Robert Redford on acting: "That's enough"

"You know, I can't do this forever," said Robert Redford. At 82 he's starring in a new film, "The Old Man & the Gun." It's based on the true story of Forrest Tucker, a lifelong outlaw who escaped from nearly every prison he was confined to, continuing to rob banks well into his late 70s. Lee Cowan catches up with the Oscar-winning actor-director, who talks about his decision to retire from acting – but hardly retiring from life.

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100+ komentarze:

Zoe Emiko
Zoe Emiko:
I met Robert Redford in California when I was in college & working as a waitress. He's an incredibly warm, genuine kind & down to earth man.
Kirk Barkley
Kirk Barkley:
Has a very youthful voice for 82
Joy Harrison
Joy Harrison:
He just might be the best looking male redhead I've ever seen.
Debra Roy
Debra Roy:
Thank god he did not get plastic surgery and end up looking like an idiot. I admire that so much.
R C:
WOW he still sounds so young when he speaks, his voice is still very clear... I bet he hardly smokes...
What I've always admired about this actor is his coolness; the power he finds in silence, in stillness, in pauses; like Steve McQueen (especially in Bullitt) but even more so. This is a guy who is a little wary, who doesn't easily trust. You could imagine a back-story where his character was deeply hurt and as a result likes to keep the world at a certain distance.

He'll build tension by dropping the volume of his voice and making you wait for what he'll say because you need to know what he'll say, which is a function of his magnetism; you're drawn in. This is not a guy who is hot or flamboyant, who acts out or chews the scenery.

That wariness and distance, that fundamental aloneness, was one reason he was so effective in Jeremiah Johnson, The Natural and 3 Days of the Condor, because it heightened the mystery behind his character and it's also why he was so good in The Candidate, because he fought so hard NOT to be the glad-hander that his handlers demanded he become.
Jaimie Johnson
Jaimie Johnson:
Incredible respect for the man! Such a wonderful actor! I remember watching 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' with my Dad. Watching 'Out of Africa' a thousand times, and the marathon of his movies on cable. His work with the NRDC, preserving open space and corridors for wildlife! He's a wonderful guy, and incredibly talented actor and director! Thanks Bob for a lifetime of memories!
Estella Coggins
Estella Coggins:
He's not a redhead, he's a strawberry blond. I love him.
David Hine
David Hine:
Wow Bob Redford still looks good..... Keep on going Bob....
He is truly a handsome man and a gentleman too 🤗
rocknroller 77
rocknroller 77:
One of the most charming and handsome men, ever 😍
Loved him and Paul Newman in The Sting — one of my all time favorite movies.
Love him so much & grateful for all the joy he's provided for so many years!
My favorite actor of all time. When watching his films, at no time did I ever feel like he was acting, hes so believable and sincere. I find it interesting that his choice of living conditions and location would be similar to what i would do if I was financially independent. Beautiful country living away from the big cities.
Hes a very intelligent man and I hope he is around for many more years, acting or not.
Karen Kroplinski
Karen Kroplinski:
I have always loved Robert Redford's movies. My favorites are "Jeremiah Johnson", "The Sting", "The Way We Were", and "The Horse Whisperer".
Sam Moss
Sam Moss:
when you listen to this guy talk thru all the years, about how he feels and the way he handles're looking at a truly decent human being in a lot more ways than one..he's spot on 'The Actors Studio' shines is a great example.
James Mulrane
James Mulrane:
The absolute best. God love him. So talented. Yet. So, very humble. His art has meant so much to me throughout the course of my life. We absolutely love you, Mr. Redford.
Walter's Heart
Walter's Heart:
I was in a movie with him when I was a kid. Mr. Redford was incredibly nice to me and we played catch with the baseball for awhile.
Barbara Rey
Barbara Rey:
Excellent actor I thought he was under estimated because people were so taken up with his good looks. My favorites: The Sting & All the President's Men. :)
JoJo Ber
JoJo Ber:
aww love him, still handsome after all these yrs :)
patrick anthony
patrick anthony:
Best Redford film to me is "the natural" but then, "god i love baseball"
Love that he refuses make up when doing his latest films. Accepting what is.
Melanie C. Jones
Melanie C. Jones:
Love him. So authentic. Smart. Beautiful soul...we've been blessed to watch his work.
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams:
Redford stomps on a journalist's false sentimentality with reality. Love it.
Debra Hess
Debra Hess:
Brilliant man, director and actor ! A true natural! ❤️
Tullia Tulli
Tullia Tulli:
Robert, ti amo. Seriously. You are wonderful, always.
Kirk Barkley
Kirk Barkley:
Seems like a very nice unaffected man
Noone AnybodyKnows
Noone AnybodyKnows:
One of the GREATEST male actors of all time.😘 I've cried many a tear, laughed, and rejoiced to his films and absolutely loved every minute of the joy and sorrow.👍🤟
Stacy Hackney
Stacy Hackney:
I like his work.
Official Filmilen
Official Filmilen:
Robert Redford deserves to win an Oscar before he retires
Yvonne Styhr
Yvonne Styhr:
Love, love, love Robert Redford.
Ger Ryan
Ger Ryan:
He deserves to retire , and do his own thing , loved him in INDECENT PROPOSAL 🎉
B G:
hard to pick a favorite Redford Film, 3 Days of the Condor, is certainly on that list!
He’s got the most wonderful sensuous voice.
Maria Guadagno
Maria Guadagno:
Sir Robert, thank you for all your years of acting and beautiful work.
Keep going strong with your loved ones.
Love you, Uncle Bob. Hopefully, you'll still be hitting Bishops Bowl at Sundance.
Angel Matos
Angel Matos:
Like Brando once told Johnny Depp, "choose wisely, you only have so many faces in your pocket".
Scott Drury
Scott Drury:
To echo a comment below, the guy has the best speaking voice in show business. Does not sound like an elderly person.
Donna Rachiele
Donna Rachiele:
I remember his role of Mr Death on Twilight Zone
Dina Cox
Dina Cox:
I love watching old Perry Mason and recently noticed Mr. Redford in that very episode. I was interested to note that it was made the year that I was born, 1959.
Doug Tarnopol
Doug Tarnopol:
I don't know if he ever did a better film or performance as an actor than Jeremiah Johnson. God, that's a fine film.
Mr Lee
Mr Lee:
Thanks for all the great movies Mr .Redford. You are one of the Greats.
amanda davis
amanda davis:
He had a scene in "All the President's Men" where the camera was on him for over 6 minutes. No editing. That's amazing.
Seddi Moussavi
Seddi Moussavi:
Great guy. A true legend and intelectual.
Pam Namisniak
Pam Namisniak:
He is one of my favorites. I have seen most of his movies I will miss his acting but I can always watch his old movies
Lois Wright
Lois Wright:
He is a great environmentalist!
Pat Van Slyke
Pat Van Slyke:
I have loved him since the first time I watched him in a film. I believe I have seen all his movies and has alwayll.
Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes:
My long-time dentist (and my son's too when he was young) looked rather like Robert Redford - it made going to the dentist rather nice! But personally I've never really rated Redford as a great actor (nor Tom Cruise) - I think I must be very much in the minority = so I must be 'wrong'!
Shahrul Niza
Shahrul Niza:
I love Robert Redford in Out Of Africa!!. 😊
Marlene Rodrigues
Marlene Rodrigues:
O ator mais lindo q eu ja vi
Robert Redford 💙💙💙❤❤❤
FaB92 N
FaB92 N:
Legend. Always handsome at 82 years old !,!,
Unappreciated Treehouse
Unappreciated Treehouse:
"Old Man and the Gun" awesome chance to see R. Redford and S. Spacek.
Eiga Team Release
Eiga Team Release:
Redford may be a good man, but don’t let this interview make you forget that he didn’t compliment a man’s dog when he was running for senator!
Mike Lathery
Mike Lathery:
Wish he’d do a remake of the great Jeremiah Johnson and play the part of BEARCLAW
Boathousejoe D
Boathousejoe D:
Classy guy.
Crazy VillainFan
Crazy VillainFan:
Im glad he squeezed in Endgame before he finished acting😌my favorite Redford movie is All the President's Men
Howard B
Howard B:
Thankyou Robert for all of the movies that you were in.. And I do own a DVD of the Walk In The Woods which I really like.. It was hard to find even online lol...
Sandy Tuzzolino
Sandy Tuzzolino:
My favorite movie is the way we were!!! Robert Redford (to me) has and always will be my favorite person in movies!!! The screen loves him! I just watched barefoot in the park with him and Jane Fonda!!! Fun movie and he stands out as usual!!!LOVE Robert Redford!!! Thank you for your greatness!!!!❤️
Robin Rymshaw
Robin Rymshaw:
Robert Redford he was my favorite actor and I have seen all his movies my two favorite are up close and personal and the horse whisperer
David Fournier
David Fournier:
Looking good Robert keep riding sir
Sweety Jones
Sweety Jones:
He has still got it : )
Sameoldfitup  2008
Sameoldfitup 2008:
“Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.” ― Leonardo da Vinci.
Annette Elliott
Annette Elliott:
I've always adored the lovely human being.........
mic jam
mic jam:
Jeremiah Johnson ...saw it on the big screen when I was 14.  still my favorite movie.
The interviewer’s voice is older than Bob’s.
He’s still the most handsome man to walk the face of planet earth.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
Thanks for the lessons.
Patty Farghaly
Patty Farghaly:
Huseyin Polat
Huseyin Polat:
A really great actor. Wonderful.
George Voudouris
George Voudouris:
Spy Game 2 should've been his last film reunited with Brad Pitt. An underrated film that meant a lot to some of us!
Joy Hoss
Joy Hoss:
It feels good to see a actor act and feels normal and original. Good looking man.
Christine & Alfred Bookman
Christine & Alfred Bookman:
Absolutely gorgeous at any age... physically, intellectually, environmentally, socially, financially and in basic civility. To think, he grew up just a few blocks away, just a couple of decades before. A Renaissance man. The ideal + a smile that melt ones inhibitions.
Old Cop
Old Cop:
His “last” movie was a good one!
Gosh simply great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks
He almost single handedly championed the independent film movement. All by itself that is a huge accomplishment for which we should be grateful. The studio system of the decades before Sundance was NOT good for the art, the artists, or the audience.
Deb Terry
Deb Terry:
What a great interview! Enjoyed it very much.. If you haven't seen a Walk in the Woods with Nick Nolte.. your really missing something.. loved it.. His caliber of acting will be missed. I hope he does more interviews... if not acting because i will miss his face and his strength of character as well..
He was so lovely looking when he was young. He did have his eyes done a while back but looked awful. Hes a good actor too my fav film is Butch Cassidy 😍
Sak Arbik
Sak Arbik:
Redford... a Legendary Actor and Benefactor. We love him. We miss him.
x x
x x:
Robert Redford is so lucky he could take a pic with
Eliseo Subiela
Hannah Chap
Hannah Chap:
Such a talented man.
Jim Ike
Jim Ike:
Redford is one of the very few legends from the late 60s through early 80s that did not make any action films.One of only a hand full of actors in that era,whom made period year films. The Sting, S.K.,Great Gatsby,The Natural,J.J.,Tell them Willie Boy is here.
Sally Daniel
Sally Daniel:
Love his movies
jack masters
jack masters:
He was the brad pitt of his day
Jim Vines Presents...
Jim Vines Presents...:
Robert Redford is a total class act. One of the all-time greats.
elizabeth hestevold
elizabeth hestevold:
Like Roberts Class, so right on Truth Telling. Hope you're still in there , Robert Redford.👀🗽🦅🇺🇸🇩🇰📬
Alexandra Lee Hurst
Alexandra Lee Hurst:
Honorable, genuine, intelligent, talented, well-spoken -- one of our very best. Progressive, effective, productive. And lovely.
Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings
Jacqueline b Tocci Gail Helena Billings:
Great actor :-)
Michelle Noble
Michelle Noble:
The eternal dilemma: if I'd been on the ledge and had to save either Butch or Sundance... which one... which one???
Possibly the two most beautiful, lovely men who ever graced the screen. They don't make 'em like that any more...
WhisperingJane ASMR
WhisperingJane ASMR:
He's such a cool guy and was such a stunning man *gosh*
I liked his diplomatic take on current politics: It's about truth-telling and the effort to stop it. However, as a conservative, I bet my version of who's lying and who is trying to stop it is opposite of his. Interesting.
Siria Maria Mohamed
Siria Maria Mohamed:
The man of the great words
E Razavi
E Razavi:
I love robert for ever!!!!and thanks god for robert(from IRAN)
Kent Beery
Kent Beery:
Definitely a Legend
If human life is all about trade offs, then how do we fare?
We lose our of youthful looks and replace them with wisdom that’s new to us.
It’s a good trade.
In the mirror we see peeping back at us eyes that are wiser.
More thoughtful.
Others have more.
More years to spend.
Yesterday with the beauty of our youth we convinced all.
But today with it gone we can’t command them like we did in days gone by.
As our beauty fades they seek us out less and less.
But we can think.
We can reflect.
Old soldiers never die.
They just fade away.
Until they do,
they are happy with the way things are.
Live to 100 Bob.
Kevin Ilango
Kevin Ilango:
Still a hottie.
Just the finest.
Mohammad Al-Hajy
Mohammad Al-Hajy:
Prince of Hollywood ♥️♥️
Net City Media Group
Net City Media Group:
He was my main THE CANDIDATE with Queen Streep.

-Dasa William Griffith
I thought you were 21. Love your acting and hair, great hair
i hope i get that old and clear minded! - great man/actor
Some of these nasty comments under this video sound like sour grapes. Robert Redford throughout his career has been not only extremely good looking but an excellent actor. He strikes me as an intelligent man with sound values. What have the those dis-respecting him accomplished?