Rise of the Tomb Raider Full Game Walkthrough No Commentary

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Full Game Walkthrough
Rise of the Tomb Raider Complete Walkthrough

This is a full game Walkthrough of Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One. This contains all main story missions, cutscenes, boss fights and endings.

Game Description
Rise of the Tomb Raider is an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Microsoft Studios and Square Enix. It is the sequel to the 2013 video game Tomb Raider. The game is scheduled to be released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in November 2015, Microsoft Windows in early 2016, and for PlayStation 4 in late 2016.

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100+ komentarze:

Awesome game especially in VR 3D.
Sarah Flora
Sarah Flora:
New life goal: get a the same dry shampoo Lara uses so I can have silky hair while climbing through the desert.
Sarukesh Saru
Sarukesh Saru:
Who's here after ps plus announcement?
PLAYING AT 7:18:20
Who immediately scrolled down to the comments section?
4:00:49 are u serious ?
Slim Charles
Slim Charles:
They had to put snow in this game. Any excuse to keep Lara from wearing shorts.
Buddha Bee
Buddha Bee:
This guys aim is painful to watch sometimes
Roope Mäkelä
Roope Mäkelä:
Thank you for great let's play. You can actually get to the story and atmosphere when someone isn't shouting like a maniac to your ear
Tra Bis
Tra Bis:
drink a shot of vodka everytime he misses a shot
Mr. Draconian
Mr. Draconian:
I don't know why i feel bad when any game of tomb raider ends😭😭😭😭
watching this player 'solve' some of the 'puzzles' made me throw something
at 4:00:52 LOL!
Travis Cummings
Travis Cummings:
Seriously, with all the last second ledge grabs Lara does with her pickaxe, how in the hell does she not dislocate her shoulder?
i already finished it. can't wait for the next tomb raider. Love the story.
Richard Tipton
Richard Tipton:
Awesome game! However, I feel like I watching my 4 year old playing, way too many mistakes and misses lol! I've spent the last 30 minutes yelling at the screen
Julie P.
Julie P.:
If she went back to Britain she would be instantly tried for murder
Calvin Lane
Calvin Lane:
If you all don't like the gameplay, then go buy the yourself or watch someone else, if not, then just stop complaining, your not making anything better by being a bunch of assholes 😂 though some people are being positive and some are complaining but being nice about it, that does not include those doing that.
Vanessa Kelly LeCouilliard
Vanessa Kelly LeCouilliard:
This is a game of staph infections and internal bleeding.
7:13:25 I was tripping my balls of when the ancient greek army of Deathless started chasing me. Ultra game experience
Pratham Kundan
Pratham Kundan:
The only one who seems deathless is Lara Croft.
Trinity equals three
The symbol has three triangles.
The triangles have three sides.

Illuminati Confirmed.
SydPie GT
SydPie GT:
mon said One vid before bed lol
Philly God_215
Philly God_215:
I love this game it’s so challenging till you start figuring things out.
22:46 When you read the assignment instructions for the first time.
BRT 88
BRT 88:
I just entered this video to see how to do a part i can't do

oh yeah yeah
When i finish this . Then i saw i finished 60% of the game? How is it full game ?
4:00:49 When you have been playing for 4 hours straight xD
Michaela Morehouse
Michaela Morehouse:
For them being called Deathless ones they died pretty easily
Hot Dog
Hot Dog:
I love this game so much😍
My friends just bought me the game for my birthday... I am looking forward to play it!! 😊
La Bella Damir
La Bella Damir:
i call this game Optional Tomb Raider
Jahzier Dean
Jahzier Dean:
Who else was scared when playing this game
I like how the games like "theyre assholes who blow everything up and dont care the slightest" whilst lara destroys probably even more by releasing these flods of water.
Lyssa Montero
Lyssa Montero:
This dude kill me with his play.
Salem Lakamora
Salem Lakamora:
I love tomb raider somuch ,I played tomb raider but, rise of the tomb raider is best
RVL480 Van
RVL480 Van:
Boy Lara takes a lot of chances.
Jahzier Dean
Jahzier Dean:
The wolf's on my PS4 scared meh I was like move move move then I came here for cheat sheat
Ferita Keyy
Ferita Keyy:
"Shadow of the tomb raider" is out tomorrow!!!
Billy Townsley
Billy Townsley:
Anyone else compare her to Nate all the time. How she’s lighter and can jump further but he’s stronger and more ruthless
After 10 hours of my boring and sad life im finally done watching this
Jack Ieong
Jack Ieong:
Why they messed the timeline of the 2 endings
알파 카소재스
알파 카소재스:
3:55:21 wut I'm stuck in that one
Ade Odry
Ade Odry:
Gonna mark my favorite part here so I can go back anytime to see it
Off Worlder
Off Worlder:
so she runs past a shotgun so you keep using bow and arrows how smart. I so love watching smart people play RPG's
4:00:51 LOL
NoName NoLastName
NoName NoLastName:
The graphics!! 😱😱😍😍❤️
I'm actually almost finish the tomb raider definitive edition I think I'm on 67%
Emma Frost
Emma Frost:
I wished there were more beautiful locations like Thailand lost valley or ancient Egypt.
Robert G
Robert G:
I watched the first hour. Thanks, I've decided I very much want to play this game, soon as a decent graphics card is again affordable!
There is another post-ending scene that you didn't show. After beating the story and you click Continue in the main menu, you get a cute little scene with Lara and Sofia.
Alkım Yılmaz
Alkım Yılmaz:
at 17:45 she says "something's here" and you missed the very first relic of the game. I'm not sure if it's a good idea of watching 10 hour video to look for missing items of my game **sigh**
Thank you for posting. I come to Youtube when there's nothing on TV, which is pretty much all the time.
Cameron Conner
Cameron Conner:
54:57 why the bunny!? why!?
Roland Camcena
Roland Camcena:
How does one write a 10hr Gameplay!?
Nelson Ramos
Nelson Ramos:
I just think you need practice on you're aim, and how to upgrade. thanks for the video but I always cringe when watching someone with little to no experience with these types of games play
Hariom Kale
Hariom Kale:
Bro, Thanks For The Great Upload. You Deserves An Thumbs Up!
A. M.
A. M.:
Too bad you have to activate the survival instinct every 5 seconds.
ps4 gamer Monga
ps4 gamer Monga:
Why can't you just follow the game play
Jerome Lepulu
Jerome Lepulu:
Whose here because of Psn plus and because 2k20 is trash?
Aleeha Sana
Aleeha Sana:
The gameplay is amazing i Love Lara Croft.
2:57:08 I thought it was a problem with my PC at this section cause there was no dynamic shadow cast from the light lol
Even playing on Max Settings. Weird since there are shadows over there on cutscenes...
finally! after a month i'e finished all of this
Hamzah Bhaimia
Hamzah Bhaimia:
The last 5 minutes went from 0-1000 REAL quick
Bryson Bradley
Bryson Bradley:
Omg I'm watching this at night and I'm still watching this video I'm about to give up
9:29:43 I struggled so much with this. Thank you!
Red Ninja X
Red Ninja X:
She should be wearing tactical gloves most of the time to grapple onto trees, buildings and fight to inflict more damage while protecting hands. These gloves have reinforced armour on the knuckles.
Bass Galaxy
Bass Galaxy:
The battle scenes would've been more enjoyable if the assault riffle was utilized more. 😐
Ghlam Farid Khan
Ghlam Farid Khan:
I love this game and in snow and deserts i love to play
awesome game!
kinda funny, how different Laras and her fathers accents are ;)
joanne springett
joanne springett:
This really helped. Thx xx
Lyubomira Gerova
Lyubomira Gerova:
Perfect video, thanks!
austin grigg
austin grigg:
I swear it’s hard to watch someone who doesn’t know how to properly play RPGs
Wangdey Ronrang
Wangdey Ronrang:
loved full episode...thank you for you time and will wait for more good work from channel
11:53 It is Lara, Sam, Reyes, Jonah. (From Tomb Raider 2013)
Mustard Man
Mustard Man:
wow. there are actually physics that's pretty cool
omg wtf i watched all of it and it's now morning like 7 o'clock am
Harry Franks
Harry Franks:
34:39 those soldiers look a lot like the skulls parasite unit from metal gear.
I'm sadden this came out the same time BO3 and Fallout 4 did, because it for sure hasn't gotten the recognition it needs.
Paige Xbox gamer 2000
Paige Xbox gamer 2000:
amazing it looks so amazing
Echubander Cotora
Echubander Cotora:
Oh!!I love tomb raider since 1996
paul siga
paul siga:
not buying this game to much game on my pc no time to play, so watching and enjoying this like a movie.
Astrid Damarani
Astrid Damarani:
I still love Tomb Raider 1 2 3 4 5... a lot of puzzle and trying to find the way out... using our brain to figure it out....Tomb Raider this lately just like u know... But I still love it ;)
Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
"something's aren't ment to be found."
pewdiemy ashika and ankush
pewdiemy ashika and ankush:
my fav can give my life for this
The Bellington
The Bellington:
It’s the last 45 minutes and I’m yelling at the screen for him to just do the thing!!! And to use his assault rifle on the deathless omggggg smdh
Blake Sanden
Blake Sanden:
22:19 how do u climb that
sammy zain HD
sammy zain HD:
Dude - i am wondering how long it took you upload the video.
Kuro Ken
Kuro Ken:
Yo, chill with those aims, dude, wtf.
Quentin Wojtyra
Quentin Wojtyra:
thank you some much for making this
Dennis P.
Dennis P.:
We need a ten hour version of it.
Oh, wait...
cowgirl boots
cowgirl boots:
6:30 im stuck there the ice wont fall off
Wacław Wawrzaszek
Wacław Wawrzaszek:
I really like the idea of ​​Miss Croft's psychological development in Tomb Raider and Rise of Tomb Raider.
2:49:01 Wut just happened?
Alexandru Bud
Alexandru Bud:
7:05:30. burn/blow the damn woood to pass omg!!!!!! how can u be so blind? u missed so many things the whole play.
gamer 540
gamer 540:
Thanks for the help with video
El Diablo
El Diablo:
My respect to this well-played game, and thanks for the video.
Leo notdicaprio
Leo notdicaprio:
I know this seems like an odd question, but, when you're carrying around a torch does the PS4 controllers light flicker like it did in the definitive edition? I can't stand the constant flickering...
Just bought the game! I really want to watch the whole video but that will ruin it for me 😔
You play Tomb Raider but when you see The Tomb you don't explore it.I really bored when see you play this game.FY