you, for more information and support visit:

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Suzanne Schneider
Suzanne Schneider:
This is such a powerful video and resonates completely with my story. Lyndsey you are very brave sharing your story - thank you
Natasha Mallett
Natasha Mallett:
Thank you for sharing Lynsey, you are incredibly brave. Your story is very familiar, as I have a close family member who suffers from the same illness.
We have a huge problem with investing in proper treatment for this illness. My relative was used by Kings College for research and then dumped on a psychiatric ward when they realised they were ill-equipped to help her. She felt utterly abandoned and is now seriously ill in hospital. We have to check our blind spot when it comes to illnesses which predominately impact women's health. Funding Please! Genuine funding!
hoLLy Giovanetti
hoLLy Giovanetti:
Thank you for sharing your story, Lynsey! Very brave and selfless.
Judy Ochoa
Judy Ochoa:
I resonate with Lyndsey’s story so much and I’m proud of her for pushing through this. I’m currently on my path to recovery and hearing others go through similar things motivates me to do better for myself and everyone who I love🤍
I think I’m going through this right now
The interviewer isn’t very good. Maybe a young student I guess
catherine murphy
catherine murphy:
I think I have this
rawmilk mike
rawmilk mike:
Someone needs to tell these people about zero carb. You can't expect someone to choose between obesity and blindness. They need to know that they can cure both diseases with a simple dietary change.

OK it's not always simple but the concept is simple. Just the knowledge that you can eat red meat, fish, eggs, and butter can make all the difference in the world.

They need to know they don't need to consume fruits and vegetables. I'm not talking about willpower. Just knowledge and deprogramming.

OK, I'm not saying you can cure type one diabetes but darn close. The management becomes almost easy.

Type 2 diabetes can be cured very easily with diet. It was your doctor's poor dietary advice which caused your diabetes in the 1st place. Type one, being an auto immune disease, is almost certainly related to the typical useless medication with horrific side-effects.