Royal Watch: John Mulaney on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Netflix’s The Crown

John Mulaney drops by Late Night with Seth Meyers to give his opinion on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Netflix’s The Crown.

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Royal Watch: John Mulaney on Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Netflix’s The Crown- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Riley F.
Riley F.:
Seth: *brings up princess diana*
Melissa Gray
Melissa Gray:
Poor guy had 15 years of sobriety under his belt. The stress of this year got to him. Hope he and Anna end up alright.
I don’t know what point John was trying to get across but I understand and agree
Anna T
Anna T:
Alternate titles include: John Mulaney talking in circles for 10 minutes straight.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan:
Seth: Princess Diana
John: **immediately panics**
this was weird
I loved it
probably my favorite Mulaney thing
Felix Phoenix
Felix Phoenix:
I want to know why John is so sure the Queen only has 30 more months to live.
Holly Rex
Holly Rex:
"I'm smart with words, I'm smart with language"
"Well then spell the word sheriff"
"Get outta here!"
Not Sure.
Not Sure.:
Poor dude. This year has been terrible and I don't blame him for slipping. I just hope he gets better soon.
Arianna Rabin
Arianna Rabin:
this was hilarious and SHOULD be a weekly segment. never cut awkward pauses again. thank you.
Steven Olson
Steven Olson:
Having Seth introduce Mulaney and then smash cutting to him sitting on the couch sitting in complete silence with no applause is the funniest thing I've seen all day.
Jasmin Rivera
Jasmin Rivera:
The “In Summation” title card sent me to another planet. Bold of them to assume there was anything said at all in this segment that could be remotely summarized.
I get that this was created while he was most likely abusing substances, but I believe this sketch was intended to come across as a bit unhinged/absurd regardless. You’re still allowed to laugh at this, he’s being funny on purpose. Glad he’s making healthy choices tho
Jayden Krug
Jayden Krug:
“that’s something you wait out, gangsta” john what 😭
The Deans
The Deans:
Did anyone think there was something fishy about this interview the first time, and now, after the rehab thing, it makes a lot of sense? Hoping you get better, John. Your fans love you, and we know you’ll get through this!
Katie G
Katie G:
I think its unconscionable that they allowed Princess Diana's murderer on the fantastic new segment Royal Watch.
i just thought that they were going for an unplanned vibe or something... get better soon john, you're in my thoughts!
Holly Coriell
Holly Coriell:
This makes me so sad. There is nothing more sad that seeing a comic like this. As a person who loves their part of being part of the support crew of a comedy club this is heart wrenching and I hope with all of my soul he gets well enough to just live. A world without Mulaney is a dark world indeed. Nothing is more important than his wellness.
Explosive Muffin
Explosive Muffin:
Did anyone else noice how quiet John got when Seth mentioned the death of Princess Diana, and how quick he was to change the topic? Seems kinda suspicious for me.
nessa nichole
nessa nichole:
“i am reading this cue card for the first time” - bill hader in every stefon update segment
Preston Avery
Preston Avery:
This video is my last two brain cells trying to write an essay about the royal family that’s due tomorrow and it’s 3am
Paul Nestler
Paul Nestler:
I need John Mulaney saying "that sounds wack as f*ck" on a loop
His behavior here makes so much sense now, get better John!
Gergely Rácz
Gergely Rácz:
I'm genuinely so sad right now. Hope he gets better soon!
Hana Strejcová
Hana Strejcová:
This has such an unsettling aura I don't know what to feel
Jaimie Clark-Boutcher
Jaimie Clark-Boutcher:
I feel like once a week John just texts Seth and says “I’m really bored. Can I come and riff on the show again?”
Chelsey Sleight
Chelsey Sleight:
This was a weird segment when it first came out, but now that the news is out about John’s substance abuse struggles, it’s enormously obvious that he was not...completely sober when they filmed this.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
The lack of applause or laughter makes this so much better
Alecsys Moldovan
Alecsys Moldovan:
Who’s here after finding out John’s in rehab 😭
Sadollah Abou Saleh
Sadollah Abou Saleh:
Now I know why john says his wife is better than him at arguing
Michael Chimenti
Michael Chimenti:
I’m hoping Seth and John filmed 17 hours of “jacket” content for the next several months
Bee Lam
Bee Lam:
who’s here after knowing John has checked into rehab
Pirate Heart
Pirate Heart:
"Excuse me, MRS Middleton" JOHN
Null Garcia
Null Garcia:
I’ve had very intense struggles with alcoholism. Staying sober during the pandemic has had me stretched so thin. As much as I love John and I get genuinely excited for his talk show appearances— It would be nice to see some transparency on why this video is still up. I’m not going to lie: I love this a lot. It’s very raw, but I don’t think it’s intentional. Seth seems kind of annoyed near the end, but I really don’t know. Would love to see what other people think. Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding.
I’ve got nothing but respect for both of these exceptional comedians. My love goes out to John and his family.
John Mulaney saying “Gangstah” in a sassy tone is going to get me through he rest of this year 😂
This is the interview that keeps giving. Just give him a weekly segment on the show and make him wear that exact outfit Everytime. Haha
“The froggy doggy castle” KILLED ME
Brontë Eliza
Brontë Eliza:
i'm FLOORED by the cut to john mulaney sitting on the couch in silence followed by the distant, disembodied "whoo"
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson:
Ok now that he's checked into rehab this segment makes a bit more sense. Not that he's trashed here, but he's got a lightning-quick comic mind and he's clearly a step slower. Glad he's getting help and I'm looking forward to many more years of genius from him
Scott Nelson illustrator cartoonist author
Scott Nelson illustrator cartoonist author:
My family and I are HUGE John Mulaney fans. Understanding now that he was on drugs and thankfully heading into rehab shortly after this interview I wanted to say that I’m torn after watching this. Two comedic friends riffing together trying to “find” something humorous is very entertaining to me. It’s like watching a professional athlete or musician train. A peak behind the curtain so to speak. I thought that’s what we were seeing at first but you could tell Seth wasn’t really into it and then became a bit snarky. Perhaps he realized that he wasn’t sober half way into their time together but if that’s the case.... why make these outtakes public? To shame John? Seth should be there to support his friend in his hour of weakness not showcase his fall from the wagon. Or maybe he’s just angry at him for coming on and not doing set material. Posting this seems kind of icky on Late Night but what do I know? There’s more to the story I’m sure and I hope in due time we hear more about it. I’m very hopeful that John will get back to a place he feels personally content. A place that he realizes that he needs to do “very little” to be funny. John Mulaney has an incredible comedic mind and being under the influence dulls his inner light. You got this John. Don’t get foiled without using your STREET SMARTS!
Monette Moradi
Monette Moradi:
That jacket that Mulaney got from The Strokes basically turns him into an alter ego
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford:
Prob shouldn’t have released this video at all. Poor guy. Hope he’s doing alright.
Michael Reidy
Michael Reidy:
I like how the description says John “dropped by” Late Night....even though he’s a staff writer
alex hebert
alex hebert:
Alternate titles include: John Mulaney talking in circles for 10 minutes straight.
imagine if this was just an ad for the crown
he didn’t speak a single coherent thought in this entire video
i love it
Hoping he gets well because Mulaney is a national treasure.
Shailesh Rana
Shailesh Rana:
This is just an ad for Netflix's The Crown
amit vansover
amit vansover:
John is dressed like this was the first time he left his house in months and he just threw everything in the closet on because he got excited
Oh Lord, I hope he gets better. I hate thinking that he's probably high in this interview.
Dr. Zombie X
Dr. Zombie X:
This is literally the conversation you have at 5am with the friends who are still awake after getting drunk/stoned all night.
wadha A
wadha A:
That was hard to watch I feel like he wasn’t okay in this interview
Sydney Pakkala Shepard
Sydney Pakkala Shepard:
As much as I care about John Mulaney and as concerned as I am for his well-being, I really don’t see why this clip specifically would come off as him being on something. Seth seems to be obviously reading off of cue cards which needed to be made beforehand (on late night shows the topics they discuss are usually pre-planned). There’s also a defined bit happening here, the premise being that John came up with an idea for a whole segment so he could come on and share his thoughts. Which are the same knee-jerk reactions that a lot of people had to Meghan and Harry leaving only to come to a more nuanced perspective on the situation with the help from Seth. Before learning that John was entering rehab after relapsing I loved this video and I honestly still love it just as much now.
Is it really that hard to notice that Seth is reading off cue cards behind John? Seth wasn't riffing with John or trying to downplay the awkwardness, this is a sketch they were doing and you can hear Seth stumble over his lines slightly a few times. Seriously, how is this not obvious to anyone who has seen Seth do the Stefon sketches on Weekend Update before?
I don't see john acting oddly here. Idk why everyone is saying this skit shows him on drugs. I don't see it. I hope his recovery goes well. He's my favorite comedian.
Sara Morales Acosta
Sara Morales Acosta:
Him sitting there, pretending he DIDN'T kill Princess Diana
nat duncks
nat duncks:
i know john doesn't drink or do drugs anymore so the fact that he's being so weird because he's probably EXHAUSTED here makes it funnier
Bobby Greco
Bobby Greco:
The cocaine makes sense now. Rest easy my tall child who is under a lot of stress
Llewyn Blossfeld
Llewyn Blossfeld:
why does this feel like something they released by accident
They're now saying that this is the "troubling" segment that they're using as an example of why John Mulaney checked into rehab. Claiming that he was out of his mind on substances during it. There are two other segments that go along with this, from the same night, in which he is far more focused. It's just his comedic style. I'm not saying he doesn't have a problem. Obviously, he does if he's checked into rehab. But I wouldn't say that this clip is an example of it.
Hand Soap
Hand Soap:
The random segment titles popping up have me DEAD
He is so far gone. I wish I had seen this before he went to rehab to see if I would have thought he was out of his mind. I have seen him live and have watched a lot of interviews with him and he’s normally charismatic and charming and right now he seems like a broken man. I hope Seth talked to him after they were off air.
Hope John gets better in rehab.
Welp, this makes a lot more sense now. Hope he gets well soon.
when I watched this I didn't get it. he usually is very clever. He seemed so angry and spiteful unlike the funny critic that he was. he was out of it. he never spoke to ppl like that in interviews. very angry. but I have to say he at least was able to read and talk while high. his eyes look so bad and the pauses are too cringy to watch.
That's the most unhinged I've seen Mulaney. It was fun to watch.
Lindsay M.H.
Lindsay M.H.:
This rubbed me the wrong way the first time I saw it and boyyyyyy, I was right to say "I hope Mulaney is okay..."
john: suspiciously related to the princess diana death
also john: google algorithm provides royal family related news

*coincidence? i think not*
Alicia D
Alicia D:
This is hard to watch, he'a clearly drunk and/or high during this segment and if he was, NBC should remove this video. As a long-time fan of Mulaney, you can tell something is off. I knew something was off when he said he needed structure so he started working for Seth Meyers. One of the most important things about sobriety is having structure - which for John would mean touring and working on films/tv and all of that was taken away this year.
I'm happy that he acknowledged that he was struggling and sought help - it could've easily went the other way, like Philip Seymour Hoffman who also relapsed after 10yrs+ of sobriety... and sadly we know how his story ended.
When I heard about Mulaney, it made me realize that many recovering addicts were prob unable to go to NA/AA meetings due to Covid.
R M:
John clearly guilt tripping by the end once Seth said I don’t mind having you on but next time. John thought he was playing it cool this whole time but Seth’s words let him know he wasn’t fooling anyone. Get better John!
John looks like he's about to stand up and Rick Roll us.
Fiona Douglas
Fiona Douglas:
He is HIGH AF. John is ZOOTED
Just heard John had to check in rehab. Hope he'll get better soon, I can't imagine how painful it must be to be there during holidays. His humour and is delivery are the ones that makes me laugh the most.
Feel better John, you're a legend
Pamela Leanne Freeland
Pamela Leanne Freeland:
From 9:20-9:30, 😢. You can see and hear the pain he's in. Even in the midst of a comic piece, it's blatantly obvious. I hope John finds joy and peace and gets better soon.
Caliban Darklock
Caliban Darklock:
The lack of an audience response actually makes this funnier. Plus it rather pointedly showcases the command of timing Seth and John have - they're not responding to an audience in the room, they're just THAT GOOD at knowing when the next line needs to happen.
Divyashree Rao
Divyashree Rao:
Who's here after he checked into rehab? Apparently, he was inebriated during this sketch.
I wonder if this video should be taken down given that he might have been relapsing at this moment. If he was, the recording should be made private, not open to all. God speed, JM, for a quick recovery.
Maya Friedrich
Maya Friedrich:
I laughed so hard at this as someone who watches The Crown but I feel a little bad now looking back...I think he was definitely fucked up. Speaking as someone who has done a lot of drugs and is now clean. I checked into rehab right before Christmas three years ago. Hope things go well for him.
Jonathon Hafner
Jonathon Hafner:
He did well rolling with it given his train of thought was off the rails.
Natalie Ingram
Natalie Ingram:
“Prince Harry has entered the chat” it’s nice to know that gen z popularized slang is a part of his vocabulary.
Matt Kincaid
Matt Kincaid:
who's still here a month later after learning John was outta his mind
Reese Kosinski
Reese Kosinski:
Sad that he relapsed during this. hope he’s okay.
David Verret
David Verret:
Honestly, the best thing I've seen in a while. It's like Eric Andre Show level absurdity, but for the whole family.
I think Seth forgot that he's hosting a TV show and thinks he's just got a YouTube channel where he talks with his roommate that doesn't do his laundry.
This seems like John’s alter ego that is friends with Pete Davidson
Is it just me or has it become very clear that John Mulaney killed Princess Diana
Wishing you a successful recovery John, we’re all rooting for you
John got screwed by the producers here. He’s doing a mostly typical stand up routine and it gets panned by the media as “bizarre”.... his timing and delivery are all there. There’s just no audience or laugh track. Newsflash: most highly polished productions seem weird when you lose the music and the audience track!

There’s nothing really here in this late night clip that indicates any cause for alarm, at least as far as I can see, but I am sad to hear that John is actually in the midst of a struggle with sobriety and I hope to see him come out on the other side of this battle victorious.
You can tell he’s high when he takes his sunglasses off and it’s really sad but I hope he gets better
Angie Gee
Angie Gee:
The coat is taking over John’s personality
Shilpa Rath
Shilpa Rath:
In which John Mulaney accidentally reveals he is an 80-year-old British lady (obsessed with royals, doesn't understand the internet, etc)
Nancy Ross
Nancy Ross:
"You thought rolling with those dorks in church clothes was gonna be fun?" 🤣💀
Carly Johnson
Carly Johnson:
We all love you John! Wishing you all of the luck with your recovery in rehab!! We’ll be here when you’re ready!!!
Donovan Gallaway
Donovan Gallaway:
Is this going to be one of those times when John blacks out drink and wakes up with money in his pocket?
Molly Reitman
Molly Reitman:
john is fully stoned and they literally cut none of this
Jack Mezey
Jack Mezey:
I’m really rooting for John in his recovery, I don’t blame him for slipping up. Late Night should probably take this clip down too, just my opinion.
This video is my last two brain cells trying to write an essay about the royal family that’s due tomorrow and it’s 3am
Caroline Bagwell
Caroline Bagwell:
why is this me explaining how Taylor Swift is the best songwriter of all time
Skye Berggren
Skye Berggren:
Okay but why is John dressed like hes gonna go into an abandoned bunker and film a music video that will define a generation