Resident Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

Umbrella Corporation is going to change the world 🙂 Based on the horror franchise, Resident Evil and the T-virus arrives at Netflix, July 14th.


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Resident Evil | Official Trailer | Netflix

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It's actually remarkable how many studios and companies try to make a Resident Evil thing, refuse to just copy the game, end up with a poorly received flop and then do it all over again. Real talk.
This was just the show I was looking for, Based of Resident Evil franchise but focused on the relationship of 2 teenage girls. Who wants to see zombies and mutants when you can watch teenage girls crying for 60 minutes as every adult seems powerless to do anything to control them. Umbrella is also amazing in this show they spend billions on a facility but are to cheep to have a guy watching the main entrance to the building at night, this makes perfect sense. I just can't wait for season 2 where they double down on it.
Travis True
Travis True:
My favorite part was when Blade showed up and said “Why Some motherf#%^s are always trying to ice skate uphill” and then bladed all over them…gave me chills
Amy in Alaska
Amy in Alaska:
Just finished episode 6. And I was so very much rooting for the main character to die. EVERYTHING about her is designed to infuriate. She brings death to everyone around her. She CONTINUALLY makes the absolute worst, dumbest decisions and choices, time after time. Both the younger version and the older one-both are terrible.
D P:
Thank you Netflix, you won me a $20 bet.
That this would be horrible.
When can we have people that actually played the game make these shows/movies?
Azarudeen M
Azarudeen M:
Jade's role is literally letting others getting killed for her. She killed almost 100 people in this series. 🤣
Liyah Cooper
Liyah Cooper:
I really thought we were finally moving in the right direction, what with the release of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which, while not without fault, was actually pretty spot on story wise. But clearly I was mistaken. I literally have no words. I mean, why couldn’t they just make a thing about Jake? You know, Wesker’s canon badass son? Who is actually likable? They could’ve really fleshed out his character and storyline. Maybe give us something with him and Sherry. Instead they gave us his woke, bargain brand, gender swapped alternate: Jade...🤦🏽‍♀️ Not gonna lie, I honestly preferred Alice, and that’s saying something.
I really hope and wait for that well-chacarterized role, the one we all played since Resident Evil 0.
Bryan Villafuerte
Bryan Villafuerte:
Thanks for letting us see that the 2002 Resident Evil movie is a masterpiece.
I just want the OG stories of Jill, Chris, Wesker, Claire, Ada, Leon, etc... is that so much to ask for?

Edit: 2 months later and it's already been canceled... Shocker.
Netflix CEO: Alright people, we need to urgently fix this new original series we just made. It's totally tanking with the test audiences and we're one month away from the deadline!

Worker: (Jokingly) Well shit man, we could like, **Hits Blunt** make some half-assed changes in post and say it's like, a resident evil show or something. **Coughs**

CEO: Goodness, what an amazing idea! I'll contact the VFX team right away! You deserve a raise, mister!

Worker: Wait, sir, I was jok-

CEO: Meetings over, everyone! You can go back to your workplaces now.
Mr Yellow
Mr Yellow:
I am genuinely happy and emotionally relieved, hearing that this abomination was cancelled.
I keep seeing different reasons why people say the series has bombed. I think of all the things that made the games great that the series is missing the most is the atmosphere.

I'm sure bring it into more of a post-apocalyptic thing as opposed to more of a survival horror mystery was a bad move. But that goes back to a mistake about atmosphere. If they focused on a good resident evil atmosphere first then the situations, locations, and story would have to conform to it.
Wow, the Milla Jovovich movies are god damn masterpieces by comparison
Renegade Media Group
Renegade Media Group:
Where can I go to pay in order for this to NOT be made?
Tommy Egan
Tommy Egan:
One of the best series I've watched in a very long time. A fresh take on the Resident Evil universe. The two timelines of future and past felt a bit weird at the start but everything came together in the end. The Wesker character is the most badass character of the show despite his small appearance.
this feels way more than "point the gun and boom headshot" in ways that feel plugged into the game franchise's sensibilities... i like it
Damian Dennis
Damian Dennis:
One of my favorite movies 🍿
Kris Jai
Kris Jai:
Resident Evil has a fantastic story and characters that EVERY SINGLE COMPANY that has "adapted" it in some way just chooses to ignore and makes crap up instead. And every time it fails. And they keep doing it. It's infuriating.
All I want is the actual Resident Evil..A proper horror film
Sam Konkel
Sam Konkel:
I think I have an idea on how to make a good Resident Evil live-action adaptation:

1. People from Capcom become executive producers, give out tests to the potential staff and actors, and hire the ones who at least get a 95% or higher.
2. Make it part of a Capcom-style shared universe that could potentially crossover with the MCU and make a Marvel vs. Capcom adaptation.

But who am I to suggest that? I'm not a filmmaker, nor a real fan of the series.
Alain Marceux
Alain Marceux:
As huge RE fan. Loved the idea of a whole new characters in this great series, i was really bored of the same characters (chris, ada, clair, leon.. Bla bla bla)..
Thank you Netflex for this lefendary show, I've enjoyed it so much.. Didn't like the cast though, most of them suck..
Except the beautifull (Paola Nunez)..
Snow Eagle
Snow Eagle:
I was just watching the final episode (yes i did manage to suffer through 7 episodes of garbage) and i watched jade jump on to the rope as the boat left, the overdramatic nature of it all with them collapsing onboard just left me stunned and dead inside to the point i paused and made this comment. Goddamit this sucks sweaty balls.
Quandale Dingle
Quandale Dingle:
Just like Morbius, I can say that Netflix's Resident Evil is the most series ever.
ihatepeanutbutter :
RE Fans: we just want the solid story from the games.

Netflix: what games.?
Itsyaboi Soup
Itsyaboi Soup:
when we said we wanted a resident evil show we should've been more specific, what we should have said was we want a resident evil show that focuses on the characters from the game and that is actually written and produced by directors/producers that are fans of the games. heck even resident evil 2 and 3 remake had a better story to it and the characters were likeable. I say just leave it to the games.
God Of The Multiverse
God Of The Multiverse:
I actually really enjoyed this show
Rekoniz_my _skill
Rekoniz_my _skill:
Netflix: We need a Resident Evil show?

Producers: Scale from 1-10 how much should it suck?

Netflix: ......... Yes
Adelaide Kurtis
Adelaide Kurtis:
I think for people to appreciate this show is to be more focus on Umbrella corporation coz till now we don't to what extent this company has been in there ideology... THE SHOW FOR ME IS VERY GOOD AND IM WAITING FOR S2
Zebitas Martinex
Zebitas Martinex:
The moment a Resident Evil plot goes "the world ends" it stops being Resident Evil. It becomes another end of the world zombie flick of the bunch
Grand Marshal Zohar
Grand Marshal Zohar:
Real Resident Evil Fans: There is no way anyone can make anything worse than the Resident Evil Movies.

Netflix: Hold my beer
The Witch
The Witch:
Can't believe some people are saying "It shouldnt matter if Wesker is white or black." So then it shouldn't also matter if Ada Wong and Carlos are gonna be white...
players hub
players hub:
if only they could catch the atmosphere of the RE1 or RE2 game this series would be great, I tried to watch this without expectation of a RE fan. but damn lol
Netflix execs should watch a short called "Papers please" it's very well done, 100% faithful to the videogame with the same name. Thats how you adapt a videogame in to a show.
Gabriel Belmont
Gabriel Belmont:
I'm sorry for Rebecca, Sherry, Claire, Leon, Chris, Sheva, Jill, Barry, Jake, Helena, Ada, even for Ashley and Wesker. Not this time, guys... Not this time.
I loved the previous RE films (yes even though some ppl who play the games disagree). I used to watch it as a kid and liked it, after a few years i rewatched some clips cause i remembered suddenly that it existed lol. Then when i got announced this series is getting another adaptation, i was hyped! But then i see everyone trashing on it...
I usually hate people complaining about little changes from a book or from a game over to a TV series but this is just insulting to fans and the original creators that they are stealing fame from. It's like them saying "your to dumb to know what is good, you liked garbage this whole time this is what it should be." And then making there own show with a stolen name
skinny ll
skinny ll:
вескер ну прям одно лицо с оригиналом,молодцы ахахахаха
Silver Ghost
Silver Ghost:

There were a lot of plot points and moments that I felt were lacking in quality, but the part that really made me question this show's writing was when the protagonist (Jade) decided it would be a good idea to kidnap a zombie and smuggle it onto a ship packed with hundreds of people. The second scene that was really jarring was that odd "180 Dance recital" with Eve.
Sean Sean
Sean Sean:
Netflix bought a random zombie script, threw in a few "Umbrella" and "T-Virus" references, and slapped the "Resident Evil" label on it. God damn them.
Race swapping characters. Doesn't respect source material. Netflux adaptation. Pandering to woke culture. Yeah, this show is dead on arrival, and rightfully so. Let's get people who actually respect the source material and actually know what they're doing work on adaptations.
Paul Ryann Paqueo
Paul Ryann Paqueo:
I just want a Leon and Claire series
Netflix has reached the level of notoriety that whenever u see their logo you’ll know that 100% they gonna take a franchise and completely demolish it
Jade : It was you! You're the evil resident!

I'm in tears.
A S H E D:
I am touched by the insistence of all directors to ignore the original and under no circumstances make a film adaptation with ready-made material.
I remember watching the first RE trailer for the movie way back when it was going to be released in theaters. The trailer seemed faithful and interesting but the movie was crap with it's generic hollywood action and it just kept going downhill after that. Closest thing to a RE movie adaptation is 28 days later in my opinion.
Eleonora Bilokin
Eleonora Bilokin:
The ONLY good episode in this is when for 40 minutes of 1 hour episode they just solve resident evil puzzles!😂
Antonella Fonteñez
Antonella Fonteñez:
Residente evli Netflix 😍
This is my favorite part of the series:


That is all.
here's the problem with this show. The scariest part of all the resident evil games (excluding 6) was that the zombies or whatever other horrific enemies you were fighting were in a secluded area that you couldn't leave. When you make the zombies "take over the world", it becomes a universal problem that you're no longer alone in, a much less scarier plot.
Ian Templeton
Ian Templeton:
When will there ever be a good adaption to a Resident Evil game? 🤦‍♂️
Aruto Hiden
Aruto Hiden:
I don't expect to much at this show. I just enjoyed it a little bit, but not too much.
Andrej Hallder
Andrej Hallder:
"Alright team, what do we need to make a series sucessful?" - Oh I know what fans will love, how about we make our main lead by some blacks, preferably a female one, to show not only black lives matter but to show how strong and independent woman is so loved in cinematography, throw in some lesbians in there too and how about a few vegans? Perfection
Noah Fejeran
Noah Fejeran:
After surviving two episodes of this show, this makes me enjoy the Resident Evil movies with Milla Jovavich a lot more. Say what you will about those Resident Evil movies, at least they were entertaining and fun compared to this piece of crap show. Even Milla Jovavich carried this movies.
So when can we have a series or movie that actually follow the main cast from the video games. I'm positively 100% sure is what everyone who has played any of the RE games understand and agree on
Resident Wokery
Oh my gosh. Does that suck! Who needs this again? The games are cinematic on their own.
Roy Focker
Roy Focker:
хорошего в этом сериале только актер играющий Вескера и качество его игры ..
Can't the live action characters always be portrayed like what the fans're always used to, please? gosh
Hessin Hessin
Hessin Hessin:
One of the main reasons why arcane series was successful is because the story related to the original game ! So why they can't just do the same for this game too 💀
Balthazar Moriarty
Balthazar Moriarty:
Finally someone makes a movie that no one would ever want made by someone who has no understanding of the source material. Thank god we live in such exciting times. Otherwise we might be forced to sit through good storylines, developed characters and well thought out world design and other over-hashed out shit.
I’m trying it out this morning. I keep saying in my head, “please don’t be woke, please don’t be woke.”
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker:
I just finished the first season. I can say one thing to the games, go outside people. If you want something work on it!
Hating on this show just because you didn't get something that follows the main cast from the games is the equivalent of 4y olds who hate on a decent meal their mom prepared just because they didn't get ice cream for dinner. wtf?
Purple Pinetrees
Purple Pinetrees:
Wow just watched it, so incredible, it really shook me to my core when the main woman said "now this is what I call resident evil!"
Viveras Schweiz
Viveras Schweiz:
Very good made.. made me get again into Umbrella.. fan since resident Evil 1 game
SD Card
SD Card:
I sunk over 200 hours into Elden Ring, and I don’t regret a thing.
But I want my 2 minutes back.
I am begging someone to actually do resident evil some good for once, it doesn’t deserve this
freeze fm
freeze fm:
crazy how Netflix once was the definition of quality content without the tv cliche
they saw profit
they relaxed

Black Vito Unfiltered
Black Vito Unfiltered :
So eager for a second season many of Netflix series forget to finish the first... this is one of them...
Idk about y’all but it actually looks so good what
Sweeney Todd
Sweeney Todd:
Ironic. A movie about an evil company, by an evil company.
Just CJ
Just CJ:
the show itself so far (I'm only on like the 3rd or 4th episode) is really not the worst, like if it was a standalone show I wouldn't hate it. it's not groundbreaking but it's entertaining. But the shitty Easter eggs to tie it to resident evil make it cringe in some moments. It shouldn't shouldn't have been a resident evil show. It should have been its own thing and maybe it could have even led to more creativity being it's own thing. it's kinda cheesy too but yea
I'm confused. Why do shows have to copy the stories out of games? Can't it just be resident evil from another perspective? I don't understand the hate.
Ahmad Harouda
Ahmad Harouda:
I just finished watching this series.

It was horrible, it really took the resident evil franchise out of context.

BTW, have you gotten CAPCOM approval on this show? !
Netflix PLEASE don't make a second season. PLEASE.
Awesome, another middle finger to the essence of resident evil 👏
Dark Fun
Dark Fun:
My favorite part was when Alblack Wesker said "Stars"
The special effects looks awesome but the rotten tomatoes audience score is 27% and the rating on IMBD is 3,9, not to mention that there's 170 K dislikes compared to 59 K likes on this video, so I do not have any high hopes for this.
Terry Williams
Terry Williams:
I made it to the Raccoon City South Africa Reveal.
So 10 minutes in and done.
I'll stick to the games.
Noah Phoenix
Noah Phoenix:
10 seconds into this trailer is the furthest I will get in this series.
Priscila Linhares
Priscila Linhares:
what's so difficult in using the material/ story from the games and stop creating new characters when all we want is to see our beloved stars members on the screen? Why is it so difficult to understand? RE is not a generic zombie game. It has a story, it has characters that deserve better then being used as bait for fans to watch, they deserve to be the protagonists. They are iconic charactersm with their stories and their fans. Why is it so hard to honor them?
For those who don't have YouTube vanced (and can't see the thumbs down count):
58k likes to 160k dislikes

This show is woke trash.
Ricky Knight
Ricky Knight:
Guys and girls true fans of the series we must put our money together The grass roots way and do this resident evil series justice that way it will not be any hidden agendas because us as the fans we sponsor this no outside corporate people I thought it couldn’t get any worse after seeing that resident evil movie but after watching this they’re definitely taking a fresh hot shit on us fans that supported the games in the 90s without us it wouldn’t be any residence evil
Jahkelo Joseph
Jahkelo Joseph:
I hear so many people complain about the movies starring Milla Jovovich but they look like movie gold compared to this. I had to protect my eyesight and just turn off the TV after the rainbow caterpillar just stares at the a-hole jade for what feels like forever without doing anything.
Tia Maria
Tia Maria:
I had such high hopes for this series and I was expecting a good zombie show but they were hardly any zombies .they had a few action scenes but nothing to peak my interest. this series is such a disappointment. The zombie makeup and effects were done so cheaply. In the series one of the characters in the show that annoyed me so much is the character of Billie she was so irritating. I was trying to find something I liked about this series but I never did .😧☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
Rahman Ishtiaque Joy
Rahman Ishtiaque Joy:
"The T virus can make monsters."

Academy award winning dialogue right there
Laveyan Monk
Laveyan Monk:
Netflix dropped the ball on this one.
Anthony Cobetto
Anthony Cobetto:
First off as long as the dont getrid of the whole conspiracy theory that the government cause the outbreak i dont see a problem if they still have that same conspiracy theory in the original resident evil that government is out to control the mass by turning everyone into zombies it is a good movie.
Major Damage
Major Damage:
Why would the creators actually think they can take a long standing beloved dark sci fi apocalyptic zombie franchise, butcher it by making it nothing to do with what made it popular in the first place, shoe horn in a load of trite "woke" social and political commentary alongside the soppy "coming of age" trope, and actually expect the fans to like it?
Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares:
This series looks more terrifying than zombies
Kid Red
Kid Red:
"The T Virus can make monsters." That's Oscar-worthy writing right there.
K. Duelist
K. Duelist:
The WOKENESS of this series is above n' beyond.
This is Good News
This is Good News:
Emptying your wallet and burning everything inside would be a better show and use of money than anything Netflix could ever come up with.
Mister L
Mister L:
My favorite part of the series was when the last episode came out and I didn't have to watch anymore
Fab Garcia
Fab Garcia:
RE1 was set in 1996 this is a completely different timeline in the future. maybe they should have added that in the title like a sort of spinoff
Miles Quatermass
Miles Quatermass:
Considering that Capcom has finally put the Resident Evil series back in its rightful place as a beloved franchise, with the reinvention of the games starting with VII, and the stellar remakes of earlier games, it's a real shame that live action adaptions continue to fail so spectacularly. How difficult is it to give us a show set entirely in the Spencer Mansion, that somewhat follows the storyline of the original game? I'm sure it'd be cheaper, too. Even an adaption of VII or Village would be preferable to whatever this is meant to be. Really makes me dread what Netflix is going to do to Bioshock.
Resident Evil fans: "What the hell is this garbage?"

Me: "I can see how the fans are not wrong."
It would be of better interest to see the outbreak take place in raccoon city that has the characters from the outbreak game.
They just can't leave this movie alone. I've pretty much had enough of Resident Evil. We need something fresh
This makes the 2021 RE film look like a masterpiece...