Rise of Islam Makhachev

UFC lightweight Islam Makhachev has won six straight fights heading into his UFC 259 matchup with Drew Dober. The Dagestan product is a longtime friend and training partner of lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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100+ komentarze:

without abdulmanap nurmagomedov we wouldn't be able to see khabib or islam. rip legend
SBS - 005
SBS - 005:
The only time in the history of combat sports where the translator can beat anyone in the division.
Archil Zhvania
Archil Zhvania:
Makhachev (in Russian): Thank you to my team, family, and supporters.
Khabib translating: He say he best Combat Sambo wrestler, he smash everybody in lightweight division, Conor where you at he want to change your face.
Khabib retired because he has now found his real passion being a translator
Abdulweli Ahmed
Abdulweli Ahmed:
" hey DC tell this people i deserve top 15 or I wanna fight Brock Lesnar" 😂😂😂
Absolutely Legend
No tattoo, no crazy hairstyle, no trashtalk. PURE SKILL!
Dr. Electrician
Dr. Electrician:
This guy is an under-rated beast. He's Khabib's protégé and just needs more fights to shock the world.
Mihai Ioan Tabacaru
Mihai Ioan Tabacaru:
Khabib bringing his boys to UFC.
Craig B
Craig B:
2:00 That well timed & calculated punch aswell as grabbing the knee to ensure he lands on his back was smooth! Really shows his skill
James McGill
James McGill:
one of the underrated guys at the current lightweight division... dana pls give this man a top 10 fighter fight
Mahesh Patil
Mahesh Patil:
When McGregor said ,"we are not here to participate but to takeover."

Is really being nailed by Teamkhabib
Debt O'Chill
Debt O'Chill:
His translator looks so humble, maybe he can help to humble McGregor.
Roobin Debbarma
Roobin Debbarma:
1:28 Khabibs dad looks so happy.
He must be proud as his son took his place as a coach to guide Islam on his way of championship.
A. I. L
A. I. L:
That dagestani grappling is another level. Every limb doing something different 😱
Carmine Avallone
Carmine Avallone:
Khabib school never fails
Khabib Italy respect you 🇮🇹👍
Khabib the Legend 👍
Ufc should have these guys fighting more often. Especially when guys like Makhachev and Chimaev don't even take much damage in their fights
Feng Shui MMA
Feng Shui MMA:
1:07 his reaction always gets me, such a legend.
This man seems to be more aggressive than Khabib .
King Terk
King Terk:
His English improves so much after every fight
Personal Best
Personal Best:
Imagine after khabib translated. Joe rogan began to translate his translation.
His submission win over Drew Dober was incredibly impressive as well. Can't wait to see him back in there!
Mohammed Israr
Mohammed Israr:
wow just wow 👏 4:03 that trip and straight to the mount effortlessly that's skill thumbs up 👍 mackhachev
His fight with Arman Tsarukyan was one of the highest levels of MMA I’ve seen in the UFC. They put 2 of the best in the world before anyone really knew it. This guy is a future Champ for sure
It's so unfortunate for him that guys ranked above him who've lost their recent fights simply refused to fight down the rankings and fight him. So he's had to fight hungry guys ranked 15 - 20 like Ramos, Dober, Tsarukyan etc. But I think his time is coming.
deden rys
deden rys:
khabib retire
Lightweight : Alhamdulillah
Makachev win vs dobber
Lightweight : Astagfirulloh
Jatin Bhatia
Jatin Bhatia:
Best Fighter. Best Translator. Now Being a best coach like his Father ☺️ Ladies and gentle man Khabib for you 😁
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards:
4:02 Was just beautiful
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy:
Oh come on....give the man Brock Lessner! He's earned it
Aman Varma
Aman Varma:
This man is pure skill, he'll be a dominant champion soon ...
Can't wait to see more fights of him what a beast !!!
Anthony Donnelly
Anthony Donnelly:
Kudos to him. Super talented, and also working hard on his foreign language skills... Respect.
Raymundo Gonzalez
Raymundo Gonzalez:
khabib as a translator/coach gets me hyped
Joe smith
Joe smith:
Without a doubt he will become Champion sooner then later.The most well rounded skills in the division !
watching these humble fighters makes me feel like i can do anything.
Zaid Bin Haris
Zaid Bin Haris:
These Humble Dagestani dudes are on another level ! Their grappling and ground control is so Superior !!
Valdemaras St
Valdemaras St:
I love how Khabib told him what to say to the mic and stands behind him laughing :D
Ziya Çerezci
Ziya Çerezci:
His translator looks buff, maybe he should try fighting.
Anant Prakash Singh
Anant Prakash Singh:
1:25 Watching Mr. Abdulmanap smile and wave their flag, brought a smile to my face
I love how His father ( Abdulmanap ) look so happy and proud wearing the Russian flag 1:27
Olivier Etienne
Olivier Etienne:
Was praying for khabib to come back to the ring, my prayers were answered.
That takedown at 4:03 was a thing of beauty
Jose Zachari Sibal
Jose Zachari Sibal:
His translator looks like he can fight and smash everyone, maybe he should try fighting
Әли Әли
Әли Әли:
The next lightweight champion, as Habib himself said, was the UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev insh Allah🤲🏻☝🏻🏆
HypernanoX 900
HypernanoX 900:
Lucky he got the strongest translator in the world.
Believe me, many fighters are gonna dodge him.
man from nowhere ☺️
man from nowhere ☺️:
Insha Allah.....
In the next mekhacheve will be best MMA fighter
1:24 seeing Khabib's dad Abdulmanap being super happy like that, that his student won, made my day better haha
Al Capone
Al Capone:
Khabib’s look went from confident to concern when he realized he barely speak English as well.
Aatif 457
Aatif 457:
That smile and desperation from khabib to translate 😂. Pure soul.
Nganba akoijam
Nganba akoijam:
He is going to break Khabib's record ❤️
tzatziki sos
tzatziki sos:
Huge respect to dagestan people from greece may allah give you health and reward you in your life
Jason Zhao
Jason Zhao:
“I wanna fight with top 15... or Brock Lesnar.” 😂
Agent Alpha
Agent Alpha:
KHabib : I m the best fighter.❤️
His Mother : come home, we need to talk😒
Werry SetiaOne
Werry SetiaOne:
It is very unfair not to give a great fight to Makachev, even though he is great and all khabib fans are looking forward to Makhachev's match !!!
I N:
damn these Russians are so good at wrestling, there's something in their training that the us is currently lacking
Kiel Hayes
Kiel Hayes:
That foot sweep though??? Sheesh that was beautiful!!!
Sire Roland Durandal
Sire Roland Durandal:
That fight against Tsarukyan was mental. Whenever someone tells me grappling is the boring part of mma, I show them this fight!
Diego Pons
Diego Pons:
I was gonna jokingly say, "the Russians are coming!" But they're already here. And they ain't leaving.
This man is one of my favorite fighters
Majed ALGahtani
Majed ALGahtani:
Dana White is a joke this guy been asking for top fights for ever and Chandler get a tittle shot after one win? no wonder Habib don't have many tite defense because Dana did him them same smh
Itolu Kibami
Itolu Kibami:
I respect this guy man he listen to khabib like a real student and the way he respects and follows his word of the real champ thats worth noting it
Ali Hamza
Ali Hamza:
Love for him ❤🇵🇰
Красава, болеем за тебя, давай только победы
SportsTV EveryDay
SportsTV EveryDay:
4:03 most beautiful skill.
Ali Raza
Ali Raza:
Islam vs Sarukyan was a masterpiece. Go watch it if you haven't yet.
Kalib Mohamed
Kalib Mohamed:
Fighter: Talks in Foreign Language for a whole minute

Translator: "He said he's happy to be here"
zebr omnom
zebr omnom:
Holy shit his physique is insane
This dude looks pretty impressive. He'll get his shot someday.
A Hus
A Hus:
Tsarukyan is so strong and Ana amazing grappler, and Makhachev literally ragdolled him.
1:22 Habib mixed in that "He say he is on another level combat sambo style" Islam didn't say that XD
Franz Beckenbauer
Franz Beckenbauer:
His wrestling is outstanding!!!
Frost White
Frost White:
Seeing habib translate brought me so much joy .. god bless his heart .
Balance Seeker
Balance Seeker:
This just tells you , how good drew dober is for sticking with him for 3 rounds , I think makhachev will be the undisputed lightweight champion !
Yigit A
Yigit A:
Islam will be the next champion, for sure! He is another Level
Rest in Peace abdulmanap, may Allah bless him you grant you a place in jannah
Axel_ Adams
Axel_ Adams:
Islam's best callout .... *Hey Dana, Give Me Mayweather* 😂😂
I'm most intrigued to see this fight and Islam's performance
Aadil Ameen
Aadil Ameen:
Islam “give me somebody please” makhchev
Next LW champion inshallah ❤️
When Khabib retired I was like oh damn 😔 but when I remembered Islam was still here I was like hot damn 🔥
They should give him McGregor 😂 that would be the icing on the 🎂
Crazy these earlier fights were in 2015! I noticed the sponsors on the shorts lol. But it shows there's some really good guys on the prelims I stopped watching those closely a long time ago and then bam you hear about a new killer in the division and realize hes Been in the ufc for almost 6 yrs now ! Give this man a top 5 opponent already!
Joey Witt
Joey Witt:
Love seeing Abdulmanap so proud and smiling wearing there flag
Joaquin Vega
Joaquin Vega:
What’s scary is that Khabib thinks he can breeze through the lightweight division better than he did. That Dober win was crazy, but I guess he’s even crazier in practice
syazlan razoul
syazlan razoul:
*Khabib retires
Other fighters: "Alhamdulillah!"
*Islam comes in
Other fighters: "Astaghfirullah"
Mr Orangecookie
Mr Orangecookie:
I think we are probably looking at the next ufc lightweight champ
RIP Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov. True legend.
Justin Barnwell
Justin Barnwell:
That adjustment on the armbar tho 😮
Rifa Rira
Rifa Rira:
Well, are we gonna witness the born of another legends?
1:25 look how wholesome abdulmanap looked
Jack Jones
Jack Jones:
Soon will rise new Legend Khabib brother :) Stay strong and healthy all the best .
Yousef Saboor
Yousef Saboor:
His last fight vs tsarukyan (can’t spell his name) was a sick fight very entertaining if you found that level of grappling boring then the sport ain’t for you
Bar Efraim
Bar Efraim:
Everyone on top 10 scared to fight this guy🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂
Tanvirul Islam
Tanvirul Islam:
I can see this guy ruling near in future
Current lightweights better cash out now this man is taking it all. Easy champ
Jad Joaquin Quesada-Khoury
Jad Joaquin Quesada-Khoury:
Had me dying telling dc he wants to fights brock. Khabib laughing in the background.
ALi Sevgi
ALi Sevgi:
THE punch at the beginning is soooo fast, i cant see it even on SLOW MOTION
Brian_s3 castro
Brian_s3 castro:
finally a ufc fighter i can see made from scratch :p will be watching islam
It’s INSANE that he’s a lightweight… he looks massive
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
I like how he speaks English like an cuddley bear
nathan wiemelt
nathan wiemelt:
The new champ. And as humble and bad ass like KN. Awesome ...cant wait to watch him conquer
The Next Champ.☝️💯