Roger Waters Uncut. The full interview with Michael Smerconish recorded in Philadelphia, PA - 8/4/22

Roger Waters Uncut. The full interview with Michael Smerconish was recorded in Philadelphia, PA at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia on August 4th, 2022.

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Mio Z
Mio Z:
Roger Waters,not only a great singer,but also a great human being.
I respect this interview a lot more after watching the full uncut version. While I don't personally fancy the interviewer's ways, this uncut version is a lot more real and human than the edited down, butchered version on CNN.
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson:
Wonderful musician and a great man who speaks his mind and is well informed.
with wings
with wings:
He's always been amongst the most intelligent musicians. He doesn't only consume what is served in the mainstream media but goes around with an open eye and educate himself. Sure, he may have had different opinion in the past but it just proves he is willing to learn and think and change his opinion when realises he was wrong about something because of lack of knowledge.
The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker:
Can’t stop rewatching it. The more I watch it the more I falling in love with Roger’s human nature. This interview is one of the best portrayals of how doomed the American and therefore the western world is today. It’s scary and depressing. Michael, arrogant and self-observed narcissist, is a perfect representation of the sheep. How do we fix the society, if it’s even possible?!
Peter Biesterfeld
Peter Biesterfeld:
Respect to Smerconish for publishing some truth. Thank you Roger Waters for telling it.
Donnie Doobie
Donnie Doobie:
I saw him in Cincinnati last month after waiting 2 years from fucking covid.
It was stellar.
Apocalyptic , dark , brutal , and very sobering.
I fought off tears for the first 3 or 4 songs because it was such a powerful performance.
Integrity. This is what this man is all about, and this is what we all need right now. Absolute respect and love for Roger Waters. More so when looking at other musicians, some of them alleged rebels and counterculture legends at some point, who succumbed pitifully to pressure or simply believed the lies on the most important points in the world today.
Argine hackopian
Argine hackopian:
There are two ways to tell the truth of facts: first, by telling of the action of courageous men and women, in public or in politics; and second, through the reports of a spectator.thank you are a unique !!! the world needs more perso like you,Big man !
Cathryn P
Cathryn P:
What a good interview. Thank you Roger for speaking the truth.
All I can say to Mr. Roger Waters for speaking the truth is thank you sir. 🙏👏👏
pierre guilbaud
pierre guilbaud:
Magnifique interview dans lequel on retrouve un Roger très en colère sur le monde d'aujourd'hui. Il est vrai que nous formons sans le savoir une communauté avec des affinités entre nous grâce à la musique et parole de toutes ces chansons. J'espère voir Roger Waters en France. Merci pour tout ces morceaux de musique qui nous font partir, rêver, réfléchir...
Brian R
Brian R:
we need more conversations like this in the world.
laura martin
laura martin:
One of the few pop rock musicians with intelligence and dignity (besides a great musical talent, of course). Blessings from a fan from Spain.
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas:
I would do anything to be able to sit down and talk to this man wonderful interview
Jimmy Ritchie
Jimmy Ritchie:
The only thing I knew about Pink Floyd was that it was a band from the 60s. Now I know differently. What a brilliant man this Roger Waters is. His perspective and analysis of the world as it stands today is nothing if not phenomenal.
AK Yousufzai
AK Yousufzai:
Brave man who try to differentiate between true and untrue. Love the music … We don’t need no thought control ☮️. Also thank you for publishing the interview
One of the best writers of the XX and XXI not only he writes the best meaningful lyrics he sees… Roger Waters
cintia rivadulla
cintia rivadulla:
Genious musician, human heart, brillant brain, and big balls! how many peaple can gather all these virtues?
Ci gh
Ci gh:
Excellent interview Michael. Both you and Roger came across as such interesting and well read guys, and you both showed how having disagreements and differences in opinion don't have to lead to nastiness. My salutations to you both.
Timur K
Timur K:
Respect to Roger for his knowledge!!! And he is not afraid to tell a truth.
Echoes is my favorite PF song, and to hear him quote it as his main message sent chills down my spine.
George P Briles
George P Briles:
Roger Waters is just so amazing it's unbelievable!.. and he always has been!
Ron JM
Ron JM:
I have seen Roger Waters three times in concert, the first with Pink Floyd during the tour of Animals. The second solo Circa 2005 and the current tour. He was fantastic during the first and second time,that said I left the show early a few weeks ago. His show was over the top and this from someone who agrees with most of the positions he takes! A damn shame that he feels the need to beat his fans into submission.. Never again will I spend a dime on seeing him. Going to see Nick Mason in a few weeks and will likely enjoy seeing him again. R.I.P. Sid Barrett & Richard Wright..
Mickey Vanderhoof
Mickey Vanderhoof:
Thank you Roger. You are one in a million.
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith:
Roger Waters has always been a champion for the people.
Wade Rands
Wade Rands:
28 minutes of the most intelligent teachings I ever endured. His mention of the charter of rights and freedom's and his focus on that specific rule of law has set my mind back on the sovereign path. If I were he, he'd be spreading that message all day long every day, because he has the audience, and if any of those people are really listening to the message of each song, instead of being there for any other reason, then he of all possible people would influence their futures and thus, change the course of history. Don't ever forget who you are, one of we the people. We're not persons!
Roger still rocks! Absolutely brilliant! 💯👍✌🙏👏
Thank you Roger Waters for speaking the TRUTH!
Respect to Roger, for all you've said and done over the years. Always on the side of justice even though it's the more difficult path.
Klaus Solberg Soilen
Klaus Solberg Soilen:
Waters is something as rare as a great musician with a brain who is actually informed about the world and is not afraid to express his views! Kudos!
Lola Yu
Lola Yu:
Such an enlighten human being and one of a kind. Go on Roger. Peace brother.
Игорь Вечканов
Игорь Вечканов:
I really love Pink Floyd, especially the first Roger Waters albums. Roger Waters is a man with a huge heart. A rebel, in the best sense of the word. Mind, honor, and conscience of the new World. We love and respect you. God bless you!!!
azmi ksheboon
azmi ksheboon:
He’s the voice of truth since the beginning
I wish we have more artist like him
The great Roger waters
djinn Man
djinn Man:
"When reading voluminous crap is construed as knowledge. "

Good on Roger Waters to call out the bollocks.😇

HONESTY Roger Waters!
Renato Fonte
Renato Fonte:
Roger is one of the few artists that step up. If you remove activism and political consciousness from art, it becomes sterile in a sort of way. Political activism results from an impulse of the soul that is not comfortable with injustice.
Иван Петров
Иван Петров:
Уважение Роджеру Уотерсу за то что он имеет смелость говорить в глаза то то что является правдой но является не приемлемым для тех кому он говорит это...потому что они либо непроходимо тупы...либо лживы
Hookah Smoking Caterpillar
Hookah Smoking Caterpillar:
5 days until I finally get to see this legend in Atlanta. I've enjoyed his music since 2nd grade I'll be 50 this year. Dream come true.
Thanks Roger. You have been giving me so much since I was 7 years old when I heard Dark side of the moon. And Amused to death. Use your talent to speak.
Thank you! You are the legendary person! Please live long and give this world more great music and thoughts! With love and respect from Russia
Heather Jones
Heather Jones:
Thank you Roger Waters. Just for keeping life real!
Ken Moss
Ken Moss:
Ironically the first album I heard and subsequently bought was, "The Final Cut" from that day on I was hooked on Pink Floyd and listened to them all and then to Roger's work. Roger has always been a political animal which is reflected in all of his work. He talks a lot of sense here.
The real scary thing is that Roger's fame and influence means little to the masses simply because he's been shadow banned....... a modern tragedy.
Astro buddsy
Astro buddsy:
Love Roger waters. His music and his out look on life.
Ryan Spahr
Ryan Spahr:
I agree with Roger- this show was worth what we paid to go… I was one of those people that may well have ‘f*cked off to the bar’ a few years ago, but I approached the show with an open mind and was blown away by Roger, his band, and the production! Well done Roger 🙌
Hector Serra Latorre
Hector Serra Latorre:
Roger is enlightening the minds of the people who goes to the show . The sense of urgency is all along the show .
S F:
Nice!! Been waiting all weekend for this release and it did not disappoint. It would be phenomenal to get a longer interview with him.
Jason Baines
Jason Baines:
Great interview and thanks for giving Roger the right to defend his beliefs. I strongly agree with Waters but do appreciate Smerc’s work
Игорь Вечканов
Игорь Вечканов:
I really love Pink Floyd, especially the first Roger Waters albums. Roger Waters is a man with a huge heart. A rebel, in the best sense of the word. Mind, honor, and conscience of the new World. We love and respect you. God bless you!!!
Linda M
Linda M:
Roger Waters is a legend! So glad he's still here to speak his mind.
George Tsintsadze
George Tsintsadze:
That's why I love this guy all my life!
Kathy Ohara
Kathy Ohara:
As usual he tells it exactly as it is. I love the way he introduces his concerts, and the way the lyrics of his songs educate, give a voice, and just say it. So intelligent, so honest and so outspoken.
Boris Lav
Boris Lav:
Roger is great.I was on concert in Oslo last time,2006!!!God bless!!!
eliot minor
eliot minor:
Well done, Roger Waters.
Well freaking done, man!!!
3.r.d eye
3.r.d eye:
I love how Roger is real and straight up
Vortex Sophia
Vortex Sophia:
This is a masterpiece interview from Roger
Incu Bator
Incu Bator:
An honest and a courageous musician . What a rarity of our times !
Ken Sod
Ken Sod:
God bless you Sir. I took my brother treetop to the show Friday night. Great show. I jam with you all the time on my Martin. I'm not in agreement with everything you say but 99.99 % i do believe . stay safe. The government hates us. Big boy's act bad down the hall . terms , tensions , triangles all. Don't let the smiles and handshaking fool you cause all they really want to do is rule you.
Laila El Khatib
Laila El Khatib:
The best guest speaking the truth and nothing but the truth! How courageous and respectable!
John Coates
John Coates:
Well said Roger. You are so right about Ukraine. I feel so sorry for both Ukranians and Russians.
30 minutes of Roger Waters being incredibly based.
Ahmed Yaseen
Ahmed Yaseen:
Great advice from his mum. The world needs more mums like that so there's a greater good in the world.
Bernardo Paul Alsina
Bernardo Paul Alsina:
It's wonderful to see Roger is still the same old Roger we all have come to love over the decades, and I must confess that I strongly disagree with his political views, but he's always been so HONEST and talented in expressing them that it's not a problem for me. Many thanks Michael !
The_Touring Jedi
The_Touring Jedi:
A delusional kind of journalism par excellence...and outstanding performance of Mr. Waters.
Ed Murks
Ed Murks:
Fantastic interview wonderful man well done and keep on talking Roger.
Great interview … it is s amazing when you just says the truth which many of the politicians they don’t those words !!
Ter the chil Drone
Ter the chil Drone:
Watched this many times, tears in my eyes. As an ethnic Chinese, with family living in both mainland and Taiwan, enough of lies the MSM has spread, enough of hatred it had caused. Unbelievable arrogance and ignorance. Thanks Roger for seeing the world with your own eyes and being brave enough to tell the truth 💖
Андрей Устинов
Андрей Устинов:
Привет из России!
Спасибо Роджеру за красивую музыку! Я воспитан на произведениях Пинк Флойда.
Спасибо Роджеру, что не является политической проституткой за счёт своей популяроности!
Творческих успехов большому человеку, радуй нас своим творчеством!
Jean-Michel Byron
Jean-Michel Byron:
Brilliant. Food tor thought. Deep and Thought Provoking. All great artists like Roger Waters are the mirrors of their times. Like Moliere, Jon Stewart , George Orwell etc etc. Bravo to both Michael and Roger for engaging. If but for a few minutes.
The Hillary joke killed me. You are a breath of fresh air sir. I would love to meet Roger. Great musician, even better human being.
Andrew Eremin
Andrew Eremin:
Roger Waters is a great man, respect to him for expressing openly opinion, that others are too afraid to say and for telling the truth, that others try to hide.
Matt Mursch
Matt Mursch:
Wow.. when Rodger Waters talks about his message and recites the lyrics from echoes, it gave me chills
bob marlins
bob marlins:
Roger is like how John Lennon would sound like if he was alive. After the Beatles its Pink Floyd for me who were a global phenomenon
Stan Kuback
Stan Kuback:
This was a great interview.
Michael Allan V P M O M Racic Novak
Michael Allan V P M O M Racic Novak:
Such a joy seeing two clever friends discuss stuff. Kudos!
By the way, CNN clip made Michael disservice. Made him look too narrow minded. Very good choice to present the longer clip.
Joel D.
Joel D.:
A man with absolute integrity. The powers that be - with far less - always try and tear down those that have.
Thank you Roger Waters !!!You are a great human being!!At least i am glad that there is still great musicians from Britain that actually read the history and knows what they talk about.!!!Your speech is so important !!
Roger is the real deal.Tells the truth. And does not tell lies Love the Man♥️♥️♥️♥️🇨🇦
armando gavilan
armando gavilan:
He could be enjoying his last days in peace spending and travelling living in luxury but instead he keeps at it. Remarkable and he's right about the military conflict in Ucraine. Usa is deep involved into that mess.
Really great interview. I usually despise CNN, but you are awesome for challenging Roger. I love him, but it's so bizarre that he champions fascist Dictators beliefs these days.
Guangda Lai
Guangda Lai:
@6:00 I burst into tears--that's the musician whose music I bumped into in China when I was a high schooler.
Mufasa F
Mufasa F:
Very very few would dare to speak the truth, but this man has always been on the side of the truth.
And nowadays, when LIES are all we get from Media, telling the truth is so revolutionary...
I wish many others had the courage to stand up to Goebels' countless BIG LIARS

We 💜 U Roger !! BRAVO !!
tata sto
tata sto:
Great respect! Calm, confident, bold, realistic!
Thank you so much Roger Waters for having the balls to speak the truth .👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Glen Robertson
Glen Robertson:
Not many people I would label as brilliant but Roger is FUCKING BRILLIANT!
Vladimir Rojankovski
Vladimir Rojankovski:
Thank you both for this interview and that it wasn’t fragmentarily censored
Legend as musician and most important as honest man
Cate true eleven
Cate true eleven:
I’m still kinda shocked by the whole rolling stone magazine moment at the beginning !

Why on earth would he not be front and center in one of there covers this summer while he is touring ?

That’s an Historical moment to me ….
You got to hand it to Roger Waters, not just a musician, a poet, a writer, an artist activist - may all the peace you “breathe” into us be heard -
Miguel Lourenco
Miguel Lourenco:
Brilliant. Thant you Roger for your music but most of all for your support of human causes!
Dr. Debajyoti Bose
Dr. Debajyoti Bose:
Roger is always a delight. Staunch verdict on global politics.
Russian here. It's very reassuring to see someone who doesn't assume the classic 'Russia=evil' concept with what's going on in the world now, while so many just exclude you for the mere fact of what you have in 'place of birth' line of your passport.
DK Black
DK Black:
I dont watch CNN anymore or any of those mainsteam liars but Ronger Waters clip is doing several rounds on many Channels. I could not resist looking for the full version. Kudos to the CNN guy posting the whole version even though Roger kept on giving him knockouts. Thank God for people like Roger; the world might...just might escape total destruction.
Luke Bieniek
Luke Bieniek:
I will paraphrase a Jimi Hendrix/ Bob Dylan line: "There are people among us, who think that life is but a joke". Roger Waters is not one of those.
I love to hear Roger talk in his relaxed eloquent and articulated English way. Civilized, sincere and intelligent man.
ToniAnn Sandford
ToniAnn Sandford:
Peace and love to all who made comments - I’m so proud of all of us critical thinkers ✌️ 💕
Frank Camiola
Frank Camiola:
Smerconish is the one journalist that I would want to have a beer with and hang out...he's the real deal.
Accounts Admin
Accounts Admin:
Thank you so much, Roger Waters, for having the balls to speak the truth. You are on the right side of history. The world needs more people like you at this time.....
He's just your typical know-it-all, combative, doesn't allow anyone else to speak or say an opposing view, dismissive of anything and anyone as "stupid" if they don't agree with him. He's a MUSICIAN and great at that. People need to stop giving artists a platform, you're artist Walter, stick to that and keep your bs to yourself.
charlie kearns
charlie kearns:
What a great interview..and educational....
Axel Kühne
Axel Kühne:
Good to know Disputes are still possible.
Thx for interviewing this fabulous human being.
Peace and love, greetz from Germany.
Strangers passing in the street
By chance, two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me ❤️