Robert Redford and James Redford on creating positive change

"The Redford Center is telling a new story about our environment. One that inspires us to get into action and maps a clear path toward a future of cleaner energy, air, water and land. I have a lot of confidence in The Redford Center’s ability to keep us focused on what’s possible, what’s working, and what it will take for us to get there. Nothing and no one is beyond hope, and when we focus our efforts toward the solutions, we create positive change."
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Warrior For Christ
Warrior For Christ:
I've always had great respect for Mr. Redford!
Elizabeth deVries
Elizabeth deVries:
Bob had foresight very few did, 40 some years ago. He has done so much to push environment and indigenous issues to the forefront and I am joyful he is seeing a change! Jamie is tireless! WOW WOW WOW! Both of them have put themselves out there for the betterment of others. I have absolute confidence in the Redford Center. ABSOLUTE.
Brenda Warren
Brenda Warren:
Thank you Bob & James for all your Light & Love work contribution for our planet and the wild life. My son Arthur & I are on the same page that you two share. There's likely no recollection when I last saw, Mr. Fink, after picking up the Jag from service, going down Sepulveda Blvd. as he was checking out my driver, the Red Maserati Biturbo, traveling side by side in the next lane to the left. I look forward to supporting your good works and our kindred passion for helping to bring in more increasing positive change and being good custodians for the planet and the wild life. Happiest of Holidays & keep spreading your higher vibrational energy that we all need here on planet Earth.
Poppy Dalawir
Poppy Dalawir:
Father & son .. the father is the neverending idol of women on earth 😍😍😍😍
This kid has really done his old man proud.  I've watched his documentary, and it's clear he's blazed his own trail in life.   Our house is nearly 100% solar in Fla, and the rest of the state is catching up fast through grass roots co-ops.   Kudos to all involved in this effort.
Frank Mancuso
Frank Mancuso:
Blame The CEOs. They took our air, waters, mountain tops, lands, and government. They give back war, cancer, pollution, debt. The issue of our demise is imminent and irreversible. Our oceans are full of toxic microplastic that is depriving them of food and oxygen also affecting our atmosphere. Toxic microplastic is in most of our food and almost all our water even rain. It's even in bees, honey. What is toxic marine microplastic you ask? It is PCB laced bits of used condoms, tampons, baby diapers, medical waste, old shoes, cigarette butts, meds and anything else from our streets and drains. Bon appetite. Most cancer is man-made and on the rise. Most CEO's who manufacture toxins know the consequences but choose money over people. I'm sorry to say it's too late now to fix this. Only government could have but the CEO's own it too, otherwise it would prosecute CEO's as the terrorists they are.