Ronnie Spector Collection on Letterman, 1983-2010

Late Night:
1. September 28, 1983. "Be My Baby," chat wit Dave, and "Walking in the Rain."
The short music video just before Dave introduces Ronnie has been deleted due to copyright caution.

2. February 18, 1985. Paul mentions that he played with Ronnie Spector over the weekend at the Bottom Line.

3. October 9, 1986. "Take Me Home Tonight" with Eddie Money, then a short chat with Dave.

4. December 18, 1987. "Sleigh Ride/Frosty the Snowman."

Late Show:
5. August 27, 2009. Sits in with band throughout show. The video's pretty chopped up selecting just her clips. But, hey, it's Ronnie Spector.

6. December 15, 2010. "Light One Candle."

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100+ komentarze:

Timothy Leary
Timothy Leary:
What a gorgeous woman she was. Her mannerisms, her laugh, her sparkling eyes.....I love it.
Dean Rane
Dean Rane:
This woman was a force of music, it ran through her entire being. We have truly lost something sacred in Rock'n'Roll.🎼🎤🎸🎷⌛💔
Eternal thanks to the incredible Don Giller, the official Dave Letterman video historian.  
Good God almighty, Ronnie Spector was precious! An angel from above.
Richard Hoff
Richard Hoff:
RIP Ronnie. Thanks so much for posting. She had been through hell and yet she had not lost any of her talent, charm, and beauty,
Shawn Storey
Shawn Storey:
Absolutely incredible voice and just a doll. So glad she was a staple on Dave’s shows and I always really enjoyed her appearances. RIP Ronnie.
Kitchener Leslie
Kitchener Leslie:
God bless her and Eddie Money. He really revitalized her career and you can see how happy she is to be back!
Peter Lorre Quartet
Peter Lorre Quartet:
she was a brilliant light.....and original.....what a voice.....what a presence...
I love performers who genuinely enjoy what they're doing. Ronnie fits the bill.
EW Esterly III
EW Esterly III:
RIP Ronnie and Eddie Money. You both gave us great music that transcends the ages. I also like to mention Ronnie's sister Estelle Bennett who passed on in 2009. With the loss of Estelle Bennett in 2009 and Ronnie a few days ago, only Nedra Talley Ross is left of The Ronettes.
Gerry Dieffenbach
Gerry Dieffenbach:
Terrific compilation, a beautiful tribute to a truly beautiful woman.
Clyde B
Clyde B:
Ronnie was one of a kind. Lite up the room with her charm! R.I.P. memories will live on.
kelly higgins
kelly higgins:
Eddie Money needed a hit and Ronnie Specter needed a come back and boy they never expected this to blow up as it did and it brought Eddie his career and Ronnie back to stardom .. To many dying man ! Rest in peace hard to believe she passed four days before her ex husbands first year anniversary of his death Phil Specter January 16th.. as Ronnie always said thank you , you are beautiful...🖤🤘🙏🏻
Sad day, but a timely fix for those of us craving some Ronnie. RIP Ronnie
Herman Blume
Herman Blume:
Oh my, was she ever wonderful. Her music will live on for eternity.
Henry Wilkerson
Henry Wilkerson:
Be My Baby was one of the first hits I listened on my transistor radio in 1963 as a 14yo teenager, and I was fortunate enough to see Ronnie live three times when she was touring after I turned 60yo. What a fabulous performer - her voice was unique and infectious. She looked great singing and teased us with her outfits and dance moves. I am sad to see her go, but I hope I’ll see her performing again once I cross the Rainbow Bridge.
Before there was Tina, there was Ronnie. Legs for days. RIP RONNIE. The legend continues....
Georgia May
Georgia May:
I was so blessed to have met her coming off at the top of her tour bus in DET Christmas tour 2019. A friend had written her saying what an extraordinary influence she had on me at 11yrs old, now 70. Instant connection, I had Also written her about my background in Domestic Violence for my internship. She was an incredible Survivor and a true inspiration for those victims and all female vocalists, including myself. A legend in her own right, who will be greatly missed! ☮ 💜 🎶
The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter:
I still remember being a Beatles-obsessed teen on Tumblr about eight or seven years ago and listening to "Be My Baby" after a mutual reblogged it. I was floored. Never heard anything like that before or since. There is something in her voice, I don't know whether to call it an earnestness or a sense of pleading, that really connects and sticks with you no matter the era.
That is just my awkward way to say, as someone else said, that her music will indeed live on. It managed to do so even as she was forced out of the biz by you-know-who and as she slowly picked up the pieces after kicking him to the curb as he so well deserved, and it allowed her to return to music and spend the rest of her life doing what made her happy.
R.I.P., Ronnie. Tonight, you are everybody's baby and hopefully reunited with Estelle. ♥
Jack Silbert
Jack Silbert:
A true legend and such a delightful person, especially after all the awfulness she dealt with! Thank you Don for memorializing these wonderful performances.
Señor XREY
Señor XREY:
Ronnie is just such a genuinely humble woman, and really rocked it on "Take Me Home Tonight". I was almost in tears realizing she and Eddie Money are no longer with us. R.I.P.
Charlie OBrien
Charlie OBrien:
I loved seeing Ronnie on the Late show over the years, and all of her music and her amazing story of never giving up. She is sorely missed already.
Michael Pordan
Michael Pordan:
what a heavenly voice!!!!!! RIP Ronnie :)
Rest easy, Ronnie.
You were, and will, continue to be a Gift ❤️
Sigh...another great, but sadly timely collection. Sexy, sultry and as easy on the eyes as the Ronnie. If we had the chance, we'd never let you go...
T W:
Tears for the great Ronnie Spector.
Heidi Bertels
Heidi Bertels:
A great voice, wonderful sense of humor too!
San Cabins
San Cabins:
R.I.P. Ronnie … The Beatles had nothing on you … You sang with Soul, Passion, & Heart. An AMERICAN Creation … VIVA America!!! LOVE Ya!!!
Peety W
Peety W:
What a survivor and true icon. When I heard her on this Doing Be My Baby, I was transported back to when this came out, feeling the emotions of those days. Wow! God bless her soul. 🙏🏼
D H:
David Letterman introduced me to this legendary woman many years ago, and thank god he did
RIP both Ronnie and Eddie, each phenomenal singers in their own rite. The early Sixties are gone, officially.
Kurt I
Kurt I:
For me, I think the greatest thing Dave ever did, was introducing me to Ronnie.
What a wonderful collection - thanks so much for putting this together. What a loss for us all.
Rock legend, and a very good soul, she will be missed as her music lives on for a new generation to discover a-gain! I interviewed Eddie Money about six years ago on WCOMlp ... inquiring about Ronnie Spector, oh, he said she was just the very best, who honored him by performing on his hit, Take Me Home Tonight, touring a bit as well. I hope that it revitalized her career, giving her the joy back that she so deserved. Thanks for this collection vid, yes!
Jim M
Jim M:
I was in junior high in 1963. When the Ronettes came out with Be My Baby, it was just after The Crystals, Bobby Sox and the Bluejeans had some great hits. It was like having 3 home runs in a row. I still have the 45’s.
Oh no........what a legend. There will never be a better song than Be My Baby
Eddie Money with Ronnie doing "Take Me Home Tonight". Awesome!
Richard Curley
Richard Curley:
She was so New York. Love her!
Jason Sum
Jason Sum:
awesome compilation Ronnie Spector such a truly gifted singer! So important for the music industry! RIP Miss Spector you’re legacy will live on forever
cali scribe
cali scribe:
Never thought I'd hear a Reagan-Andropov joke in my life. Thanks as always for your Lettermen uploads.
Bruce Heffner
Bruce Heffner:
I love this, what a great singer who came from Spanish Harlem and made it to the top!
Patrick Graham
Patrick Graham:
Just like Ronnie said! R.I.P. Angel
Cary J Nicolo
Cary J Nicolo:
Thank god for Anton and Will for holding this all together!
dee harris
dee harris:
I've became aware of this Goddess, Ronnie Spector m To this day, she influence others. Broke barriers I can only dream of. This is very heartbreaking. May she rest in heaven.
Nick Nicholas
Nick Nicholas:
What incredible memories the Ronettes bring to me. I was in 10th grade when they came on the scene. Top Ronnie.
Antonio Balayan
Antonio Balayan:
RIP Ronnie; You will forever be in our hearts; same prayer goes for your sister Estelle; and thank you so much for all the fond memories you brought into our life; God bless us all.
David Staudohar
David Staudohar:
❤🌹❤ rest in Eternal peace Ronnie your marvelous songs will forever live in our hearts and our souls
Russell G
Russell G:
Glad I got to see her "live." Farewell, Ronnie. RIP.
Linda S. Blough
Linda S. Blough:
Ronnie and her group will always have their place in the history of the music industry. There was no others who could duplicate or copy them. Technology will allow us listeners to follow them forever. They will always be a reach away. Memory Eternal.
Don Swanston
Don Swanston:
Sad to hear about Ms Spector I have and will always love her music....thank you also are awesome!
Debra Hall
Debra Hall:
I was 11 years old when I saw the Ronettes perform Be My Baby. I was mesmerized. I went in and put my hair into a beehive and put on the black eyeliner. There will never be another Ronnie.
Thanks for posting this. She was adorable!
Brian A
Brian A:
The bad news: I get a notfication from Don, and often go damn, "probably another obituary."
The good news: it's a nice way to remember some of the best of a great person.
♥️ Ronnie, thanks Don
The Bluejays
The Bluejays:
"She could sing through a wall of sound". Rest in peace, Ronnie. Here's our tribute to you x
Jose Antonio Vazquez
Jose Antonio Vazquez:
Se spago una estrella.....
Las lágrimas.son inevitables ...acabo de enterarme aquí.
underground unlimited
underground unlimited:
Great history here!!!! Thanks for posting! For a wild ride down the wormhole dive into Brian Wilson’s obsession with be my little baby. Incredible!
Janet Rubino
Janet Rubino:
She was a treasure❤️
T Brown
T Brown:
I had to go back and here this song again. Definitely an eternal classic.
The best single of all time.
dj bone
dj bone:
Sad day. Thank you Ronnie for the gifts you gave us. At 2:20 on the video Paul uses the word seminal to describe what she meant to him. Dave hears Seminole and says “you made it sound like we have an Indian here tonight” 😖 Guess he didn’t realize Ronnie’s mother was of African/American/Cherokee decent.
Lorenzo Crespin
Lorenzo Crespin:
Another great music artist gone RIP Ronnie spector. 🙏
The Simulation
The Simulation:
Thank you so much Don! Truly appreciated ✌️❤️🎶
B T:
The best time for music was when Ronnie started her recording career!
Bob Kenyon
Bob Kenyon:
Fantastic collection!
Jeffrey Snow
Jeffrey Snow:
Just Amazing !!! R.I.P. Ronnie
Merlinsclaw :
Always appreciate your work, Don. 🙏
Something incredibly special has been lost in the flesh, but thanks to the miracle of recorded sound, she will be immortal.
The shit she had to put up with from her ex-husband, automatically assures her a place in Paradise.
Walking away from Phil Spector wearing nothing but the clothes on her back, and barefoot, she took hold of the reins and got her life back together.
And then, she beat him in that lawsuit to finally correct financial injustices done to her.
Let's not forget her collaboration with Eddie Money, either.
It's not all about music, is it, boys & girls ????
William Woody
William Woody:
How many people could survive let alone thrive after marrying Phil Spector?
Crystal Dating Coach
Crystal Dating Coach:
I love #davidletterman for having #ronniespector as a guest. She was a living legend but practically ignored by the media in her later years.
Thanks for this, Don. The only one of these I ever got to see in its original broadcast was the last one. I went to see her at BB Kings in Times Square (may it too rest in peace) the next night. That was my first time traveling to another city to see a concert by myself. Meanwhile, I never knew about her 2009 appearance on the show. That must have been just before the domestic release of "The Last of the Rock Stars."
Luke Maxwell
Luke Maxwell:
I Love the Ronettes, was quick the click on this one. Thanks, Don!
Wonderful! in every way!
Private Penguin
Private Penguin:
Awesome job you're fast! R.I.P. Ronnie.
John Stokke
John Stokke:
RIP both Money and Spector. Amazing song!
One fascinating video would be behind the scenes of the process how you catalogue what person was on which episode, your tape collection and how you transfer to YouTube.
Felicia Choate
Felicia Choate:
What a star! Thanks for sharing
I didn't think much of her murdering ex, but THANK YOU DON GILLER for bringing this compilation of the incomparable Ronnie Spector to us.
Tony LaBarbera
Tony LaBarbera:
Oh Ronnie you were the best. Nice editing creator
Thanks for posting this video collection. Very nice Christmas song with the Children " Light 1 Candle" RIP Ronnie Spector, Ronnie's sister Estelle Bennett, Ellie Greenwich and Eddie Money
Don, how do you get it uploaded so fast? Do you have them at the ready? You’re the best
thinking about her since yesterday...WE LOVE & GOD BLESS YOU RONNIE
Reign Robinson
Reign Robinson:
Love Ronnie!!! RIP💞
Be My Baby led to Take Me Home Tonight and Don't Worry Baby, which led to Push It, written by and played by Garbage.

RIP Ronnie Spector, Glen Campbell (played guitar on Be My Baby), Roger Christian (wrote Don't Worry Baby with Brian Wilson, d. on April, 1991) and Bill Graham (manager of Eddie Money, d. on Octobe, 1991).
Aaron Schuelke
Aaron Schuelke:
Thank you, Donz. Outstanding!
Lil Chopstixz 21
Lil Chopstixz 21:
I was listening to be my baby when I found out she died. RIP
kim drew
kim drew:
Love this lady!!!
Jas Fan
Jas Fan:
It was punkrockers like Johnny Thunders and Joey Ramone were holding torches for Ronnie when she was forgotten.
chase Tower
chase Tower:
Let’s Hope this will be the last clip as an
announcing to a Great passing .
Love You Ronnie, my Queen 👑
Thanks Don.
Diedra Nottingham
Diedra Nottingham:
Eddie Money! You are the greatest❤
Mary Kate Daniiher
Mary Kate Daniiher:
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson:
Awesome lady who will be missed.
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson:
Thanks so much, Don. I hate to ask this, but ... How will things be handled when you go visit the great Melman in the sky? is there someone who has the keys to this holy channel?
John Dalton
John Dalton:
Awesome upload, Don. Thank you.
Tom Cronin
Tom Cronin:
The beautiful and brilliant Ronnie. Thanks Don.
Jade Pixie
Jade Pixie:
RIP Ronnie.
Annarita Ranalli
Annarita Ranalli:
They had chemistry indeed
Rest in Peace, beautiful Lady, you will always :Be My Baby". . .and in 1963, I was 13 and I fell in love with Ronnie just like Paul ❤❤❤
Thank you for your beautiful music, Ronnie Spector..i was a baby in 1963
j smooth
j smooth:
damn both are gone and both had great music...Eric is shaking right now!!! RIP both
Loved Ronnie and enjoyed seeing her Christmas show but what in the heck did she have on during her first appearance. But in all she was one of the best. SIP Angel.
World's Fair
World's Fair:
Fk they slayed this performance. God tier