Ronaldinho 2006 👑 Ballon d'Or Level: Dribbling Skills, Goals, Passes

The most amazing skills, tricks, goals & passes by Ronaldinho in Barcelona 2005/2006 season

With commentary & crowd reaction.

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mr bundesteam
mr bundesteam:
Re-uploaded beacuse of Real Sociedad & Betis notices. Other videos from my channel will be also re-uploaded soon excluding content from these 2 clubs.

*Ronaldinho statistics in domestic competitions for 2005/06 season:*

Games - *33 (33 started)*
Goals - *19*
Assists - *16*
Chances created - *111* 🔥
Most chances created in a single game - *10 vs Alaves home*
Dribbles - *151 (League - 133, Cup - 6, Super Cup - 12)* 🔥
Dribbles per game - *4.5* 🔥
Most dribbles in a single game - *10 vs Osasuna home*

Note: in the 2nd half of 2005/06 season Ronnie missed 7 league games due to injuries which had also affected his physical form and overall dribbling statistics. In the first half of that season, up to league's 19th round, Ronaldinho had completed 111 dribbles in 19 games(17 league + 2 super cup) - 5.8 dribbles per game.
RusticKraft Channel
RusticKraft Channel:
I couldn't blink for 14 minutes.
Um absurdo de Jogador! Um Gênio com a bola nos pés.✊🏿🙅🏿‍♂️
Saúl A.
Saúl A.:
This video could also be titled: Larsson throwing everything outside.
O Kobalt
O Kobalt:
Without even joking, Neymar would be rolling on the floor in 50% of all these clips.
chitranshu bhatnagar
chitranshu bhatnagar:
He is not a footballer, he is an artist who performs magic.
Nestor Quintero
Nestor Quintero:
ronaldinho played like he was on front of the tv, had the ps controller himself and knew all the commands
From 2003 to 2006 nobody could touch this man.
K4BeL Prod.
K4BeL Prod.:
It's not only dribbling skills that is amazing of him. It also seems that he sees the field in all directions no matter where his head is facing)
Daniel Bowens
Daniel Bowens:
Anddd this is why people like Neymar will NEVER be one of the greats. Sure he has world class talent but he will never be this level. Ronaldinho will get fouled hard but he keeps his feet, he keeps driving, he does everything he can to make the magic happen. Neymar gets looked at and he falls over and rolls
About 50 feet.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar é messi assistiram o vídeo para admirar essa lenda 😁💥⚽️
Texas rattlesnake
Texas rattlesnake:
I'm building a time machine to take me back to the early 2000s
Y"all viewers are going with me
Teo Mat
Teo Mat:
When football was a great sport with great champion, skill, entertainment.
Without crybaby that keep rolling as soon as they are touched
hes more skilful than messi cr7 n zidane ... including the phenomenon
Albanez1 Albanez1
Albanez1 Albanez1:
1:50 Oh My God , The King Of Passing ❤️
Gavin Watson
Gavin Watson:
finally, a skill compilation without music.
Georgi Stoyanov
Georgi Stoyanov:
7:22 what ??? Dinho things...
Mahmoud Qaki
Mahmoud Qaki:
I swear that two year run he had, he was the best footballer in history, hands down!! From a Madrid fan!
GuGa TM:
até hj mim pergunto,ronaldinho fazia cada coisa que parecia quebrar a Lei da realidade.o que mim deixa angustiado é o tanto de bola na cara que os caras perdem.
Rafa Said
Rafa Said:
1:50, wow, insane.
Long Du Zboob
Long Du Zboob:
C. Ronaldo & Messi are monsters about statistics, but Ronaldinho was most spectacular, miss this type of player.....
Mouldy Socks
Mouldy Socks:
Without stats this has to be the greatest player of all time in terms of skill
0:31 I still don't understand how he lifted the ball like this
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma:
He was the best in his prime. But his prime was short unlike Messi and cr7 that's why he got less recognition. But he owned far better skills than Messi and cr7 in his prime.
Lebo Pelesane
Lebo Pelesane:
The King of Football 🙌🏽
vitus chibuzor
vitus chibuzor:
I started loving football because of him.
Jonatha Oliveira
Jonatha Oliveira:
6:35 OMG
01:52 - Yo cada vez que veía a Ronaldinho
He assisted off his BACK!!!!!! ... Im 28 years old I remember when R10 was in his prime. But I didn't know he made an assist off his BACK. THIS MAN THE GRAND WIZARD OF FOOTBALL
Thales Bernardo Mendes
Thales Bernardo Mendes:
como que o cara faz um domínio desse? 1:48 só bruxo.
The only guy who deserves 7 star skills on FIFA instead of only 5
Yisus Craist
Yisus Craist:
So Larsson was to Barcelona what Benzema is to Madrid when it comes to failing to score a goal...
Rio Pento
Rio Pento:
After watching Dinho controlling the ball using his magic, I got mad whenever seeing Lukalu's first touch.
Stenco Dadz
Stenco Dadz:
0:57 after all that grabbing and pulling, to still got embarrassed.
Gross Meister
Gross Meister:
0:57 - destroying level 5000
And the england's think that they have genial players in their history hahahaha
J R:
When he peaked, his level was insanely high👏🏻
So no one is gonna talk about this pass?! 2:41 🔥
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico:
Now imagine this is the man that says “Messi will be the best player in history” Dinho is and will always be Barca
Tom Querque
Tom Querque:
Some people hate Messi others hate Ronaldo, however, everyone LOVES Ronaldinho!!!
For me the best player of all times, ever!
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres:
6:35 Legend🔥
Adrián Landeira Pose
Adrián Landeira Pose:
I realized that Larsson missed a lot of incredible assitances 😂, how many incredible goals we lost
Viper DK
Viper DK:
9:05 legend
Lorenzo Bongartz
Lorenzo Bongartz:
An other title could've been: How many times does Barca F up a 1v1?
I really miss his time in the soccer filed. My favorite soccer player of all time.
Videos4 You
Videos4 You:
2021 still trying to learn of this legend
Mostafa Youssef
Mostafa Youssef:
The greatest dancer in football history ❤
ToNy BoSS:
""El mejor regateando"" 😎👍
David Santos
David Santos:
Só queria dizer que R10 era um gênio e o Larsson perdia muito gol kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
I remember this time i was a teenager, and everyone i knew always said im gonna watch ronaldinho tonight not barca, ronaldinho! He was such a joy to watch, almost everytime he had the ball you just knew something magical could happen.
His passing was also sublime
4:42 Que golaço!
Praveesha Chapman
Praveesha Chapman:
Love how he nutmegs them so effortlessly and doesn't act like he just ruined their careers 😂
How can he nutmeg someone when he’s off balance ? Real GOAT of the game 👑
Bruno Rafa
Bruno Rafa:
MC José Antonio Guerrero Solano LNyED
MC José Antonio Guerrero Solano LNyED:
This video must be named "Larsson's epic fails" 😂
Diego Jeldes Gonzalez
Diego Jeldes Gonzalez:
Entre Larsson y Guily se perdieron una cantidad impresionante de goles 🤣
Bart J
Bart J:
1:52 that pass!
João Kleber Kleber
João Kleber Kleber:
Quando nascer outro jogador assim vcs me avisem. 😂😂
Francisco Ronaldo Claudio Bezerra Ronaldo
Francisco Ronaldo Claudio Bezerra Ronaldo:
Nunca! Nunca mais teremos um ídolo igual.
Você mudou o mundo do futebol, vc é um jogador IMPAR...
Henrique Dias
Henrique Dias:
Ronaldinho ruined football for me, after I watch him everyone else is boring!
Sundeep Samrai
Sundeep Samrai:
On a higher level than Messi and Ronaldo..GOAT .. simple
Gorgeous Models
Gorgeous Models:
“Let’s just fall in love again.”
6:14 look at his balance! Did a nutmeg too!
Kevin Arnold Quiroz
Kevin Arnold Quiroz:
0:57 con esa patada Neymar ya se hubiera tirado y rodado 20 cuadras. La diferencia es que Dinho seguía jugando y no reclama la falta, humildad
kader benseti
kader benseti:
I think Ronaldinho was the only player to have deserved the Diamond Ballon d'Or
Robson Antonio
Robson Antonio:
Ronaldinho zuava os caras, mas ninguém ia na maldade nele, igual os caras vão no "Nosso Menino Neymar Jr". 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Joga Bonito
Joga Bonito:
6:20 They say he never got his waist back
Use to Love playing with him on PES6 During the ps2 days.
Jacks Silva
Jacks Silva:
miss your magic Ronaldinho, the best player in the history of football.
Xuan tu Trinh
Xuan tu Trinh:
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Redizah -
Redizah -:
Legend. Thats all I have to say. So glad I grew up watching this sort of football, Imo football ain't the same no more... I'm only 21 and I'm saying this lmao
Erwin Koch López
Erwin Koch López:
2'13" FERNANDINHO DIJO??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Emmett G
Emmett G:
Wow. This guy never dove despite being fouled several times!
4:06 He's celebrating before the ball was even in the net! He knew!
Lucas Glendon
Lucas Glendon:
I can't think of any player who comes close to Ronaldinho's play style, he's just unique, what a gem!
Kizito William
Kizito William:
It's a pity he never got to play with Lingardinho.
Bryan Leon
Bryan Leon:
2:41 Dios qué pase!!! La comba es perfecta, parece sencillo pero es bestial !!
Guu sccp
Guu sccp:
Brasil sempre terá os jogadores mais habilidosos do mundo 🇧🇷
players these days would of went down for every challenge made in this video, this goat tries his hardest to stay standing
Vethizo Vero
Vethizo Vero:
He was once a Magician Footballer.. if agree. Show hands
Bertrand Qualo
Bertrand Qualo:
Was so much and excitement when he played!
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique:
E tem gente que fala que o pior jogador pra marcar e Neymar kkkkkkk
Doug 7RM
Doug 7RM:
Lo mejor que mis ojos han visto.
Soy Madridista de corazón, y le tengo un respeto y cariño enorme a este hombre. Lo sufrí como rival, pero como amante del fútbol le amé, lo amó, y le seguiré amando hasta el último respiro que la vida me de.
Duran Bal
Duran Bal:
Best football video i saw. Commentary with no bullshit music, great angles and letting us see the whole chance
Nguyenhai Dang
Nguyenhai Dang:
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
Che Alph
Che Alph:
Ronaldinho was touched by God! The one true soccer grand master of my lifetime and this is not about stats. We can leave the stats to Messi and CR7.
Blake Jodi
Blake Jodi:
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
oki chinen
oki chinen:
What I rly love about Dinho is that he never look for a fault, he always try to keep going forward, always with a smile. The best of all time indeed.
seth ayers
seth ayers:
In his prime an underrated part of his game was his athleticsm. he had a lot of explosive deceleration/ accelaration and body strength.
João Vitor
João Vitor:
Larsson como sempre perdendo milhares de gols... kkkkkkkkkk
Antônio Marcelo
Antônio Marcelo:
O Ronaldinho era espetacular, o Messi joga muito sem dúvida, mas aprendeu tudo o que sabe com o Ronaldinho
Yac Asse
Yac Asse:
Pas besoin de musique de fond comme les autres vidéos de foot ⚽️💪👍
Marcin Piotrowski
Marcin Piotrowski:
ronaldinho : " my only footballing regret is never having the honour of playing with the heir to the throne of brillance, Jesse Lingardinho"
Gigio PQD
Gigio PQD:
Tenho 43 anos e acompanho o futebol desde pequeno. Pra mim, Ronaldinho foi o melhor jogador que vi até hoje.
Iam BuBeRoN
Iam BuBeRoN:
Bu adamı izlediğim için çok şanslıyım ♥️
Legend never DİE RONALDİNHO ⚡️
Leilson Santos
Leilson Santos:
Professor dos professores
Khandokar Toufik mahmud
Khandokar Toufik mahmud:
Amazing ❤️