Roma 2-1 Napoli | Giallorossi Hold on to Earn Valuable 3 Points | Serie A

Roma came out on top in the Derby del Sole thanks to goals from
Nicolò Zaniolo and Jordan Veretout | Serie A

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Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
Marko - WhiteBoard Finance:
Zaniolo legend
Da quando è arrivato ronaldo tutti a guardare la Serie A, ahahahah sono tutti commenti inglesi
Aziz B
Aziz B:
Name: Smalling
Job: Paolo Maldini
Hans Bruhn Neergaard
Hans Bruhn Neergaard:
these serie A goalkeepers need a lot more praise than they are getting!
*CHRIS SMALDINI for Balon D'or*
Khalid W
Khalid W:
I’m so proud of smaldini.....

So it really is MU after all
omar boos
omar boos:
Napoli goalkeeper was on fire this game 👌👌
Faax Espiridion
Faax Espiridion:
Paulo Fonseca doing great job
Witold Regulski
Witold Regulski:
Another part of Serie A: Crossbar Challenge
Congratulations to Smalling on a perfect match! He was awesome
Diz Biw
Diz Biw:
Smalling > Maguire
Change my mind
Jason N
Jason N:
Roma played some delightful football in the second half.
Giofanni Rahman Dhuha
Giofanni Rahman Dhuha:
Smalling has become Virgil in Serie A.
Tommy Ramadhan
Tommy Ramadhan:
Is that Smalling or Nesta?
antonio isaac
antonio isaac:
Roma is playing VERY WELL !!! Paulo Fonseca work!!
ingenuitised golovin
ingenuitised golovin:
pastore has come back to the top, what a player, a generational talent
Ray Songz
Ray Songz:
3:13 that save by Meret, world class
Diallo Roma
Diallo Roma:
Roma roma roma❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Guess we are getting the record for hitting the woodwork the most this season as well
This serie a season is turning into a crossbar challenge.
Roma on fire, Zaniolo 👍👍👍
Саян Амангельды
Саян Амангельды:
Manolas already realized that he was found a super replacement
Well done cetin with that redcard, otherwise there would be a one on one
In MU : Smalling
In Roma : Smaldini
Dr. Marcelo Mazioli Alochio
Dr. Marcelo Mazioli Alochio:
Forza Roma sempre 💪🏻👑🐺💛♥️🇮🇹🏆🔟
Lucas Glendon
Lucas Glendon:
Smalling is at its peak, what a player!
Mert çetin and cengiz ünder💪💪💪♥️♥️♥️
Arja Siregar
Arja Siregar:
Chris Smiling :)

What a top game by Meret!
Smalling become ramos here
Ali Syahbana
Ali Syahbana:
Every week in Serie A We see brilliants performance from the goalkeeper. They need more appreciation
Francesco Totti
Francesco Totti:
1:28 *Magic* "Smaldini"
The goalkeeping in serie A is 🔥
Fernando Emilio Ockrassa Morales
Fernando Emilio Ockrassa Morales:
Forzá Roma... Pastore, kluivert, dzeko, what a goal from zaniolo...welcome under, Forza roma... Forza
Ripardo Filho
Ripardo Filho:
Meret is freaking amazing
Omer Turhan
Omer Turhan:
Ulan mert çetin ilk 11 başlamışsın yaptığına bak
Dan Giambrone
Dan Giambrone:
Stunning strike from Zaniolo and incredible save from Meret on Pastore. On current form Meret should be Italy's number 1. And is 80+ million Maguire really better than Smalling?
ivina olic
ivina olic:
3.01 indonesia roma club 🔥🔥🔥
PanG Experiment
PanG Experiment:
Forza roma
Roma ale ale
Roma ale ale
from indonesia
David EL-NINO:
Zaniolo, Veretout, Smalling & Pastore onfire 🔥🐺
Ryan Haysom
Ryan Haysom:
Ryan Haysom
1 second ago
SMALLING IS A BEAST! What a season he's having, impressive.
Olivia Walbom-Dicay
Olivia Walbom-Dicay:
i saw the football match at the stadium at saturday in Italy
Milik in fantastic form, scoring all the time. Now Ancelotti can't drop him.
Roma will finish 3rd this season. Forza Roma ❤️💛
Filip King
Filip King:
Meret was fantastic👏
Mehedi Nafis
Mehedi Nafis:
1:19 Smalldini😍
Big fish Ke
Big fish Ke:
PSG letting pastore leave was a blessing to ROMA
yudhi rhoges
yudhi rhoges:
Forza Roma,,,Pastore 🔥🔥🔥
Mauricio Dinamarca
Mauricio Dinamarca:
Daje Roma 🐺 🔥
Bad Gnasher
Bad Gnasher:
Strange how you missed out the part where the match was suspended?
Aji Widagdo
Aji Widagdo:
Congrat mr. Fonseca 👏
it’s so cool to see smalling do well in italy
Oliver *
Oliver *:
that girl and her flag at the start, she looks so happy, heart warming :'(
Edson Silva
Edson Silva:
O primeiro gol da Roma lembrou as batidas que o Kaká dava na bola! Golaço!!!
Deklan T Smith
Deklan T Smith:
The moment he leaves man utd Smalling can finally fkn defend wtaf
Top play Roma.Dzeko Worldclass Striker Nr 9.Zaniolo will be Worldclass player.Forza Romaaaa
Nathaniel Karuno
Nathaniel Karuno:
Serie A this season is juss bliss🔥
Goals. Saves. Coaches. Players
wana1 na
wana1 na:
Once a traitor always a traitor. Eat it manola. Greetings from Greece
arkays 01
arkays 01:
3:20 that was outside
Mariusz Ba
Mariusz Ba:
Meret Milik 👏👏👏
Senate Shakya
Senate Shakya:
Smalling did a great job leaving Shitchester United and finding his form here.
Ryu Arsyad
Ryu Arsyad:
Zaniolo is on🔥!
Dario Nmds
Dario Nmds:
Alex Meret 🤯💥🔥🔥🔥
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
Love it when Roma wins.
Anggita Narendra
Anggita Narendra:
Dzeko = Batistuta
Zaniolo = Totti

Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
smalling effect !
Ibnu Saeton
Ibnu Saeton:
2:55 Indonesia Roma club 👍👍♥
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.
Mr. Loon E. Tunes.:
That Zaniolo strike for the first goal was unstoppable. That Smalling clearance off the line was brilliant. That Meret save of Pastore's header was magical.
Bisri Mustofa
Bisri Mustofa:
1:19 this is Alesandro Nesta ....not Smalling
Manuel Tm
Manuel Tm:
Forza Roma ¡¡¡ Next !!!
Harya Coolpad23
Harya Coolpad23:
1:19 ,MU Fans,,looking😂
Ole: can we have smalling back?
Mayisus Yt
Mayisus Yt:
Forza Roma sempree ❤️❤️❤️
Winston Kim
Winston Kim:
I just put a comment on the other video, and here i see another fabulous save by Napoli's GK!!
العربي السوري
العربي السوري:
Roma 😍❤💪
Welcome to juve Nicolo, 😅
Eric Wong
Eric Wong:
Zaniolo should be given the no.10 shirt...btw, what a transformation by "Tony"
Who is? Valdis
Who is? Valdis:
Meret's save Best on the week
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ:
Woowwww 🤙
mouh kada
mouh kada:
Forza Romaaa ❤️❤️
Garcy Pamungkas
Garcy Pamungkas:
Grazie Roma ❤💛
Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé:
Nico zaniolo 😍😍
Arnoldus T
Arnoldus T:
Meret did some great saves too. Respect.
Ali Boran
Ali Boran:
Mert çetin legend
James Hunter
James Hunter:
Zaniolo is on fire 🔥
Fervar Machrusson
Fervar Machrusson:
Smalldini effect..!!
Tria Ardiansyah
Tria Ardiansyah:
2:56 Indonesia Roma Club
Grzegorz Jacek
Grzegorz Jacek:
Arek Milik!!!
King Kong
King Kong:
Napoli goalkeeper is alian! What a match for him even they lost
Bravo Roma 👍
Hasan Bohra
Hasan Bohra:
So Smalling is the defender of all Roma needed.He has transformed into quite something.Another evidence of how bad Manchester United was when he played with them !
Paulo Kanza
Paulo Kanza:
Sinan Aşıcı
Sinan Aşıcı:
Mert Çetin 👏👍
0:05 Zaniolo hit puberty
자니올로는 진짜임
David Barrios
David Barrios:
3:40 smile milik?
Impressive from Roma
lella nico
lella nico:
referee remembered to use VAR this match
hava durumu
hava durumu:
M E R T Ç E T İ N 💥💥
Umutcan Eren
Umutcan Eren:
pertahankan terusssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!