Ron Jeremy Charged With Sexually Assaulting Four Women

Ron Jeremy is facing four counts of sexual assault. The adult film star, whose legal name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, has been charged with forcibly raping three women and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents dating back to 2014, according to a release from Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. If Jeremy is charged, he could face a maximum sentence of 90 years to life in state prison.
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Ron Jeremy Charged With Sexually Assaulting Four Women


100+ komentarze:

oh no
oh no:
This guy had sex with thousands of willing women for decades and they let him do whatever he wanted to them. Seems like he'd be the last person who needed to assualt anyone.
Larry Burns
Larry Burns:
He should of just went to work.
Kenneth So
Kenneth So:
This case smells fishy
How can you charge someone for an unreported rape they allegedly committed 6 years ago? Where's the evidence?
A Lebowsky
A Lebowsky:
At his age and in his physical shape, he managed to forcibly rape a 30yr old woman in a public bar. I am curious where he got the privacy to keep her screams from alerting anyone. Sure there are many scenarios that could play out, but can he even climb a small set of stairs without getting winded or risk a heart attack? Physically attacking anybody, regardless of size, is exhausting even if you are in average shape. Not saying he´s innocent, just thinking out loud.
James Muller
James Muller:
Now that woman found out how to do this because of Cosby, they're gonna start doing this with other famous people. It's just too easy for woman to go and accuse somebody. With no evidence. Something has got to be done about this.
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank:
Did he attack the women performers on his porn movies too?🎃
Seem somebody powerful want him down...🤔
Ron had better hope for a HUNG jury. Otherwise, he'll end up getting the SHAFT and doing HARD time. Looks to be about 10 years for every inch.
Big Trips Keepin it real
Big Trips Keepin it real:
Hes being framed .
He's gross.
Adam Weisman
Adam Weisman:
He’s no dummy, for sure. It’s a setup... yet there’s evidence against Bill Clinton and he walks free... except for that nasty dog on his tail
Bobsack Jones
Bobsack Jones:
Imma start protests about Ron jeremy going to prison
"not given any evidence of Innocence at this time"?? WTF Hollywood...Welcome to communism...You people asked for it..well, now you got it...Good job!
Black Face Trudeau
Black Face Trudeau:
So what about Bill Clinton
Atoms Molecules
Atoms Molecules:
I'm just wondering what evidence does the prosecution have to convict? Allegations do not equal evidence.
Wally & Tony
Wally & Tony:
He already looks like he's dead so no way he makes it through a trial.
“No proof of his INNOCENCE at this time.”
I thought you were supposed to prove his GUILT.
Free the hawk you know this is made up bs.
boris osyguss
boris osyguss:
WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!! PROOF OF INNOCENCE?????ONE is INNOCENT UNTIL proven guilty. Just because somebody accuses anyone of something does not make it so, and CERTAINLY does NOT cast any negativity until proof of guilt is established in a court of law.
Duane Nichols
Duane Nichols:
Bar=cameras so the girls wait 5years to tell they got raped so the footage is probably no longer available I think bar girls are lying now a rape in a home sounds more likely of a possibilty also whoever came forward first is more credible the others could just be jumping on the money train
SuperPawg Hunter
SuperPawg Hunter:
I don't 'Believe All Women'. People can become overly zealous about any cause, and I think people who are extremely passionate about rapist being brought to justice can be blinded by said passion. Rape is a heinous crime, but I consider lying about rape to be pretty damn heinous as well. I also know that, as a man, once you get that stain on you, unless you can prove without a shadow of a doubt you are innocent, people will start treating you differently. No way around it. That being said, when I hear about an allegation of rape, I am 50/50. Once I start to hear the facts of the case, then I can start to draw some conclusions, or full on choose a side if it was an obvious rape or an obvious lie. However, when you have multiple accusations made about you, that doesn't automatically make you guilty, but it for certain begs the question: Why, of all the people that aren't being accused or never have been accused, have you been accused MULTIPLE times? That being said, rumors about Ron Jeremy have been out there awhile. I heard he doesn't always stop when told to stop by directors, and on top of that, he just looks fucking gross. Looking gross as fuck doesn't make you a rapist, but it sure does make it more believable.
Brandon Ninja
Brandon Ninja:
Why did this make me laugh? I'm surprised no one accused him years ago.
Josh River
Josh River:
Idk..but I find it kinda odd that "access hollywood" would make it a point to specifically say.."we were *not* given any proof of ron jeremy's innocence"
If there is a positive side..its that at least your honest about your dishonesty.
Danny Padilla
Danny Padilla:
You know those nasty woman liked it.
Frank Morton
Frank Morton:
He must have beat these hookers with his third leg!😂😂👏
Edmond Larose
Edmond Larose:
I support Mr Jermy it's a unjust world protest today porn lives matter PLM movement
Mikey moo
Mikey moo:
Good Lord.. imagine being face to face with that on top of you.
This is going to be a Hard case 🤣😂
Blue Brick Wall
Blue Brick Wall:
How do you prove a rape occurred 6 years later?
Ron Jeremy literally seems like he is very much like his character in Boondock Saints.
so when WAS THIS....1972? since we digging up everyone's dirt from 20 + years ago
Mack Jr Bell
Mack Jr Bell:
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson:
Obvious case of buyers remorse—-Believe me nobody wants him on the bedroom resume— 🤮
Any contact with his member is most definitely an attack
Steve Ryan
Steve Ryan:
It says something when Ron Jeremy a famous porn star is arrested for alleged rape
Back in the day women would be throwing themselves at him and nobody would be throwing around these kind of charges
Last of a dying breed bring back the 1970s
Wayne Edwards
Wayne Edwards:
90 years dammm
Mike Hiser
Mike Hiser:
So in court proving innocence?? Nope! The burden of proof is on the courts, proving guilt. The courts & the laws have gotten turned around backwards. I don't even like Ron Jeremy but the courts have gotten all kinds of messed up now days. Innocent till PROVIN guilty. Is the way the law is , has & was set up according with real law.
The perversion of justice is the very thing that WILL destroy law entirely.
Shane Michaels
Shane Michaels:
Omg lol.a porn star getting charge with a sexual related Crime. Now I’ve seen it all
Ralph James
Ralph James:
I can see the Cosby in his eyes!!!
Gregory Forgette
Gregory Forgette:
I once met Ron Jeremy at a gas station in Ontario California. When i was driving truck cross country. He was pumping gas ,and i was not sure it was even him ,until he removed the nozzle from the tank, and sprayed the last amount of gas on the rear of the car .then i knew it's haha
Goth Pop TV
Goth Pop TV:
Now I've heard everything.
now he's up to 20 charges and some with minor's as young as 15!
Yvette Cookie
Yvette Cookie:
Innocent they saw his videos and just wanted to see what that D was really like
Mr Magoo
Mr Magoo:
Funny he didn’t seem the type to me
Devin Kim
Devin Kim:
Solar Sailor
Solar Sailor:
Salvador Dali has really gained some weight.
Model Super
Model Super:
They try to destroy icons in Hollywood
Conspiracy theory as usual 😡
This guy has probably been thinking of an alibi since 1975 in the line of work is in it wouldn’t be surprising to me if he has a real good defense
John Steelman
John Steelman:
How much is Ron Jeremy worth ? Seems like he could bail his own way out of jail....?
Erin Poulton
Erin Poulton:
Just when you thought he couldn't possibly get any nastier!
I believe he is innocent. He really has no reason to do that. He must have pissed someone powerful off.
Chuck Monroe
Chuck Monroe:
Did you hear he hired these accusers for a film stunt he is doing & they will all forgive him & drop all charges?
All Hope Is Lost
All Hope Is Lost:
How does one prove his innocence? All men from this day forth need to film every time they leave their homes, and when they are in the company of women both known and unknown to them. Like cops "It's for my safety."
Maria Reale
Maria Reale:
Hopefully more creepy celebs will be caught.
kenneth berger
kenneth berger:
This is bs I doubt he actually did that
poor old ron ,few ex porn stars suing him . one i watched on you tube seems a real nutter
1:06 "... and we were not given any proof of his innocence at this time"...

What an absolute load of crap.. you cannot prove a negative... the modern court of law is built on the premise that you have to prove guilt. What the hell is happening with these people....
hahaha ron finally giving us a good laugh
Mr 28
Mr 28:
the irony...
Google User
Google User:
He was never a looker
Gerald Greenfield
Gerald Greenfield:
He's gotta be guilty, anybody that ugly would have to take it by force. LOL!
Yeah right!
Yeah right!:
Now it's time to pay the piper
xevon powers
xevon powers:
Ron is really a demon look at him
David Lockley
David Lockley:
Whats up with that outrageous bail!!!
Ernie Xolo Loco
Ernie Xolo Loco:
He's innocent!!!
cory leblanc
cory leblanc:
what a charming man...
21 Streetifucation
21 Streetifucation:
Yeah right, lol!
Tailor Made
Tailor Made:
Hes innocent
Ron Krikorian
Ron Krikorian:
ADIOS! Greetings from Australia!
next Traci Lords. :D
Gabriel Chin
Gabriel Chin:
They r always innocent when exposed. Kind of makes you wonder, what if the victims didn't speak out. God knows how many more women will fall victim to his evil deeds
rich ernest
rich ernest:
Bit parts since fluff buff era!Ha!Ha!
Christopher Stumbo
Christopher Stumbo:
Like that time whenever Ron Jeremy, Peter North and I don't know some other guy GangBanged Christy Canyon.
Brian Meyer
Brian Meyer:
Even though its Ron Jeremy, its innocent until proven guilty. If he is proven then give him the max!
Edwin Estrada
Edwin Estrada:
I don't believe any of those women. What were they doing around him to begin with? Granted he's ghoulish looking but legendary in porno movies. They're looking for a payday.
Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera:
I hope they drop the charges
Stinky Nuts aka Lamarcus
Stinky Nuts aka Lamarcus:
Wishing the hedgehog the best
Bless this wonderful man hoping he beats this rap
🤣🤣🤣 accusing Ron Jeremy of rape and sexual assault, PRICELESS 🤣🤣🤣
Another bunch going for the deep pockets of an entertainer before he dies.
Courtney Hutchinson
Courtney Hutchinson:
there is more to this than meets the eye. so let me get this straight. a dude that gets payed to sleep with women, is sexual assaulting women for free. hmmm, yea. OK.
Google User
Google User:
It's all BS where's the evidence
Dianne Marie
Dianne Marie:
He’s disgusting! You can smell him through the screen!🤮
left field
left field:
4 counts.? 🤔
Who's counting..
Goddess Yoli Cosmetique
Goddess Yoli Cosmetique:
He better not DROP THE SOAP.🚿💦
Jay MCC:
90 years to life in jail if hopefully found guilty.. individual like this should be served longer in prison
J. Granger
J. Granger:
Gloria Allred involved.
Could this guy look any more gross than he is he looks like such a predator
Randy Ramen
Randy Ramen:
Have fun in Jaíl
Hedy Karim
Hedy Karim:
He’s gross
Tim Rubin Halcomb
Tim Rubin Halcomb:
People are becoming smarter. As they should.
Antony Brown
Antony Brown:
This man has had more p**** than Yankee Stadium I simply don't believe that allegations
Sloppy Jonuts
Sloppy Jonuts:
Lookin like Frank Reynolds
Daniel Solomon
Daniel Solomon:
carl taylor
carl taylor:
Robbie D
Robbie D:
he's not looking so good
N P:
$6.6 million bail. Hmmm...not going anywhere anytime soon have Snickers.