Red Dead Redemption 2 PC 60FPS - Funny & Brutal Moments Vol. 75 (Euphoria Ragdolls)

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📺 Red Dead Redemption 2 PC 60FPS - Funny & Brutal Moments Vol. 75 (Euphoria Ragdolls)


PC Specs:
Corsair 280x
MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC
I5 9600K
MSI RTX 2070
Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM
Corsair RM750X


► This series shows gameplay/walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2. The point of this video is to show new things, some tips and cool places in this game, as well as its mechanics and physics. I try to create a story using a cinematic immersion in every episode. Thanks for watching!

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🤠 Funny & Epic Moments

🔫 First Person Epic Gameplay

👊🏼 Saloon Fights

🏹 The Bow


📢 Note: These videos are not meant to show any kind of violence in real life. The only purpose is to show videogames gameplay and its mechanics. Everything is fictional.

100+ komentarze:

TMC620 PS4
TMC620 PS4:
Peter Parker
Peter Parker:
I think Jack is way better with having a gun than a fishing pole
Anastazy Staziński
Anastazy Staziński:
After ,, Modded Wacky West” i cant see Jack for a simple boy, he is destroyer of dreams, nightmare of seven seas and talented gunslinger of course. Nice that you arent proving me wrong ;)
Duff Man
Duff Man:
“Whoopsie!” 😂
Ordell Winnfield
Ordell Winnfield:
So that's from where Jack has got his sharpshooter's skills in Red Dead 1's epilogue..
Teague Clews
Teague Clews:
Whys jack there?🤣
papa Shrek
papa Shrek:
jack should be called the “one shot kid” instead of me
O Nation18
O Nation18:
Jack slinging pistols almost better then his father.🤣
Jack is forever traumatised after this 💀
Dinho Pereira
Dinho Pereira:
The best red dead channel
Standing Goat
Standing Goat:
Sooo, we *aren't* going to talk about the shotgun-wielding 8 yearold?

2:07 - Legitimately feel sorry for that guy. Only wanted to do his work and then he gets bullied, beaten unconscious and robbed.
Feels bad man :((
Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan:
Did Abagail approve of this?
Simon Riley
Simon Riley:
Damn, little Jack is Blasting
Jack marston is good with guns
FrezzePlayZ Gamer
FrezzePlayZ Gamer:
I tried to kill someone while I hog-tied him on the tracks and I drove the train but he got out and ran😂😂😂
Doge The Youtuber
Doge The Youtuber:
3:38 Jack Marston shot a black man known as William Phillips. The young boy shot William 6 times. Jack Marston has still not been caught to this day. Luckily William Phillips only had minor injuries reports say.
Isaiah Gamer
Isaiah Gamer:
Are you getting the ps5
ross johnson
ross johnson:
“Just some father and son bonding”
Torraske 666
Torraske 666:
0:20 the first traumatic kill for jack
Anson Ma
Anson Ma:
Where is Arthur’s comment? The one where he says he is lying in bed watching codes being killed.
Big Redd
Big Redd:
DAMMMNN Lil Billy Got is cold blooded killa
Some quality father and son moments I'm seeing here.
trol Banner
trol Banner:
Soon as I saw Jack dropping from the wagon I've lost it
I like how Jack just jumped there outta nowhere with a shotgun XDD
ain't nothing like a good ol' father-son rampage.
That beginning clip is the best thing I’ve ever seen
0:51. Imagine leading a fight with a headbutt lmao
Kyler Clark
Kyler Clark:
How do you make them still move after shooting mine just fall to the floor
They way u start ure vids, cinematic intro so cool
Jack was really going through a lot after his first kill 😂😂
The last scene was basically shouting "This is a robbery!" and holding the person "at gunpoint" from 20 yards away when they are also in their car.
daeqaun weddle
daeqaun weddle:
Keep up the work 💯
Alan Sulejmani
Alan Sulejmani:
Oh my God I clicked so fast 😂
Jack learned well from Arthur and John😈
Martin st
Martin st:
0:19 heres Jack
poofy boy
poofy boy:
Jack: Did I do good father?
Hold, on since when have trains been driving around in New Austin? Did you use mods for this? I've never seen this in RDR2
keveontae :o
keveontae :o:
really wish I could rdr 2 but I can't I'm still playing on xbox 360
Lieutenant Dan
Lieutenant Dan:
Father and Son bonding, amazing
Brodie Poole
Brodie Poole:
0:30 why jack should never go with John except for fishing
John's scars make him more beautiful
Jack Hoefer
Jack Hoefer:
Wait, Jack?? 😂 what are u doing here
Jackson H
Jackson H:
1:11 Jack pulled out the strap 😤
MC Ren
MC Ren:
Weepy eyes n a sweaty lip
1:42 when yo par sees yo grades
Johns outfit tutorial?
Anthonyangel Campossanchez
Anthonyangel Campossanchez:
Pretty soon the laws gonna be outta business 😎
Mum: can u take my boy out Arthur:
Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega:
How can jack do that I want to do that 😂
ice_king 45
ice_king 45:
This game never gets old
Your Vids Arr da best <3
Drunk man morgan Aka aurther morgan.
Drunk man morgan Aka aurther morgan.:
Can you just do topless Arthur with ranch pants and a revolver and his original hat please
Sumo R
Sumo R:
What a amazing father son bonding time
Dragomir Adrian
Dragomir Adrian:
somebody have download link plsss
Jginzz og account
Jginzz og account:
jack is having a lil too much fun 👀
Philipp Fischer
Philipp Fischer:
Do you use any mods or is this just the game for those ragdolls?
The Beast
The Beast:
What gun is he using
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez:
Where is Arthur Morgan with his meal? (Get it? For anyone who knows the person who portrays Arthur Morgan, while he eats and watches lines of code be destroyed.) Hopefully we'll see him soon. As for you Red Dead Saloon, fantastic performance in the video. Nobody that I know can do any better than you, bud. God bless you, and stay as far away from this virus as you possibly can.
Jack Attack
Azila Shafie
Azila Shafie:
when did jack know how to use a shotgun?
Mr. Shrekawski
Mr. Shrekawski:
The kid was holding the gun LOL
This is why I need a pc
Brittany Howell
Brittany Howell:
Hey everyone watch dano
Cydney Salinas
Cydney Salinas:
Thank You :)
How did you download the game ??
Ahmed Noseir
Ahmed Noseir:
Lmao son let’s go hunting
borna Kh
borna Kh:
1:42 looks like a horror movie scene
Joshua Castaneda
Joshua Castaneda:
Im playing red dead cause of you
El_tamalito 222
El_tamalito 222:
It’s funny how jack shoots the guns
AdreN Bro
AdreN Bro:
West world the hbo serie dead reminds me this good serie
Ralfs Ezītis
Ralfs Ezītis:
Jack is stoling jour kills
حسام سليم
حسام سليم:
Your videos are so beautiful.
sit on my face girl
sit on my face girl:
What mods is this guy using
Carlos Elwart
Carlos Elwart:
why you don't die in every rdr2 video?
The Ashman
The Ashman:
Nice to she John bonding with Jack
Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan:
Love your videos 😊
Dr. Peppers Geronimo
Dr. Peppers Geronimo:
Someone should make a director mode mod, since rockstar is too lazy to make one themselves
Trippie Bluee
Trippie Bluee:
He may not now how to fish but jack sure is a good shooter
the poopy guy lol
the poopy guy lol:
Jack marston as a sharpshooter
Nathan BG Young
Nathan BG Young:
In the videos where u kill micah what mod do you use?
Javier Escuela
Javier Escuela:
Jack is coming for your toes
minecraft adventure
minecraft adventure:
1:52-2:01 John:i will protect my son no matter what
Jack:i don't need help dad
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills:
Father and son bonding moment
Smokey The Bear
Smokey The Bear:
anyone else wish you could kill the kid’s that take your money in saint denis lmao
Great video 👍
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde:
What custom outfit are you wearing?
Zaaden Montes
Zaaden Montes:
If jack can shot a gun then he can go fishing
Arthur Lanci
Arthur Lanci:
Dutch:i have a plan
John:i have a Jack
Dutch:whatever u sayyyy
Shantecka Gardner
Shantecka Gardner:
that kid a savege
Emma Breed
Emma Breed:
fung bros
Drunk man morgan Aka aurther morgan.
Drunk man morgan Aka aurther morgan.:
Do naked Arthur third person 60 FPS gameplay please😭😭😭😭
Axel Rivas
Axel Rivas:
WTF what a children is doing with a shotgun
Dellena Gilbert
Dellena Gilbert:
Is it just me or did mods just ruin the game
sub to me i make good comment
sub to me i make good comment:
Arthur why is jack holding a gun?
Alfredo Rafael Restrepo Guevara
Alfredo Rafael Restrepo Guevara:
I want to see jack
Diego Serrano Sánchez
Diego Serrano Sánchez:
WTF Bill the kid strikes again
Most wanted jack marston wanted for shooting rufus
Weeaboo Annihilator
Weeaboo Annihilator:
Stay safe