Ring video shows Anne Heche's car flying down street in Mar Vista

CBSLA has obtained surveillance video from a nearby residence showing the car that is registered to actress Annge Heche flying down the street in a Mar Vista neighborhood. The blue mini cooper is owned by Heche, according to DMV records.

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Tru Hubbard
Tru Hubbard:
Exactly, Anne Needs to be Held Responsible for Her Actions
Killebrew Mason
Killebrew Mason:
I don't know wtf was wrong with Anne Heche, but last week a woman flew through an intersection probably doing 100 mph and killed 5 or 6 people! I didn't hear anything about prayers for her or lets wait to see what happened!! When the lady woke up she was taken straight to jail! A woman lost her house and everything in it! I hope Anne Heche heals, but take her ass to jail and then figure it out!
julie matias
julie matias:
All I see on the news is , prayers for Anne . Yes , she needs serious help . But , what about the lady who lost her home and everything in it because Anne made the decision to get behind the wheel messed up , and drive through a 25 mph residential area at 70 + mph ???!!! Anne should do jail time , and be held responsible for everything this lady lost because of her stupid decision ! But Anne's a "celebrity" . So , we''ll see how that works out , won't we ?!
And down a residential street??!!! That’s just insane 😵
abby gabby
abby gabby:
If I were the lady I take her to court for everything she have. Because that woman lost everything she have.
scrappy mom
scrappy mom:
She almost hits a pedestrian, then hits a Jaguar car with driver inside, leaves that accident and hits a garage, leaves that accident and barrels into a home. Per TMZ (who actually get a lot of details right before main stream media does) there was a bottle of alcohol in the car during all this. The police have gotten a warrant for her blood sample. And yet main stream media is worried about her recovery? I don't wish her bad, but my god what about the driver of the car she hit or the pedestrian she almost hit or the people's home she demolished?!?! Sending them prayers during this difficult time 🙏
Nacho Man Sandy Ravage
Nacho Man Sandy Ravage:
I don't feel bad for Anne, she has a problem and needs help. I almost cost 3 people their lives when I was a teen from drinking and driving and no one certainly felt sorry for me. It's her status that makes people reach out with this "support". Who I feel bad for is the lady who's house she plowed into and destroyed her home and belongings. Her neighbor has to do a go fund me for her! I hope she sues Anne and gets millions and millions of dollars and also hope Anne receives criminal charges for her action. It could've ended up way worse and cost people their lives
Angela :
I hope she recovers but more importantly when she does I hope she offers to buy this woman the house of her dreams and pay for her two senior dog’s medical bills for the rest of their lives.
Nicholas Azzara
Nicholas Azzara:
I recently got into an accident due to carelessness and speeding. The road was wet and I was not thinking at the time of the possible repercussions of my driving. Luckily I did not hurt anyone and I walked out without a scratch. But my car was totaled and I slid into an embankment driving 50 mph and hit a tree. It could have ended much much worse and I'm grateful it did not. It only takes a split second and one bad decision to end up like this lady. Drive safe and think about other people on the road other than yourselves
Virgo Catleesi84
Virgo Catleesi84:
My sympathy is for the woman that lost her home (and nearly got killed) by Anne Heche.
Abbie Walton
Abbie Walton:
Prayers for the poor lady that has lost her home and all her personal treasures. Things she could never replace.
Jim Debow
Jim Debow:
Will we ever see a time when celebrities, athletes and politicians get the same treatment as we would in these situations??
Jj Qui
Jj Qui:
Imagine a child running across the street to see a neighbor or riding their bike..very irresponsible of her to be driving at that speed!!
Bernadette Marquez
Bernadette Marquez:
Praying for the victims and their pets. God bless them. ❤️
My house is actually 2 blocks down from where she crashed and I remember hearing it.
It's beyond reckless to be driving like that in any neighborhood. I hope this wake up call changes her for the better.
Pamela Brown
Pamela Brown:
OMG! THIS IS CHILLING. Praying for the homeowners and the dogs...
The Everyday Bombshell
The Everyday Bombshell:
I can pray for Anne Heche to get her life back together, But I will also pray that she deals with the consequences of her actions like all of us would and should.
Step Hess
Step Hess:
Damn she was drunk I bet and holy shit she was flying down that road I’m shocked she hit anyone
Praying for the family and pets that live in the house!!! I could really care less about the drunk or drug induced psycho that crashed through their living room.
Harry Mules
Harry Mules:
I didn't realize what happened untill I read all the comments and replies from people around the country. Anne should not be treated as though she was the victim in this mess. Though I do not wish her more trauma in this event I only hope she understands the impact of this matter in which she ruined another person's life by racing down the street as she did without any concern for innocent people in the area.
Monica Lewis
Monica Lewis:
That is crazy. No reason to ever be speeding like that in a residential area.
Holy shit! She is nuts! Speeding down a residential street like that?
kerry francisco
kerry francisco:
There is a gofundme for the victim that was set up by her neighbors. Apparently she lost everything in the fire. This video should be saved for the victim whom will need in her civil case. Praying for the victim.
Ridiculous…Reckless driving! Entire families out here losing their lives behind other ppl stupid decisions to DUI 😤
That Mini sounded and looked like it was doing 80+ mph in a residential neighborhood..Wtf is wrong with people? Kids could be in the street retrieving a runaway ball or getting their pets and wouldn't see it coming..I don't give 2 shits who you are or how much money you have this is wrong and whoever is responsible should be charged accordingly.
Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh:
They said that she 'plowed through some bushes' before she rammed into the home.
Nothing she hasn't done before!
Miche Sa
Miche Sa:
I thought this happened early morning. I'm OBVIOUSLY wrong by this video. She was FLYING! Even to say that maybe her brakes went out, she had recently backed up from a previous wish wreck & shouldn't have been going so damn fast. Looking forward to all the reports and eventually her version.
Andrew Baer, M.D.
Andrew Baer, M.D.:
There was another accident just the other day on La Brea.... Car went through a red light at what looked to me like 90 mph. A mother, her unborn child and son were killed as well as others.... Yet the driver survived which is often the case when the driver is intoxicated.

Heche is now in the ICU with severe burns. A warrant was obtained for her blood. Aside from the legal ramifications, she will be severely scarred and go through a painful recovery. She may require skin grafts. One bad choice, driving while impaired led to other bad choices not only harming Heche herself, but causing havoc to the woman whose house was burned as well as the 59... Yes, you read that correctly, 59 firefighters required to extinguish the blaze.

Alcoholism/addiction are equal opportunity diseases that don't discriminate.
On one hand, I do feel terribly sorry for Anne after reading about her heinous childhood.

However, why the fuck do you have to endanger other peoples innocent lives??!

She was absolutely FLYING in that car and could have caused multiple fatalities. It is a miracle that she didn’t.

I’m glad the poor lady who’s house she hit survived and she managed to get all her pets out too. I hope she will be okay ❤️
M. W.
M. W.:
From reports I've read, the home she drove into is totally destroyed. It's reported the resident was in the back yard. Possessions can be replaced, a life can not. The resident/occupant is EXTREMELY lucky and/or blessed. TOTALLY.
Avenging Carma
Avenging Carma:
So who's driving...is she actually driving? Are we supposed to feel sorry for her when she get's into an accident for reckless driving when she could of KILLED SOMEONE ELSE? 🤕😳😲😯😭
Can you imagine if there were children outside riding bikes or playing or walking😵‍💫😵🥴😱
On another YT everyone was sympathizing with her.. and I was a bit annoyed with that because if she were anyone else- they'd be screaming about the speed she was going, and what drug or booze was she on, what gang the driver was in, why wasn't the driver still in jail, and how soft we are on crime. Why was she taking it out on innocent people- she burned their house down and etc. No excuses.. But in her case they were going on about poor her and not one mentioned the people who may have been home, that their house and belongings were incinerated and lost- THEY could have been killed. Ridiculous.
If she needs help then so do all the other drivers that fly down a residential road going 90mph and burns someone's house down and all they own. - lets get them all therapy. And that's fine if it's everyone- not just a so called "elite"
Nice Things
Nice Things:
I'm just glad nobody was hurt because of her selfish behaviour. Such an entitled attitude to obviously be speeding and most likely under the influence.
It's a miracle that she didn't kill anybody. I hope she never gets behind the wheel of a car again!
luckysixy59 Mr. Facial
luckysixy59 Mr. Facial:
First she hit a garage door of another property and then she takes off and speeds thru a local street going over 60-70 mph. right after then drives thru another someone’s garage. I’m curious what was she on? I hope those people in the house is ok. She’s pretty much screwed
Pat C.
Pat C.:
It didn't sound like she hit the brakes before hearing the car hit the house, so I think suicide or perhaps just so impaired from booze or drugs that she didn't even see the house coming!
What if there were little kids playing in that neighborhood? Or just people out walking? She should be in prison for this
She was doing like 80. She would have killed any pedestrian, cyclist or other driver unlucky enough to cross her path. Very lucky she was the only one hurt in this accident.
Prayers for the family 🙏🙏
Celeste Smith
Celeste Smith:
Hopefully they will make an example out of her, because this was very serious and she caused alot of damage. These people forget they will have to pay one way or another.
Dannny Mooren
Dannny Mooren:
her own fault... speeding like crazy
Shelley Dantzler
Shelley Dantzler:
That is crazy! I still want her to mend from her injury's. But she sure should pay for all of the damages.
Danny Gigante
Danny Gigante:
Holy shit. She was flying!!!!!✈️✈️✈️
Rj frizzlefro Maqi
Rj frizzlefro Maqi:
Whatever the circumstances thank god nobody else was hurt.
Maximus Prime
Maximus Prime:
If she were going any faster she might've broken the time barrier.
Robert Owens
Robert Owens:
SHE gets ZERO prayers from me. But the victims get all my prayers. I hope they sue her into bankruptcy and gets life without parole!
D fk. Totally out of control monster. No sympathy if she was under the influence.
Poor owner, poor tenant.
Mystical Margaret
Mystical Margaret:
Heche was driving like a maniac. I hope that she recovers so they can throw the book at her! 😡
She asks for privacy as she deals with her injuries. She didn't have a care in the world as she raced down a neighborhood street at an excessive speed. She destroyed a woman's home and her possessions. There is a school on that street. What the hell?
Sometimes I Wander
Sometimes I Wander:
She deserves jail time & loss of her license for a decade or more. I’m praying for the homeowner & her 2 pups.
Angel Funk
Angel Funk:
Thank God everyone in this situation is alive
This woman has always been nuts. She should never drive again. Hope she still has a good bank account to attach in the inevitable law suit.
Christine Stefanik-Grady
Christine Stefanik-Grady:
This is so very serious to all involved. I hope Anne (as a sort of celebrity) gets more than probation or rehab. That wouldn't be enough. There are consequences for things like this.🤨
Peaches Peaches
Peaches Peaches:
This is shameful. Luckily she didn’t kill anyone. Shame on her
Shawn Henry
Shawn Henry:
Wow, the entitled 👏 risking everyone else's lives because she couldn't give a flying F.
That looked like a Learjet on its takeoff roll. She was fleeing the scene of a different crash. My bet says she was sauced to her gills.
shot forshot
shot forshot:
Just prior to this, she allegedly committed a hit and run (she hit someone's garage) she reportedly refused to exit her vehicle and sped off.. her sleazebag attorney (it kinda doesn't matter which one) will claim she was afraid of the first homeowner etc and fled in fear. Probably alleging that THEY are responsible for the subsequent crash, house fire and all her injuries.. Mark my words...
chatty kb
chatty kb:
I see a lot of comments assuming she is totally at fault. My first assumption from seeing this is that something is wrong with the car (stuck gas pedal) or she is having a medical condition & unable to respond appropriately.
Have those been ruled out?
Roberta Westbrooks
Roberta Westbrooks:
I have heard enough of her sad ass stories, you do the crime, you do the time.
no special privileges for her irresponsible act.
Tanya Flemon
Tanya Flemon:
Anne was going entirely too damn fast unless she was having a medical issue she should be charged ASAP
Janice Harala
Janice Harala:
Anyone drinking and driving has no reason to laugh when putting others in danger.I would sue her big time
Heil Zelynsky
Heil Zelynsky:
Pride comes before the fall
David Garcia
David Garcia:
I've driven down Walgrove Ave. a lot in Venice. That's way, way too fast for that Street. It's a two way, one lane Street. A junior high school there, Mark Twain, and it's residential.
She deserves everything the courts will give her. That was wreck less driving, and irresponsible. Let her Ex Girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres, pay for the damages she's done!!!
Patricia Tooming (The Plant Park)
Patricia Tooming (The Plant Park):
This statement could be made up to give her time to decide how she's going to handle this.
The rich and famous get away with literally everything
Anne Heche slipped into a coma after she crashed into a home last week and is in critical condition, despite earlier reports that she was stable, a spokesperson for the actor said Monday. Heche has a "significant" pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that need surgery, the spokesperson said.
She was fleeing a scene of an accident she caused right before. Knowing Hollywood, she'll probably get a career revival after this
Can’t stand speeders through neighborhoods!!! SMH!!!
Furtastic Friends
Furtastic Friends:
Why was she driving so fast down a residential street? Suicide attempt?
She was fleeing from the FIRST crash where she crashed into an apartment building.

She was hammered drunk
Boss Chick
Boss Chick:
Her neglect in driving has caused so much harm.. This is criminal..
Sonya Peacock
Sonya Peacock:
I know she battles with Mental Health but, this time they going have to really hold her accountable. This could have been Worse!!
Love Wins
Love Wins:
Why the heck was she driving that fast!!!
genna carr
genna carr:
Running away from someone? Wasn’t she in a fender bender?? Y else would she drive that fast?! Literally just saw that crash with same high speed through the intersection that kill 5 people! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Lock her up before she kills someone's child. That was in a residential area. Not her first incident. She ruined lives here.
G M:
way too fast, so she could not have done that on purpose. Stuck gas pedal or some other failure or floor mat pushed up and/or folded under or against the pedal (The floor mat usually gets pushed into the corner of the gas pedal over time). Of course with the car completely charred it's difficult to verify this. Whatever happened she certainly didn't do that on purpose.
Judy Lerner
Judy Lerner:
Why was she driving like that? Maybe after (if) she recovers she will stop this behavior. The house she crashed into cannot be occupied now. Think of THAT family. How will they manage? Why all the sympathy for the perpetrator. I'm sorry she was injured, burned, but it was her irresponsible behavior that did it. She's lucky no one else was injured! I feel for the owner's of that house.
Cheryl Santos
Cheryl Santos:
Man I saw videos of cruise missiles on their way to targets and they were slower than Anne Heche's Clubman S
the Thomas J
the Thomas J:
Had there been someone exiting their car, or crossing the street, or even children playing in the street this nut job would have ran all of them over and kept going without thinking twice about it. Listening to the audio from that video clip doesn't sound like she ever hit the brakes. She plowed into that house at full speed.
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson:
She was on a podcast before this talking about doing whiskey chasers
Being said there was a bottle on floorboard with red cap. Hmmmm...wanna bet she doesn't get prosecuted?
Fled the scene of her first crash, speeding, reckless driving, and from all indication drunk.
Kim Aquarius
Kim Aquarius:
Jail time is needed she did a hit and run first then drove into a house blowing it up
Roberta Avalos
Roberta Avalos:
Anne has always had problems ,I remember reading she was found hiding in someone's backyard acting strange.
Gigi Starr
Gigi Starr:
She was definitely going way too fast no matter what the circumstances were before she was seen on the Ring video. Rhey should've had here blood tested as soon as she arrived at the hospital. She had to have been drunk or high! Typical Hollywood star that thinks they can do whatever they want. She should have mandatory rehab, and if drugs or drinking weren't the issue then she needs to do some jail time, probation, and community service! But in the end she'll probably get a great lawyer becuz she has the money, and nothing will happen to her perhaps maybe a fine or something! Luckily she didn't kill anybody!
Andrea Turner
Andrea Turner:
Quite sure she has enough money to hire a driver or at least call an Uber when needed..I can't wait to find out why she was behind the wheel I pray any and everyone whom came in contact with her car are ok
Alternative Headlines
Alternative Headlines:
I bet she is not in critical condition at all as they claim. Her agent is probably talking up her injuries to garner sympathy for her.
Justin Haubrich
Justin Haubrich:
I am so glad there were no children on that street. I hope the law makes an example of this lady, this is inexcusable. Imagine if someone you cared about was outside while someone was driving wrecklessly like this. Doesnt matter one bit she is a hollywood actress, throw the book at her judge!
Don Gilleo
Don Gilleo:
A year from now she will appear at some awards show, and the elitist entertainment crowd of celebrities will rise and give her a standing ovation for how bravely she's fought back and recovered from her injuries.
None of those same celebrities will raise a finger to help the woman who's home was destroyed by a drunk/drugged driver.
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson:
I seen a statement where they said they weren't able at the hospital to test if she was drunk or not because of her condition. Odd..can't do a blood test? Something says if it was me they could.
T Curtis
T Curtis:
Im sick of these celebrities getting away with everything including murder. Prayers for her, well wtf about the people she hurt probably not physically but mentally.
Lavice Williford-Metcalf
Lavice Williford-Metcalf:
OMG!!! I did T know someone was affected by this OR that she was flying at this speed,I mean maybe I should read the article this is scary!!
just sayin
just sayin:
My thoughts and prayers to all involved.
I'm so sorry this has happened. I personally will make a good donation on a "Go fund me" page.
God bless.
Was she trying to hit 100 on the “your speed” sign?
Bob Collins
Bob Collins:
Holy moly! That was a crazy level of speed for a neighborhood ride. I'm surprised she didn't kill anyone.
Mama Says I'm The Rebellious Sister
Mama Says I'm The Rebellious Sister:
sounds like she was breaking and speeding at the same time like there was something wrong with the car.
Terri Larson
Terri Larson:
Idk the whole full story yet, but I coming from a Towing & racinga background, & just seeing, hearing this part, = excessive speed, and wondering if she passed out? As no sounds of brakes and then smack,= like at the full speed saw seconds before.
Prayers for victims 🙏
Mr. Magic
Mr. Magic:
There is a very good possibility she was having a seizure or some type of episode out of her control. I'm not just blindly defending or condemning her. It seem extremely bizarre that anyone with control of their faculties would fly down the street that fast (Even someone impaired by drugs or alcohol). Fast, reckless over even with little to no thought about surroundings... But this seems as like someone that doesn't have any control of their faculties in anyway. Anyway it is, it is tragic.
Kevin Sturges
Kevin Sturges:
In the distance you can hear the bang right at the end…
Hippie Sissy
Hippie Sissy:
Wow. First off, I hope everyone involved including her are doing fine. I also hope she is held accountable for her recklessness. Very dumb decision to make that could have been alot worse.💙✌
Virginia Connor
Virginia Connor:
I had a neighbour that crashed into her own gated fence not long after I moved into my new residential street. Luckily, there wasn't too much damage-to her or her house. Can't say too much for her car though: that gate was quite heavy. Not sure of the cause.