Russell Replaces Hamilton and Haas Confirms Schumacher

Mercedes has confirmed that George Russell will fill in for Lewis Hamilton at this weekend’s Sakhir Grand Prix following the Brit’s positive Covid-19 test. Elsewhere, Williams confirms Jack Aitken and Mick Schumacher will race for Haas in 2021. Here’s all that news and my thoughts on it all.

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I don't think I've ever been this excited going into a race weekend before.
Abhinav Dileep
Abhinav Dileep:
Imagine hearing "Bono, my tyres are gone" from George this weekend
"Get in there George!! That's P1 mate". Don't wanna jinx anything but just imagine if that happened....
Ben Ward
Ben Ward:
Bottas: "Why do I hear boss fight music?"
Carl TV
Carl TV:
This weekend is gonna be mad, 3 driver changes and a 50-second lap time
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
Tyrone Allen Sr.
Tyrone Allen Sr.:
Perfect. He'll be in a Merc seat eventually so it makes Perfect sense. Bottas should be VERY worried.
Olebogeng Thothela
Olebogeng Thothela:
From one of the worst cars, to the best cars. Good luck George.
Ludicrous -
Ludicrous -:
First points as a race win? Here we go
Im happy for Russel but sad for Nico
Michael Yun
Michael Yun:
I want to see Russel winning his debut race like Max. It would be amazing
Oscar 19
Oscar 19:
I can’t stop smiling, so happy to hear this!
Great opportunity for George this weekend, but his job is this:
Get to know the car and the team over free practice
Qualify as strongly as possible without crashing the car
Support Bottas in the race and perform well enough to be of value in a race strategy
Bring the car home without damaging it

Really looking forward to watching him this weekend and suspect a lot of people are going to be excited about this weekends race!
FP Villegas
FP Villegas:
Finally, George Russell will be able to show his true talent. 👍🤩
Carlos Joaquin
Carlos Joaquin:
Everybody expects Russell to finish in the top 3 but I bet more of top 10
Rudolf Huijs
Rudolf Huijs:
Interesting weekend. When the cat is off-duty, the mice will have a party.
Alec Campbell
Alec Campbell:
So um that elephant in the room then huh, qualifying could bring his streak to end 🤔 or will Bottas wet the bed.... Time will Tell
BeeGee Bad
BeeGee Bad:
I remember John Wick shooting him in the head the last time...
That Terence Guy
That Terence Guy:
I'm actually excited. I've only recently started watching F1, and haven't followed Russell's career, so I've always wondered why everyone rated him so highly. Guess we all get to see if he's worth all the hype.
arnab ganguly
arnab ganguly:
Does anyone remember the hamilton debut, it's gonna be another one of that imo
D Rod
D Rod:
“Get in there George”
I'm so exited, 2 new debuts and a current driver in a new car 😍😍 there's so many mini story lines for this weekend
Alexandra G
Alexandra G:
I’m more excited to see how Jack does in comparison with Latifi, as I’m pretty sure we’re going to hear about Russell’s carrer for years to come.
Remember when I was confident yesterday about Russell being unlikely and Schumacher not going to be confirmed until F2 was done?
Imagine who's eating his words right now...
Paul Daly
Paul Daly:
Best of luck George, just bring yourself and the car home in one piece.
Can't wait for the weeekend!
I screamed for joy like a little girl when I saw this news. Then, I punched a hole through a wall to reestablish my manhood in front of the boys.
Absolutely great news. I'm super happy for him and hope he makes the best of it
"Get in there George"
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish:
Tad Kowal
Tad Kowal:
How exciting for Russell!! Get well soon, Lewis. Good Luck, Mick! Heal quickly, Romain.
Wayne Norris
Wayne Norris:
What a weekend, so glad Russel got the seat and if dreams come true he crosses the line ahead of Bottas or even a win
aminu mohammed
aminu mohammed:
First point win, congratulations Russell.
abiem zorg
abiem zorg:
bottas is stil a monster performance too doenst that easy to beat him
Shawn: what if George wins the race!
My girlfriend: I just hope he doesn’t crash.
Gonna be a bit strange hearing Bono working with George.
I don't think I've ever been this excited going into a race weekend before. indeed!
Rock girl
Rock girl:
“Get in there George”
pleased to hear this, hoping he can prove his worth in the merc
I though Vandoorne would be the one to replace Hamilton, he is the official mercedes reserve driver after all, then again Russell is british, so fuck it
This is the time thatt Latifi can finally out qualify his team mate!!! :D
Oh, that's so much fun! Good luck George!
nagaraj raj
nagaraj raj:
Lee Mcnamara
Lee Mcnamara:
Lewis..."how can I steal the attention away from Romain..." "Ahhhh, tell them I have COVID19..." I call utter BS!
Flying Tiger
Flying Tiger:
Russell has such a great disposition and sense of humor.
It's great to see him in with a chance !
Well chuffed here .
Wally Koszyk
Wally Koszyk:
Sick dude!! Hella content i was lookin for,,thanks!!!!
Nover 05
Nover 05:
I think this weekend is going to give us one of the best races of the weekend. Can't wait to see how well Russell performs.
Denzyl Casuela
Denzyl Casuela:
I had a feelign this would happen and I'm happy that one of my wishes come true
Martijn van Kan
Martijn van Kan:
Aitkin in the Williams. I like that. My one to watch this weekend.
Imagine him scoring a point this weekend.
Also happy for George of course.
Aku Oke
Aku Oke:
Yessssss. Thank you.
Chuck W
Chuck W:
I love this , it something that would great to see more rookies get drives upgrades and promotion
Kris R
Kris R:
There is a stat I'll miss, Gorge was just 2 weekends away from out-qualifying a teammate in every session across 2 seasons... unless Bottas has a really bad weekend we can kiss that stat goodbye...
So excited for George. Can't even begin to imagine how happy he was when he heard the news. His reward for hanging on in that Williams seat for the last couple of years.
Flord eh
Flord eh:
Heck yeah I'm happy to hear this. Get em George Ride the Lightning
Sam Son
Sam Son:
Refreshing to see, this weekend FP1-2 & 3 will be a good watch.
Phillip noceratul
Phillip noceratul:
This is amazing
Yorkshire Man 66
Yorkshire Man 66:
I knew it would be Russel to drive Mercedes this weekend race will be interesting 🤔
I just want George to do well, after 2 Seasons at the back of the pack with an uncompetetive car, he deserves this, and im sure however good or bad he does it just will make him stronger for his future
Alexander Cotman
Alexander Cotman:
Bottas: I'm in danger!
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson:
I’m so happy for Georgie Boy !!!
I can’t wait for qualifying watchalong chats 🥰🥰
Edwin Schulte
Edwin Schulte:
Great for Russell. Hope that one day Mercedes will have the best line-up when Hamilton retires. Verstappen and Russell.
Would love to see Russ keep his undefeated quali stat this weekend and go on to outperform Bottas
Fallen Devonish
Fallen Devonish:
Hamilton jumped into the mclaren and beat alonso, so why cant russel do the same
Angami Accent
Angami Accent:
Wth for a moment there i thought Russell replaced Hamilton after this season
Chester Draws
Chester Draws:
Flat Spider
Flat Spider:
I'm so happy it's my birthday on race day and Russel got the drive awesome all day amazing
now THIS is interesting
Brian Tucker
Brian Tucker:
With this track layout, anything less than P2 will be disappointing.
Yes George, putting his claim on a future Mercedes drive, hope it goes well for him. Future champion right there.
Mr. Saturday man, Boy wonder George leveled up💓, it would be nice to see what he can do in a merc.
Pedro Réquio
Pedro Réquio:
Best team with best engine on an oval track, with sub 1 min quali lap, if he doesn't win he will be second because there is no way a Mercedes is not going to win
Finally there will be another race winner! (Also get well soon lewis)
jon bell
jon bell:
Imagine going from the slowest to the fastest car on the grid. i bet this is the first time this has ever happened.
I like how all this sht happens right after I cancel my subscription to F1. Smh
Anna Tsukiya
Anna Tsukiya:
George should thank Covid for this opportunity to race in Mercedes. FACT!
Michael Pfister
Michael Pfister:
I am with you, I am excited to see what Russell can do with the Mercedes. I will be paying close attention Friday!
F1loverforever F1
F1loverforever F1:
My other guess apart from this one was Ocon goes to Mercedes then Alonso comes in to "replace" him. It was a long shot but this is F1🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
WinTech 4074
WinTech 4074:
Everyone is happy for George and Mick get their seats but Im also excited and happy for Jack Aitken
Michael Sullivan
Michael Sullivan:
Thanks Sean, for the excellent report!
It's just too great...We all wanted him to score a point before the season ends. And now he'll score 26 this sunday.
DMT Donuts
DMT Donuts:
We all get to see the massive disadvantage of F1 this week with un equal cars.
Alex Pike
Alex Pike:
Good for George. It’ll be nice to see him in a different seat and see what he’s actually capable of. However, what’s the point of a reserve driver if they can just pluck another driver from another team?
keith lester
keith lester:
Let’s see how he gets on in the car first, then see how well he gets through qually. I’m excited to watch the FP sessions, something that I don’t usually do!
Rick Tamm
Rick Tamm:
I am so glad for George Russell good for you man you deserve that seat for now
william f
william f:
I could see Hamilton retiring end of next year and giving Russell the seat
Cidi Racing
Cidi Racing:
At last a good decision from Mercedes when it comes to their young driver program. If Hamilton misses the last race I hope it will be Hulkenberg in the car. I want him to get finally his podium.
Nick Jobs
Nick Jobs:
I’m so happy for George if he like the set up he will win the race
Mus'ab Ihtisham
Mus'ab Ihtisham:
the real question is.... why is this #29 on trending? (Congrats Sean!)
Burning Tango
Burning Tango:
Yes!!! George!!!
Nathan Bradford-Grant
Nathan Bradford-Grant:
What’s the point of being / having a reserve driver ? Especially with them at the track for the weekend anyway!
Keven Harvey
Keven Harvey:
This year, it seems like the performance of the driver depends a lot on how the car fits them, he could do great, he could do awful.
general general
general general:
Hell yeah!
Tommy McKeown
Tommy McKeown:
It's gonna be awesome supporting a guy with that surname.
Good for all 3 youngsters ! Come back soon Lewis and Romain ! God bless
Remember what Max did in his first race for red bull. How awesome would it be if Russel could do the same!
Kashikoku Kyo
Kashikoku Kyo:
mercedes with a 63 thats gonna be very very very interesting
If Russel gets the seat for the next two weeks he could very well finish in 12th
Roshan Jain
Roshan Jain:
And here I was thinking I was done with this season. Most anticipated race of the season now.