Rest in peace "Anastasia Tropitsel" - Anastasia Zubrina ✝

18 year old Anastasia Zubrina died after a motorcycle accident in Bali
All the love for her family and friends ?

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Sally Clay
Sally Clay:
Sad! So young! She had her whole life ahead of her, Blessings and prayers to the family and all involvedl
Petra Fíziková
Petra Fíziková:
Young life...R.I.P.
fck fck
fck fck:
Rest in peace ❤️🙏
Beklagar sorgen 🙏❤️
rizky maheza
rizky maheza:
😭..Requiescat In Pace..🙏😇
yulia wiena
yulia wiena:
My deep condolence
Nelli Awerin
Nelli Awerin:
R. I. P 😢
Agung Prasetyo
Agung Prasetyo:
Sad :(
Anastazja Tropiciel?