League of Legends patch 11.4 patch notes just dropped! The JUNGLE gets some hard-to-miss changes in terms of experience & gold. Check LS's rundown of it right here.

#LoL #LS #RuinedJungle

0:00 Intro
0:12 Amumu

1:07 Braum
1:29 Caitlyn
1:55 Camille
2:40 Fiora
3:00 Jinx
3:19 Kai'sa
4:11 Katarina
4:48 Urgot
5:10 Lee Sin
5:28 Renekton
6:12 Samira
7:38 Skarner
8:15 Soraka
9:37 Talon
10:06 Tryndamere
10:27 Varus
11:16 Veigar
11:50 Guinsoo's Rageblade
11:59 Moonstone Renewer
12:46 Grievous Wounds Items
13:24 Mage Items
15:20 Jungle Camp Changes
17:56 Clash Build-A-Team
18:10 Recap

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100+ komentarze:

LS aka "Lost Sailor" is a navigator turned caster who hails from Antartica, having been lost at sea due to his lack of geographical knowledge as well as his lack of map awareness and ending up in the region known for their excellent ARAM skills and elderly pro players. He is specifically known for his knowledge about "freezing" and one-tricking Volibear in level 25 draft pick. He states: "I had to shove the wave and ended up in NA. If we hadn't anchored I wouldn't be hardstuck in the fucking atlantic sea" and "No, my pathing wasn't bad, if the captain had listened to me we could've denied 3 waves". He can be found sailing the bottom of solo-queue just like he almost sailed the bottom of the sea.
Hey LS its everyone
+2 base hp amumu is too broken now
My Next Trick
My Next Trick:
Out of the jungle and into the lane I go.
Kâze nô seishin
Kâze nô seishin:
so when im looking at the camille nerf im just thinking back to german lessons in school in like 5th or 6th grade when we had to write an essay and when you would go completely go offtopic the teacher would just write "am thema vorbei" which would translate to something like "missed the point"
so basically im still forced to permaban udyr, but now i cant play 50% of jungles with any degree of viability... yay.
welcome to copypasta heaven where all your dreams come true
Patrick Boston
Patrick Boston:
"Its Hey Ls Everyone"
I wonder if amumu will see pro play and survive a fight with 2 hp.
I don't think a champion has ever had EVERYTHING nerfed like Samira
I love it
David Aleksidze
David Aleksidze:
Riot states it is concerned about playerbase's toxicity.

The only roles and Champs that get buffs are the ones with loud and obnoxious playerbases.
Saad Motara
Saad Motara:
why even bother doing a patch run down when there are now skins.
Kevin Yeung
Kevin Yeung:
I disagree on the Samira point. Her not being able to dash to allies is a pretty big change.
Febrian Diaz Maulana
Febrian Diaz Maulana:
S-Sejuani is coming back!?
someone in G2 must be happy to be back on duty.
Nerfing renektons core 3 items last patch wasn’t bad enough, they buff anti healing items and nerf his kits healing they don’t want him to heal for shit
jesse scheepmaker
jesse scheepmaker:
cosmic drive now just feels like the extreme lategame 6th item you sell boots for
JChongg -
JChongg -:
Everyone LS It's Hey
Zaimous Paradox
Zaimous Paradox:
All i heard was nunu bans for patch 11.4
Denice Feria
Denice Feria:
Thank you, LS!
Sadge t1’s suggestion on jungle didnt go live
Cool! I searched and subbed for mr LS
Fede Garcia
Fede Garcia:
Hey LS! :)
Mingqian Zhang
Mingqian Zhang:
Now u cant even hit lvl 6 after 2 round full clear plus scuttle, really takes time to use to, although the nerf is justified
Soul Eclipse
Soul Eclipse:
lol the most autofilled role in soloque. Riot : sweep the leg. no mercy.
Michael Brinker
Michael Brinker:
Eyy, I was just getting bored of Zac and wanted to learn graves. Well, maybe Imma learn ivern.
he man
he man:
The Jankos meta is here
best t1 content creator by far
Kit Fisto the Ocean Man
Kit Fisto the Ocean Man:
Look at what they did to my poor Evelynn
Otávio Conci
Otávio Conci:
please t1 makes subtitles available in the video so you don't understand english to enjoy your content
afr090 Rahme
afr090 Rahme:
more like normal jgl finally xD
Pink ocean
Pink ocean:
When I look at Camille’s nerf, I often look back before season 10, she was only viable for the high elo who knows what they’re doing and grasp was only reserved for the hardest machups. Hardly no changes to the top lane Camille for 3 seasons
El Zed
El Zed:
Wait.. everfrost has a perfect build path, reduced cast duration and buffed dmg? (Until you reach 500ap).. phew big buff boii
Michael Denny C1
Michael Denny C1:
15 seconds into the video and LS already says decreased instead of increased
Jim Knock
Jim Knock:
11:32 - Slowly starts to hear roddy riches the box
Varus with his R speed is so sad.
WELL DONE RIOT!! NOW I AM WITHOUT A JOB, or should i find a different one in MID or TOP
Hool Hoolian
Hool Hoolian:
Imagine nerfing a WHOLE role
I love Urgot (probably because he has the coolest ult in the game) so would love to hear more about the Shieldbow setup. Is it Shieldbow into a hydra then tank or more damage?
Tyler Paolucci
Tyler Paolucci:
Kayn is now stuck in the "What the hell do I do" zone
Chidi Nworah
Chidi Nworah:
My man LS has CONSISTENTLY gassed up Soraka in a meta where grevious wounds is a meta item for weeks now. You can't say he doesn't have dedication I won't let you.
Wait no skins? I sat through this teir list for nothing then
Lukas Krause
Lukas Krause:
Swap boots for cosmic drive lategame?
mike wallace
mike wallace:
Rip no skin review
LoL Oikawa
LoL Oikawa:
So eve still good 🥲
jordi de waard
jordi de waard:
Rip Rengar, Graves, Eve, Nidalee. My 4 fav jglers
Bradley Torrington
Bradley Torrington:
Yo would the w change on Samira be a buff because of the application. It means that Samira can button mash easier
Why riot do this to jg
Alfie Lowe
Alfie Lowe:
Is there a reason nunu was missed out of recommended junglers? Sounds like the changes work well for him
Cosmic drive for zilean support Buffed or Nerfed?
angelo ucol
angelo ucol:
In conclusion, time to burn and abandon the jungle. 😂
I think that the removal of dash through allies on Samira just kills her
I Want Lee
I Want Lee:
Did they really just say that the new items made junglers stronger in the early game? Warriors was the ultimate early game power spike.
Eigy Viou
Eigy Viou:
the Samira nerfs are pretty different from what was teased, like what is that dashing to turrets thing?
Great video!
Daniel Lopes
Daniel Lopes:
Shyvana AP can strong ( or more ) now ?
Something people aren't talking about is how the Fiora buff also can act as an indirect Camille nerf, since she wins against Camille in a lot of ways. Camille is still a better teamfighter, but in solo q, yeah, Camille should be perma banning Fiora.
juan pablo carabali
juan pablo carabali:
Buff soraka every patch - the game
Vasile Valentin
Vasile Valentin:
3:19 yea kind feel sad for kaisa nerf don't know if she going to be playable anymore,LS is righ kaisa need alot of gold to become the hypercarry, first back pickaxe + the doran blade from start and if there are no minions you hit all missles from Q alone a squishy lose half hp, 3 autos HOB W dmg and execute passive instant burst from full hp to zero,she seems kind weak compared to other marksmen like ???, i was watching a streamer kaisa main in diamond 68% winrate kaisa 33% winrate MF 39% winrate jhin 37% winrate lucian and 0% winrate vayne only kaisa possitive KDA rest marskmen negative KDA,yea i think hes a really awesome prodigy on kaisa and just bad at other marskmen, 3/20/5 on lucian unlucky that the enemy pick kaisa and he had to pick other adc.Probably people love kaisa because of the thematic, awesome champion design and kda song aslo the high amout of time spend to master this champion.Kind disgusting how toddlers that play adc cry about how their role when they don't even deserve their current rank, seems like learning how to kite is replace by giving mobility on basic ability with invisibility spammable every 5 sec and dash item and dash ult and flash
Félix Roberge
Félix Roberge:
The should just switch Braum e with Pantheon. It doesn’t make sense that the guy whose entire kit revolves around protecting you with his unbreakable door blocks less then pantheon. And just make yasuo w block only the first ability like a spell shield. That ability is stupid, it can even block Braum r wich isnt even a projectile.
Nikita Marynich
Nikita Marynich:
Good shit LOST SIGHT
kayn is literally unplayable now gg
Matt Obra
Matt Obra:
Can you build moonstone and staff on morgana? Is it good anyone?
changes bigger than his hair line loss in LP???
do you think this is a buff to ww
Hey Soraka it's everyone
2:40 Fiora is garbage vs tanks. She hasn't countered tanks since 2017 when they put bramblevest in the game. These buffs are not going to change that. The only tank she has a great match up against is Cho'gath. Some of her worst match ups like Poppy and Malphite are both tanks.
She was an anti tank champion for 1 season. And hasn't been an anti tank champion for 5 seasons in a row now. People need to stop staying she is an anti tank champion at this point.
Sumo Nok
Sumo Nok:
Ls is so fckng right about a lot of fckng things I don't understand riot logic sometimes
Le petit pot de yaourt Gout vanille
Le petit pot de yaourt Gout vanille:
aatrox :(
I remember one time Cassiopeia was the best midlaner and riot nerfed her with -2 magic resist. THATS ALL. She went down so hard no one played her. That's when I understood I didn't know shit about this game.
Carlo Cordova
Carlo Cordova:
Hey LS its eveyone
Sebastian Hyland
Sebastian Hyland:
hey LS can u add timestamps like before on your channel? Makes it easier to find things
glad jungle is slower,we can now try to fight back the lower level jungler and laner instead of same level jungler and laner
Fusion Scum
Fusion Scum:
Could you put time stamps in the future?
Everyone sit... hey LS?!
quitting jg, mid player now :D
I agree that the Braum ultimate buffs aren't very meaningful since they gutted the ability a long time ago. I am curious to know what LS or anyone else thinks they need to change about his kit to make him more viable in the positions he is meant to be picked in against hard engage and projectile heavy team compositions.
Jaromír Kuchar
Jaromír Kuchar:
is the jungle change help J4 significantly
I think LS misunderstood the Urgot change. It literally does nothing to non on hit builds.
I do however agree that it massively buffs his non Kraken Slayer builds. Namely his Titanic Hydra build, going into a tank mythic or Stridebreaker afterwards (or even another legendary first).
Tyler Trinh
Tyler Trinh:
Hey LS
Joe Stearns
Joe Stearns:
Curious how you would build soraka solo lane? Still go moonstaff?
Michael J. Cassizzi Jr.
Michael J. Cassizzi Jr.:
Do you think the jungle changes provide a kind of indirect buff to Elise and other assassin junglers who care less about farming, and more about invading and ganking?
Xalpha Walpha
Xalpha Walpha:
LS aka "Lost Sailor" is a navigator turned caster who hails from Antartica, having been lost at sea due to his lack of geographical knowledge as well as his lack of map awareness and ending up in the region known for their excellent ARAM skills and elderly pro players. He is specifically known for his knowledge about "freezing" and one-tricking Volibear in level 25 draft pick. He states: "I had to shove the wave and ended up in NA. If we hadn't anchored I wouldn't be hardstuck in the fucking atlantic sea" and "No, my pathing wasn't bad, if the captain had listened to me we could've denied 3 waves". He can be found sailing the bottom of solo-queue just like he almost sailed the bottom of the sea.
So basically assassin jg's who actually take an ounce of game knowledge to survive on will be 2 lvls down at all times and completely useless.
s rainey
s rainey:
Lmao jinx gets 60 base health buff and amumu gets 2 what a joke
Maxing Q on Raka? I assume he means top lane right or am I missing something for support
No skins this week? What was the point of this whole video... Sadge
What is soraka a counter pick too
Obsidie 11
Obsidie 11:
I agree with the Kai’Sa thing (yes I’m a Kai’Sa main)
I'm a Camille main and I'm screaming NERF CAMILLE FFS! There shouldn't be a champion that doesn't need to take flash XD (Shaco excluded)
Asking Why is Free
Asking Why is Free:
5:00 shieldbow/galeforce urgot ? I don't even think kraken is good , what are you smoking
Justin Bowman
Justin Bowman:
Everfrost Charles
Francis Nyssen
Francis Nyssen:
as for the jungle camp changes what about early game junglers like elise, graves, and kha zix
LS aka League Shopkeeper
Cum Chovies
Cum Chovies:
Hey LS its Cumchovies
Transcending Ark
Transcending Ark:
Khazix got hit hard so sad
Arda Bager
Arda Bager:
everyone LS its hey
Jay Noh
Jay Noh:
NO SKINS???? I’m quitting league
Divirtuocho jhinaldinho
Divirtuocho jhinaldinho:
Ls hits everyone hey