RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD

RESIDENT EVIL 8 Official Trailer (2021) Resident Evil Village Game HD
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Alphonse Elric x May Chang
Alphonse Elric x May Chang:
Chris: Kills Mia
Ethan: "Why!?"
Chris: "Because there are already too many characters in this franchise."
Dominic Yenchay
Dominic Yenchay:
My cousin told me Chris is evil now, I said I'd be evil too if I went through that many character remodels
Maximus Lee
Maximus Lee:
Ethan: "WHY!?"
Chris: "I need you to continue the Redfield bloodline."
green boy
green boy:
Ethan: WHY
Chris: cat ran across keyboard sry
Jack Baker (2017): "Welcome to the family, Son"

Chris Redfield (2021): "I'm taking away your family, Son"
This is Roberry
This is Roberry:
Chris: kills mia
Ethan: why!!??
Chris: " hey so my sister is kinda hot.."
I don’t think whoever Chris is shooting is actually Mia. If it is, she isn’t the Mia that we — and Ethan — knew. If you have your quality up on 1080p, then pause right when Chris delivers that first shot, you can see by the face that whoever that is on the floor isn’t a regular human. They’re mutated. Plus, you can look in the background and see signs of repeated struggles (broken TV, for example). So, I’m assuming Chris showed up to save Ethan from whatever attacked him, whether it be some random monster or if it’s actually Mia.

I really can’t see him going all dark side, after everything he’s been through. He’s clearly dedicated to eliminating any bioterrorist threats, so for whatever reason Chris is there, we can pretty much safely assume that it’s for a good reason.
Lebrun Jemz
Lebrun Jemz:
mia: *exists*
chris: so anyway i started blasting
Promise Land DY
Promise Land DY:
Ethan: "WHY!?"
Chris: "Sorry, I though you prefer Zoe"
Roger Campo
Roger Campo:
My boy Chris so strong the pistol has no recoil.
I love Ethan so much. His character feels like someone wrote RE fanfiction and did a self-insert. They just created a random OC whose just a normal guy but gets sucked into dangerous world of umbrella and STARS, turns out to be a total badass, and becomes best friends with all the faves.
"Because Leon said no"
Hellrazor Television
Hellrazor Television:
Resident Evil: Castlevania.
Dawson Ragan
Dawson Ragan:
So the developers said Leon is returning,
Sooo, where is he??
Better fricken not be babysitting Ashley again...
anuvis spartan
anuvis spartan:
resident evil: operation van hellsing
Chris: kills Mia
Ethan: "Why!?".
Chris: "Sorry Ethan. My bloodline needs you more"
AreYouNormalBass aka gracemythchild
AreYouNormalBass aka gracemythchild:
Getting a lot of RE4 and Outlast 2 vibes here. Definitely going to be a (potentially demon) child/baby/foetus plot point if that Outlast 2 vibe and the creepy symbols in this trailer are anything to go by. Those castle areas also look GORGEOUS. Hope this is good, the hype is definitely going to be pushing up expectations and pressure.
Chris Redfield: "Yeah I killed Wesker, what about it?"
Also Chris Redfield: "Low Key? Man had a nice wardrobe."
Spoilery for RE7: So this might be Chris executing Mia...and Ethan is asking why...What do you mean WHY? Ethan, your wife worked for an evil group that killed people and created world-ending bioweapons. She was tasked with guarding one one and refused its cry for love and attention in the same way Frankenstein rejected his creation. Mia was very complicit in all of the deaths that resulted from the RE7 bioweapon breaking loose. And she presented herself to her husband as a dizty professional babysitter.
Why kill Mia? That's like asking "why kill Mengele?" Mia was an ANTAGONIST in RE7, but the tone-deaf storytellers at Capcom made choosing her the GOOD ending for some dumb reason. If this is Mia who Chris is executing, maybe this is the reckoning that never caught up with her in RE7. Mia had a hand in crimes against humanity. Slap some sunglasses on her and she could become a new Wesker. Also, when did Chris become all frumpy looking?
Bruce HC
Bruce HC:
Chris: *kills Mia*

Ethan: "why".

Chris: "listen Ethan, theres this hot chick I know that you would totally be into".
i love how chris just casually apologizes for BRUTALLY MURDERING ETHAN'S WIFE LMAOOOO
Gerald Rivera
Gerald Rivera:
Ya'll why does Resident Evil don't give us our girls back
I wanna know how Jill is right now
deformed pickles
deformed pickles:
Ethan: WHY!?
Chris: because this format was overused
Rae Shimomoto
Rae Shimomoto:
Possibilities why Chris kills Mia.
1.) Not the real Mia
2.) Not the real Chris.
Gregory Retzepis
Gregory Retzepis:
Chris looks much better than he did in RE7. He actually looks like Chris again.
Ethan: WHY!!?

Chris: Simp
Biohazard series change the entire RE franchises. The evolution of this game is crazy. Sure, it's a horror game but damn, did it grow scarier or was it just my imagination? I got a glimpse of Outlast's brutality here.
Nyzl Hans
Nyzl Hans:
Mia & Ethan : Chillin floor gang.
Chris: Ceiling gang - go bang! bang!
Sadad Erlangga
Sadad Erlangga:
Can't wait for My Shogun CoryxKenshin to play this game, he gonna break those freak's ankles!
Martin Tan
Martin Tan:
Village: Gets an outbreak.

Alright Leon, you’re up.
Pollo Legs
Pollo Legs:
I was waiting for the, “is that all stranger?”
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic:
If there isn't boulder-punching in this game, i'm not buying it
Cheesy Little Kid
Cheesy Little Kid:
This game is going to be one of the best in the series I’m calling it now
Inês M. Serôdio
Inês M. Serôdio:
Re7 developers: " Let's skinny the hell outta Redfield so they forget this guy ever punched a boulder. Let's place bets on how long 'till they think it's not real Chris."
Re8 developers :" soooo,they did not forget. BOULDER PUNCHING SKILL RESTORED. "
*Chris shoots mia*
Ethan: Why?!
Chris: I need you to continue the redfield lineage
Nehemiah Pouncey
Nehemiah Pouncey:
You live long enough to be a hero
Or to see yourself become a villian.
Sebas Rodriguez
Sebas Rodriguez:
Ethan: Why?!
Chris: Rise and shine Mr Ethan, rise and shine.
Ethan so agitated when he had shot Mia on her head more than 5x himself back in RE7 😂👌
Jhomel Dela Cruz
Jhomel Dela Cruz:
They just can't decide how to make Chris look like can they..
1:03 shoots pointblank but somehow misses
Let’s Talk About
Let’s Talk About:
“Chris the thots exterminator”
Cdaz Laboratory
Cdaz Laboratory:
Christ : Ethan I want you to continue Redfield bloodline.
Ethan : wtf I already have a wife.
Christ : (Shoot Mia) Not anymore.
JaCynthia Sanders
JaCynthia Sanders:
Chris: *Kills Mia.*
Ethan: “WHY!!”
ospray 101
ospray 101:
2:34 whoa there ethan, that's a lot of emotion you're putting there
random ytps
random ytps:
Chris:kills Mia
Chris:cause we are starting a new game
Nick Hebert
Nick Hebert:
The new Chris looks like Stevan Segal must’ve mastered all the martial arts now
Paige Sweetland
Paige Sweetland:
I wonder how claire, leon, and jill are doing
Does Someone Notice That There's Someone Opens The Door In 2:37 - 2:40 in the Left corner at that door?
Kojin MacJorn
Kojin MacJorn:
:58 - 1:04

...He just took a shot to the face. Dude literally champed that Shotgun blast. He didn't even REACT.
Thomas Dehetre
Thomas Dehetre:
Just off first impression it looked like they took resident evil 4 and 7 and made a baby
mr 9000
mr 9000:
Now i know why does chris kills mia . Cuz leon wont be with claire to save redfield bloodline and chris turns on ethan
Mr Mechaizer
Mr Mechaizer:
RE8: *is on ps5*
Me: *got new ps4 few months*
sony: "Got somethin' that might interest ya'!"
baffle gaming
baffle gaming:
But the question is where is zoe
Bye-Bye Zombies :"(
Hylian Nintendard
Hylian Nintendard:
Too early to judge gameplay, but I'm getting RE 4 vibes from the environment.
i was finally happy that chris looks normal in RES7 and now he lookes stupid wtf
Over 20 years later they still don't know how to make normal human dialogue
Gunner Randall
Gunner Randall:
This is the same Ethan from 7 right plus I like how they goin the first person route again
I'm going to be very disappointed if there's not a final confrontation between Chris and Leon at the end... in a volcano... with Star Wars music and boulder-punching... over whether Leon's going to impregnate Claire to save Chris's bloodline because she's about to go through menopause.
Nathan Duprat
Nathan Duprat:
I can feel the spirit of Resident Evil 4 in this!
David Jaime
David Jaime:
goddammit well there goes all my efforts from RE7
Just Some Guy With MLG Glasses
Just Some Guy With MLG Glasses:
*Chris my boi is becoming a villain*

*Would love to see him punch a boulder once more*
Treller resident 8 very much intrigued especially at the end when MIA was shot from resident 7 a sad Start to the game!
Tayzor Azul
Tayzor Azul:
Game takes place in Romania, in the country of Hunedoara, that castle is castle Corvinus. Finally my country gets some acknowledgement. Can't wait !
Due to how amazing the resident evil 7 intro music was i am desperately hoping the intro music in this game will be just as good
Xavier Doe
Xavier Doe:
RE9 will have Vampires and it will be called RE9: Underworld.
2:07 I didn’t know Ardyn was in this game!
Spawn Br
Spawn Br:
just my impression or this Resident Evil is looking like Outlast?
Ayen Marquez
Ayen Marquez:
The way Ethan said Chris sounded like he was about to say “Is that a weed? I’m calling the police!”
JayR 44
JayR 44:
Me: why did you made chris evil
Franchise: chris who?
interesting enough if you watch in 4K and up the brightness it would seem Mia's eyes are glowing yellow which could mean she was transforming into something. She also already had a wound on her right shoulder and Ethan's on the ground which leads me to believe there was a struggle with Mia and Ethan. Somehow i feel that giving Mia the serum in RE 7 didn't save her it just prolonged the inevitable. just my 3.50
Kei From Insta
Kei From Insta:
Ethan : WHY?
Chris : You should've picked Zoe
2:02 Did anyone notice this ?
its massive spoiler my brothers

Alex wesker controlles moria,claire,natalia this is why chris is on the run
Anti soviet behaviour
Anti soviet behaviour:
So even if you get the bad ending in RE7, where Mia dies, she will still be magicaly alive in RE8
Patrick Arinden
Patrick Arinden:
I love the RE series but I’m only going to say this once:

Please don’t be another 5-7 hour game.
Outlast 3 comfirmed
Mr. Hendo
Mr. Hendo:
Ethan: what was that? Werewolves, a wendigo, Vampires!

Chris: Worse... *Boulders*
Arif Marker
Arif Marker:
This is unbelievable I'm too excited for this
Chris: oops
Someadam 666
Someadam 666:
Watching this everyday
Owen Grant
Owen Grant:
This looks just like Resident evil 4
"Sorry Ethan, but you're coming with me. We're looking for a man named Leon S. Kennedy."
Resident evil?
Seems cool but it is not a resident evil.
Cookie Snugglez
Cookie Snugglez:
While I'm happy Ethan is returning I'm kinda sad that he's gotta go through more shit
Jordan Milligan
Jordan Milligan:
I’m super hyped for this, ya the RE remakes were good but I’ve been waiting to see the continuation of Ethans story for forever, and now we finally get to see it!
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin:
Chris: * Kill's Mia *
Ethan: WHY?!
Chris: if she breathes, SHE'S A THOOOT!
Guys I have a theory tell me what you think me and my friends believe it

So in re4 there is a village you first go to and what's the game called? Village.

And the guy with the glasses in the trailer looks like he could be the merchant

And both re4 and re8 are in Europe!

So what if the game will be somewhere in or near the of village?

Will it have the merchant?

Will it all connect?
How many christ vers
Capcom: YES
I hope they have 3rd person for this game.
Bruh Momment
Bruh Momment:
so you telling me i've went through madhouse getting infinite ammo going through all that pain just for mia to die in re8
Chris: Sorry Ethan. But the Redfield Lineage most continue.
Ethan: ..... WoohhHHAAyyyyiiii!!!!!???
humble humble
humble humble:
hopefully there's another outbreak char cameo again, like alyssa in 7

i prefer yoko or kevin
Antonio Caldera
Antonio Caldera:
2:04 giant hammer man YEA!!
AXEMAN: am i a joke to you?.........
Fabrice Vliese
Fabrice Vliese:
From zombies to evil looking aliens..
What's next
How nice to see that the Resident evil now is Silent Hill... Really?
Imagine if the whole game is about the merchant in RE4
Mathieu Thériault
Mathieu Thériault:
I hope that one doesn’t “last jedi” it!!
Dante Hellsing
Dante Hellsing:
2:07 featuring Dante from dmc