Redmi Note 11 Series Global Launch

LIVE NOW! Watch the global debut of #RedmiNote11Series! #RiseToTheChallenge

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Glauber Marciel Santos
Glauber Marciel Santos:
I see many reports that MIUI 13 came with almost no new features, but we have to remember that the MIUI team itself made a poll of what Xiaomi consumers wanted most and the vast majority voted for bug fixes and crashes, fluidity and great performance in the processor. so they delivered everything they wanted in MIUI 13. be more grateful!

Rest assured, new features have slowly arrived in future updates.
Syed Umair Rasheed Vlogs
Syed Umair Rasheed Vlogs:
Xiaomi needs to improve their software and camera on previous models through an update
Chromwell A
Chromwell A:
14:01 video start.
44:10 event start.
1:41:40 event ends.
Suryadi WP
Suryadi WP:
No deal breaker (5G and design )redmi note 10 pro still the best 👍
Vaydin Robov
Vaydin Robov:
Great job guys. Impressive!
Shaan Abbassi
Shaan Abbassi:
I m so excited waiting this phone 📱 it’s supper brilliant mind blowing plzz coming soon
I hope some features on miui 13 China will be seen on miui 13 global soon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gorengan Lento
Gorengan Lento:
It's been a long time the Indonesian version of Note 10 Pro hasn't been updated

the smartphone is good but not supported by good software
Souradip Maiti
Souradip Maiti:
Apart from the performance Snapdragon 732G's ISP is better than 695's, 732G supports upto 192MP whereas 695 supports 108MP, for photography Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max is still better. 732G's AI (Hexagon 688) is better than 695 (Hexagon 686).
732G can capture slow-mo in [email protected] and [email protected] where 695 can capture [email protected] 732G can play [email protected] where 695 can [email protected]!
wee chong
wee chong:
Does the 5g come with wireless charging?
Rocks D Xebec
Rocks D Xebec:
#XiaomiForever ❤️❤️❤️
Syed Umair Rasheed Vlogs
Syed Umair Rasheed Vlogs:
Waiting for MIUI 13 android 12 update on Xiaomi Redmi 9 Global
John Peter
John Peter:
So does the Poco f3 get an update or no ?
Syed Umair Rasheed Vlogs
Syed Umair Rasheed Vlogs:
Waiting for MIUI 13 android 12 update on Xiaomi Redmi 9 Global
Jai une question quand est ce que sort le xiaomi redmi note 11 pro car il n'est pas encore en vente sur le site xiaomi ?
Kuncung Cuk
Kuncung Cuk:
Is it android 12 out of the box?
Or just get miui 13 with next feature eliminate,like redmi note 7 feature split screen etc...
so the price in india can be
redmi note 11 - 13k to 14k for the base variant
redmi note 11s - 17k to 18k for base variant

the only real difference between note 11 and note 11s will be the fact there is a 108mp cam in note 11s and there are 1 special color for both of them
both of them have samoled + 90hz display , 5000mpr battery , 33w fast charge and a side mounted fingerprint senser

the note 11 pro and pro 5g both have a 5000mpr battery with 67 watt fast charge and the same 108mp camara with a better 120hz samoled display

note 11 pro would be around the 25k price in india
Xiaomi is the Future
casual hacks
casual hacks:
So when will note 11 start to sell exactly?
Arif yes ehehehehhe wahahahahha
Arif yes ehehehehhe wahahahahha:
Another MediaTek Helio G series! It reminds me of Redmi Note 8 Pro (MediaTek Helio G90T), the best midrange phone in 2019!
Happy Snail
Happy Snail:
Wow cool I can wait 😀
Overprice, just upgrade chipset and charger from redmi note 10

The disadvantages from redmi note 11
1. Chipset Downgrade from MTK D 920
2. Design Downgrade, I very like purple color but why global version change it
The camera module too I don't like global version
3. No JBL audio certification
4. No IP Rating? Redmi note 10 Pro has IP 53
5. The price I think for Snapdragon 695 Why 329$ for 6+128 GB
Vishmitha Sivasinghe
Vishmitha Sivasinghe:
Hey any chance we will see a phot 1 inch sensor with 108mp camera and with Dimenisty 9000 mediated chip
Glauber Marciel Santos
Glauber Marciel Santos:
I must confess that the Redmi Note 11 family seems to have regressed compared to the Redmi Note 10. There is definitely no way these new smartphones will please the public, as they are practically inferior to the predecessor.
I read an article that Xiaomi is taking on apple now with live or die motto. Yes ,let's challenge apple 🍎!
Anil Saini
Anil Saini:
Just ordered my samsung phone. Done with miui once for and all. It's very cheap of Xiaomi to rebrand miui12.5 as miui 13 global.
Hasan Hüseyin Ordu
Hasan Hüseyin Ordu:
Redmi pişmanlıktır Mi serisi bir Xiaomi kullanmıyorsan kısa zamanda sorunlar oluşacaktır.
dilip kk
dilip kk:
When will MI 12x launch in India?
When is launching redmi note 11 ultra 5g ..?
I am so excited ❤️❤️.

Reymond Ortega
Reymond Ortega:
Wasted 3 months of wait due to the slick design and upgraded on everything. Yet the CN version or even the Note 10 Pro without 5G is still superior.
P M:
2 years! And MI Scale 2 do not work in Samsung Health APP! That's is incredible!
I love my Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE <3 :D
Mohomed Rihan
Mohomed Rihan:
*So? Is There Any Major Improvement Over Redmi Note 10 Pro?*
*I Think Not. Only Difference Is 67W Vs 33W*
*No Any Reason To Upgrade Over Redmi Note 10 Pro* 😑
Boris Blagojevic
Boris Blagojevic:
First Nokia disappointed me after great Nokia 6.1 2018 now Xiaomi Redmi and tomorrow Samsung Galaxy too.
Kaka Biotas
Kaka Biotas:
Saya 😍 xiaomi
Lesland1 YT
Lesland1 YT:
Xiaomi is the best but MIUI 13 has no new features please Xiaomi add features
Glauber Marciel Santos
Glauber Marciel Santos:
I feel extremely frustrated to have left the Redmi family to go to POCO, given that the POCO team doesn't value their smartphones at all. updates... the promised POCO UI... POCO Launcher... honestly, I feel abandoned for not having any related news!

I use Poco x3 PRO (8GB/256GB)
Bahari Oktafian
Bahari Oktafian:
So, Redmi note 11 can only record video at maximum 1080p 30fps. Even Redmi note 8 can do better than that.
Michael Grierson
Michael Grierson:
When will miui13 come to my Xiaomi Mi 11
Boris Blagojevic
Boris Blagojevic:
Bring back Snapdragon 732G from mine Redmi Note 10 PRO and drop the Helios G96 and Snapdragon 695 to the Lowest budget class for Android Go smartphones
Fish Are Friends
Fish Are Friends:
It’s so powerful… you left the headphone jack out
Reymond Ortega
Reymond Ortega:
All Hail CN version of REDMI NOTE 11 PRO.
Torah Man
Torah Man:
What about this 11 series Networking Communication capabilities?
Redmi note 10S (Helio g95) and redmi note 11 pro (Helio g96). Bad improvement because redmi note 10 pro much better with Snapdragon 732G
They pulled an Apple with that charger in the box
Rahaf Aledlbi
Rahaf Aledlbi:
Sandeep Dwivedi
Sandeep Dwivedi:
Please Xiaomi don't add these 2 MP cameras and shift selfie camera to corner from center
Thank you
Oh well, What a disappointment from Redmi Note 11 series. I was waiting for this phone to release in public but all I got was just total disappointment, I waited for nothing😓
Yaswanth Yash
Yaswanth Yash:
When it will release in india waiting to buy this mobile ❤️❤️
Andy John Musni
Andy John Musni:
when is the release of Xiaomi 11 Ultra in the Philippines ?
Rahaf Aledlbi
Rahaf Aledlbi:
Can't rise to the challenge with those underweming processors
Does the proximity sensor finally work?
Does the screen turn off during a call by placing the smartphone to your cheek?
For these problems I no longer use Xiaomi now I use Oppo & Vivo with no proximity sensor problem.
An Kurizu
An Kurizu:
Yooo WTF, note series always have good reputation, and now? What u have done. This note 11 series make us disappointed. I thought it was dimensity 920, but in fact is sd695 and helio g96 WTFFFF. Downgrade, BIG NO from me. U got dislike from me sorry :), i'll wait for note 12 series
Hemant Vengurlekar
Hemant Vengurlekar:
Give all miui13 features globally
Ata 2022 02
Ata 2022 02:
Perfect Xiaomi
roronoa zoro
roronoa zoro:
Redmi note 10 5g = dimensity 700
Redmi note 11 = Snapdragon 680

Misael Lim
Misael Lim:
Not as satisfying as I thought it would be. Only 67 watt and 5G features, thats all and the design tho (imo) . I'll stick with my current RN 10 Pro, it will last 1 or 2 more years.
Tamil Aruvi
Tamil Aruvi:
I Love My Redmi note 10 pro 💕
Miabonus Gulliver
Miabonus Gulliver:
Redmi 8 NOTE PRO 6/128 GB (from 2020), EU Slovakia
Kendrick Acosta
Kendrick Acosta:
so which is better? helio g96 or snapdragon 680?
Shahid Khan
Shahid Khan:
In Pakistan, launch it in 30k range or else infinix note 11 would have no competitor.
The price is good for this Features
Lito Reglos
Lito Reglos:
When was the update my Redmi Note 10 5G Global Version.
For Anyone Who Cares
For Anyone Who Cares:
Snapdragon 600+ and still no 256gb variant? Men. That's the only true disappointment in this series imo.
Una pregunta el readmi note 10s va recibir la actualización de miui 13?
SD695, SD680 and G96 LOL LOL LOL
Xiaomi is lovely but they have been disappointing lately.
Don Mohamed Aslam
Don Mohamed Aslam:
Please update for resmi note 7s
Krishna Agarwal
Krishna Agarwal:
Why dont you guys give option of 256gb storage variant
but does it JBL Tuned how chinese version is ?
하은 Ha-eun
하은 Ha-eun:
I've waited so long but the price is :<<< I think it's better to get redmi note 10 pro than this one. The only downgrade there is it's not 5g. THE 11 NOTE SERIES HAVE NO 4k and 60 fps for vid and from 5 telemacro to 2 macro? HUHUHUH XIAOMI :((((
Michael Osuofia
Michael Osuofia:
I fucking need that phone
Daniel C
Daniel C:
Xiaomi es la mejor. Tengo un Note 9 Pro y lo voy a cambiar por este Redmi 11
Alex Angeles
Alex Angeles:
Very disappointed, will stay with my Redmi Note 5 (still very good) and rather wait for the Redmi Note 12, next year.....
vaishnav kumar
vaishnav kumar:
All new flat frames😱
Dont worry just another copy from apple's by Xiaomi
Ian edhson Nagac
Ian edhson Nagac:
Very disappointed i expect in redmi note 11 pro pricw range 15k but its not and the design in chinarom its very different
Nahpets Android Gameplays
Nahpets Android Gameplays:
Does it come with MIUI 13?
Karuna Narzary
Karuna Narzary:
Everything is good except the redmi note 11pro 5g because of it's processor why not use mediatek dimensity i know sd695 is but it's not better
DOR InoRI123
DOR InoRI123:
LOL, such discrimination compared to china version with dimensity 920 5g clearly it's a downgraded and overpriced item, compared to last gen global version there was no upgrade except for charging speed, better wait for realme instead, nowadays at least come with snapdragon 7xx or dimensity 9xx lar damn
You should give software update to all correct
نفسي اكسب مره معاكم وتكون التليفون الريدمي نوت١١ برو
انا تابعت البث علي الفيس وكان تحفه الموبايل فظيع وإمكانيات جباره يارب اكسبه
miui 13 took them so long because they were testing for 36 months xd
disappointed xiaomi global,i think realme is the best now
I Buy this phone 😉😉😀😃😃😍😍
Waiting the xiaomi 12 👌
Good thing the China-only Note 11 Pro+ is coming to the global market, screw this downgrade and wait for the China Note 11 to come in or stick to the Note 10 Pro, just like mine
Daniel Michael
Daniel Michael:
Note 11 pro plus no sell?
Nomaan Ahsan
Nomaan Ahsan:
Day By Day Xiaomi Decreased There Phones Earphone Volume. Nowaday Xiaomi Not For Music Lovers. I'm a Music Lover & i Never Buy Xiaomi Phones Again.
Falcon Sy
Falcon Sy:
why you change the prosesor of redmi not 11 pro
in global version
Mohammad Gofur
Mohammad Gofur:
why not use Dimensity 920 I really doubt 695
Zoltan Debreceni
Zoltan Debreceni:
Where can I buy
Manza tech
Manza tech:
Guys tell me xiaomi 11i 5g vs redmi note 11 pro 5g which is best?
My opinion xiaomi 11i
Hahaha , ' one more thing ' , then he talked about the charging brick which apple doesn't include nowdays ....that's slickybajd subtle
SCP 0460
SCP 0460:
I expected better
kd tushabe roland
kd tushabe roland:
These guys are joking, without dimensity 920 I can't buy. Period
Martinez Barrios Victor Manuel
Martinez Barrios Victor Manuel:
When will the poco f3 update to miui 13?
This kid can really talk ....sounds like the apple presenter ...he's got great future
Why removed 60fps😭😭😭
Daniel C
Daniel C:
MIUI 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!