Romelu Lukaku is a great fit for Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea - Craig Burley | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Craig Burley, Don Hutchison and Jan Aage Fjortoft share their thoughts on Chelsea adding Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan and it's chances for the 2021-22 Premier League season.
0:00 Burley says Lukaku is a great fit for Chelsea.
5:00 Craig Burley's Premier League predictions.
7:30 Don Hutchison's Premier League predictions.

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100+ komentarze:

Ibz Hero
Ibz Hero:
Chelsea had the best defensive record in CL history and people saying they have bad defense🤣🤣
joseph mbu
joseph mbu:
Don is shocking man , I use to think he's a good analysis but no , how can he say Tuchel doesn't fancy Rudiger and Chelsea defense not good enough .
DeWayne Bright, II
DeWayne Bright, II:
don must not watch Chelsea like at all literally all his takes in this video were WRONG. Chelsea was top 2 in the top 5 leagues for clean sheets and least goals conceded in UCL campaign........And he said Rudi isn't favored by Tuchel? Rudi wasn't even playing under lamps and the first game Tuchel coached he started Rudi and never took him out for the rest of the season and even wanted him at PSG lol
It's kind of funny to hear from someone that Chelsea's defence is some kind of concern, the main strong point of Chelsea has been the defence.
M M:
Has dom seen that defense function, they are incredible in that system, rudiger, silva and azpilicueta as a centre back trio work incredible and have the depth of using christainsen there aswell
Rajiv Sejpal
Rajiv Sejpal:
Now that Don has said it, just like he did in UCL, Chelsea will definitely win the league.
HarvEY SpEcter.
HarvEY SpEcter.:
How can Don say that the coach "doesn't fancy Rudiger"? Like seriously. Hilarious.
Excited to see Lukaku make his debut🤩💙
sam huggins
sam huggins:
Tallal T
Tallal T:
Don probably still thinks Frank's still the Chelsea manager the way he is is talking about the club. "Manager doesn't fancy Rudiger", "backline is not good enough", "the gap between other teams and Chelsea was too big". Clueless. Someone break the news to him again now we have a competent manager, to say the least.
Biprasish Ray
Biprasish Ray:
Dan is clearly upset that Lukaku had joined Chelsea 😂 ...Finding out ways to pacify himself
Neiko McCalla
Neiko McCalla:
Craig : I didn’t know Chelsea would get Lukaku or I’d have them first

Craig: Puts Lukaku to finish as Top scorer
What is Don Hutchinson on about he doesn't see that backline being not good enough as it stands CHELSEA HAD THE BEST DEFENCE SINCE TUCHEL TOOK OVER, THEY LET ON THE LEAST AMOUNT OF GOALS.
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo:
Of course he is. We need a big strong powerful CF. Now partnering up with Werner will be effective. Since Werner will no longer be the focal point
Don is something else when it come to Chelsea case..... I was surprised hearing him saying manager doesn't fancy Rudiger and Zouma.... Oh really 🙄
CFC Steven
CFC Steven:
The manager doesn’t fancy Rudiger that’s why
He’s agreed the new five-year contract 🤡✅✍️🤫🤫🤫🤫
Adam Ibraheem
Adam Ibraheem:
I believe Craig is being modest by giving it to Man City. After all, it wouldn't be a disappointment if Chelsea emerges champions.
jaswanth jashu
jaswanth jashu:
Man like Don said last season Chelsea has zero percentage of winning UCL. He’s is worst pundit I have ever seen
Relaxing Soul
Relaxing Soul:
PSG , Chelsea , Manchester City..these are the teams Iam looking forward to... This Season.. 🤯🤯
Eddie Random Beats
Eddie Random Beats:
Sad to see him leave my team.
He was smashing smaller teams but was a let down at times against big teams.
But was overall amazing to the team conte created.
Hope he wins at Chelsea.
He deserves it.
Eoghan Bourke
Eoghan Bourke:
5:16 Burley: When I picked this Lukaku hadn't signed....
👀 Peeps who he has as Top Scorer... 🤣😂🤣😂
Akinlabi Bamidele
Akinlabi Bamidele:
Chelsea defense is one of the best if not the best since tuchel came in
Call Me Conny
Call Me Conny:
How is Chelsea defence an issue when they had 1 of the best defensive record last season lol even city failed to beat tuchel Chelsea 3 times lol I swear don is clueless smh.. and rudiger was 1 of the best defenders in the league last year smh its only zouma tuchel wants to get rid of and get kounde cuz zouma not really good with his feet .. but either way the defenders are doing a good job in the system even christenson is playing well smh
Does Don even watch Chelsea, That backline is incredible. The guy needs to take his blinders off
Jid Boboski
Jid Boboski:
This is like Roman Abramovich strong statement to all chelsea players, if you dont play good now, go out loan, or end up the club sell them. But if they improve and get better, he welcome them home and willing to pay. Such a great owner!
Gael Kengele
Gael Kengele:
Chelsea had the 2nd best defence behind only City last season but their defense is going to prevent them from winning the title.....right then...
Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface:
The backline was what got them into the top 4 and helped them nullify Man City in the CL final.
Emilio Riofrio
Emilio Riofrio:
What is Don going on about? The most successful backline in Champions League history, that conceded the least goals, is not good enough to win the title?? LOL
Malachi Charles
Malachi Charles:
Don used to be such a competent pundit but now I feel he’s just saying whatever for a reaction
Real Madrid Highlights
Real Madrid Highlights:
Lukaku will score more he would stay fit Kane will get injured
Shirish Bhat
Shirish Bhat:
Happy to see Don prediction...he always predicts blunder 😂
Calvin H.
Calvin H.:
Don is always the joker on the ESPNFC panel. The dude simply makes stuff up "coach doesn't fancy Rudiger" and worse one from last season "Kai Havertz doesn't speak the English language" Don is seriously ridiculous how is he an EPL match commentator. He says a lot of nonsense there too.
What is up with these hosts. I miss the days when hosts were neutral. Now they just give stupid point based on personal feelings against a club. Chelsea's defence is the best in the league and Europe
Ace boogie
Ace boogie:
Kane scores goals but 35/40 in the league what season was that can someone pls tell me?
Lukaku must be the most expensive striker. Clubs have spent $250M+ just to get him
Chelsea beats Man City in every key match this last year….and the pundits continue to pick them over Chelsea despite saying Lukaku will score the most goals. 🤣 😂
The best defensive record since tuchel came in and yet he says that tuchel doesn't fancy his worrying defence ..
What a nice joke 🤣🤣🤣 he definitely has serious grudge against Chelsea otherwise he won't say such nonesense
Micheal Xlr
Micheal Xlr:
Don should at least check the stats before opening his mouth. Kane scored 23 goals in the premier last season yet he’s here going on about “40 goals” kmt.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B.:
This is the same Lukaku these pundits laughed at when he was at United. Never change Espn pundits.
Paul Dark
Paul Dark:
Lukaku struggles much more in PL because of much more physical type of play, of course he will strengthen Chelsea but they have overpaid
akeim alveranga
akeim alveranga:
please remember that these same analysts said that Chelsea will not have a chance of winning the champions league after the porto quarter finals
- Jol2don -
- Jol2don -:
I won’t get into stats as I’m sure they back up how good Chelsea are defensively but do these pundits watch the games. The way we press and retain the ball means teams rarely get at our back line.
Even when teams get at our defense we have a great combination of power, pace and experience. Mendy is a quality keeper and kante is the best in the world at his role.
Ameji Ikoojo
Ameji Ikoojo:
"Thiago silver at 36" bruv.. Can you mention 3 CBs that out performed him last season? Who is this joker Ffs?
Volt Vortex Music
Volt Vortex Music:
Well... Chelsea might also get Jules Koundé; so we’ll be fine.
The Blues CFC
The Blues CFC:
Everyone praised how good our defense was last season and now for don all of a sudden that's our biggest weakness??? What a clown
Kane has never scored 35 to 40 goals in one pl season ...that don talk total nonesense 🤦‍♂️
American Jedi
American Jedi:
And we beat Man City 3 times in a row thanks to The mastermind behind the wheel
Boney __
Boney __:
2:33 Wow Lukaku never finished a season under 10 goal👀
Yannick Dongo
Yannick Dongo:
Stopped watching when the bloke said the coach doesn't fancy Rüdiger
Robert Negron
Robert Negron:
Kante is a big key with Chelsea. He can make a mediocre defense look stunning.
Jon A
Jon A:
Never thought I'd say that Ale has better takes than Don lately 🤣🤣🤣
it will be close Kane or Lukaku, both should get over 20 goals
Can’t ever say Don’s not good for laugh, talking about how Chelsea can’t win the league with Zouma. I guess that’s true considering Zouma wasn’t even on the bench in that provisional squad. 😂
Victor Omoseh
Victor Omoseh:
Lukaku will win the golden Boot
Rick Flare
Rick Flare:
With Kane I'd love for man city to play psg in the knock out stage
As much as I love Lukaku, one of the few criticisms I had of him is his record against top 6 sides. It was shocking. Even at Manchester United. Surely he can break that hoodoo now.
Obi Cyril
Obi Cyril:
Don, putting Chelsea fourth in his predictions, how he wish
Sad to see what happened to Don. Used to be a sensible and knowledgeable pundit. I guess money and fame at ESPN led him to spend his time on things other than watching football
He's also a phenomenal Pk taker...For all these Shootouts Chelsea keep finding themselves in.
Adem Kilinc
Adem Kilinc:
Chelsea have the best Defensive record in UCL HISTORY and people say we have a bad defense 😂
Tymko C
Tymko C:
Robert L from Bayern was available for 80 mil. And he's guaranteed goal a game man even at 33 (almost).
Irfad Dafri
Irfad Dafri:
Chelsea won PL title with terry at the age of 36 or 37 I think.. 🤣🤣
Shubham Bansal
Shubham Bansal:
So half a season makes up everything? By that logic ManU must also have been a title contender last year. But these guys said they were not good enough. Double standard.
Ben Ali Alfakhri
Ben Ali Alfakhri:
19 points behind... But discard the first half of the season and double the points tally from midway and it'll be a more accurate reflection of where the team is.
The definition of a fool is somebody repeating his failures expecting a different outcome. Romelu is officially the most traded player ever by now, why should we expect this fact to change?
Toni Setiawan
Toni Setiawan:
As an LFC fan, I like lukaku, but I know he will always be dear enemy, from chelsea to everton to man utd. But funny reading the comments from chelsea official channel where they believe they can win the league. Not without a fight, everyone has their confidence to win the league. Lets talk again in January onwards.
Charles Apana
Charles Apana:
Welcome back home Lukaku, now prove us wrong now at Chelsea, you are matured now and ready to play for Chelsea, all the best
Don is genuinely the worst pundit ever
Yes lukaku is back !!
Timmy Jordan
Timmy Jordan:
You all forget frank lampard wasn't a good coach, Tuchel is ,an he pick up the most points since he came to the EPL
Andrea Naletto
Andrea Naletto:
At Inter, Lukaku had unconditional support from Conte and the fans. Treat him the same, and he'll pay back big time!
Henry Koelling
Henry Koelling:
Don cleans up so nice with the buttoned up collar… 😳 such a great analyst
Hatrick vs united desperately needed. 👍
Steve ~
Steve ~:
When they get kounde they match city when everyone is fit
Syed Shah
Syed Shah:
We just a need another classical midfielder and kounde.
It will add more spice to the Club
He will do well.
Surprised with Dons prediction, Chelsea are the Champions of Europe and with Lukaku joining, one would think their chances to win the EPL increases.
Egwuogu Ikenna
Egwuogu Ikenna:
We are going to win the Premier league 💙
What was Don talking about, we had one of the best defenses in the league???
Tymko C
Tymko C:
Great gift? Lukaku for 115 mil pounds? That's an insane move. Craig is plain wrong. Bringing back a player that once was deemed surplus and not good enough for their lofty standards. And breaking transfer record at the same time. Bad business by Chelsea. No title for them in my opinion.
Azi D Boss
Azi D Boss:
I sure Kane in epl banging more than Lukaku in seria a in the last two years
Kabelo Mkhabela
Kabelo Mkhabela:
Don Hutchinson's opinions always age well. Watch Lukaku end the season top scorer
Small Axe Music Productions
Small Axe Music Productions:
That guy must be watching hockey or something. When I heard him say the coach doesn't fancy Rudiger I really wanted to laugh. These guys just talk without knowing anything about a team.
Unique Javii
Unique Javii:
No one has picked Aston Villa to finish 6th 😪
Ehsan Kamran
Ehsan Kamran:
U guys have done excellent work with the audio... I mean really really good... So professional...
Mamadu Sallieu Barrie
Mamadu Sallieu Barrie:
We will win EPL and UCL surely
They all ignored Mo Salah like he didn't exist 😂😂
We have to see can lukaku score or not that's the point here ..
Renjith Rajendran
Renjith Rajendran:
Lukakau could be the top scorer but my prediction is that kai haverts will be the POTY..
mutungi edmund
mutungi edmund:
Welcome back home 🏡 Romelu Lukaku
Tristan Platts
Tristan Platts:
Ahh so now that’s he’s not a United player Lukaku is suddenly a great signing and world class striker 😂 This take from Bumley was so predictable.
Zachary Nowak
Zachary Nowak:
I don’t like the this signing. Although costa was a beast maybe need a striker like that for Chelsea.
Mandar Desai
Mandar Desai:
Chelsea are slight Favorites now ahead of City but If City Get Kane then they have to be the Favorites Again for the League ahead of Chelsea.
Trek Robben
Trek Robben:
Don is thinking mathematically but football doesnt work like that. Mathematically under no circumstance should chelsea win the Champions L, but with Tuchell they did it. Things can change real quick in football, they need not close a 33 or 19 points gap ... a game at a time. Chelsea beat City 3xs on the bounce and you still underrate them ... Laughable !!!
hassan babi pukima
hassan babi pukima:
expect Tuchel to flop and sacked in January and Chelsea to finish 6th with several injuiries
Did Don say the back line can't carry to them to a title? Is this not the same back line that only conceded 4 goals in the CL. After tuchel took over that back line done wonders. Rudiger isn't favoured by Tuchel? Is Don ok?
Matty Ice
Matty Ice:
Abromovic is one of the best owners in sports, take a bow.
Don looks like he hasn’t slept in a week
Up the blues!! 💙💙💙 PL 🏆 incoming
Sound Check
Sound Check:
So where will Timo Werner go now?🤔