Ricky Martin Speaks Out: "I Wouldn't Wish This Upon Anybody" | E! News

Ricky Martin opens up in a video obtained by E! News, following his recent court victory when his nephew withdrew his shocking claims against the celeb.

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/videos/342094/ricky-martin-speaks-out-i-wouldnt-wish-this-upon-anybody

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Ricky Martin Speaks Out: "I Wouldn't Wish This Upon Anybody" | E! News

95 komentarze:

Loved By You
Loved By You:
If Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, taught us anything, WE as a public CAN NOT just believe everything that is read. People close to celebrities wanting to take them down is nothing new, its just sad the lengths people are really willing to go. Its also says something, that you take an oath in the court to "tell the whole truth" and then he dropped allegations... like... you shouldve never let it get this far.
Denis The Menace
Denis The Menace:
Poor man. I think he is in shock at everything. I feel for him & his sister & hope his nephew gets the help he needs.
So sorry that this happened to you Ricky Martin! Know one deserves a false claims of sexual abuse! I'm so glad you are taking the time to address this for the world to see. It is very important and should be taken very seriously as you are doing. There are actual victims out there, what your nephew did deserves a mental health evaluation it's not a game. No one should ever blame anyone of committing such a horrific crime as you were falsely accused of.
listen quitely
listen quitely:
How is it so easy for liars to get restraining orders but people who actually need it can't?
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
I said today, Ricky has to make a public address. I'm so glad to see him do this. When a family member claims sexual abuse, it's hard to dispel those claims, but his nephew also has mental health issues. It's unnerving. We don't have info.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
That's why we can't hear allegations, and run with it until more info is received. SA allegations are serious, and can follow someone for life.
Raven Jones
Raven Jones:
Much love and healing to you Ricky Martin! Before I ever found out this was happening to you God put it on my heart to pray for you, and I did. I'm so happy my prayer was answered, and you have been quickly vindicated. Now I pray for you and your family's healing from this ordeal💖
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
I didn't believe these claims ,and I'm glad its over. I hope the nephew gets the help he needs I think people will try to extort these celebrities, and I hope they all fight back instead of paying off these folks all the time to avoid publicity.
Kagendo Kaecha
Kagendo Kaecha:
I believe there's more to this whole thing but we might never know
lexie chan
lexie chan:
People who make this false accusations should be punished too, ruining someone's reputation is something serious.
Sherry ellewoods
Sherry ellewoods:
If this was false, I feel so bad for Ricky but when someone goes in front of a judge in domestic type cases like this, they can say they don't wanna proceed and want it dismissed but the judge will ask them if they made it up and lied. If they say they lied then I've seen judges place people in jail immediately. They didn't say that the man admitted to lying or that he said it didn't happen. Just that he wanted to drop the case. I hope its just a person with mental health issues that have resolved somewhat. Because this would be a horrible thing to be falsely accused of doing.
Sahab Shraddha
Sahab Shraddha:
He had became the victim of lie ..now he has won ♠️✌️ the case truth is always win 👏❤️❤️
Theo aire
Theo aire:
People wanna believe the story because ? Like what’s the proof ? I always find it weird that whenever there’s an accusation people will automatically believe the accused only because the celebrity is rich , that doesn’t mean they’re lying
Take care Ricky. Bless you and your family.💮💮
“I wish him the best” body language shows he is shaking his head NO while saying that, indicating he is lying. It’s amazing how your body reactions speak volumes 😳
No smoke without fire, ive been in this situation as the nephew and i hope he was truthful but a powerful star come out on top so what can you do lol there is always 3 sides to a story, remember that, everyone has a different perception of their reality, a touch here and there could have happened
Henrik Larsson Eurovision Channel
Henrik Larsson Eurovision Channel:
Without the proof I did never believe the nephew.. 🙄🙄
Kari T. Says
Kari T. Says:
What a terrible thing to go through.
Noir Lily
Noir Lily:
Withdrawing is not a conclusion of "not guilty"
just 4 kicks
just 4 kicks:
I believe the nephew in this instance & my reasoning for that would be his nephew didn't want this to become public. Wondering what this cost Ricky trying to sweep under the rug .Guessing the nephew got tired of Ricky's golden showers lol.
Where is the extortion plot?
Why haven't there been consequences for the nephew if he filed a false claim with the court?
Why did RM ask the nephew to sign an NDA?
There is more to this story.
Nina Rosado
Nina Rosado:
Your not supposed to defend yourself in a emergency tro you have to be in legit fear of your life
I believe Ricky Martin. He cannot be such a good actor to look really so devastated.
Lee Parks
Lee Parks:
It didn’t believe it from the start. My baby is innocent!!!
Sam I AM
Sam I AM:
I want to talk to his doctors the man looks 20 years younger overnight
D peon
D peon:
It's funny how we now give the accused the benefit of the doubt but we weren't doing that with the Leaving Neverland documentary. Maybe seeing how the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's case has made people see the importance of hearing TWO sides of a story.
Nina Rosado
Nina Rosado:
That’s why they call it an emergency tro you don’t need to be there if the person has legit evidence
N J valhalla
N J valhalla:
Ricky Martin still looks young
FocusGroup Entertainment
FocusGroup Entertainment:
❤️ you Ricky!
Michael Lopez
Michael Lopez:
What would cause a person to come up with a story like this all of a sudden, especially towards a family member?
Blue Skies
Blue Skies:
I hope this will be over for Ricky very soon because he doesn't deserve this. I pray he and his family will be able to heal completely.
Nile Miles
Nile Miles:
Something feels wrong and unauthentic. That’s all I’m going to say. I feel like there’s more to this, but we will never know.
Hot Vegas
Hot Vegas:
Poor Ricky….. 🙏
Adora Belle
Adora Belle:
There’s always truths in lies and lies in truths
What's on your mind?
What's on your mind?:
Blood isn't always thicker than water. The thing about being famous... is you not only have to worry about unstable stalkerish people making false allegations on you. You have the worry about " snake in the grass" money- fame-hungry family members who think you OWE them something just because your family. I feel sorry for Ricky
F Arshad
F Arshad:
Even it part of what the nephew said could be true, even the incest part could have landed Martin in jail for a long time. Paying off or coercion or threats could be a total possibility even if both of them were involved equally. But man, it makes me really dislike Martin. Don’t know why.
C M:
Looking guilty Ricky! We’re seeing the smoke, I’m sure there was fire… what? Not going against the nephew hmmm he must really have something…. JD went full on after AH hmmm just saying
R House
R House:
His nephew pulled the restraining order...it was not proven that the nephew lied. Sound suspect to me.
lalo rc
lalo rc:
The bigger the settlement money the bigger the quietness 😂😂 nephew laughing on the way to the bank
Ashley James
Ashley James:
We all knew it was bs anyways !! ❤️
erininunderpants :
Ricky Martin is still so fine 🔥
Ricky your good haters like to spread bs!!
Beetle Dune
Beetle Dune:
I remember a grandma who cut her ties with his grandson over lottery money.
That nephew got a big talk down with his family, how can you ruin your idol uncle, I believe is true, time will tell, the nephew just suddenly wanted to come out with an elaborate story about his famous uncle, hmmm sure, if is all a lie then he should be held accountable but Ricky won't press charges against his nephew now and open a pandora box... this situation was delt with within the family just as the abuse Ricky received during his Menudo days... is sad
sirena 🧚
sirena 🧚:
money can change everything , because he's nephew show in court proof and thats why they give him the order. They haven't prove he's nephew lie tho. this case was dismissed very quick.
Flor Maria Rennerstam
Flor Maria Rennerstam:
I am impressed by the fact that Ricky wishes this man happiness and love. Only Nelson Mandela and Ricky can do such a nobel thing!
dystopian 1984
dystopian 1984:
His nephew never appeared in the court hearing ALL LIES !
sx wx
sx wx:
I think he's still sus
Ricky body language tell everything, he is lying, he is pushing the words out, like he don't want to say it. Will wait for Karma
Nina Rosado
Nina Rosado:
He paid off that’s why he withdrew it they wouldn’t have given him the order in the first place that’s his buisness
Sugar X
Sugar X:
Not because he is a superstar, it means that he is innocent.
How did they gave him ,restraining order for? Something happened!
j v
j v:
something is wrong with this video. why is the exposure so bright and the details so washed out?
U. M.
U. M.:
Poor Nephew.
Cherie' Frank
Cherie' Frank:
I’m sorry but looking at him on this video,remind me Amber expressions in court 🤷🏽‍♀️ something is not right. 👀
Magnus Opus
Magnus Opus:
He paid the kid off. Ricky is a liar
Let Let
Let Let:
Only God knows the truth I believe the nephew Romans 12:19
Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.
Black Jesus
Black Jesus:
Kid made him shave his beard to look less pervy 😂😂. No💀
Nina Rosado
Nina Rosado:
Okay 😂 he paid him
Lisette Mendez
Lisette Mendez:
He’s innocent 💵💵💵💵💵 😏😏😏
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis:
And these comments have this same energy that y'all have for heterosexual man just because he's 🌈 he get a pass
sarah j.
sarah j.:
It is so obvious this guy Ricky Martin is lying. he definitely paid the kid off
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
He lost a lot of weight
The Cult of the Individual
The Cult of the Individual:
He did it… lol
Rocio Ponce
Rocio Ponce:
Josh Cahanin
Josh Cahanin:
He looks terrible. I don't know who's advising him but they should've told him to do an interview with David Muir or George Stephanopoulos. Talk about his show, the tour and oh yeah the allegations.
Edward Santos
Edward Santos:
Este ricky martin habla hasta en chino ay mi madre.. hombre brillante
Ricky is innocent...👏👏👏👏
Enough already, Ricky.
Ene Obande
Ene Obande:
Such an unusual and peculiar accusation
Karenpatricia Camacho Zuñiga
Karenpatricia Camacho Zuñiga:
La cara de enfermo no se la quita nadie claro pago para que todo se calmara que ser más nefasto
Renzo Felipe
Renzo Felipe:
He's a liar
dude putting highlights in his hair again like 1999 lol
Jess lyn
Jess lyn:
I really hope Ricky is innocent. I believe he is. But I also know people get paid off and the truth so buried. In this case, I truly hope it isn’t true .
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
Would really like to see a liespotting video on this!
Ricky's body language doesn't match what his saying.
Ricky says his telling us the truth yet shakes his head when he says it etc.
Patricia Armstrong
Patricia Armstrong:
It’s all about money
Feisty Grandma
Feisty Grandma:
So you paid off the people again and Ricky Martin you doing too much man are you and I used to like you too, Vicky is not nothing that you can say that can justify what really happened you can be on here looking all innocent if you want to
Ruben Briseno
Ruben Briseno:
Wonder how much was the hush money Ricky
Psychic Carline
Psychic Carline:
He lost mad weight
Lucy Chang
Lucy Chang:
I think something happened
Rick did it
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia:
I appreciate Ricky however I don’t doubt anything at this point. Of course a false allegation is bad but if the abuse was real, especially over a vulnerable mentally I’ll young nephew, then this is even worse. And even much worse that if the abuse was true that the perpetrator has no consequence at all for his acts. If this is a true abuse story with no punishment then it will continue to happen..
Gabriela J.
Gabriela J.:
David Jeffreys
David Jeffreys:
I wouldn't care if it were true. The only jarring aspect to me is that in the gay community you never see two Latinos together, or two blacks. Minorities dont tend to be attracted to their own groups. That's just gay facts.
Janelle Rice
Janelle Rice:
Obviously Ricky Martin paid his nephew off. This whole story grosses me out so badly!
Elizabeth Rourke
Elizabeth Rourke:
Look at his eyes and body language. He’s lying. He did it. And the truth will come out one day.
Very SUS 🤔
Bride zilla
Bride zilla:
He looks like a creep.
Denise Booker
Denise Booker:
Where are all the "believe all victims" peeps out here?
whesley silva
whesley silva:
Ricky NOW you know how Trump feels about the Russia Collusion BS !! I feel you pain now kkkkk
Cannot Be Shaken
Cannot Be Shaken:
This was a performance. I think he's a fake, and it kinda made my stomach turn. No one can know if he's guilty or not. But my guess would be guilty.