Running Order - Recap - Grand Final - Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Grand Final Running Order:
🇨🇾 1. Cyprus / Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo
🇦🇱 2. Albania / Anxhela Peristeri - Karma
🇮🇱 3. Israel / Eden Alene - Set Me Free
🇧🇪 4. Belgium / Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place
🇷🇺 5. Russia / Manizha - Russian Woman

🇲🇹 6. Malta / Destiny - Je Me Casse
🇵🇹 7. Portugal / The Black Mamba - Love Is On My Side
🇷🇸 8. Serbia / Hurricane - Loco Loco
🇬🇧 9. United Kingdom / James Newman - Embers
🇬🇷 10. Greece / Stefania - Last Dance
🇨🇭 11. Switzerland / Gjon's Tears - Tout l'Univers
🇮🇸 12. Iceland / Da∂i Freyr og Gagnamagni∂ - 10 Years
🇪🇸 13. Spain / Blas Cantó - Voy A Querdarme
🇲🇩 14. Moldova / Natalia Gordienko - SUGAR
🇩🇪 15. Germany / Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate
🇫🇮 16. Finland / Blind Channel - Dark Side
🇧🇬 17. Bulgaria / Victoria - Growing Up is Getting Old
🇱🇹 18. Lithuania / The Roop - Discoteque
🇺🇦 19. Ukraine / Go_A - Shum
🇫🇷 20. France / Barbara Pravi - Voilà
🇦🇿 21. Azerbaijan / Efendi - Mata Hari
🇳🇴 22. Norway / TIX - Fallen Angel
🇳🇱 23. The Netherlands (Hosts) / Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age
🇮🇹 24. Italy / Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni
🇸🇪 25. Sweden / Tusse - Voices
🇸🇲26. San Marino / Senhit - Adrenalina


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100+ komentarze:

I can’t remember the last time it’s been this STRONG!! Honestly y’all really said WE ARE COMING BACK WITH A BANG!! Saturday is going to be everything! Giving the scores will be intense
Y'all it doesn't matter who wins... this year's eurovision is amazing.
It feels like Ukraine is telling me to hurry to school 🌚
germany - "you can wiggle that middle finger it will never wiggle back to you"
between that, azerbaijan next to norway and closing it all with san marino featuring _flo rida,_ there is no way in hell you guys randomized this order
Flow Destroyer
Flow Destroyer:
Dear viewer this is my personal top 6 and if you have the same or quite similiar taste then I know you're awesome person

1. Finland - concert banger
2. Sweden - radio hit
3. Ukraine - after seeing music video I think this might be a matrix 4 soundtrack
4. Italy - second concert banger
5. Azerbeijan - second radio hit
6. Belgium - relaxing type of music
Arturo Pérez Díaz
Arturo Pérez Díaz:
This is the most brutal Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest I've ever seen.
Mo Nete
Mo Nete:
It's been some time since I was this excited for Grand Final. There are so many great songs. My favorite is Iceland, Ukraine and Lithuania ❤️❤️✌️
Nataliia Korniienko
Nataliia Korniienko:
I'll vote for Italy, Lithuania and Finland, will be happy for any of them being a winner
Never have there ever been so many bangers. Literally everyone killed it. Personally I didn't like Italy that much, I thought Iceland or Switzerland should've won, but other then that, I'm really happy with the results!
Ukraine, Lithuania and Switzerland are my favorites. But at least 10 countries can actually win. A very competitive finale this year.
Germany: "I don't feel ha-"

love that order xD
Ekaterina Timofeeva
Ekaterina Timofeeva:
Portugal was fantastic! ❤️ Love this song. My other faves were Finland, Malta and Ukraine. It is great to see strong performances in national language, would be so good to see more of that, even of only part of the lyrics.
Italy, France, Ukraine, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Iceland are very good. I'd be happy if one of them wins.
Of Dragons and Books
Of Dragons and Books:
God the stage presence madame Pravi has is amazing! Every time i see her i can‘t really concentrate on the song because she sends my brain in a bi panic
Lucas Burghardt
Lucas Burghardt:
Since there only was 7 good songs this year I thought I could do a top seven list.
1. France
2. Sweden
3. Finland
4. Lithuania
5. Iceland
6. Belgium
7. Switzerland
How many scream Queens do you want at the start?
Eurovision: YES
Alba Gómez Moreno
Alba Gómez Moreno:
The ones I want to win this year: Ukraine, France, Italy and Switzerland. If one of them wins I will be so happy :')
Σταύρος Παρασχάκης
Σταύρος Παρασχάκης:
I have the feeling that the favorite is often in front of our eyes.
We get confused very often with the various entries and songs that we listen and we can not stimulate in this song that is truly the winner!
Good luck france. Yours victory is yours ! Barbara has an amazing ballad, with great music, lyrics and I consider is one of the best entries in recent years!
Ukraine - well done and lovely staging - everything accurate and perfect
Matei Cina
Matei Cina:
I can't remember seeing a stronger Eurovision final in a long time. There are some that stick out for the top condender but in reality almost every single song here is a possible candidate to win.
N 0 • b
N 0 • b:
The songs this year was iconic like literally
i came here to ask who came up with the idea to put bulgaria(the bookmakers’ winner of 2020) with ukraine,france,lithuania,finland(fan favs this year)my mind literally stopped working then
I'm so glad Belgium and Portugal made it through, my personal favourites with Switzerland and France.
Pelle Jakobsson
Pelle Jakobsson:
The fact that they put TIX after Efendi is just so funny.
Jonathan The SAW Nerd
Jonathan The SAW Nerd:
This is gonna be one hell of a bloodbath Final, good luck to everyone!🎉❤
2) NORWAY 🇳🇴
3) GREECE 🇬🇷
Maximilian Kapovic
Maximilian Kapovic:
I swear, this is the most excitmant i had for a very very long time :D i really can't wait for this Show tonight! Time to celebrate, partyiing and just enjoying this amazing Eurovision 🎉😍🏳️‍🌈 this gives so much hope for a better future (:
The whole final was really nice to watch. I liked 20 songs somehow.
Goldie Lock-Down
Goldie Lock-Down:
So why was Finland banned from raising their middle finger on stage when Germany *literally* has a dancing, singing middle finger on stage?
I am happy that more countries have started using their own languages again. That's the way it should be. Broken english is just embarrassing
If I were in Europe, I could vote for Ukraine 114514 times!!
Love from Japan
E. S.
E. S.:
Hey, silence there Europe, hands up for this amazing Albanian song! Anyway, that's the most qualitative Eurovision song competition ever!
Rita Alves
Rita Alves:
Portugal has best performance it’s just his voice and it’s beautiful
This is probably the first time ever when I have absolutely no idea who might win ....
Its gonna be a very strong grand finale! Such amazing artists, great variety! I'm looking forward :)
Andrea Chang
Andrea Chang:
One of the things I loved about Eurovision as a child was listening to all the different languages. Now almost all of the performers sing in English. I wish they would change the rules to require singing in each country's official language (the countries that have more than one official language get to choose). They could have overtitles for the live audience (like the do in opera performances) and subtitles for the broadcast.
Kurt Cornejo
Kurt Cornejo:
It's an open competition this year. Each nation submitted unique choices of songs and performers. ESC 2021 could be the most Eurovision contest in a quite some time.
Ruben Atencio
Ruben Atencio:
TIX after Efendi? Blind Channel after Jendrik? Damn that’s hilarious 🤣
Leonie C.
Leonie C.:
i’m obsessed with italy 🤤 but also rooting for malta, russia, switzerland, finland and ukraine 💜
Ana Pehar
Ana Pehar:
This is an extremely STRONG final and exactly what we all deserved after last year 🙌🏼 so diverse and enjoyable, anyone could win honestly! LET'S GO EUROPEEE 🎊🎊🎊
My Top 10 in random order (from Greece): Cyprus, Russia, Malta, Serbia, Spain, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, San Marino.
Arseniy P.
Arseniy P.:
Belgium, Russia + Tajikistan, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands + Suriname
Valentin Lepissier
Valentin Lepissier:
Everyone is talking about Azerbaijan next to Norway but I think that Germany next to Finland is even more hilarious
Yoooo, Russia rocked! Italy deserved to win! But damn, there were so many awesome songs this year. France, Russia, Switzerland, Italy and Finland were my favourites ❤️
My favs are Azerbaijan, Finland, Italy, Ukraine. Good luck!❤️
This_username _is_taken
This_username _is_taken:
I'm rooting for France and Switzerland! But I'd be happy if Italy, Ukraine or Finland win, there's so much quality in this final
The Karen
The Karen:
I really hope Italy wins the song is so good
Olli Tamminen
Olli Tamminen:
🇩🇪 Germany: So you can wiggle with that middle finger, it'll never wiggle back to you
🇫🇮 Finland: Put your middle fingers up – – We don’t wanna grow up
🇧🇬 Bulgaria: Growing up is getting old
Choosing in this final is going to be so hard! It's been years since we've had so many good songs in one final.
sheila v. S.
sheila v. S.:
Portugal and Switzerland are getting my points from California ❤️❤️
Karen Juarez
Karen Juarez:
Italy took my breath away ~so good🤧
vox veritatis
vox veritatis:
many of these countries participated with songs in English. some years ago it was more beautiful, each country sang in its own language, congratulations to the Italian group, beautiful song beautiful choreogeafia.
Finland after Germany is just as funny as Norway after Cyprus in semi 1. Eurovision really does have a humor
David Salcedo
David Salcedo:
Iceland,Finland, and Switzerland are my top three for sure all were bangers
holy boy
holy boy:
Ayava Mix
Ayava Mix:
My top 10 - Lithuania(1) Switzerland(2) Russia(3) Azerbaijan(4) Ukraine(5) Iceland Italy San-Marino Finland France
Jennifer Bloomfield
Jennifer Bloomfield:
Omg Barbara's voice is amazing! 💖
Crazy Average Asian Bitch
Crazy Average Asian Bitch:
i don’t see a clear winner, seems like everyone have the chance, it’s a healthy tight competition
Kesrette vahdet
Kesrette vahdet:
Honestly, all of them amazing . I think Italy didn’t deserve so much (my country isn’t in the contest)
Iceland and Lithuania were my favourites in 2020
Glad they're still there ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Patte de Chat
Patte de Chat:
Italy, Switzerland and Ukraine 💜
Ed de Asis
Ed de Asis:
I think it's high time to review the automatic grand final qualification of Big 5 + host. While Italy and France finished 1st and 2nd respectively, the others are on the last four places in the grand final this year.
They really put Azerbaijan and Norway next to each other on purpose 💀
David XzX
David XzX:
Russia and France are my favourites🇷🇺🇫🇷🔥Good luck!!!
mert akkoyunlu
mert akkoyunlu:
Italy, Cyprus, Finland and Malta are just gonna slay
I feel like every song is special in it’s own way damn
My two favourite songs: Azerbaijan's and Ukraine's.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
I've been watching Eurovision for over 20 years. This is the most competitive grand final yet.
Emma JK
Emma JK:
Good luck, everyone xxx Love from the UK!
Finland and France were my favorites!
Greetings from Sweden. ^_^
Mine Mahmutoglu
Mine Mahmutoglu:
eurovision is a great idea to celebrate different cultures and craftmanship of music, it would be great if we had a global version that celebrates music from all over the world <3
Claudinsia xx
Claudinsia xx:
My favourites are Norway, Switzerland, Spain, France and Azerbaijan!

Lots of love from the Netherlands 🇳🇱♥
Laura Sobocan
Laura Sobocan:
This is literally the most difficult final we've ever had, you can't relax even for a second!! I'll be so sad for whoever won't win.
Ruzanna Kalashyan
Ruzanna Kalashyan:
Finland 🇫🇮
United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Spain 🇪🇸
Italy 🇮🇹
Единственный раз, когда песня Кипра напоминала песню.... Бон Джови!
France, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland is my favorites
Tony Brown
Tony Brown:
A totally LIVE show! My wife and I missed the last part of the show. Any chance of a repeat?
Light kagammi
Light kagammi:
🇮🇹: zitti e buoni = shut up and behave
🇸🇪 : Can you hear a million voices
Congratulations Italy! 🇮🇹 👏🏻👏🏻🎼🎶 We'll deserved...
It's Turkey's 🇹🇷 shame that she is not participating in Eurovision since 2013. We would have give you a tough competition, otherwise 😅 We'll be back (hopefully soon.)
Juliette Delbeck
Juliette Delbeck:
I'm so sad that Australia won't perform :( I love Montaigne so much
The vocals of Switzerland 1000%
Ira Wise
Ira Wise:
My favourites are: Finland, Switzerland, Lithuania, France, Italy, Azerbaijan and Ukraine (my country).
Go Finland! Show Europe that rock is not dead once again! 🤟🤟🤟🔥🔥🔥
I've been watching Eurovision for more than 15 years, never ever seen a GF as strong as 2021.
Almost like 90% of the songs can actually win. It's really amazing.
Good job everyone!
This was a very good year of Eurovisión but the Best was 2019... Soldi,arcade...
Raymond Samuels
Raymond Samuels:
France, Iceland and Portugal are in my eyes the only ones that really put something new on the table
I love the song Embers sooo much XD
kinda sad it didn't get anywhere 😩✋
Francisco Calvo de las Heras
Francisco Calvo de las Heras:
It's coming a GREAT FINAL in years!!!
Drunk Homer
Drunk Homer:
Still pissed Albina isn't here but at least Hurricane is.
im fat
im fat:
I love that there are so many songs in native
this is is such a good mix of performances it'll be quite the show apart from the UK ours always sucks
Stella David
Stella David:
Its interesting if they sing in their own languages,other wise in English not original..its like the charts not Eurovision 😀👌✨I appreciate some countries do have English too😀
Switzerland, Portugal, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Lithuania, azarbihan and Israel were the ones I mostly remember but the Swiss should have won.
Jonora Laurman
Jonora Laurman:
Iceland, Ukraine, Finland, and Germany were some of my favorites this year. All of them were great tho
Isidora Vasic
Isidora Vasic:
Vote tonight - #8 for real eurovision performance 🔥❤🇷🇸
Balkanci gdje god vas ima, glasajte večeras za 8 ❤
Anastasia Finogenova
Anastasia Finogenova:
France is the pearl! Malta is the diva! Iceland, I think, has touched everyone's heart. Germany is so freaky cool. And Israel - the whistl register is awesome! Can't wait for the GF!
Garcia Isabel
Garcia Isabel:
My favorites are Malta, Norway, Iceland and Finland❤️
Patrick Schottert
Patrick Schottert:
This years Grand Final will be the STRONGEST EVER. The whole world can't wait
I hope Ukraine gets many votes. they deserve it