Robert Kubica - Impossible is nothing


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Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup:
Driving a Williams was probably more painful than his crash
Pranav hegde
Pranav hegde:

sad to see him in non competitive car though!
Miklós Szekeres
Miklós Szekeres:
Go Robert, you have balls of steel, I'm with you! From Hungary with love!
Manthen Vashishth
Manthen Vashishth:
That battle for 6th against massa in suzuka 2007 shows how skilled both drivers were. Nowadays battle for 1st place isn't even close to that
I can only give my best wishes to this man, one of the most undervalued F1 drivers ever. His story is just extraordinary, nobody would have expected to see him back again at the real TOP. Go Robert, hi Poland from Italy! 🇮🇹
Robert Kubica is a true racer. Reminds me of Niki Lauda. Keeps pushing and racing even after horrific accidents. He is a beast.
Rishabh Khanna
Rishabh Khanna:
Robert we know you can do this, you are the very definition of comebacks.
With Love from India 🇮🇳
Like Senna said "if you don't give 100%, there's no point in racing". Robert, thank you for giving 100%.
Quinn Boone
Quinn Boone:
He's really the definition of a real driver! Loved him in erc and wrc.
Wish he would come back to rally......
Jonas Happ
Jonas Happ:
Kubica is a living legend, if you want it or not.
Dávid Kreisz
Dávid Kreisz:
Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki. Robert Kubica💪
Ashutosh Mehta
Ashutosh Mehta:
Gave me goosebumps when I saw him return to WRC again after accident in 2011. Great fighter as he always was. Simply astonishing
akshay deep
akshay deep:
Racer! Fighter! Legend!
What a man! Respect Robert Kubica Sir. Can't wait to see you on the track. Will be rooting for you!
No nic, trzeba zbierać kasę na bilety, bo za to co zrobił ten Człowiek, powinniśmy z nim być co wyścig :)
Do Kwon
Do Kwon:
nie ma co, montażystą to jesteś świetnym
Pavel Černý
Pavel Černý:
Come on Robert! I hope he will get a proper seat in 2021! Love from Czechia 🇨🇿♥️🇵🇱
Wiktor Majta
Wiktor Majta:
Let’s hope the 2019 Williams car is up to par to let him fight fairly in the middle of the pack, would hate to see him suffer due to a poor car compared to the rest
Walter's Canister
Walter's Canister:
Sad to see that he didn't get a new contract. Imagine what a wonderful career he could have had if it wasn't for that rally crash
This story is definitly one of the greatest ones in formula 1. It's reallt sad that Williams in 2019 couldn't do Robert any justice but it is still an epic story. Probably even more than Brawn GP
Ricardo de Paiva
Ricardo de Paiva:
Ótimo piloto, pena que aquele acidente grave acabou parando a carreira dele por algum tempo,mas graças a Deus está vivo e competindo de novo, que Deus o proteja🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
And now back at Sauber - Alfa Romeo, legend.
Frequency Vibrations
Frequency Vibrations:
Fantastic driver, greater man, a real inspiration. Thank you Robert.
Olha, sou brasileiro e nenhum piloto será melhor ou maior que nosso Ayrton Senna, mas que eu admiro e torço pro Kubica isso não posso negar. O cara é muito corajoso e talentoso viu!
Lucas Cereta
Lucas Cereta:
Fantastic video, fantastic driver!
Kamcio 44
Kamcio 44:
Szacun !! Montaż 10/10. Najlepszy film o Robercie jaki do tej pory widziałem ;)
Tylko sobie można wyobrazić co by było, gdyby nie ten pieprzony wypadek.. Gość był tak niesamowicie szybki w swoich bolidach, że historia ostatnich kilku lat mogłaby zmienić się znacznie.
Andrea DeRoma
Andrea DeRoma:
When you fall down or you not rich your dreams, for to stand up and make your dreams true, watch this video every single time you need. This guy is not a world champion, but for the guts, he is the first of all. Thank you for inspire me every day. Life is hard but if really believe in your self, you can do everything.
JDM Lover
JDM Lover:
A legend, true fighter, motivator...
sepp schoiss
sepp schoiss:
he was one of the best driver!! in karting in italy, he won every time!! he was the best with hamilton, colin brown, rosberg, ammermuller!
The LION King
The LION King:
Mad respect for Robert....Forza Kubica❤️💪🏻
Luiz Gomes
Luiz Gomes:
Excelente piloto, fantástico
Charaninder Singh
Charaninder Singh:
Pure legacy man. Lots of wishes and love from India
Keith Derham
Keith Derham:
What a special special driver. An absolute trooper and inspiration to us all.
Brunner Péter
Brunner Péter:
GoGoGo Robert!
Nothing is impossible: this is the right! Go Poland, go Kubica!!! Greetings from Hungary!
Sergio Luis
Sergio Luis:
Eu me emociono quando Veja a história deste rapaz, é um vencedor.
A living hero!
Ramon Perez Galera
Ramon Perez Galera:
I still think you are the best Motorsport channel I have ever seen, and I'm still waiting and hoping to see more of this legendary content that you make.
Hope you the best from Spain!!
He even made the first point for 2019 Williams team!
Jest niemożliwy. Za to wszyscy go kochamy, a i tak niektórzy hejtują go za to że w każdym wyścigu w 2019 był ostatni. Dla mnie wielką radością jest to że mogłem oglądać Polaka na torze :)
Esse é o cara. Congratulations Kub. Venha visitar o Brasil
Thales Jericó
Thales Jericó:
O cara é bom!!! Uma lenda
Foda hein
Pé pesado... pena não ter conseguido títulos na F1.
Pedro Ovalle
Pedro Ovalle:
Sinónimo de pasión y amor por lo que haces.
Fuente de inspiración para muchos
Caer ,levantar la cabeza y seguir aún más fuerte 👍
even though kubica isn't my favourite driver i have huge respect for him for still having such a love for motorsport even after his 2011 rally crash
He was always a top 6 driver very good performances overall
jose ferreira jr
jose ferreira jr:
I am brazilian and I support Robert Kubica. God bless you brother.
Daniele Careddu
Daniele Careddu:
Mostruoso , una leggenda assoluta , meritava piú trionfi!
Dragos Andronic
Dragos Andronic:
Can't wait to see Kubica in F1 next year. Best of luck from Romania!
Arjun Shenoy
Arjun Shenoy:
Legendary Kubica ! Mentally the strongest guy on the grid any day
Árpi 23
Árpi 23:
Kubica is a legend🏁
Eshan Jaffar
Eshan Jaffar:
This man is championship material
When I saw this video, the first thing I thought is that without his crashes and injuries, Kubica could have been even greater than he currently is. Like Sébastien Bourdais, he is a brilliant driver who has been very unlucky in this career. TOTAL RESPECT FOR COMING BACK TO FORMULA 1, ROBERT. 👍👍👍
Aiden Symon
Aiden Symon:
What a legend. 2 masive crashes and he’s still out here winning
Jonas Rodrigues
Jonas Rodrigues:
Diserves all respect but it’s a pity staying at Williams in this moment so hard for the team. Great driver!!!
Артем Кулагин
Артем Кулагин:
Настоящий мужик!Многие попав в подобную аварию вообще никогда не садятся за руль даже личного авто,а Роберт вернулся и сейчас не уступает по скорости молодому и быстрому Расселу!! Respect Robert!!!
Dávid Tóth
Dávid Tóth:
Go Robert!! 💪 You are the best ❤ Love from Hungary! 😁
Aiden Jackson
Aiden Jackson:
He was right impossible is nothing he prove it he got 1 point with William and that's fantastic
The Legend is back 🔥💪
Agent 47
Agent 47:
I admire his comeback to F1 after his life changing rally accident but giving him a seat at Williams was just downright cruel. No driver deserves that. 😂
Ryan Tan
Ryan Tan:
Right man, right spirit, amazing story, wrong car.
Kubica deserves better
Wow wielki Szacunek dla Roberta Kubicy
So inspirational 👏💪 Go Robert!
Elrod Jenkins
Elrod Jenkins:
There is no question, this guy would have been a world champion had it not been for that accident. Absolutely talented F1 driver.
Arkady Qgler
Arkady Qgler:
Świetny montaż, muza i ujęcia. Brawo!
Emex Play
Emex Play:
Very good driver,I hope that his return to f1 will be a good for him,go Kubica!!
Ruben Rachetti
Ruben Rachetti:
Le deseo lo mejor a ROBERT KUBICA, que sea un año dificil y lleno de intrigas, que salga a ganar y competir que eso lo sabe muy bien !!! Mus felicitaciones al regreso de un CAMPEON !!!
Jhon Jairo Briceño Guatava
Jhon Jairo Briceño Guatava:
Q admiración por kubica , un campeonato del mundo de f1 parece poco viendo lo q superó
Once a fighter, always a fighter!
Todo un piloto , muy bueno.
Saludos desde España.
jose mª Mercado
jose mª Mercado:
Grande Robert. Sigo confiando plenamente en que eres muy veloz. Abrazos
Assassin 4056
Assassin 4056:
The terminator of Motorsports can’t die can’t stop fighting
Skylon The Dragon
Skylon The Dragon:
Robert: crashes and takes a long break

Robert: I'll fuckin do it again
K Krisu
K Krisu:
Super filmik aż łezka się oku kreci. Będzie dobrze w 2019 czekamy:)
abdi mahamed
abdi mahamed:
If he didn't have his accident he would have been competing with Hamilton so hard he is so naturally quick even Hamilton speaks about him is such high regard
He is the racer anyone dream to be and experience.
ionno whoiam
ionno whoiam:
Unbelievable. This man is just indestructible! Wish you none but a good luck for whatever you do in your life. You're such a great inspiration not to let life brings you down
To jest materiał na książkę. Za naszego życia, przed naszymi oczami wydarzyło się (dzieje się) coś wspaniałego, przykład na to, że wszystko w życiu jest możliwe a wytrwałość i wiara przenoszą góry. Dla mnie to już jest Mistrz Świata. Pozdro!
Ties Janssen
Ties Janssen:
What legend hope to see him back in wrc one day 💪🏻🙏
Świetny filmik o cudownym człowieku - pozostałe filmy również.
Juanma Galindo Moreno
Juanma Galindo Moreno:
Echarle muchos cojones a la vida se llama eso, olé tú Robert, vídeos como estos te hacen recapacitar a los que hemos pasado por lo mismo ♥️
sidney satiro
sidney satiro:
Uau!!!! De arrepiar!!!
71 G in the crash😱 kubica is just amazing.
Big Big respect👌👌👌
Nodziendobry Tego
Nodziendobry Tego:
i to jest prawdziwy Polak.. nigdy się nie poddaje :)
Reginaldo Zamboni
Reginaldo Zamboni: the greatest pilots of our age...Bravo Robert...
Cassio lima
Cassio lima:
É só Deus na vida desse piloto polonês Robert kubica. Nasceu de novo.
Fernando Gangone
Fernando Gangone:
I'm happy that he recovered!
Mirage F1
Mirage F1:
Amazing job man!Kavinsky and Robert rews,beautiful sound!
Like him or not, you have to respect this man.
Amazing comeback, but can't stop thinking he'd do better just sitting atop that Merc engine, rather than trying to bring home that carbon-fibre oxcart that only took Williams a year to build. Great driver, but this may be his greatest challenge yet.
Mehmet Can Akdeniz
Mehmet Can Akdeniz:
This guy's a legend
FORZA ROBERT KUBICA! Much love from the Philippines. Happy to see you back. :,)
Chłopie, dzięki po raz kolejny za kolejny bardzo dobry materiał :)
Paweł Roszyk
Paweł Roszyk:
Ekstra! Nie uwierzysz, ale wyobrażałem sobie filmik o powrocie właśnie z Roadgame! Idealne!
Przemek J.
Przemek J.:
Świetny filmik o Robercie Kubicy on to mój idol😉
Yashowardhan Gokhale
Yashowardhan Gokhale:
In.his prime the man could match Hamilton for pace and control over the car!! Sad to see him miss.out on wat would have been an incredible career!
Jon Huima
Jon Huima:
It's been great to see him back 👌
Savannah Santos
Savannah Santos:
Born to be a legend.
Welcome back I'm really happy to see you again behind the steering wheel.... Great driver...
Leo Rodriguez
Leo Rodriguez:
My respects to this great pilot.
dottor gut
dottor gut:
Finalmente "" il ritorno""tiferò x lui perché ha le palle e a differenza di tutti gli altri lui è un pilota d'altri tempi!!! Forza Robert.....number one