R.I.P. Sonny Chiba - I'm Heartbroken (The Life of THE Street Fighter)

Sonny Chiba has died at the age of 82 years old but this Martial Arts Legend will never be forgotten as he leaves behind a legacy of intense and thrilling movies including The Street Fighter, Return of the Street Fighter, Shadow Warriors and many more where Shinichi Chiba has incredible fights. Chiba also starred in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill as Hattori Hanzo which is one of this most memorable modern cinema moments.

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53 komentarze:

mayo jar
mayo jar:
His legacy won't be forgotten
Nelson B. Win
Nelson B. Win:
Sonny Chiba is super Popular in South Eastern countries like Myanmar. Those bone crashing sounds are so satisfying to hear. After years Chiba became popular we already owned several Kyokushin and Shotokan schools in Myanmar. Later Hiroyuki "Henry" Sanada who expanded the popularity of Karate more. My parents amd their friends have a huge crush on him. I was born in 1998 but with little imports from the west made me see his movies. Rest in Peace Chiba san. We will dearly miss you.
Gabe Mesa
Gabe Mesa:
It's always sad when someone passes away, even though it's inevitable and an unavoidable part of life. Death is beautiful and is what makes life so special, but it still sucks some times when it feels too soon. Just remember to enjoy life and live it to the fullest everyone.
Nathaniel Williams
Nathaniel Williams:
R.I.P. God bless sonny chibas family and friends During this this heal their hearts and minds in Jesus name I pray amen
Anthony Redick
Anthony Redick:
RIP Street Fighter your films Elon every aspects were great entertaining from start to finish Mr Chiba you are an ambassador , my condolences to your family friends fans
He was supposed to collaborate with Bruce Lee. Would've been epic. This man was the influence for Kazuya from Tekken, Ryu from Streetfighter, Joe Musashi from Shinobi. His movies influenced so much of Mortal Kombat. R.I.P. legend.
Luis Velazquez
Luis Velazquez:
I met sonny chiba twice it was a honor to meet this great man. He was my favorite and he will never be forgotten.
Scholars of the Universe
Scholars of the Universe:
Tell me your favourite Sonny Chiba Moment! I loved the moment where he jumped over the sofa and broke their body in The Street Fighter!
Super Saiyan Rainbow 2
Super Saiyan Rainbow 2:
I don’t know who he is, but I can tell you’re missing him. Hope he rest in peace.
One of the Greatest Artist of this planet and a Wonderful Human Being.
Thank you for all the joy you always gave us Master Chiba. Rest in Peace...you will never be forgotten.
mackieken stingray
mackieken stingray:
rest in peace to the greatest legend!
Ren Suzugamori
Ren Suzugamori:
Loved his movies Karate Bullfighter (Champion of death) where he portrayed Mas Oyama. R.I.P legend...
Dan Takeda
Dan Takeda:
Rest in Peace Mr. Sadaho Maeda (前田 禎穂, Maeda Sadaho). The world knows, knew you by your stage name Shinichi (Sonny) Chiba. Damn be Covid-19 who took such an honourable man from us all. Your samurai ancestors sure would have received you on the other side. Condolences to your children: Ms. Juri Manase, Mr. Mackenyu Arata, and Mr. Gordon Chiba.
Rest in paradise sonny. You are one of the greats that will be remember for your artisy and great talent as a martial artist. I love your films especially street fight and kill bill. You are going to be remember as a legend and your films will be a memory to keep forever.
Brandon Prater
Brandon Prater:
😢... he's street fighting angels, now.
R.I.P. Chiba-sensei, you will be missed! 🙏😔
RIP Sonny Chiba, the Universe remembers!
Rest In Peace Sonny, You’ll Be Missed!!!
R.I.P monsieur Chiba, from France 😞
Rita Bailey
Rita Bailey:
Intense hard hitting humour knocked us out !,!!! RIP ❤️❤️❤️
Sharath Raj
Sharath Raj:
Rest in peace legend😔
Jack ThaKlown
Jack ThaKlown:
I'm sad to hear of Sonny's death, he was a spectacular actor and martial artist! I always loved the Street Fighter movies and Legend of The 8 Samurai! People will remember him for his modern roles in Kill Bill and Tokyo Drift but I urge you to watch his early films, you won't be disappointed!
Barry Steven Young
Barry Steven Young:
This was a good tribute. He was amazing. Street Fighter is amazing.
R.I.P. Sonny Chiba, sweet dreams dear legend!!
Mazi Atakata
Mazi Atakata:
Rest in perfect my legend
technically not employed just taking a break
technically not employed just taking a break:
I was thinking all day i really wanted to see the street fighter movies, i had no idea he even passed. 😭 I dont even know why i looked up 'sonny chiba today', I was just curious... R.I.P.
Dante Toshiro64
Dante Toshiro64:
Yeah very sad never knew that he had passed away R.I.P. Sonny Chiba
RIP this Japanese's legend
It hit hearing about that but Sho Kosugi was one who I admired growing up. RIP Chiba
Bobby Armstrong
Bobby Armstrong:
Uncle turned me on to him back in the 80's✌🏾💚
Andre Ledoux
Andre Ledoux:
Let's not forget his other martial arts films from the 70s: "Champion of Death", " Karate for Life", " The Killing Machine", "Karate Warriors", "The Soul of Chiba", "The Bodyguard", etc. And again, these were all released during the golden age of Chiba's acrobatic athleticism. If you are a solid fan of this man, you have to check out these films from the 70s when he was in his fighting prime.
pa. encema
pa. encema:
RIP Master Shinichi 'Sonny' Chiba. You Will be Remembered Always
Throwing in covid somewhat is tarnishing the legacy. He’s been ill for a while. When they say complications due to covid 19 means nothing. Just wanting to spread hysteria. Hail to SC he lived a long and amazing life.
RykoBlack Elite
RykoBlack Elite:
R.I.P Sonny Chiba btw what happened at the of the Street Fighter movie idc for spoilers
Damm we lost all of Legends masami suda and Sonny Chida.
El Ciego
El Ciego:
R.I.P Chiba-sama and thank you.
A Japanese 🏯 Legend lost this world 🗺 R. I. P. Sonny Chiba
I Have Heard About Him He Was in a Lot of Movies.I Think I Watched One of His Old Movie Call Street Fighter And it Was Pretty Good.But He was so Hilarious in a Argument Scean and Started to Throw Object at his Worker in Kill Bill.This Situation is Why Nobody is it Safe or Invincible This is a Lesson Learned of Why We Have to Be More Careful or You Won’t Be Coming Back From This.R.i.p Sonny Chiba SMH🕊🥀🙏🏾😔
monique Adams
monique Adams:
God bless you 🙏😭
David Mitchell Jr
David Mitchell Jr:
R.I.P good buddy!
SenseiHitman WayOfKempo
SenseiHitman WayOfKempo:
Chiba would kick Lee's ass easily
Gon Hunter
Gon Hunter:
RIP a master
Fletch Keilman
Fletch Keilman:
Yeah dude not gonna lie. I'm not a celebrity crush kind of guy. But this one......gutted me for sure. Great tribute.
Post Script...his real name is Maeda. Do you think he was related to Count Koma? Koma (Maeda) brought Jiu-Jitsu to Brazil....and the rest is history from there. It would be seriously interesting if Sonny was part of that lineage.
rest in peace
This one really hurts. #RIPSonnyChiba
Edgard Agosto
Edgard Agosto:
The Japanese Bruce Lee--------,those 8track tape days 1970-79 Sonny Chiba good movies
señor hotpants
señor hotpants:
I accidently found this channel. wow bro
Garrett White
Garrett White:
Leroy Young
Leroy Young:
Your video is spot on he was mine favourite actor of all time my favourite Shinchi Chiba movie is killing machine
SIP 🤎🤎🤎
biobele william-west
biobele william-west:
Dose LoverStar
Dose LoverStar:
My Favorite as well as
Jim Kelly

Gabe Mesa
Gabe Mesa:
I'm heartbroken today too...😞
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He was a good bunny and my hero. He's in a better place and He'll always be in our hearts with the rest of our pets who have passed on to other world. 😢😉
🐰🐇🏞️🌌.Rest In Peace Dr Bunny.