Resident Evil 4 Playthrough | Resident Evil Village Connections & Discussion

Looking for connections between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Vilage

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Shadow King
Shadow King:
Where's Barry I enjoyed watching your stream.
Majed Almehamdi
Majed Almehamdi:
Such a good game. never get old
I love Barry, but after RE Village comes out, he is going to disappear on us. He did it with RE7, RE2 REMAKE, and RE3 REMAKE.
Shadow King
Shadow King:
It was fun.
Saiyan In Disguise
Saiyan In Disguise:
I would just say face it ever since the first person Resident Evil came out the third person Resident Evil died and so did my playing of the game
1. Watching every SECOND to support you because your RE sh*t is AWESOME!!!!

2. SOOO agree with your RE2 vs RE3 remake thoughts! First one besides me to say that. RE2 was fun to play, but the memories and replayability and not there. Exact opposite for RE3. I got annoyed when I first played it, but then I wanted more and more and my memories one of the best of all the best along with RE7.
Bruh Frog
Bruh Frog:
I like your content but I have to call cheating on this one. Too easy to do on a new run-through if you know the game. Not angry, just disappointed...