Ryan Garcia's Immediate Emotional Reaction To KOing Luke Campbell

January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

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100+ komentarze:

“He took a hit, he went down, he fought like a champion, and he knocked out a fighter that has faced top competition & has never been knocked out before”
Great fight Ryan 👏🏽
Cesar Myers
Cesar Myers:
That dude that picked up Ryan and had him straddled was like" hey we're just a couple of guys messin around!" Meanwhile he's getting rode like Seabiscuit
True winner
I guess Garcia's mexican blood save him in the second round.
Juan Vera
Juan Vera:
Canelo en Oscar de laoya are like those uncles at the carne asada party that don't like each other but have to be there 😂 they were both wearing the same
Not gone cap I’m happy for Ryan that was a tough as fight and the young buck showed heart gotta respect it!
Alin Rajbhandari
Alin Rajbhandari:
Only 6000 people in the crowd and it yet it sounds so amazing. People in texas are amazing man.
Canelo speaking English to Ryan "Congratulations my Ryan im so proud of you" ✊👌
Juan Carlos Silva
Juan Carlos Silva:
He got so emotional because he knew it was a hard fight and he knew there was a chance of losing it all.
Erick Macías
Erick Macías:
Is it just me or Oscar and Canelo seem to feel awkward of.being so close to each other
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz:
Lol when Ryan got knocked down, Oscar was feeling his pockets.
Tyree Thompson
Tyree Thompson:
“You taught me a lot”-RG love the respect especially someone this young
when canelo congratulates you the way he did with Ryan that's when you know you did something right
I bet it's awkward having both Canelo and Oscar there because Canelo has a big lawsuit against De La Hoya.
Jose Zelaya Canada Alberta
Jose Zelaya Canada Alberta:
Dios te bendiga Ryan García , Mi nombre es Jose Zelaya soy un evangélico misionero, he trabajado mucho en el área de Sinaloa y en Tijuana predicando la palabra del señor tengo un tremendo amor para el pueblo mexicano como también para todas las personas en el mundo entero acabo de ver que te bautizaste sé que ya aceptaste A Jesucristo como el salvador de tu vida y que buena noticia, te recomiendo que siempre le des la gloria y la honra a Dios en todos los triunfos que tendrás y que siempre pongas a Dios primero sobre todas las cosas te amo hermano y deseo lo mejor desde acá De Edmonton Alberta Canadá
Just stay out of distractions man. Focus on boxing alone and you’ll achieve much more.
MLP Shawn
MLP Shawn:
1:55 man that hug, you can tell Ryan wants to make Canelo proud, looks like big and little brother!
Ervin Santiago
Ervin Santiago:
Just freaking love how Canelo and his camp took Ryan in and have just been amazing mentors and role models. Amazing shot 🥊 💪🏽 🔥!!
Bryan Ceballos
Bryan Ceballos:
The act of thanking your opponent for revealing an area of weakness that needs to be improved is exemplary of the mentality that it takes to be successful in boxing 🥊 and any profession.
Kevin Alexis Torres Ramirez
Kevin Alexis Torres Ramirez:
Netflix: Siguen ahi?

0:09 : yo y mi novia
crazyaboutboxing !
crazyaboutboxing !:
Canelo is so proud of him . Look how he jumped in Canelos arms . Pure class by both men . Respect ✊
Sergei Iakimov
Sergei Iakimov:
when you were almost ko'd in the second round but was able to change flow of the fight, and won by KO in the 7 th round, your satisfaction will be multiplied in several times. That was a great fight interesting to watch. Respect for both fighters!
Administracion Avp
Administracion Avp:
Respect to Ryan, he got up like a true champion. Have to admit I wasn't totally convinced by Ryan, but Luke Campbell was a tough challenge and he past it in an incredible way. Now I'm sure he is for real.
John Hardy
John Hardy:
I cannot hate this kid anymore. Kid with a heart of a warrior.. Respect 👍👍
Xico Iñiguez
Xico Iñiguez:
CANELO quiere mucho a Ryan y viceversa 🥊🇲🇽🥊
Sergio Robelo
Sergio Robelo:
The best part is when ryan was hugging canelo😊😊
Kristian Petkov
Kristian Petkov:
He's becoming a man! Learned some lessons in this fight and conquered it like a champion.
Fons G
Fons G:
Ryan is in a company of champions, the motivation and influence will surely help him reach greatness.
Salute to all who paid for the fight and respect to all who didnt pay for the fight
Joshua Lilly
Joshua Lilly:
"It's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and Keep moving forward" - Rocky
The fight was crazzyyyyyy man.... when ryan got dropped in 2nd round i had a mini heart attack man ngl. I was really really worried for ryan. But he did it man.... now people can shut up about ryan just being a hype he is hyped cause he is talented.
Universal Service Tech UST
Universal Service Tech UST:
Can’t be dropping that right hand against a southpaw, wow! Congratulations Ryan 💯🙏🏼💪🏼
I like how Oscar and canelo really show a lot of love to him
Luis Donado
Luis Donado:
The kid has truly arrived. Before I didn't feel it but this kid is for real now. The knockdown is important that it happened. I think he has learned from this fight. Let's give Campbell big credit for giving him this lesson.
IDT Beast
IDT Beast:
Can’t stop laughing the way he jumped on his couches and they started picking him up like a baby and how he jumped on canelo with his and wrapped his legs on canelo 😂😂😂😂
Andrew MacIntosh
Andrew MacIntosh:
Been watching his rise since he was 16. This is awesome to see.
Adam Khan
Adam Khan:
when he gets big enough he should join canelo promition you know he helps him alot and he should stay loyal and close to canelo
I can now say HE IS SOMETHING SPECIAL , amazing performance 🎭
B-hop in there like “ask Oscar how coolhand is feeling!!” Lol great fight from both these young men
E K:
The talent and heart is there but the defense is not. Still though, got faith Reynoso’s going to polish up RG the longer they work together.
Canelo and Oscar up there is like having your wife and your ex together for thanksgiving.
I love how canelo was like: thats cute while claping
Odirile Christos
Odirile Christos:
I know it doesn't matter, but he's finally won my respect
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
Not gone cap I’m happy for Ryan that was a tough as fight and the young buck showed heart gotta respect it!
Eyon Brown
Eyon Brown:
Nothing you can really say about this one. Besides getting caught in the second round, Ryan really showed that he's the real deal.
Even better than just winning... Getting dropped and winning. This kid's on his way to stardom.
Shock Wave
Shock Wave:
When Luke turned his back at the end of one of the rounds i knew he was going to lose. He was lucky the bell went
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
Not gone cap I’m happy for Ryan that was a tough as fight and the young buck showed heart gotta respect it!
M Dawggg
M Dawggg:
He doubted every single negative
question everyone had for him! And had enough respect to go up to Luke and say that he thought him something. It don’t get any better than that guys
"You taught me a lot" -RG to LC

Hopefully it's more than from being knocked down earlier.
Well done Ryan amazing fight dude 👏
Lu Villan
Lu Villan:
That was a very equal level fight
Great win by Ryan
Edgar Escobar
Edgar Escobar:
Wow this was amazing !!!
We need more fights in American Air lines of Dallas Texas ...
This is the place !!
j p
j p:
Canelo needs to teach him how to Bob and weave, seriously. I think Ryan was exposed here.
Stories Du Coeur
Stories Du Coeur:
That's what having "heart" is all about. What will you do ever you get knocked down? Quit?! Give up?? Great comeback!
Vybzz !
Vybzz !:
This man I special I’m telling you I’ve been looking up to this man for so long he’s the one that got me into boxing
Ahisiha YT
Ahisiha YT:
I see some similarities to pacquiao when the young pacquiao gets knockdown and revenge for a knockout. The cry in the end is the same too
Even though the relationship is rocky, it's cool to see the past (Legend DLH) the present (King Nelo), and the future (Contender Garcia) in the same ring.
Alfonso Zamora
Alfonso Zamora:
Love how the “Mexican” in Canelo isn’t hating on the “Mexican American”. Julio Cesar Chavez sr hated Oscar De La Hoya. All love Mexicans/Chicanos!!!
Honestly Ryan needed that drop or someone to push him to his absolute limit to teach him a lesson and Campbell did that.. Haney, tank ain't no joke
ATP Synthase
ATP Synthase:
This was a massive fight and massive victory from him. His biggest experience in the ring.
Allen hope Cabuang
Allen hope Cabuang:
What a comeback!
Respect to luke.
Very tough to dropped ryan wow!!!
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride:
Well deserved, congratulations King Ry!
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez:
This fight and the knockdown was just what Ryan needed to grow and mature as a fighter. It also takes some of the pressure off him to ALWAYS be invincible. He’s got a lot of potential and a great corner and trainer to go far. I really hope he fights Tank in the next year or two. That’ll be a fight for the ages. I got him against Haney though🥊😄
That was a BEAUTIFUL performance!!!The perseverance and composure... the SKILL!?!? Stop playing, lad is looking like “The Pinnacle” with how he’s handling himself on the dance floor! 😆😅 R. Garcia covertly DEADLY in the ring
Vero Mora
Vero Mora:
Respect for Ryan Garcia! He got nocked out and still got up and won that fight! He's going places! This will just be a lesson learned! This si why he cried with his family because it was an accomplishment to prove to him self that he is a legit boxer!
Manny Fresh
Manny Fresh:
Congratulations 🎉 Happy with you !!! And Thanks for a spectacular Performance!!! It was Awesome the way the fight turned out...
Roberto Cruz
Roberto Cruz:
Ryan’s confidence got him knocked out. He can’t make those mistakes vs teo tank or Haney. He should fight two more fights before he fights any of those 3! TEAM RYAN
Jonathan Garcia
Jonathan Garcia:
Respect to what he said to Campbell... he fell and learned got back up and finish the job. ✊🏽
Bruno Conte
Bruno Conte:
Garcia excellent performance.
Campbell I saw him scared for the first few rounds, his punches were weak compared to Garcia's.
More than deserved victory.
Campbell often uncovered his side during the first rounds and took it.
This young man's going to be the best for a very long time
However when it comes to Tank your going to knocked out all day long. Campbell caught you cold but couldn't finish you, Tank will humble you for sure
Derrick Santos
Derrick Santos:
Boxing’s future is bright with these two awesome warriors. I hope Campbell will not let his defeat set him too far back, we might see these two fighters go at it again in the future 👍
Ricky DaVincii
Ricky DaVincii:
So many legends in one ring 💪
Hector Cadena
Hector Cadena:
Thank you guys thank you Canelo y Ryan. You guys make me believe in boxing again. No boxing,no life.
kevin umana
kevin umana:
RG needs to work on his Defense. Im sure he learned that in this fight. As an RG fan I still believe a fight with Tank is out of the question.
Azarul Ahmed
Azarul Ahmed:
0:43 1:42 Garcia got more love for Canelo than he has for his promoter, De La Hoya. won't be surprised if he ends up with Matchroom. Eddie Hearn licking his lips! Go get him Eddie.
Kim Ávila
Kim Ávila:
❤️🥺 me dieron ganas de llorar de la emoción
Mip Watts
Mip Watts:
Great fight Ryan 💯💯
M. Bison
M. Bison:
Great comeback from Garcia. Emotional reaction was a bit over the top tho...
Jorge Vargas MAS
Jorge Vargas MAS:
Garcia is going to improve even more after this, no one did that to luke bro , not even loma or linares
Ryan’s always been the real deal just no one believed him. He showed everyone tonight 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Callum Simpson
Callum Simpson:
Fair play to the man ..he answers some of my question and the way Garcia throws his right hand is special. Lightning speed and timing
Febrina Isnaini
Febrina Isnaini:
What a respect to rival i love it 🔥🔥🔥
Angel Morales
Angel Morales:
I love the awkwardness between oscar and canelo lol
Brian Cheng
Brian Cheng:
That Canelo and Ryan Garcia hug really put a smile on my face.
corleone corleone
corleone corleone:
I really was worried when Ry got knocked down but he came back stronger 💪. I think he should work on his neck more like Tyson did , otherwise he ain't ready to fight Gervonta Davis , or even David Haney!!!
Pascual Nava
Pascual Nava:
That was a great win for him, but he needs to work on his movement. That flat-foot style isn’t going to last too long.
Ed Vincent Calaguas
Ed Vincent Calaguas:
Canelo is like a proud Big Brother to Ryan. That’s a real brotherhood right there
Tivo Kenevil
Tivo Kenevil:
Can't hate on him for risin' up from that first knockdown. But I don't think he ready for the top dogs just yet.
tim tincher
tim tincher:
Dude... he was so emotional, he has passionate foreplay with his coach in the middle of that ring
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey:
I love this emotional moments, by the way , im a super Naruto fan too, keep it up Ryan.
Negro Amaw
Negro Amaw:
1:52 Garcia speaking Spanish to Canelo for the first time after the comeback. But soon as Oscar entered, Canelo departs.😁
Oscar_ The_Goat27
Oscar_ The_Goat27:
Imagine having canelo by your side, that would be sick
Scary Ghost Video's compilation
Scary Ghost Video's compilation:
Here we go with that legendary Mexican chin again, and I am Australian, so there's no biased here, in the first few rounds and up to the knockout I was really really worried about Garcia, he just kept rushing in, he needed to slow down,what a fighter in the end he's chin held up, he showed a lot of heart and of course as always lightning ⚡ speed, well done and congratulations to Ryan Garcia, job well done ✅!!!!!!
Ivan Fredoo
Ivan Fredoo:
Imagine having one of the greatest boxers ever right by your side like a big brother. Ryan is only going to get better from here he belongs in that ring
Man it was a crazy night... I was so nervous when Ryan went down but hey...he came back and got the W...❤️👌🏻
Congrats to Garcia!🙌 but this shows that he’s not ready for Tank, he needs to train a lot more
Roohit Lal
Roohit Lal:
Great win, showed a lot of heart
Lord Gonzo
Lord Gonzo:
I love the big brother little brother bond Canelo and Ryan have. Very much Ippo and Takamura vibes from Hajime no Ippo manga