Rockstar Just RUINED Red Dead Online With This New Update... (RDR2)

Rockstar Just RUINED Red Dead Online With This New Update... (RDR2) SUBSCRIBE and DROP A LIKE! Rockstar is changing daily challenges streaks in the new Red Dead Online update on December first and all streaks for every player will reset no matter what at 28 days. You will be rewarded with a Red Dead Online Money Bonus and a treasure map and that is all. No words on if multipliers are going away or changing. For having maintained a daily challenge streak of 7 days or more, you'll receive $200 and small explosive ammo gifts for all classes of weapons. Everyone will be losing out with these new changes. It doesn't matter if you have too much gold and there's nothing to spend it on, why cheer on the idea of earning less? I'd love to get your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you for watching.

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100+ komentarze:

THE BOTTOM LINE: Whether you have 5,000 gold, 500 gold, or even just 5 gold bars, everybody loses with these new changes (except for Take Two's income statement). Everyone will be making less gold and why should ANYONE cheer that on? Simply saying Take Two and Rockstar are businesses and that it makes sense for them is a weak response. For Take Two reporting Red Dead Online is outperforming expectations quarter after quarter and recurrent consumer spending in RDO being up 96% this quarter, this cant be seen as anything other than a cash grab and it should be received by the fans and players as such. I encourage you to write a message to Rockstar saying that these new changes are unacceptable. Who cares if their decision is final. There is noting dignified about rolling over, accepting whatever comes your way and saying nothing about it. There’s a feedback page for Red Dead Online. Use it. Do not let this happen without getting a word in
DC Verse
DC Verse:
They really want people to quit this game huh?
Imaging spending 8 years on an amazing game like red dead, only to leave it in the mud and continuing to milk the shit out of gta
Noobus Wonder
Noobus Wonder:
I used to joke about it before but now it literally seems like they are doing everything they can to stop people playing this game.
I’m going to play through story mode again. It’s kind of funny how rockstar can make the best game in history and the worst game in history with the same game.
Rockstar has a plan, they just need more money, have some damn faith.
BH 11941
BH 11941:
Nearly 300 days gone! I’m frankly not going to making RDO a priority. This is utter BS and it’s clear that R* wants the cash grab at the sacrifice of loyal players.
Hyper Anon
Hyper Anon:
They’re basically saying

“We aren’t making enough money, so instead of expanding the gameplay and enticing new players to join our community, we are going to screw over literally all the old players.”
I like how R* would rather focus on a game that came out in 2013
Me: I have over 300 days streak...
Rockstar: AAAAND ITS GONE!!!
Kingash Douko
Kingash Douko:
Damn!!! I have started a little over a month ago and i was keeping my streak ever since.I am so pissed but can’t imagine how the ones who started since the beginning are feeling right now.
RIP... Daily challenges were literally THE one and only thing keeping many long time players logging in.
Dino Nutz
Dino Nutz:
On top of this, now we only get 0.1 gold from daily challenges, the new content is paywalled, and there are like a dozen new game breaking glitches.
Ryan Stevenson
Ryan Stevenson:
Tbh that’s it for me, I don’t think I’m coming back after this change. The log in once lets me keep my streak up if I’m occupied with other games. I don’t want to be glued to the game when I don’t feel like playing one day.
Mason Samonte
Mason Samonte:
rockstar has a plan "have some faith boy"😂 naw but fr we need to boycott this is unreasonable and outta pocket
😔I only have 3 gold bars already man, it’s kinda hard grinding for gold as a new player.
Severed Ties
Severed Ties:
I guess the next thing that rockstar does is gonna be reseting everybody's gold to 0
Steve Moore
Steve Moore:
This game is done really, how can rockstar come back from this. 3 years and the game is so bad and boring, GTA 5 is there money spinner and with heists coming again. RIP RDR2, all players need to leave RDR2 and leave the servers empty now.
Venus uwu
Venus uwu:
Smh they need to get their priorities straight. They are basically destroying their fan base for rdr- say bye to another large chunk of players 😪
Xanthipuss ofSparta
Xanthipuss ofSparta:
I guess there is no longer a reason for me to visit this game on a daily basis.
It is really unprofessional that rockstar are only showing this message in game and didn't feature it on the news wire I mean that's just like stabbing someone in the back RIP Rockstar.
Karen 2.0
Karen 2.0:
Omg, ive been playing for 25 days, making a streak, (Its my first one) so just as i hit 28 streak, it will be reset ):

This updates a goddamn joke
Luc Wijngaard
Luc Wijngaard:
Players to Rockstar: *I gave you all I had*
My O face
My O face:
"Haaaappppyyyyyy ttttrrrraaiiiilllllssss to youuuuuuuuuuu"
I played it because of the gold i got through dailys, now i don´t have a reason to play anymore. good that my PSN is ending at the 1.12 lol
Rockstar just don't like their customers to have fun
James B
James B:
Played everyday since February, the only reason I play was for the daily challenges, Level 420, $110’000 and 1,250 Gold. Maybe it’s time to quit.
Rob Wrone
Rob Wrone:
I'm suddenly less upset that I accidentally ended a 70 day streak the other day.
Ahhh... Just in time for little Timmy to go to the Bank of Mom and Dad because he wants Gold Bars for Christmas.
The LoGorrhea Podcast
The LoGorrhea Podcast:
This was one of the first games I saw where you could grind for gold and then use that gold to buy a battlepass. I always wondered why they gave up that income
They're just trying to kill their own game at this point
I’m gonna delete this game now.
Atlas Rising
Atlas Rising:
This is the final nail in the coffin for me. It feels like I’ve been in an abusive relationship with Rockstar since RDO launched. The lack of communication, transparency, months of silence, and lackluster content has severely diminished the respect I had for a once great developer.

RIP RDO, you deserved better.
Players: give us updates!
Rockstar: Daily Challenge Update!

Yeah, Glitchstar is trying to kill the game for good...
My 175 day streak will be reset. Ok that's the final straw I'm done with Red Dead Online.
Couldn’t care less, just add real content
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez:
My experience I don’t play rdo much and so as my daily’s because I decided to take a break on it and play Sims4 more often
Geoff Baggley
Geoff Baggley:
Depends how good the role expansion is. S depends how long I cone back for. The moment I run out of things to do I'm leaving the game again!
Jeff Carver
Jeff Carver:
Welp, think I am done for a while. The last time I botched and lost my daily streak I didn't play for a few months, probably will just focus on Assassin's Creed after this drops.
Welp, I’m officially out
Story mode only boys
8Ball Entertainment
8Ball Entertainment:
I just started replaying this game mid october, I'm on a 40 days streak. Gonna be hard to stay
Matthew Khudziakou
Matthew Khudziakou:
Bruh I swear these Arthur thumbnails is the weirdest sh*t I’ve seen.
looted gravel
looted gravel:
Yeah, this gives me even more of a reason to walk away completely for Cyberpunk 2077. Changes to GTA makes it pretty un playable, but really its the aiming mechanic thats bad.
I am going to quit this game then..... A streak fo 140 dailies .. Loved to see the number . If they going to reset myn Im quitting i hink anyone else would do that too
I just started playing rdr2 during the naturalist update and I’m already accustomed to having low expectations with this game, sad really 😔
Everyone I played with, myself included stopped playing once they lost their daily streak.
Romain KELIFA:
yet just another "hey pal ! look at me shooting myself in the foot with this elephant rifle" typical R🌟 move 🤷‍♂️🙄
Childish Odyssey
Childish Odyssey:
Yeah my friend only logs on for the daily challenges, shes done after this lol I've already been done
Xerox Sos
Xerox Sos:
Welp, good timing because I am wondering how long can I keep the streak going on. Now I can just stop playing entirely :D
Salty Surfer
Salty Surfer:
Rockstar: *nerfs in game gold bars earnings*
Also rockstar: “Gibe me 600 gold bar for fancy house”
Honestly I'm surprised they didnt do this sooner, it's insanely easy to make gold in this game! Probably make peanuts compared to GTA
Cord Goss
Cord Goss:
Yep I would do a challenge and log off. Gonna affect my future of how much I’ll play this
A Ginger Heathen
A Ginger Heathen:
👀 I didn't even know streaks were a thing, I've been playing since day 1.

Won't effect me at all.
When you guys gonna realize this game is never going to reach it's potential. Just out it tf down and save yourself some sanity.
For sure this is a cheap move. I have plenty of gold & I’m still gonna play.. but it just makes it that much harder for new players to make gold.
I just started playing the game so I guess it's a good thing that I don't know what I'm missing.
Lee H
Lee H:
They have habitually reset me every time I got past 40 straight days. And their support always just apologized with no reparation for my effort. I no longer play daily, I will never buy gold ever again due to them not showing any care. F... them anymore.
Kristopher Zinn
Kristopher Zinn:
I just finally started building my streak. Just got it up to almost 40 days
It's unreal how much they're ruining the game, they don't focus on the things that need to be added/adjusted so they add stupid features that no one asked for and expect to help the game/players. I'm done with Rockstar I can't stand them anymore
Yeah, I think I'm sticking to genshin impact, bye bye Rdr2 online maybe coming back with private lobbys ✌️
Javier Garza
Javier Garza:
This makes me think what’s going to be the payout in the expansion
shorty1k / spritenoob
shorty1k / spritenoob:
I've been playing for months and getting my dailies for about 130 days. I'll be slamming the uninstall button when this hits.
I’m out, got a feeling this game will get uninstalled when cyberpunk drops
R* is slowly killing their own game. Taking away people's streaks is going to chase the people that still log on everyday to keep that streak going.
John Pieh
John Pieh:
I also think that it's bs! What is the incentive to even log on anymore. I've only missed 2 days in the last 18mos.
L C:
Yes! So happy this video is here thank you dude!! Man I am super unhappy about this and hope that we can make our voices heard somehow. I won't play the game because of this and don't see the reason to login anymore. Basically forcing us to buy gold bars, this is unacceptable.
Noo this great news! Gives me more reasons to not play the game anymore! Thanks Rockstar!
Glorious Victory
Glorious Victory:
I’m telling John it’s time to get ready. When I say the word, he needs to get out and take Abigail and jack with him
Josey Wales
Josey Wales:
400 day streak...goodbye!, well hello 200 dollars and ammo!

Wonder what other treats we have waiting for us on Tuesday?
Raven Grooscors
Raven Grooscors:
A streak of 432 days gone!! I been playing since day one and honestly that just takes more away of the game
Hans and Lynette
Hans and Lynette:
Oh no! I usually log in daily for my streak and then end up playing forever. Now I don't have a reason to log in daily. My wife is happy.
JohnCenasMom Gaming
JohnCenasMom Gaming:
This is the second time this week that one of the biggest entertainment companies added a new policy PURELY OUT OF GREED first it was YouTube now rockstar
Chris Popovic
Chris Popovic:
That was how I was making my gold. But maybe they’re gonna change the way you make gold now ??
R* be like "oh, so you are just 8 days away from 365 days challenge streak huh, it will be a shame if something were to happen on the next update 😏 "
J L:
Wow, with the randomness of most collector list. I play daily JUST to continue my daily streak.
Yeah, I’ll be done
I just starting playing rdr online and then got nerf... Love my luck
Alan luscombe8a
Alan luscombe8a:
I have never played online so idk a thing about any of this. Love the single player though.
Jebus nightchimpV2
Jebus nightchimpV2:
Been playing since day one, its hard to keep the streak when you have family and work. I'm happy with the reset
I think this calls for a rockstar boycott, I had a freaking like 200 some day streak
Rod Jr
Rod Jr:
Makes me feel like they're really trying to push players to gta5 for that new "biggest update in rockstar history" with this trash move they're making. 🙄🙄
marieee km
marieee km:
I‘m so mad. But tbh I kind of knew that there‘s no hope anymore in Rockstar. Bye, Bye. :(
RDR2 in my eyes will always be an Singleplayer Experience, and Rockstar needs to start focusing on that aspect of the game.
carrie kimber
carrie kimber:
Rockstar Just RUINED Red Dead Online With This New Update even more
Hiyme Corp.
Hiyme Corp.:
I’m done defending this game they officially lost me as a player. I’ve been playing since beta and they seem to just get worse and worse. Thank god I never spend money on this game.
Mr. Artist
Mr. Artist:
Man I just started this online mode and this is already passing me off. Do they not acknowledge how many players they’ll lose?
Conor Leahy
Conor Leahy:
i gotta have watched the clip of the dude flying off screen like 30 times by now 7:39
I like this update, because now I have good reasons to quit for good and not come back too soon
*Rockstar Just RUINED Red Dead Online With This New Update... (RDR2)*
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin:
.1 gold instead of .2. Theyve tanked the entire daily system
i mean im having alot of fun playing this game with my homie
Calamity Ink
Calamity Ink:
Started playing two days ago, oh boy...
Josue Medina
Josue Medina:
As much as I love this game, it's over till it fixes itself. Smh rockstar
Cuauhtémoc Cabrera Rubio
Cuauhtémoc Cabrera Rubio:
And there I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago, saying that RDO was pretty chill with monetization, unlike many other online games. Well, I guess joke's on me right?
Golden Radorz
Golden Radorz:
But still one of da best games wow btw I love playin rdr2 with my friends I love trolling them and doing a lot of daily challenges and bounties
Jay Wiggins
Jay Wiggins:
Hopefully they will be adding something interesting to earn gold. That said, this feels like they want to force micro transactions for gold. Its sad
Well.... there goes my 130 daily challenge streak RIP 💀
Def lost me I liked seeing how high I could get it
hahah oh man this is rich rockstar realized they made a mistake with the daily challenges that they just HAD to take the gold away LMAO
J G:
Well that's it for me Rockstar. I was already on the fence with such little content. But now I'm defo done with this game. What a Shame 😔 smfh
John Payton
John Payton:
I bow out, I'm through. Trail's gone whiskey gone!