Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell - A CLOSER LOOK

On the latest 'Closer Look' feature we preview the latest chapter in boxings thriving lightweight division. This weekend a showdown awaits between Luke 'Coolhand' Campbell, a resilient British Southpaw.. Against Golden Boy's next generation, Ryan 'Kingry' Garcia, a devastating American finisher.

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Boogey MANN
Boogey MANN:
I can say with certainty that 2021 started out well because of Motivedia uploading
Ralph Elliott
Ralph Elliott:
Your did a much better job on hyping this fight up than DAZN did. Well done, Brother. It's because of you I watch boxing, so thank you, and keep up the perfect work.
FI5H R1200R
FI5H R1200R:
This ones Gonna answer a lot of questions that’s for sure really looking forward to it may the best man win👊
You break down fights perfectly, you explain everything clear as day I'm auitisc and have trouble understanding but I can watch your videos all day and understand every bit, love your videos man can't wait to see your videos through the year brother
yall killed the editing on this one!
BigMc 0161YT
BigMc 0161YT:
Luke ain’t no joke if Ryan wins I’ll actually take note 📝👏🏻 good luck to both fighters
going to be ryans toughest fight - i dont see him winning easily like his other fights, Luke is Legit
i think its good that haney has to fight the winner of this fight because unless campbell beats ryan than haney , someone will have to loose their 0 , all these lightweights prospects are the future but they are too scared to fight each other and loose their perfect record , someone needs to let them know that loses are okay as long as you bounce back
I see motivedia. I click. It’s that simple
Jose Roman
Jose Roman:
If they don’t pay you to make these THEY SHOULD BECAUSE IM HYPED ASF NOW
Jason Basbano
Jason Basbano:
Glad to see Ryan stepping up in competition. Luke's gonna test his heart, chin, stamina, and more importantly his will to win. If he wins in impressive fashion, then there's no doubt that he deserves to do business with 135 top dogs. If not, the future is still bright for him. I'm having a hard time picking the winner. So I might go with o/u (OVER 12 RDs)
Mediazz Ent
Mediazz Ent:
This guy needs to promote boxing events and be hired by a huge company like tr
Henny Spiderman
Henny Spiderman:
It’s gonna be interesting, I think Ryan is the real deal. The new generation all look capable. I just want them to fight each other, you gotta seize big opportunities and put your record on the line. Teofimo did it, it’s gervonta’s/haney’s and Ryan’s turn now to do the same.
The Misfit Jit
The Misfit Jit:
0:12 teofimo face expression had me weak
This is officially my first YouTube video of the year! No better way to start the year than with a Motivedia experience! Lets go 2021!! Ryan Garcia and Luke Cambell will be a great start to the year.
David Sarah
David Sarah:
Can Motiveda spin us a rhyme about being Big Poppa, while throwing his hands in the air?
You read my mind! Bam! Was just asking for this....i voted campbell by points i dont think ryan likes going 12 rounds. Hes confident in his abilities and passion for the ko but lacks the passion when it comes to endurance ! Luke however is a crazyfellow brit and just loves a good scrap! 🇬🇧
Great upload hopefully the first of many for 2021, this is gonna be a very intriguing fight, Garcia with the advantage of home crowd, youth speed and power, great timing verses Campbell a tough durable southpaw with good skill's and experience, fought at a much higher level, tough one to call but i'm gonna stick my neck out and go for a Campbell win. Happy new year to motivedia and all boxing fan's.
Who’s here after ryan knocked luke out.
Damn, this channel keeps getting better. Like woah there
Huwin Adams
Huwin Adams:
I never appreciated accidently clicking the top of the screen at the perfect moment so much😂
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG:
I think Campbell could pressurise Garcia and take it on points. Reminds me of Dubois V Joyce, a hype train getting tested too early.
A Motivedia presentation on first day of the year? Oh go on then!!
Diego Flores
Diego Flores:
Canelo teaching Ryan how to throw a body shot 👀
Cory Mountain
Cory Mountain:
I knew motivedia was gonna make a video on this fight! I been patiently waiting! You guys are truly the best!!!!
African Child
African Child:
Starting 2021 on a great note. Looking forward to this bout
Isaiah Marshall
Isaiah Marshall:
If the Campbell who fought Loma shows up. He can win this fight in the later rounds or by decision
Dude's voice so deep he can make any discussion interesting
fred arnold
fred arnold:
This is what I needed to see to get hyped about the fight. Let's go!
Steven Levitzke
Steven Levitzke:
Let's go Luke. Hull FTW
This is a really good fight to start the year with. Hope it just gets better from here
Han Dolo
Han Dolo:
Can't wait to see this fight. Glad it's finally happening
Juan Manuel Marquez
Juan Manuel Marquez:
So hyped for tonight's fight!!! After watching this I feel more comfortable saying Garcia will win.
Happy New Year Y'all. Hope we get a good year full of good fights.
Wayne Rose
Wayne Rose:
Hopefully this will be a fight to remember. Great match up.. lets go,🥊
I’m honestly happy with either result, I think Luke will win but give Ryan full credit for stepping up
poker messiah
poker messiah:
This dude is simply the best among you tuber's. With Motivedia dropping this 2021 is all about changes.
Apple Dough
Apple Dough:
4 kings era looks lit! Of course, Teo is the top dog so far
Hani Nahawi
Hani Nahawi:
Go on Luke lad, rooting for you on this one.
Blaiza The Hitman
Blaiza The Hitman:
@Motivedia - Your videos & Editing is the best. I can watch your videos all day. From your commentary, music choices, topics, editing, and all. Like for real don’t stop. You’ve got skills, keep it up 👍🏾

All respect to motivedia 🙏🏾
Motivedia coming in clutch as always
Solar Boogie
Solar Boogie:
I really hope Ryan wins. From Dallas btw
nitraM eizneR
nitraM eizneR:
It's a 5 kings era, can't forget Shakur Stevenson in the mix
BigTex 123
BigTex 123:
I bought tickets for this fight already. Hope yah see me in the front row 😀👍🏽 american airlines
Thembela Ndesi
Thembela Ndesi:
Right on time. Motivedia on point man.
gametime x3
gametime x3:
Looks like all my lightweight dream fights are about to happen soon finally. Years and years of these guys calling eachother out and now it looks like the ball is rolling. I'm a sucker for southpaws but I'm a cali boy so I'm rocking with Garcia!
Jim Taganna
Jim Taganna:
A Motivedia Presentation. One of the best!
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews:
I found this promo an hour before the event started. Awesome!
MadDog Mcgruder
MadDog Mcgruder:
A new 4 king era....damn that sounds amazing
Carlos S
Carlos S:
The editing is on point 👌👏
Jay says
Jay says:
Going be a tough fight for both. May be a 12 rounder good luck to both men 👍🏾
Mark King
Mark King:
this my favorite youtube channel dawg always delivering heat
Gonna be a great fight, don’t sleep on Campbell
dbro yawner
dbro yawner:
I love how you guys aren’t biased keep up the great work!
God, my opinion on this fight changes every hour.
Xl Low
Xl Low:
Oh hell yea what a way yo start the year. Thanks motivedia.
Vegan Phobic
Vegan Phobic:
This got me hype for a fight I cared nothing about
happy new years motivedia!
Matt Britnell
Matt Britnell:
Love it mate. I’m backing my boy Luke 🇬🇧🥊
Rodrigo lopez
Rodrigo lopez:
I've been waiting for this one🙏, just in time👍
The Loaded Gloves
The Loaded Gloves:
Another great video! I got Ryan in 12 by majority decision.
Adam Dhuha
Adam Dhuha:
Stay humble bro, like manny 🙏🏻
Drew Gore
Drew Gore:
Unrivalled quality from motivedia yet again
The editing in this is simply

immaculate and the care and effort that goes into these videos ist perfect ... definetly got my Sub
el chap
el chap:
Been waiting on this 💯🔥✊🏾
Syddique Shaw
Syddique Shaw:
The quality in these videos are getting better and better.
Tom Abela
Tom Abela:
I'm picking Campbell, massive fairplay to Ryan for taking this
Jesus Delgado
Jesus Delgado:
Vamos vamos vamos! Más Motivedia! 👊
Mike the Moocher
Mike the Moocher:
Love how lomas like welcome to my club then loses his title a fight after 🤣 with no rematch clause hahaha amateurs
James Bovington
James Bovington:
All the best to Ryan for his fight. Prove yourself to be the hard young hero you can be.
first real test for garcia lets see where he stacks up.
have to say garcias check hook looks to be the real deal great timing and loads of power behind it still backing my lad luke though
Connor Nash
Connor Nash:
Hey Motivedia! Can you do an “Opponents BEFORE and AFTER fighting JOE CALZAGHE” i know he’s very underrated and his fighting style is different but i think it’d make a great video!
I love your content but when you talk about future stars you guys never mention Chris Colbert, Jaron Ennis or Virgil Ortiz. Those 3 guys are on the same success trajectory as Davis, Lopez. Colbert and Ennis are the best switch hitters in Boxing right now. Those guys are Mayweather Like in their skill level. I know they need to get bigger and better fights but they are amazing too.
yall sleeping on Garcias dodging game, i love this boy
Harry Baldwin
Harry Baldwin:
Thank you for more great content motivedia boxing , happy new year 🤙🏻✨🎆
Thank you Motivedia for bringing me the first good thing in 2021! God Bless!
Sourav Jena
Sourav Jena:
Well, he did fold him up with ONE bodyshot
Always awesome videos. What app do you use for your edits and insert effects?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
lacks the passion when it comes to endurance ! Luke however is a crazyfellow brit and just loves a good scrap! 🇬🇧
Okorie Ogba
Okorie Ogba:
Luke is way talented but it seems his confidence is shook. I saw him interview before he fought Loma and he seemed like he believed in himself. Now he seems like a guy who knows he's good but is aware of his ceiling 🤔 is Rye above the ceiling? Luke looks like he thinks he is....boy ain't tested and has never been really hit. If Campbell showed more heart and beleif, I think he could win....but as it stands, he's already on his back foot...
two of best fighters destined to fight eachother to see who’s better i like to call it the “biggest proving moment in recent history”
I'm getting dejavu. A Brit looks to derail a champ from across the pond in search of greatness. Best wishes to both.
Papa Addo
Papa Addo:
To be fair these young cats are fighting decent opponents. No ducking in them whatsoever. Respect that.
" That's the most beautiful thing that i like about boxing: you can take a punch is your ego reacts and there is no better spiritual lesson than trying to not pay attention to your ego's reaction." David O Russell
Quillan Jacobson
Quillan Jacobson:
What i saw from this fight was that a real top dog would send Ryan packing
Jaylyn Leggette
Jaylyn Leggette:
i be more hype about motivedia closer look videos than the actual fight itself tbh💀
Filthy Frank
Filthy Frank:
Ryan has that speed that can shut your lights off at anytime I think Campbell is his toughest test. But with Ryan working with team canelo I think he beats Campbell up real bad .
John Rich
John Rich:
He must beat Teo, Loma, Devin, or Tank to be legit. He'll be victorious against Luke... and do so relatively easily.
This is how we start 2021 with a banger video!
Zion Smith
Zion Smith:
Can’t wait for this!
Rendel Francisco
Rendel Francisco:
How come did they dislike this kind of underrated video?
Please do top 10 fights we need to see this 2021
Another fantastic video 👏🏻
Motivedia 4 life 💪🖤🔥
Mr StealYourWaifu
Mr StealYourWaifu:
Been waiting for this one
Aaron Borras
Aaron Borras:
Thank you motivedia for the video. Campbell all the way.
Swiffcash Thor
Swiffcash Thor:
This guy should be bigger motivemedia is one of the best on YouTube, you bring professionalism as an announcer and skills.
Chris Givens
Chris Givens:
Luke went toe to toe with loma who’s ranked top 5 in the division. I got Uncle Luke! He making me a rich man tonight!
Cat Lover
Cat Lover:
Happy new year Motivedia my guy 👍🏻👍🏻 this fight is a big one. Campbell has a lot riding on this fight if he were to lose he may not get another title shot, if he wins he takes Ryan Garcia’s hype he has a lot to lose and that makes him dangerous very dangerous. And Garcia really he just has a tough more strict spotlight on him because he is called a hype job who hasn’t fought anybody when he is actually fighting people with equal or more experience than him, and he makes them look like chumps. Even if Garcia lost, it doesn’t mean he is all hype it means he is still young lion that is growing and improving Canelo and Pacquiao got so much better after their first big loss is the same with Ryan is still early to be calling him a hype job he is not even at his best yet. But even if he wins i don’t think people will stop doubting him haters are always gonna hate know what i mean. And i think he will sleep Campbell lol
Beautifully explained without disrespectful claws good work dude