Richard Branson reaches edge of space on Virgin Galactic flight

Sir Richard Branson, after nearly 17 years of Virgin Galactic development, achieved his dream and reached space on Sunday. The company's spacecraft VSS Unity launched above the skies of New Mexico on Sunday, with two pilots guiding the vehicle carrying the billionaire founder and three Virgin Galactic employees. Branson is the first of the billionaire space company founders to ride his own spacecraft.

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Brian Malik
Brian Malik:
Branson: "Wow, look at all those people down there, they look like ants from up here".
Launch Control: "They are ants Richard, you're still on the ground"
Friday Californiaa
Friday Californiaa:
One small peek into space, a giant hit to the wallet
Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis:
With so much media coverage, Richard Branson's PR team earned their pay today.
Dan Jakeway
Dan Jakeway:
My Dad did AHRS for the X-Prize years ago while living. There's the living dream, Dad, wherever you are in space and time.
P M:
Branson's billions still can't afford non-pixelated video 😆
Matt Clegg
Matt Clegg:
They literally did this in like 2014 don’t know why it’s getting more hype now
Jason Ayres
Jason Ayres:
"The rich get richer.
The poor get the picture(s)."
Laurent Penot
Laurent Penot:
beautiful pixelised moments 💗🤦🏼‍♂️
Gee purrs
Gee purrs:
One could also say he reached the edge of the Earth's atmosphere and NOT space. Seriously, this isn't outer space. This is inner space. And why should anyone even be excited? Unless of course we didn't really go to the moon
Mathew Omolo
Mathew Omolo:
it was never going to be as exciting as going to the ISS or the moon but its the only good chance that civilians with a lot of money have.
Logan5 Logan5
Logan5 Logan5:
If I were on that rocket I’d finally be able to explain myself in awkward social situations by stating “I’m a spaceman”.
a speedingdrunk
a speedingdrunk:
They can fly to space but can’t get a camera with even VHS quality.
Rick Fitness
Rick Fitness:
Imagine how much paperwork were signed in case the mission failed
Daniel Carlson
Daniel Carlson:
Ahh yes, the new billionaire hobby, go to space
sweet T
sweet T:
I have tears in my eyes ... I have such respect for this man, his progressive ideas and his sincerity spoken for all Virgin Employees. Now, this man knows what it’s like to be part of a winning team. I know, my father is an engineer for Virgin Galactic and he’s a winner in this game called Life...
Hes doing it for commercial flight so the average Joe's 1 day can possibly go up & see space something everyone would imagine... if it was higher everyone would have to be trained in specialized suits etc for Gs then once they got down it would take a long while to not feel wobbly... so give this billionaire some credit cuz our kids one day may go 2 space & it'll be cheaper & better design etc from here in the next decades. So I give this nan applause... this is all about commercial flight... in the future maybe he'll have a hotel in space that everyone on this flight can visit & doc then come back down this is only the beginning...
Josh Walls
Josh Walls:
Just love where we are headed now. Great to see this space exploration taking off again. I definitely loaded up on some shares low today. Hopefully they finish the offering and continue to grow this into the best. Loved seeing Elon and Branson partying together. Probably cooking something up. Expect to see great things ahead. Also congrats on Bezos also, but nowhere close to the other too yet. He's got the money though so he will be just fine. Get in low people. Future is bright for Virgin.
To quote David Bowie - Oh man look at those cavemen go... It's the freakiest show.
Ryan's Synthwave Guitar
Ryan's Synthwave Guitar:
The CNBC animation at the end looks like a rocket flying down and hitting the plane.
Titus Cato
Titus Cato:
I for one am very pleased. It’s been a long time coming. Good on everyone involved & the human race for their ingenuity & drive.
Going Nowhere.
Going Nowhere.:
Thanks for cutting co2 Richard . Lovely straight horizon .
Harry Pujols
Harry Pujols:
So that ship just goes to almost-space? It doesn’t look like it can handle exiting and re-entering orbit.
G R:
Virgin Galactic might be the preferred means of transportation for a vacation in space🌝.
Geoff Lloyd
Geoff Lloyd:
Well done, Sir Branson. Proud of your vision and success.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
MSM: "After nearly 17 years of Virgin Galactic development, Mr. Branson Reaches the Edge of space in his spacecraft!!..."

Reality: Some billionaire went for a ride in his private high altitude Jet
carlos tejada
carlos tejada:
Imagine to have this one lifetime opportunity to go up to space and wear shades to “see” the wonders of out space
Aaron Loos
Aaron Loos:
He didn't reach outer space. Outer space, at least for legal purposes, starts at 62 miles, he made it to 53 miles.
Martin Klnp
Martin Klnp:
Space starts from 100 , technically he was not in the space
Wayne Jackson
Wayne Jackson:
Roy Cuffee
Roy Cuffee:
Damn I’m not sure if I ever cared less about anything in my life!
Truly amazing work! Yes! 17 years! Yup! Preservation, hard work and dreams pay off
anton lavey
anton lavey:
I do recall space starting at around 360,000 feet!
Joe Blinded
Joe Blinded:
The X-15 was operated under several different scenarios, including attachment to a launch aircraft, drop, main engine start and acceleration, ballistic flight into thin​ upper atmosphere.
First flight: 8 June 1959. Birth of the television show, The Six Million Dollar Man.
Paul My Dikhov
Paul My Dikhov:
Congrats. We needed to start somewhere. Hopefully this will get better with dheaper an better rockets for future so more ppl can travel
McNeil Consumer Healthcare just announced their Tylenol brand pain relief pill has released a special edition super-duper extra-strength pill especially formulated for flat brainers. Will only will have limited production until July 20 when after the Bezos flight you only have one option left for your pain.
Julio Cezar
Julio Cezar:
- it's safe? I can go?
- yes you can Richard 👍😄😀😁😃
- ok, you guys go with me
- 😱😥🤯😲
747Heavy Boeing
747Heavy Boeing:
Congratulations Richard!
You did it mate.
Kumar Andisamy
Kumar Andisamy:
First step to built a starship. Hope in 100 years we can built something almost like star trek enterprise
Cheryl CHO2
Cheryl CHO2:
I have just got to be happy for this guy!
Chi K Tse
Chi K Tse:
An estimation of high between inner space & outer space. Succeed. Thank the team devoted their life to confirmed!
Chdlcc Chdlcc
Chdlcc Chdlcc:
When you are up there, take a good look at the planet you are harming with your greenhouse gas emissions. The ISS is advancing science, you are sightseeing.
Jepherson Nana Asare
Jepherson Nana Asare:
Well I was going to quit playing the lottery but this is a boost for me maybe sooner or later I’m going to win and become more richer so I can help as many people as possible.
dale linsey
dale linsey:
Sir Branson it would be more beneficial to put money into saving what we still have here on Earth.
We only have roughly 60 harvests left before the Entire Earth becomes a dessert. If the money is used wisely with the correct protocol we can reverse this process and create fertile earth again. Rich soil = healthy humans.
B K:
Good on you Sir Richard and crew, dare to dream shoot for the stars and beyond!
Yes. That’s how wealthy I’d like to be.
Flat earthers are really going to have a hard time keeping up with their explanations once more and more people start visiting space and seeing the round Earth for themselves
Bob Tahar
Bob Tahar:
Now this is the time those extremely rich flat earther can prove once and for all that the earth is flat...
nanamh skal
nanamh skal:
I just want to feel that experience for atleast a minute .
Kiriu Xeosa
Kiriu Xeosa:
With enough money you too can pay someone else to get you into space and feel like you contributed!
Imagine staying on ground behind your computer knowing that if you make or have made a mistake your boss and your workmates won't survive and you will lose your job in addition to that trauma. It must have been very tense.
Tatenda Chirwa
Tatenda Chirwa:
Wow!! After 17 years?? I’m never giving up on anything again ! Maybe there’s success in the end after all.
Wayne Lynch
Wayne Lynch:
Playboy Branson was thinking about the ''53 Mile High Club'' as he floated in Virgin Galactic w/hot chicks
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore:
Branson made it about as high as the 1944 v2 rockets
A. Alan Wrench
A. Alan Wrench:
Happy that Richard got to play dress up in space
Skull Leader X
Skull Leader X:
This is the second time Richard Branson went into space. The first time was in 2006 when he piloted the space plane superman rescued in the movie superman returns
Brian Cichon
Brian Cichon:
Congratulations on this flawless flight. So kool
Penny Stocks
Penny Stocks:
Well done for going to space and forgetting record any video of it.
JD Russell
JD Russell:
“Alexa, what do Bezos and Musk have in common? …They will always finish Second to Branson!” 🤣 🚀
william Quintero
william Quintero:
Congratulations on a job well done.👍
Livestream Livestream
Livestream Livestream:
What an amazing achievement ✨✨👋
I Love My brothers!!
I Love My brothers!!:
The thing about going to outer space is you must already open yourself to the fact that you might die while going there , while in there and upon going back no matter how safe it is they tell you..
Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks:
How perfectly god damed delightful it must be to be obscenely wealthy, and play spaceman, while billions are left here on Earth more precarious than ever! Thanks CNBC great job keeping us all informed on this "important ego inflation", nice propaganda, very distracting.
Maximus Primus
Maximus Primus:
I guess they technically went to “space,” but that’s like me saying I dove in the Pacific but just went to the beach for the day.
O S:
Good Job
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல்
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல்:
Coming here after finishing a playthrough of Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition.
Jarvo Davis
Jarvo Davis:
Publicity stunt for 2 minutes of weightlessness near orbit 💫
Xpeng Fangirl
Xpeng Fangirl:
was probably the usual fake, but good enough to keep the sheep happy = $$
Brenda Bush
Brenda Bush:
Wow! Truly awesome to see!
Raquel Castillo
Raquel Castillo:
I want to name my future baby Richard now ✨🛰🎧✨ he’s going to be The Pope though not an entrepreneur
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
They literally did this in like 2014 don’t know why it’s getting more hype now
Zerpwron ✔
Zerpwron ✔:
so awesome!!!!! Congratulations Sir Richard, Astronaut!!!!
Robbe Roberts
Robbe Roberts:
Now the Vulcans will make contact with Humans! Be ready for their arrival Richard Branson!
virtual villain
virtual villain:
17 years Richard imagine you spent 17 years feeding and clothing children instead of playing thunderbirds next time you go up I hope the whole thing incinetates.
Rolly SJ
Rolly SJ:
40,000 feet... So he didn't reach space but just made a high altitude flight within the earth's atmosphere, and not even close to the edge of the orbital space ?
The Mira
The Mira:
Good to see that he is doing something useful with the taxes we are not taking from him to support the community
Fex Gancia
Fex Gancia:
Lol space is bs. He didn't really go to space, more high altitude of anything. Couldn't get out of the dome
P Chris21
P Chris21:
Big deal, they did this in F9.
Well done sir congratulations for catching your dreams
treashurehunter 800
treashurehunter 800:
Went to space did a backflip and came back least you where flying something that looked pretty dam nice.your little micro bus looks neat.congratulations.😜⚔️🏴‍☠️🧐
Mbongo Ya Nguba
Mbongo Ya Nguba:
I wonder how the stock will react...
I'm convinced Richard Branson is an alien 👽 and is just trying to get back to his home planet
Umagi 3D
Umagi 3D:
Great. In an era of zero carbon emission targets, some rich dudes can afford to personally dump tons of nasty stuff in the atmosphere for their personal enjoyment. Disgusting.
Jason S.
Jason S.:
60 years ago, Yuri Gagarin of the USSR became the first human being in space when he travelled almost 200 miles high and orbited the Earth for an hour and a half. On Sunday, Richard Branson went a little bit more than 50 miles high where he experienced 4 minutes of weightlessness before coming back down to Earth without orbiting anything. The former was an achievement for humankind. The latter is just a bored billionaire boomer trying to remain relevant.
Lorraine Sherwin
Lorraine Sherwin:
Great sets ..
Congrats Richard Branson joining together to make space flight more possible in the future
T S:
Cmon Branson, Just contact the military and get some Element 115 and build a saucer, so you can fly with the Alien UFO's.
Besoz: "Hold my Beer ..."
Ricardo Guaderrama
Ricardo Guaderrama:
So, he basically got a bail out, which means that this was paid with tax payer money. Awesome, way to go humans.
Alexander Varona
Alexander Varona:
Another step closer to making Star Wars a reality
为念 黄
为念 黄:
Ed Pazikas
Ed Pazikas:
Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin  was a Soviet pilot from a poor family and became the first human to journey into outer space, achieving a major milestone in the Space Race; his capsule, Vostok 1, completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961.
60 years later comes a Billionaire
Tom Zart
Tom Zart:
FLIGHT -2021 !!
Man has dreamed of flying high
Since birds avoided his spear.
Not until nineteen-o-three
Was it done despite his fear.

With gasoline and engine,
Propellers and wings for lift
The Wright brothers flew their plane
And gave mankind their gift.

Many countries built their planes
As our world became insane.
Planes were used in two world wars
With bombs and bullets to rain.

Now we fly in outer space
In search of life's creation.
Though most succeed, some will die
Pioneers of aviation.

Nothing else man can conceive
Is more luring but God's sky.
To be as one with the stars
Is the wish of all who fly.

By Tom Zart
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was the video from inside the cabin taken on a 2 megapixel camera?
Imagen what could be achieve if these 3 billionaires who are passionate about space travel could combine forces together
Ollie Gueret
Ollie Gueret:
Elon Musk congratulated Branson. Jeff Bezos ridiculed Branson saying it wasn't above the Karmen line.
Just goes to show what kind of people you're dealing with at Blue origin! Sad really!!!
Bezos doesn't want others to succeed but Branson and Musk always wish them all the best!
Devaldy Jonathan
Devaldy Jonathan:
straight up a straight line #BubblesInSpace
Mr Benji
Mr Benji:
Wow, he made it before Jeff, history has been made. Congrats
my channel
my channel:
Should go into partnership with Elon musk imagine how much quicker you're grow and learn better ideas for space subjects good business relationship to go mars with both intelligent people