Ring Fit Adventure Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In Ring Fit Adventure, battle enemies and explore numerous colorful worlds using real-world movements on your quest to take down a giant, egotistical dragon. Available now for Nintendo Switch: https://ringfitadventure.nintendo.com/?cid=N1067-01:ch=pdpd

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100+ komentarze:

The game had a trailer this late to remind you that you aren’t doing crap in quarantine so might as well work out in a video game instead.
Ilya S.
Ilya S.:
Nintendo's way of saying, "this is back in stock."
This game got me into a daily exercise routine! Went from 178 to 155 lbs and kept it off! Thanks Nintendo!!
Alrich Sebolino
Alrich Sebolino:
Legend of Nintendo: Out of Breath
The Cannon
The Cannon:
Ok Nintendo I get the message, it’s time for me to start using this thing again 😂
When the pandemic is over everyone who played this is going to reemerge into society again but with the physique of a Super Saiyan.
Silver's Box
Silver's Box:
I got this a bit ago and today is the first day I forgot to play. I'm being mocked by Nintendo!
Kyle Barclay
Kyle Barclay:
This thing is no joke, going to make you feel better. I've used it for 1 week now (30mins of play time *10min total workout*) each day. It's crazy immersive and informative. I urge anyone who is on the fence about this to give it a go.
Twi Dusken
Twi Dusken:
As somebody who has actually beat the main story mode, I can say that this is 100% worth your money. Fun writing, amazing visuals, bumpin soundtrack and also a decent workout! I played through the entire thing at max difficulty, and I came away sweating hard!

Also: this game has the added bonus of being able to play through the entire thing pretty much blind since not many people covered it too much. I’ve gotten some genuine hype that I haven’t felt in ages, no joke!

As a Ring Fit veteran, I encourage you to give it a try, you won’t regret it!
Love reading everyone's success stories in the comments. This game is fun and gets you sweating.
Juan Viana
Juan Viana:
Just got mine today, I almost died in the tutorial
Randy H.
Randy H.:
I love Nintendo so much. They've brought me so much fun, and entertainment over the decades. Fan since 1986.
Connor Duffus
Connor Duffus:
I play this game for 30 minutes almost every day and use the "Fitness Gaming" option on my Apple Watch. Works really well.
Me watching and knowing full well I'm never getting off this couch:

I'll add that to my wishlist
Zachary Daniel Uy
Zachary Daniel Uy:
“Press the ringcon against your abs.”
Thanks for complimenting me Nintendo.
Model looks so relaxed, i almost puked when i first started this game.
As someone who absolutely hates exercising, this is the first fitness game ever that's actually made me enjoy working out.

I've been using it for 2 months (3-4 times a week) and I've lost about 14 pounds so far!

I have a long way to go of hitting my target weight, but I'm happy to have given this game a chance.

I absolutely recommend it to anyone, who wants to start exercising in general!
I'm ripped and this game still pushes me to and beyond my limits while being encouraging and fun - Highly recommended.
My 62 y.o mother who has had several shoulder and hip surgeries also love this game. The difficulty options allows the game to be accessible and a challenge for both of us.
Fabian Chaverri
Fabian Chaverri:
An awesome game!! Started playing in December 2019 and I have lost 40 pounds already in over 9 months. This is coming from someone who did NO exercise at all
Jeremy Leyland
Jeremy Leyland:
I lost and kept off like 20 lbs because of this game. Super worth it.
Wii fit: who are you
Ring fit adventure: I’m you but for the switch
Paul Chang
Paul Chang:
I thought this was just gonna be a gimmick game. But it's no joke. I put the difficulty on Intense, and found myself in pain trying to defeat one of these beginning level baddies. Couldn't stand properly after a 10 minute workout. Gotta say Nintendo has won me on this one. Give it a try, the workouts are pretty intense.
Started Ring Fit just before New Years last year. Lost almost 35 pounds and gained some muscle since then. 💪🏻 Ring Fit is legit.
After 2 months of use, at least 30 in game minutes a day, I finally got to lv100 at a difficulty setting of 30. I feel amazing, playing this almost every day. My health has improved dramatically. I wouldn't be able to survive the lockdown without it.
I just bought this game knowing 2021 may be as harsh or worse than 2020 in terms of the pandemic. It's the best purchase I've done in a while.
Big Bryan
Big Bryan:
I’ve had this game for two weeks now and have worked out everyday. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far. I love it. The RPG elements and bonuses you get for exercising outside the game can actually make it addictive to play; it makes me look forward to exercising. I’ve never felt that way before with working out. I’m finally committed to losing more weight and reducing the back pain I’ve been dealing with for years. Highly recommended from me to anyone that wants that boost to finally get in the habit of exercise.
I hope this means a restock is planned
As someone who's been playing consistently since early January. I highly recommend getting this game! It helped me lose a good 20 pounds (Along with diet of course) and have loved every bit of it.
Mii 2.0
Mii 2.0:
Thanks to quarantine, it gives me tons of time to play Ring Fit Adventure! 💪😎
Aidan Abrahamson
Aidan Abrahamson:
If anyone is considering it, this is actually a really good game. It's actually difficult, yet fun.
Kevin Sameshima
Kevin Sameshima:
I am the kind of person that has grinded so much that when I decided to continue the actual adventure I was Lv. 162 and the stage was like Lv. 75...
Im not surprised they posted this video. I keep seeing the add with the girl everywhere now
I just hit Day 50, and level 120 earlier today. It really does makes exercise feel fun and I haven't gotten bored at all yet. So weird to see this video pop up on my feed today.
I hope Nintendo will develop this game even more. So you have more possibilities to workout in different ways. I had in an idea for a dumbbell set you can insert the joy cons.
I finally found this at retail yesterday. I imagine this is a "We've restocked this item." video.

Also, Ring Fit Trainer for smash?
Zlatan Salkanović
Zlatan Salkanović:
I have rejected the cardio ways and joined the Dragon of Gains in his quest. Checkmate Nintendo.
Ro Viewer
Ro Viewer:
I can't wait to see people speedrunning this, lol.
Nathan L
Nathan L:
The opening music was the music they used in the original trailer when we knew nothing about the game! For those of you who don’t know, this game was revealed with people doing random things with a ring and leg strap with no game footage, and the game itself was revealed a week later. The opening music was from that first trailer!
Been waiting for a restock on this for what feels like an eternity.
I just got this game today and my God is this a good work out! I put it on the hardest setting and I’m honestly surprised I survived. Totally recommend it, especially during quarantine.
bro imagine killing somebody by just squatting on the ground
David Ortiz
David Ortiz:
i FINALLY found one locally and it is SO GOOD
Tommy Jackson
Tommy Jackson:
This game is more of an RPG than Origami King.
Timothy Y.
Timothy Y.:
Slowpoke: I can’t wait for the new, upcoming Nintendo game, Ring Fit Adventure!
A H:
This game has kept me moving for the entire 2020. Bet big money I would be fat and out of shape without it.
Other games companies: New releases, new consoles, game showcases
Nintendo: You guys remember Ring Fit?
I use this most days and now I’m going to come out quarantine looking like He-Man
Dammit for a second I though this was a trailer for new content.....
I guess we can look forward to Ring Fit Trainee in the next Smash game given how well RFA is selling. And I for one can’t wait.
Patrick Darnell
Patrick Darnell:
I’m addicted to RFA. I’ve played it almost every day for the past year. I don’t feel normal without it.
Alec Perdeau
Alec Perdeau:
If I wasn't still working during quarantine I'd br playing this a lot more. Honestly is a lot of fun. Great for cardio and to work out casually
Blaze Templar
Blaze Templar:
I managed to shed 10 lbs in about a week doing this. Then I got sick so I'm going have to start all over again
I tried this knowing I don't exercise. I chose intense mode, level 30 and I was climbing the stairs near the end of the level. Next thing I knew, I reached the hospital. 10/10 great workout
William Chambliss
William Chambliss:
When you remember that ring fit adventure is more of a RPG than paper Mario 😂
I lost my leg strap and now I have to tape it to my leg lmao
Miguel de Dios
Miguel de Dios:
Tipp's scenes need a dark mode 🌛
One of the few games that requires a peripheral that doesn't feel completely forced.
Saw this at Best Buh today - plenty in stock. The gods had spoken and so it was finally time!
This game is so good. The music is nice, the exercises are very cool and you definitely work out while playing it. Playing it every second day. I don't regret buying it and would do it again.
the ironic thing is i ordered it 2 days ago, so this is actually helpful, Thanks nintendo for predicting my future i guess
Zaxton Hong
Zaxton Hong:
"Extra damage"
Health bar barely moves*
This game got me back in shape, its very charming buy it!
nintendo is so sweet... they remind us to keep in shape during quarantine
Ira Javier
Ira Javier:
Reminded me to check my local EBGames/Gamestop and they actually had it in stock. Out of breath running out to get it. Definitely need this. LOL
Bailey Romatoski
Bailey Romatoski:
Commenting again for DK64. Would cry of happiness. Thanks
MyaoChan Edits
MyaoChan Edits:
This game is a life changer. Played 30 mins to an hour everyday for an entire month and saw a drastic change in my thighs, arms, and waist. Thank you Nintendo! You’ve definitely made fitness more enjoyable for me! - a lazy person who doesn’t like to exercise.
Shitpost Status
Shitpost Status:
4:43 Shes in a lot of pain but that smile still stays
Better not let Grandma play this anytime soon.
I got this game for my birthday about month ago, and let me say, it's the most fun I've had while exercising in a while! Haven't finished the game yet, but once I've obtained everything in the adventure mode, I'll definitely be restarting it!
The Gaming Pal Wolfang
The Gaming Pal Wolfang:
Hehe im on my second day and this goes up.
Euan Morrison
Euan Morrison:
That's so weird, I could have sworn this came out ages ago...
I’m not sure why they released this video now, but it actually makes me want to play it again
After months of searching and waiting I was finally to order this today.
Although this isn't for me, I can't knock the creativity that went into making such game; also.... it encourages people to workout, which is good in my book.👍🏾💪🏾
Cham the Man
Cham the Man:
Guys, guys, guys....
Trust me...

This is coming to Smash
(Yes I know they're already Spirits but SO WAS MIN MIN!)
My body just became ready again with this new preorder!
BK Productions
BK Productions:
Got my hands on this after waiting months! Back in stock made it possible to say screw you eBay scalpers!
Alyssa Mattix
Alyssa Mattix:
Came from Kristin Johns Instagram post 😊💛!
when the script writer is color blind and thinks purple is blue
Now this looks like good idea for indoor workout during the pandemic if it goes on.
Flynn Maxwell
Flynn Maxwell:
3:40 here we go again drinking invisible juice :)
Can’t wait to see the speed runners for this game
Travis Hickey
Travis Hickey:
I finally found this game & was able to order it.
for anyone wondering if they should get this: YES 100% !! definitely helped me over quarantine and made me actually enjoy exercise for the first time! I’ve completed the entire game in just a few months and already redoing it again. seriously so so good. makes me feel good mentally as well :) lost a lot of inches on my waist which is exactly what i was hoping for:)
That boy Kevin
That boy Kevin:
I am doing a 30 day challenge on my channel
So far everything hurts, i've almost pooped myself and my feet are all taped up from running
Bùi Bảo Nguyên
Bùi Bảo Nguyên:
I using this 3-4 times a week, 15~20' exercises at a time. Everything hurt. Still keep going. I don't exercise much and this was fun way to keep me active.
Just wanted to say thanks to Yakkou for telling me about this game early
Love this game. I work up a sweat and have fun!
Lena Suzuki
Lena Suzuki:
Didn't i get this for Christmas LAST year?
dania riddle
dania riddle:
3:39 Breath of the wild: exercise edition
woah I *just* started picking up again earlier today and I saw this in my subscription
Thomas Palazzolo
Thomas Palazzolo:
For folks who've not played the adventure, GOOD GRAVY IT GOES ON. I thought, "okay, beat the buff dragon a few times..." then suddenly I'm battling the Master of Abs, then it's suddenly the Wizard of Oz, then I'm chatting with Icarus about building some wings, and now I'm a criminal on every wanted poster in town. I don't think I'm even halfway through the adventure content yet.

ALSO: The first time you play Ring Fit do NOT decide to crank up the difficulty. I exercise with weights and jogging daily, and Ring Fit legit left me face-down on the floor after my first session.
Dido’s Tempest
Dido’s Tempest:
Great option for people that are too shy to work out in public spaces. 😍
Now if only they'd make enough copies that I could actually snag one haha. I'm so glad this game is doing well for Nintendo though.
Samantha Plays
Samantha Plays:
I didn’t know this was a thing but I am getting it ASAP
Nintendo reminding me that I need to play this game again
Mr.M1 gaming
Mr.M1 gaming:
Weird, I just brought this game and I'm playing it right now
Attawit Sripraphassorn
Attawit Sripraphassorn:
Please sell an official extra ring-con and leg strap for a player who broke one
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon:
The world needs your help and SPOILERS Dragoux needs your help as well
Kallie Moore
Kallie Moore:
Wow I really need this. Is exactly what I'm looking for it looks like it would make exercising fun and not Dull at all