RTX 3060 Ti Review - The $399 Gaming King

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Nvidie RTX 3060 Ti: https://geni.us/AruZ6
Nvidia RTX 3070: https://geni.us/bfiPmV
Nvidia RTX 3090: https://geni.us/4o7Xj
Nvidia RTX 3080: https://geni.us/Dk9g3
AMD RX 6800: https://geni.us/Rx4dXm

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Camera: https://geni.us/cN16f
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100+ komentarze:

Nvidia is making it difficult to choose what to buy but at least I don’t have a choice atm since we can’t get them anyways.
"at the $400 price point" lol, sure
SevenW25 V
SevenW25 V:
I didnt even realise there was an official announcement of this card let alone a release already
"The $399 Gaming King" name me a king if i manage to buy one for less than 500$
This card makes me feel like I should have waited instead of getting the 2060S, but tbh playing at 1080p i'm very happy with that last gen
What's Kraken?
What's Kraken?:
hey just letting you know, the "3060 ti" link is actually a link to an asus monitor.
Andy Lin
Andy Lin:
Didn’t realize 3060ti exist, just like other rtx 3000 series.
Kaede's Bizarre Adventure
Kaede's Bizarre Adventure:
*realizes it’ll be bought by scalpers*
Man, I bet the 7 people that get that card will be happy
Jackie Ledoux
Jackie Ledoux:
3060 ti being released
nvidia be like "3060 Ti? Never heard of it"
Allah Turbo
Allah Turbo:
nvidia: sell 80% to miners,15% goes to scalpers, 5% goes to retailers (most bought up by employee)
They released it so fast even scalpers bots are surprised.
Alexis Gutierrez
Alexis Gutierrez:
"It's up to you if you wanna wait for a cheaper option"
Scalpers: "Allow us to introduce ourselves"
gede dimas
gede dimas:
Scalpers : “its free real estate”
Zed Ax
Zed Ax:
Im holding out for ANY of these cards to become widely available.
David Goscinny
David Goscinny:
"It's up to you if you want to wait". Actually no, it's not up to us, there's none to be bought anywhere 🤷‍♂️
Benji 02
Benji 02:
scalpers: *I AM SPEED*

**No you won't find it at this price, omegalul
Toby G
Toby G:
Really nice to see Nvidia supplying you with FE units - your channel is my favourite for tech
The entire stock just got bought in Germany within 15 mins...and the cheapest one was 650 dollars
Rel ixo
Rel ixo:
"tons of gpu's coming out"
BUT the sad truth: every card is OUT OF STOCK already!
"tons of gpu's coming out"
BUT the sad truth: every card is OUT OF STOCK already!
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu:
"400 usd"
whatever you say pal
"399$" said no hw store ever :D
Shane Bradman
Shane Bradman:
Sounds like a good card, but it's been months and we still can't buy anything.
8:37 "It's up to you if you want to wait"

Like we have a choice?
cards i didnt even knew exist getting reviewed
Nikolai Mirzoyan
Nikolai Mirzoyan:
"surely that would be confusing for consumers"
surely nvidia never confused anyone with their product naming

looking at you, 16xx series!
Silver Airsoft
Silver Airsoft:
Seriously appreciate your review, I bought a 3070 a week ago and seeing videos titled "RIP 3070" was slightly disheartening. Thanks for not click baiting, the 3070 sits right where I want it for performance.
I was doing my Homework but this seemed more important.
Arman Talwar
Arman Talwar:
I cant wait for all the crazy builds you’ll make with this card!
Pabz Roz
Pabz Roz:
I just want them to launch the 3080ti already. Only card I'm interested in.
Jarl Ballin'
Jarl Ballin':
What does it matter when they produce 5 units per state....
King Nova
King Nova:
does anyone know the time they drop?
Franko Kvasina
Franko Kvasina:
thank you for sub 10mins video format. Almost all of the tech YouTubers started 20+ mins videos for no reason. Thats why your channel is NO1 for me right now
Leap in performance, but the prices are still very high!
Michael Carson
Michael Carson:
The question is: When will we see stock? ;D
Sushim Shah
Sushim Shah:
9:01-good to hear that
waiting for RTX 3000 series with a single 6 pin and blower :D
Ah, yes, "$400".
I've never been more interested in a 60s model card! They did a good job!
Rene Perez
Rene Perez:
The man. Thank you. I’m going to wait for this one or the rx6700. All I can’t do is wait, is not like we can get any other new card.
I despise personally how they're messing up the naming scheme of GPUs. At least it isn't as bad as Intel.
This guy has 99% of Nvidia stock right there
Leland Turbo
Leland Turbo:
Imagine having a 2080
Sebastian A.
Sebastian A.:
Thanks for focusing on 1440p <3
EVO 10
EVO 10:
$399 my ass. these reviews gotta stop acting like the cards costed the actual retail price.
Sam Haugen
Sam Haugen:
Can't get a PS5. Can't get a new card. At least I'm not dying from covid.
Ravio Lee
Ravio Lee:
can't wait for the EVGA XC3, looks like it's gonna be a perfect fit for my 6.4l case
Hello, everytime very good videos and reviews, thanks a lot for the great job👍 but i have one question? Where are you from? I am from germany but i live and see your videos from spain😁
I really want a founders edition 3060 Ti but i live in Europe :(
another solid review. can't wait for this one to some day be available at reasonable introductory price
Erik Larsen
Erik Larsen:
I would love to see how this card does in thermally constrictive itx cases e.g. NZXT H1
Beef'Queevious Jiggums
Beef'Queevious Jiggums:
I like how OT just gives you the straight dope about the card in as short and sweet of a time that is necessary to do that without wasting my time with all the criticisms of Nvidia and AMD that a lot of other channels have that I want to fast forward through.
Jonah Thomas
Jonah Thomas:
I got one from Best Buy! Can't wait to pick it up next week!
F100 FE390
F100 FE390:
It remains unclear why we need the new lower spec 30x0 cards, as they seem to have similar specs to some rather old cards.
I almost bout a 2060s/2070 about 6 months ago and I’m glad I waited even if I can’t get my hands on day 1
More reviews videos on YouTube than GPUs really available.
honestly who cares. none of these are available for these prices.
Llama the Rama2
Llama the Rama2:
1:14 20% reduction in the price it might be a good deal.
Nvidia: Out of stock
eBay: 1000$
Me: bruh
Dan Lam
Dan Lam:
Just wanna say thanks for including older cards like the vega and 1080, makes it a lot easier to decide if I want to upgrade or not
Damnnn im gonna wait for the 3050,hopefully the rumored 2070 perf is true tho
Thank you very much. I'll wait till spring to build a new system with no hassles, hopefully. Mines only 7 years old, I can wait.
Man I cant believe the entry level gpu still costs as much as I paid for my entire pc
Jack Zedan
Jack Zedan:
bruh they sell it at $1600 in Israel .. don't you just love that?
Mr Sarcasm
Mr Sarcasm:
Here it's $750.. screw europe, will probably buy it from taobao or jd through superbuy
Power Gaming
Power Gaming:
I love this guy cuz he keeps his videos sober.
Peter Meier
Peter Meier:
i have heard that you can ACTUALLY buy this card at the same time Half-Live 3 will be released!
Are you going to review the Evolv Shift 2? I saw on Phantek's Instagram that they're launching on December 16th
Alejandro Renteria
Alejandro Renteria:
Im still happy with my gtx 1050 playing League of legends.
Andrea Stucchi
Andrea Stucchi:
400$ for entry level lol...1060, that was good
This card needed to be "ITX-sized".
Almighty Munt
Almighty Munt:
Hey bro. Love your work. I recently bought a nzxt H1 case on your recommendation. I would love a break down on which graphics cards are workable in the case from both a thermal and power delivery perspective! Again thanks for all you have contrubuted!!!!
bittu ghosh
bittu ghosh:
This is great . But, i will wait for the non Ti and the 3050 benchmarks to be released.
Can Erkin S.
Can Erkin S.:
Will hopefully be upgrading to this from my R9 390. Hopefully able to play most competitive games at around 240Fps-ish (1080p low). My pc is 5years old now, man I need am upgrade
Todd G
Todd G:
Great Video, impressive stats, but like everything else.. these might as well be Leprechauns or Tooth Fairy's for all everyday people can not get hold of any of them....
Yego Allan
Yego Allan:
Will you get it at that price though?
Kelly Enlow
Kelly Enlow:
Couldn't they have waited on the release of these and used the production wafers to make more RTX 3070, 3080, 3090's?
Rex Bigornia
Rex Bigornia:
I wonder if we can actually buy that lol~
John Francis Gamao
John Francis Gamao:
"$399 Gaming King". Meanwhile in my country, retailers and scalpers are selling these at $600 - $700.
The cheapest RTX 3060 ti in my country is 474 usd, and the average price is 580 usd ...
Charles M.
Charles M.:
I wish I could find one in stock.
Me: watch linus for new product releases, watch optimum tech to see if it would fit in an ITX case
Guillaume Fusil
Guillaume Fusil:
really nice vidéo ! thank you for your work !
Geralt The Rivia
Geralt The Rivia:
This is the gpu i've been waiting for. Gonna upgrade my 1660 ti.
Benedicto Diptasuta
Benedicto Diptasuta:
Nice screen tearing over there
Just AMD having problems with stock... Good joke 😅
3060 ti will be perfect for my 1080p monitor Playing everything at max settings
Jae Engkong
Jae Engkong:
I'm still waiting/expecting for 3050 so I can buy 1650, yes I'm that broke and pricing in our country is really absurd
Rome Q
Rome Q:
Good Review!!! Sad You No Longer Include Assetto Corsa Competizione In Your List Of Games Tests. Please Bring It Back. #SimRacingFTW
Tech With Sean
Tech With Sean:
This card is like a nuclear bomb to the pricing on the used market (pending availability)
Aka Lisus
Aka Lisus:
Thank you, AMD! PS5, XBOX!
what 399, where cen you find at this price?
Barry Linkiewich
Barry Linkiewich:
Thank you for tossing the 5700XT into the round up, there are gains but I'd have to look at a 6800 to feel like I'm getting a solid improvement for the money.
Al Dunlop
Al Dunlop:
This’ll probably be my upgrade to my 1660Ti. But I’m actually happy with it for now.
Steven Gu
Steven Gu:
don't shame ebay scalpers when they're the ones stopping the previous gen users from crying

i still hate them
K-plus tunjevina
K-plus tunjevina:
Disregard this review. This card retails for $800 in my country. Juat another shill shilling the MSRP lie.
399$ HAHAHAHAHA please no clickbait in video title downvoted